20 September 2017

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11:01 PMLaw & Order: Special Victims Unit - Zebras: A tourist is found dead with the word ``guilty'' written on her forehead.
12:01 AMLaw & Order: Special Victims Unit - Stranger: Benson and Stabler begin to question the story of a missing teenager who returns after four years.
1:01 AMThe Sinner - Part VIII  : Cora's fate is determined.
2:01 AMLaw & Order: Criminal Intent - Amends: When her late husband's partner is killed on the job, Eames must re-examine her husband's murder.
3:00 AMLaw & Order: Criminal Intent - Seeds: Logan and Falacci investigate the brutal murder of a fertility doctor.
4:00 AMLaw & Order: Special Victims Unit - Damaged: A 6-year-old shooting victim tests positive for a sexually transmitted disease.
5:00 AMLaw & Order: Special Victims Unit - Mercy: A pediatrician is questioned about a dead baby found in a cooler.
6:00 AMNCIS: Los Angeles - Full Throttle: When a sailor dies in a street race, the team determines that his car had been sabotaged.
7:00 AMNCIS: Los Angeles - Neighborhood Watch: Kensi and Deeks pose as a married couple as they try to expose a Russian sleeper cell.
8:00 AMNCIS: Los Angeles - Sans Voir: The team confronts a vengeful adversary, when an undercover case ignites a deadly mind game.
9:00 AMNCIS: Los Angeles - Sans Voir: The L.A. team is drawn into a deadly mind game against a master criminal motivated by Revenge.
10:00 AMNCIS - Toxic: When a government scientist goes missing, Abby is asked to step in.
11:00 AMNCIS - Semper Fidelis: The team works with ICE and FBI agents when a security breach leads to the death of an ICE agent.
12:00 PMNCIS - Aliyah: Ziva has a tense reunion with her father, the head of Mossad.
1:00 PMNCIS - Truth or Consequences: With the weight of the past on their minds, Gibbs and the team go back to work.
2:00 PMNCIS - Reunion: An investigation into the bizarre death of a Marine and two friends seems linked to Gibbs' past.
3:00 PMNCIS - Good Cop, Bad Cop: An investigation forces Ziva to dig up a lost chapter of her life.
4:00 PMNCIS - Outlaws and In-Laws: Two mercenaries are found dead on Gibbs' boat; Gibbs must consider his former mentor in a new light.
5:00 PMNCIS - Endgame: The team helps Vance face his demons while uncovering a complex relationship with a killer.
6:00 PMNCIS - Power Down: The team's investigation into a lieutenant's death is connected to a citywide blackout.
7:00 PMNCIS - Ignition: When a Navy pilot is found dead in a secluded area, the team must battle a no-nonsense attorney.
8:00 PMNCIS - Pay to Play: Threats emerge against a congresswoman; Director Vance takes charge of temporary protection detail.
9:00 PMNCIS - Willoughby: A mission to catch a man who is using acts of terror to manipulate the stock market is compromised.
10:00 PMNCIS - Off the Grid: Gibbs assumes his former alias and goes under cover to penetrate an anti-government militia.
11:00 PMThe Sinner - Part VIII  : Cora's fate is determined.