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Fun Transformers game, albeit short story mode, 25 March 2017

When I grew up, I loved me some Transformers; specifically, the 1980's incarnation. I watched the cartoon religiously after school, I had lots of Transformers toys and I saw the Transformers movie three times at the theater. When I saw the trailer for this game, I was immediately on board as it had the look of the cartoon I loved so as a child. That being said I never got around to buying it as it seemed to hover around so I was just going to wait for the price to plummet as most games tend to do. Well, I ended up getting it free due to my Playstation plus membership and I am glad I waited it out because I honestly would have hated to have payed full price for this game. Do not get me wrong, it looks incredible and the game play is fun, but it is really kind of on the short side. I think I managed to get through the story mode in four or maybe five hours tops. Basically, had this game been released back in the day it would have been somewhat forgivable; however, in this day and age where games can run over 100 hours, a four hour game is not really least not a full priced game. I am sure others may get more enjoyment out of the other mode in the game, but I play alone and do not really do much as far as online stuff so I felt a bit sad that it ended so quickly. That being said, I still enjoyed it for what it was as it did pass the time nicely and keep my mind off things and since I got it for free I will not be too harsh.

The story has some sort of invasion going on as Insecticons are overrunning a city! The Decepticons try to capitalize on this invasion to unearth a new power source so that they may rebuild Cybertron, but the cost of doing this will be Earth's destruction! The Autobots led by Optimus Prime must fight the Decepticons and get the power source off the planet before it goes critical, but it will not be easy as Megatron sends wave after wave of Decepticons after Prime and the Autobots to stop them from interfering with his nefarious plans!

The story mode of this game features driving around or walking to spots and then fighting Decepticons. I am guessing the other mode of play is more like a fighter game. You get various Autobots to choose from as you have Optimus Prime, Bumble Bee, Wheeljack, Grimlock and Sideswipe who was my personal favorite in the game. They all do different things and the combat is fun. I thought the weapons system though was a bit overly complicated as I would have just had them level up their weapons rather than having several different types of weapons for use. Just seems silly considering how short the game is to have the whole customize feature.

So, a good game and an interesting story in this one, but it is on the short side as far as the main story goes. It left open the possibility of a sequel, but I am not sure that will ever come to fruition as I do not think this was a particularly good seller. Seriously, how many young people want to play a Transformers game that is basically set in the style of the 80's cartoon? Though for reasons unknown they made Megatron turn into a tank instead of his gun self which was baffling especially since they had no problem letting Shockwave remain a gun. I enjoyed the number of Decepticons in this one as you see a lot of them from the show, but there really is not all that many Autobots. I was expecting them to show up perhaps in cameo type appearances, but no one does till the end where a sequel is hinted at. Still, it was a fun game, while it lasted anyways.

Should of been titled, "Drinking and Killer Shrews", 23 March 2017

I saw this film featured on the hit riffing show, Mystery Science Theater 3000. From the looks of it, the film did manage to turn a bit of a profit back in the day as it cost like 200,000 to make and netted over one million dollars. Nothing like today, but back then it was probably considered a rather good success. The film certainly has its moments; unfortunately, most of the moments occur during the last portion of the film. Most of the film is just kind of boring as there are lots of explaining scenes, scenes where people are drinking, scenes where alliances are made and did I mention drinking? So, while the last ten or so minutes of the film are pretty decent, the film as a whole is a bit of a bore. The film features monsters which look to be a mixture of puppets for close up scenes and dogs wearing very bad looking costumes in scenes where the monsters are shown to be running after their prey. Of course, as bad as it looks, you are not going to be seeing much of the monsters in this one anyways for most of the film, but you are going to see a lot of the bar in it.

The story has a guy and his assistant delivering supplies to an island. Too bad, there is a storm coming so they have to prepare their boat for the oncoming hurricane. For reasons unknown, everyone on the island is rather jumpy. A few drinks later and it is let out that the experiments that the group has been doing on the island have escaped and now run amok! What are they? As the title says, killer shrews! They are giant sized shrews and they are very hungry! The source of food on the island is dwindling so now these monsters turn their attentions on the group of people stranded within a house.

This made for an okay episode of MST3K. The film does start out kind of slowly though, so there is a lot of riffs about the amount of alcohol the main characters consume. There are some good jokes to be had though as they make the best of the slow start. This film is just another in a long line of films they riffed about giant animals going on the attack.

