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One of the greatest animated series of all time., 6 December 2000

Yes, it's "The Simpsons". The show originally started on April 19, 1987 on "The Tracey Ulman Show" as a sketch with the voices of the actors. Soon FOX bought it and it had it's own independant series in 1989. The writers put a lot of hard work into this show. It's very funny, very very funny. The humor is often contradicted, stupid-funny, and a lot of eye candy sneaks in. But it's all in great fun. This you will enjoy very much, and it's on it's like 12th or 11th season. The series might end soon. So watch! My favorite episodes are mid-series and the original shorts. It's very good, so please watch it!

"Extra" (1994)
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One of my favorite syndicated shows., 24 November 2000

It's very good. Has great talent, reports the good entertainment news and all. And Consumer Reports. But now the "new" Extra is going a little bit too far. I liked the old theme. And making the venture in to the sex category is a bit too much. Extra used to be a family show. Now they appeal to the growing teens of the early 1980s era to the baby boomers of today. I think they should favor more toward family. Extra also now has special themed Weekend editions. It's great, but it should focus more on what it was made to be, an entertainment news show.

Mario this ain't, but it's a good film., 23 November 2000

Great movie. I loved it. It isn't much like the games, but it's got great acting. A ton of fun for everyone. I think the improvements that they could've made was the movie should have been animated and a few more SMB-related stuff. But it's good for its limitations. 9.5/10