20 September 2017

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11:25 PMForgetting Sarah Marshall: A struggling musician encounters his ex-lover and her new boyfriend while vacationing in Hawaii.
1:20 AMThe Postman: Seeking refuge from a post-apocalypse dictator, a wayfarer gives others hope.
4:20 AMRole Models: Two wild guys become mentors to two impressionable youths.
6:00 AMThe Conspirator: A novice lawyer defends the only woman charged with conspiring to kill President Lincoln.
8:05 AMIn America: Irish immigrants try to succeed in New York.
9:50 AMCape Fear: A tattooed psychopath preys on a Southern lawyer, his wife and their teenage daughter.
12:00 PMGenius: Renowned editor Maxwell Perkins develops a friendship with author Thomas Wolfe.
1:45 PMMystic River: A detective probes the murder of his friend's daughter.
4:05 PMJourney to the Center of the Earth: A professor and his nephew embark on an amazing journey beneath the Earth's surface.
5:40 PMAliens: Ripley and a dwindling number of Marines battle an army of monstrous predators.
8:00 PMFriday: L.A. buddies hang out on front porch.
9:35 PMNext Friday: To avoid being beaten up, a young man goes to live with his uncle, who just won the lottery.
11:15 PM2 Fast 2 Furious: A former policeman and his friend work with a U.S. Customs agent to indict a launderer in Miami.