So the film is not that good for the most part, but it does feature some decent content. I liked how they finally figured a way to get away from the giant shrews by using the drums. This made me think of another film where something similar was done. It was set in Africa and it had lions going crazy, though they were not mutants or anything. The family made some sort of thing to walk through the lions and get to their cars. I think giving the shrews poisonous bites was a bit overkill as they already had numbers so making them venomous was a bit much. It made their escape less believable as it look like the shrews should have easily gotten a head under the makeshift device and bite at least one of them! Still, it was the best scene in a movie where the action sequences was few and far between.

Santa battles Satan in the duel of the century!, 21 March 2017

This film comes to us via Mexico and features a bit of a different take on Santa Claus. I saw this film as an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000, as I am sure a good many people did. I do not recall ever seeing this one as a child, and that is probably a good thing as it is bizarre to the max! Santa looks pretty much as one would expect; however, he acts in an almost insane way, his flying fortress that he apparently shares with Merlin the magician has all the most advanced spying technology imaginable and instead of elves this Santa uses children to work in his toy making factory! His reindeer are strange maniacally laughing automatons that will turn to dust if exposed to the sun! That does not even make sense! Santa's biggest nemesis is Pitch, a demon who resides in hell! So, yes, this is quite the different take on Santa with only Santa's look being what one would expect. The movie does look good as the quality and the effects are pretty good especially considering it came out in 1959, but it is just so off the wall and some of the things it depicts will make you wonder how did Santa deliver presents to all the good children in the world as apparently there were only three bad ones.

The story starts us off by showing Santa's fortress in the sky as kids from all over the world must make toys for the rest of the world. Not sure how these children became slave labor and it seems an odd choice that they are kids and not elves. They could have given them pointy ears and passed them off as elves, but no, they are children from around the world. Then we meet a girl who wishes to have a doll, a boy who just wants his parents by his side and three bad children that want nothing more than to serve Satan and bring Santa Claus down! We also meet Pitch who does a rather good job in stopping Santa in certain areas, the four houses we see Santa deliver presents to, takes forever! It takes him so long that you wonder how he did get through the entire world!

This made for a rather good episode of MST3K because of the sheer weirdness of the whole film! The strange lipped machine that talked, the crazy looking reindeer and the fact Santa was battling the devil left the gang on the satellite of love with plenty of things to riff! I believe this one was even more bizarre than a previous Christmas film that was riffed on the show, "Santa Conquers the Martians" and that is quite a feat because that one was rather bizarre too.

So, the film looks good for the time it was made and there are a couple of good scenes within as the scene with Santa making the parents remember their son is somewhat touching. However, the sheer oddness and the lame humor take this film down a few pegs. If I were a child watching this I would literally be worried every Christmas because Santa does make such slow progress in the homes that are shown.

The last of the Fu Manchu movies starring Christopher Lee, 20 March 2017

I can understand why this is the last of the films, but I have to wonder how five of these things got made. I am guessing that the other films were a bit better as even the Dracula films that Lee starred in starred to go down in quality as the series progressed, but even so, none of them were as badly done as this film was. I have never seen any of the other Fu Manchu films so I really cannot say for sure if the quality in them is any better. The whole premise of the films just does not seem very good as they are all focused on the villain rather than the hero. It is like if in the James Bond films had the exact same enemy every time and Bond was more behind the scenes and did not really do much. The action is nearly nonexistent and the same can be said for the plot too. There are also periods when the color of the film will change and then there are a couple of scenes that looks as if they are from other movies included here as well. Just a huge mess of a film, then again, it is the fifth film of the series. Back in the day, sequels generally garnered less money than their predecessors so the budget would continually get cut so that may explain some of it, but not the totality of it!

The story shows Fu Manchu sinking a boat with some new process that creates ice in the water; wow, that is so new and innovative. The boat he sinks seems to be a part of a different film. It is in this scene that one of his henchmen tries to stop Manchu by refusing to pull a lever. The diabolical Fu Manchu has servants who will die for him by letting a doctor remove their heart, but a lever is too much! Soon he takes over a castle and Nayland Smith is off to Istanbul to stop the evil madman! I guess James Bond is way too busy stopping way more nefarious villains so the more bureaucratic Nayland Smith is sent instead because you do not really need anyone with the skill set of Bond to take out this villain! Doctors are kidnapped and a dam that also seems like it is in another film is collapsed before we reach the awesome conclusion where no one really does all that much to stop Fu Manchu's plans.

This made for a rather good episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 which is how I saw the movie. When I got the set of DVDs containing this episode I thought this may have been one of those films that was borderline good that they have done over the years. Seeing Christopher Lee was the star is one of the main reasons. I generally love seeing him in anything; however, this film was really bad. I only give it a two because of Lee. The jokes are aplenty, but I do believe they exaggerated how bad this film was. It was not worse than Monster-a Go Go or quite a few others they have done. Just kind of a poorly edited film that liked to change color schemes a bit too much.

So this is not really a good film, and it did mark the final film of the Christopher Lee Fu Manchu films. Lee is a fine actor, but he is also one of those actors of a bygone era where they actually felt that acting was a job so they appeared in as many movies as possible. Today there are stars that will appear in a film and not do so again for multiple years. I cannot speak for the other films, but if this is as low as they got I somehow doubt the other films are Oscar worthy.

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My favorite Final Fantasy since the tenth one, 19 March 2017

I have played nearly every installment of the Final Fantasy series. It was one of my favorite series of role playing games, that is until they decided to go online and then release games that just did not seem all that much like a Final Fantasy game. The last one I really enjoyed a lot was the tenth edition, I even liked its sequel; however, I never did play the eleventh game due to it being exclusively an online game. Then the twelfth game came out and I was rather disappointed as it still ranks as my least favorite. Granted, I am wanting to play it again to see if I may have misjudged it and ranked it poorly unfairly. Then came part thirteen and it was pretty, fast paced and devoid of a lot of things that make a role playing game, a role playing game. I also played through XIII-2 and it had more elements of a role playing game, but the story was just so congested in it. Then there was XIII: Lightening Returns which collapsed more story on top of what was already congested and made the game a timed game and I was unable to complete it due to this as it annoyed me. Did not play the fourteenth game due to it being another online one, I really wish these were not part of the main series and just called Final Fantasy Online. The last one I played is Final Fantasy-Type 0 which had great characters and fun combat, but the story was just a bit too hard to follow. Now there is this one which is by far my favorite since the tenth game. Sure, it is not turn based like the old days which I prefer, but at least the combat is action based and not that strange combination which is not really turn, but not really action either. The type usually found in online role playing games, the twelfth game was like this. No, in this one the combat is quick and you have a nice open world to explore for the most part. My main complaint about it, is that like Type-0 the story is not easy to follow. It is easier than Type-0 as it has a well defined villain, but a lot of stuff takes place off screen or you have to watch a movie or download a DLC to get everything. I just feel a game's story should be confined to the main game and you should not be required to purchase more stuff to get the full picture. Other than this it is a very fun, albeit depressing game.

The story is a bit complicated when looked at as a whole; however, the main portion is about a prince and his three friends traveling the world in order for the prince to reclaim his thrown by gaining the powers of the former kings and the summons. The characters are what makes this one so fun as they are just a group of friends and they have funny conversations and remarks during the adventure. Your group travels everywhere in search of the power to expel the empire from the city of Insomnia; however, there is something far more sinister than a mere invasion as the days are getting shorter and during the night powerful creatures known as daemons appear to terrorize the populace. Soon Prince Noctis heads to a city where he was to be married and at this point the game does get rather depressing.

The game play features combat that is action based. During the game you only control Prince Noctis, but despite this it is still rather fun. The summons in this game are awesome as they usually wipe everything out! The first portion of the game is an open world where you travel here and there in search of the King's tombs and do other things such as side quests to gain experience. This one also does things a bit differently as you do not get experience upon defeating the enemies, but rather when you either camp or stay at a hotel or rest stop. You generally get more experience for staying at a hotel or rest stop; however, you can eat a meal when camping that provides buffs to your party. The game becomes a bit more straight forward though when you go to the city of Altissa which looks like Venice. After this the game's mood darkens significantly, but there is a rather cool portion of the game that features a train. Always enjoy trains in role playing games.

So, this game was my personal favorite Final Fantasy since the tenth game. I would have ranked it higher, but the story was a bit hard to follow at times due to the incessant need these days of games to have DLC packs and such. I also wish the tone of the game did not darken so much after the group left for Altissa as my life is at the lowest point imaginable and it really just caused me to feel worse. I was also disappointed that you are pretty much done with the open world once you leave for Altissa as I was thinking you would get more time to finish quests and such. I think you can go back in time or something and do it, but I just did not think that fit so I just went straight ahead. The game took me just over 60 hours to complete making it a relatively short game by today's standards and I completed a lot of side quests too so if you play straight through I imagine you could probably finish the game between 40 and 50 hours. So not as great as the Final Fantasy games back in the day, but better than all the recent ones.

Should of been called "The Lost Land", 18 March 2017

I saw this film as part of an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000. It is a film that features a lot of stars one would recognize from back in the day and the plot is rather ambitious; however, the main problem with the film is the overly long scene of the group of men climbing a mountain. This film is a film that was produced by James Lippert and his films do tend to have an excessive amount of padding within it and this one is no exception. Besides the overly long rock climbing in the film, there is also an abundance of scenes where the group of men decide to take a break every few minutes it seems. You basically get an action scene that lasts like two minutes and then are treated to watching the guys sit around and eat food by the campfire.

The story has a rocket that is launched and it flies for a bit and then proceeds to go down. A group of six men are charged with flying after said rocket and finding it to get something or another out of it. They are able to track it to an island before their plane crashes. A native girl on the island takes them to the forbidden mountain and they proceed to climb it for the longest time. How they are climbing this mountain is anyone's guess seeing as how they are not really prepared to go mountain climbing wearing their normal shows and only having like one rope to head up. Well, they finally manage to make it up the mountain, but by this time over half the movie is over and they are in some sort of lost land. It is not a continent as it is not nearly big enough to be a continent. This portion of the film is supposed to be tinted green, but a lot of the made for television versions of this film did not include this feature. The men must go through this strange jungle with its creatures from another time to find the rocket before once again heading back down the mountain.

This made for a rather good episode of MST3K, as I loved the portion of the film where Joel begins to lose it as the film kept stalling at the mountain climbing sequence. That segment of the movie was probably the longest portion of the film and then add to it the trip back down and you spend most of the film watching guys go up and down. I am guessing most of the movie is intact for the episode as it is only an hour and 23 minutes long, so perhaps five or ten minutes were cut from the actual film.

So this film could have been good. The plot was ambitious, but when watching the film you can tell that most of the scenes featuring the dinosaurs are short while scenes of people climbing and walking are long. I do not see the reason behind including so much padding as they could have easily cut ten or so minutes out and still had enough for a feature presentation. Back in the day it was not totally out of the question for a film to run just over or under an hour. A film that could have been okay for the time, but just a bit too much padding.

Hercules is back and this time he is unchained!, 14 March 2017

This is the second outing for Steve Reeves as Hercules and it is a direct sequel as it picks up pretty much where the last film left off. I saw this film as an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000, not sure the episode it was as I do not believe they did the Hercules films in order. This one is like the first Hercules film, in that it actually looks very good as far as production value, especially considering the time it was released. That being said, the film also drags just as the first one did. In fact, I find the Hercules films all follow a similar blueprint for the most part, at least the ones I have seen. Hercules goes on a grand adventure, ends up captured by some beautiful queen and then proceeds back on his adventure. There is always that filler where he is tempted by some beautiful, albeit strange lady. The only film that really did not follow this blueprint was the first film, but it did feature a segment where some of the men were taken prisoner by the Amazon women, Hercules was on the island too, but that time is the only time I have seen where it was not him. Steve Reeves looks the part of Hercules, but even when it wasn't Reeves they usually did a good job of finding someone with a good build and beard. Though I say Reeves looked the most natural.

The story has Hercules and his new bride Iole travel to Hercules hometown with Ulisses in tow. Hercules has to battle the giant Anteo right off the bat, and this is probably one of the few highlights of the film. After the battle he ends up finding out that his hometown is about to go to war due to two brothers feuding for the power of the throne. Hercules does his best to try and bring peace, but unfortunately, he drinks some water that is enchanted and pretty much gives him amnesia. He and Ulisses are then captured and brought to a kingdom where a beautiful, but weird looking queen, seduces Hercules and convinces him that he is king and she is his queen. Meanwhile, tensions build between the two brothers as both think Hercules is working for the other!

This made for an all right episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000. The problem with them doing this one and the first Hercules is the time constraint on the show. Makes the films seem very messed up as one can just see that there are huge portions of the film that were cut out. Not as bad as the first Hercules film where it was like they only did highlights from each plot point. This one still is a bit of a mess during the ending scenes as they seemed to focus mainly on Hercules exploits on the island of the sex craving queen. Still, it was rather funny, though the fact all these Hercules films kind of play out the same way makes doing four of them a bit excessive.

So the movie is not too terribly bad, but not good in any way either. I just find this Hercules films of the older days to be a bit slow moving as it is mainly set up and then a brief burst of action here and there. At least they give Hercules his incredible strength though as they do a good job making him look inhumanely strong. Plenty of pretty girls to look at for the guys and plenty of sweaty dudes for the girls, almost a film for everyone! Just too much talking and not enough battling for my tastes though.

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Both parents are pretty dumb aren't they?, 17 February 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This had to be one of the most infuriating films I have ever seen. The film never hides the fact what is going on and I have watched a lot of horror films, but even given that fact the parents in this film were downright stupid. They also displayed very little grief when they should have been the most dismayed parents in a film, ever! I know that the film was a novel and thanks to some digging I learned some things about the strange woman and her offspring that did shed some light on things. Just seems this film should of had more too it, but they kind of just lessened the load or something. It was not all bad, as it had a quite a few deaths in it and it moves along quite briskly, at least until the film shifts from the country home to the city apartment. It got a bit slow and then it got annoying and then it ended and I was just left thinking that there had to be more to what was going on than what was depicted in the film.

The story has a couple who have four children going about their day, when the mother apparently runs into a very creepy strange pregnant woman who the mother feels compelled to bring home with her. Thus, the mother does the first stupid thing in a film where she is one of the most mentally challenged characters in a horror film! Well, the strange creepy woman makes a few vague and sinister remarks and has her child before ditching in the morning. Well, the mother immediately wants to adopt the child because she really needs another child seeing as how she has three older children and an infant child to boot! Well soon after the infant son who was left alone with cute little Bonnie the newborn who has already sprouted blond hair is dead! A few years pass, and one of their older sons is dead! The other son is terrified of the kid, but the parents believe Bonnie before their own offspring! Soon, the father begins to suspect something, but by the time it begins to click for him, it is pretty much too late.

The ending to this one was a bit baffling as cute little Bonnie pushes the last remaining child out a window and to her death in front of the father, who already knew she was an evil little kid and the mother who still had doubts. Well, the father in a fit of rage wants to kill the child, but is stopped and the mother takes Bonnie's side, because her dead eyes, evil look and obviously deadly ways is just too much for a mom to resist. I just felt that this was a bit odd, as I just felt there should be more to it and that the ending was week. Turns out it was completely different from the book which has the father trying to get the kid, but the kid literally overpowers him! The husband and wife did not split up and Bonnie is taken away. She later turns up on their doorstep! There is also an explanation for the strange pregnant woman that is very bizarre, and I kind of can see why they did not go the route for a movie made in 1980.

So, I thought the film had some moments and it was a nice distraction for a little bit. However, it was also extremely annoying because that mother was so idiotic! What kind of mother latches on to a kid that is not even hers and puts said child over her own offspring? Seriously, I can see a mother liking an adopted child about the same, but the extent she latched onto Bonnie was insane. She literally got over the death of their infant son in no time, the second child also was gotten over rather quickly. I realize I watch a lot of horror films, but after the second child I would have been leery of Bonnie, heck, I never would have kept the child in the first place with my knowledge of horror films and the strange way that creepy woman was going on.

Excess to the max, just like the 80's, 17 February 2017

This horror/comedy is excessive and crazy and has its moments. It is not great by any means, but it has a grotesque monster so there is that. It is also a Charles Band film so even if you do not like one of his films, you will not have to suffer long because it is going to be short. I wonder if he does that on purpose. As I said, I see his name in the film, I do not necessarily expect a good film; however, I do know I will be watching a horror film that will be over in under an hour and a half. Every now and then you get an entertaining film too. This one had some moments, but it was kind of stupid at the same time. The main actor in the film is a kid and he is not all that good, not all that bad. He kind of sets the tone for the acting through the movie and that is excessive. The parents are over the top, the grandfather is over the top, the sister is over the top and pretty much everyone is over the top. That being said, I do believe it is on purpose in this one, I just think that is the tone of the film. An over exaggerated over the top mess! Even the monster is an over the top mess, but it looks rather good and much better than the computer generated monsters in B movies today.

The story has some icky looking monster inside a containment unit where it is seemingly turned into energy and jettisoned into space. Unfortunately, this energy beam bounces off numerous planets and ends up blasting the Putterman's newly installed satellite dish. Soon the television is picking up an amazing amount of channels including one that has a slimy monster that does not do anything but stare at those watching the television. The son and grandpa soon run afoul of the beast as it has the ability to transmit itself in and out of the television. Chaos abounds as mom and dad come home with another couple as they are swingers, the daughter brings home a heavy metal freak and the local horror host stops by to enjoy the madness!

The film is very 80's and I do believe the film purposely goes excessive with the decade. The parents are swingers and their house is decorated in a style that is reminiscent of the family in Beetlejuice if they were more into sexual art. The boyfriend is into heavy metal, the son enjoys hanging out with his grandpa who is into military actions and then there is the daughter who is sporting the multicolored hair and who is very pretty by the way. By far the cutest gal in the film, though the actress playing the horror movie hostess does have the best boobies in the flick.

So the film was okay in parts, bad in parts but even when it is bad, I have to think that it was being done purposely. It just seems they way the film plays out is exactly as they wanted it to be and though it is groan inducing at times, I still have to think that this is what they wanted. The film actually looks rather good considering it was released in 1986, I watched another film earlier tonight from 1987 and it looked much older than this one did. The monster is shown a lot in this one and there is stuff going on quite a bit. This film did something though that happens a lot in horror films, they killed off people too quickly. One minute there are lots of people to kill, and in less than five minutes everyone is nearly dead! Still, it was quick paced and it did not last long, sure it is always nice to have the kills spread out, but it does not hurt this film too much. Just hard to rate this one, like I said, it is kind of bad, but once again, I think that was done purposely.

The Outing (1987)
He's a genie in a bottle, better rub him the right way!, 16 February 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Watched this film for the first time since the 80's when it was released. I remember watching this one as a kid and the thing I remember the most is the scenes of the jinn floating around the museum chasing the last few survivors of the film. It is not bad, but at the same time it is not all that good either. Better pacing would have helped immensely, especially in terms of the kills within the film. We get three deaths right off the bat and then a period of nothing. n another death and another somewhat long stretch of nothing and then we get like seven or eight deaths in like a ten minute span. I would have preferred the deaths be space out more as it kind of takes awhile for the teens to break into the museum so the horror could begin in full instead of just teasing. Another problem is that this thing has the power to do anything, it is a genie, so I would think that every death is going to be unique and awesome. Well, that almost happens, but not entirely. We get two people torn in half, two people killed by snakes and multiple stabbings too. So, there were some good kills, the plot was interesting, but they needed more variety to the kills and maybe a better setting too.

The story has these three horrible people going to an elderly ladies house so they could find some money. Well, they drag the old lady from the bed, beat her and then put an ax into her head after they only discover a lamp and no money. Well, some sort of force causes the elderly lady to reanimate and take care of one of the intruders and tears one of them in half and takes care of the female intruder too. Well, the lamp ends up at a museum where a girl makes a very flippant wish and then we meet two more horrific people, one of which the girl used to date. I don't find it hard to believe that she dumped him, but I do find it hard to believe she ever dated him in the first place. Well the school has a field trip to the museum where the girl who now sports the same bracelet as the old woman and seems under somethings control, her boyfriend and two other couples decide to sneak back into the museum after hours for a sex party! Well, the lamp is home to a jinn and it begins to kill and make good on the girl's wish as she is to become the lamp's keeper!

If there is anything that movies from this time period have taught me, it is that young adults in the 80's always seemed to want to go to the most complicated place ever to have sex parties. Who knows why, but I've seen them going to malls, mausoleums, old mortuaries and in this film a museum. They just over complicated things back them as they would rather circumvent security systems or some such than simply go to the home of someone whose parents were gone or maybe even to one of those cool parents' houses who would not care if they were getting it on! Just makes me chuckle, and why the heck would there be a regular looking bathtub with curtains that looked as if it belonged in a house in a museum? I could see a shower stall, but not what was in this museum's basement.

So, it had its moments and it had your typically dumb 80's teens doing their usual breaking and entering to get some. What it needed was better pacing. Seriously, they had lots of death, but it was so condensed that one minute everyone is alive and getting it on and the next they are all dead! There were too many horrible people in this one too. The first group being the intruders at the beginning and then the two jerks that should have been in jail after pulling a knife on one of the teens and attempting to assault a teacher. They went over their allotment of super jerks, though I did like the one death with the mask. One final thought about this film, considering that everyone was pretty much dead at the end, I do think the girl should have just become the jinn's keeper. Seriously, her and the teacher are probably going to jail after all is said and done, because who the heck is going to believe a genie killed everyone?

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