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It doesn't come at night, or any time of the day for that matter, 30 August 2017

This movie doesn't fail to scare; worse, it blatantly doesn't even try.

I don't know if I'm more disappointed by movies that you can tell will be crap just by looking at the lighting and camera-work, or a movie that's actually pretty decent in terms of techy stuff and casting and acting and atmosphere and yet miserably fails to deliver. Yeah I think it's the latter. At least with cheap looking movies you know the risk.

If you look at this as a movie that explores "the human condition" or something like that, you might find some merit in it. However, it's advertised as a horror movie, which, by definition, needs to at least TRY to scare audiences. Such a disappointment.

All in all I'm just left wondering what the critics must have watched to give this such high scores. I'll think twice in the future before I watch something trusting Joel Edgerton's name.

The Mummy (2017)
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Not bad if you don't think about it too much, 9 June 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

It may be because my expectations were seriously low thanks to critics' reviews, but I enjoyed the movie. The horror aspect was surprisingly good; I wasn't prepared to feel scared, which is always a nice surprise. Although there were some pretty lame scenes where even I could have delivered the lines better, the story, the visual effects, and some really funny dialogue made up for it.

That being said, I don't know why Chris ended up as a ghost/zombie when every other undead being was physically touchable, beatable, visible, and non-omnipresent. Besides, why did he start out as a mindless zombie that tried to kill even Nick, if his sole purpose was to serve Ahmanet and he knew Nick was her chosen one? And if he was going to be a mindless zombie, why did he change into a ghost that was all BFFs with Nick again? Also, I don't think it made sense for Nick to make a sacrifice of that magnitude for Jenny given how his character was portrayed and their ridiculously short relationship history. And I'm sorry, but you can't have a money crazed crook take back control of his body and mental facilities from "Satan himself" (Dr. Jekyll's words, not mine). Is Nick gonna turn out to be the bastard son of a Celestial as well? Please.

As for the acting, I think Tom Cruise had no chemistry whatsoever with any of the other cast members, and -maybe because of that- he looked like he was trying too hard. Annabelle Wallis looked like someone had dropped her into the scene and she'd barely had time to look at her lines; she sounded that fake and out of place. Luckily, she was somehow wayyy better in the second half of the movie than she was in the first half. Russell Crowe looked like he was wearing someone else's clothes, figuratively speaking, so I hope he grows into the role more in the upcoming movies. Sadly, I thought Jake Johnson's role as the comic relief failed miserably, despite his great, natural performance.

I hope the failure of this movie doesn't mark the end of the Dark Universe as I'm still kind of looking forward to seeing it explored, but this should be a lesson learned for everyone involved in the upcoming productions. It's no easy feat messing up a movie this badly when you have all the time, money, and resources in the world not to mention great actors.

Opening Night (2016/II)
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Awesomeness, 7 June 2017

Well color me happy there's a sofa in here for two! This must be one of the most entertaining movies I've seen in a long time. Such an amazing script (all those hilarious lines, all the pop culture references in every other sentence, the light-hearted self deprecating humor...), and such fantastic delivery, I tried to will it not to end. Excluding the cheesy AF unrealistic ending, I loved every scene. One has to be well-versed in the music and celebrity tidbits of the past three decades to get everything, to say the least, though.

There was also quite a bit of soul-searching for quite a few characters, and amazingly, it was all done smoothly and with just the right amount of depth. That's a tough thing to accomplish in such a short time, but they nailed it!

So yeah, I definitely recommend it. "Treat yo self".

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below average drama, 2 June 2017

Another gun-for-hire-with-a-conscience movie, but I'm afraid not a good one. There are a lot of disturbing scenes or plot arcs involving minors for no apparent reason, and the head honcho's emotional journey doesn't make much sense. He's had a rough military past, for instance, but the emotional scars brought to the foreground don't involve killing human beings. He does a lot for the girl he's trying to save, which is great, except they are things he hasn't done even for his own daughter even though she's supposedly his everything. Hello? Oh and the girl's another story. She has serious problems, except she doesn't act on them. She has serious doubts, except she doesn't act on them, either. All in all, things don't quite add up.

It's a good watch for a virtual tour of Europe and some average action sequences if you're into that kind of thing, though.

Grave (2016/II)
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average, 31 May 2017

As far as French movies go, which I'm not a fan of save for a few classics, it was okay. Not scary, but suspenseful enough to keep watching. It helps that it's quite funny at times. However, I'm not a fan of gory flicks either, and I don't enjoy watching a movie when I can't look at the screen half the time because what's shown is too disgusting and then I'm missing the dialogue because it's French.

I didn't bother doing any research, so I'm not sure what the message is. Could be vegetarian propaganda or anti-vegetarian propaganda, or it could be nothing; I really couldn't say. My takeaway is if you're a vegetarian, better stay vegetarian.

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great comedy, 28 May 2017

It was great to see McCarthy depicting a smart yet funny character; I find her over-the-top, grotesque roles in some other movies truly off- putting. McKinnon gave a refreshing performance, and Wiig, though downright typecast at this point, was still good.

As of today, this title has an average rating of 5.3/10, which really baffles me because I think it's a great comedy. Sure, some scenes feel more like SNL skits than movie scenes, but they are hilarious so I don't mind. The humor, both verbal and visual, is mostly smart and tasteful except where Kevin is involved. Then again, I don't mind that that either because Chris Hemsworth.

Definitely recommended.

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definitely worth seeing, 27 May 2017

It looks every bit like the clichéd woman-held-captive movie, but there's nothing clichéd about it that I could see. I don't know how you make a fresh movie using an old plot line, but they did it. The characters were a bit flat, but they surprised me at almost every turn, and I loved that there were only two scenes where I face- palmed with frustration (I normally end up doing that a whole lot watching this kind of movie). Can't really give examples of what I mean so as to keep this spoiler-free, which is a bummer, but take my word for it if you will and give it a shot.

Oh and be warned: There's quite a bit of German dialogue.

Edit: The filmmakers should have done their linguistic research better. Andi forgets the word "contemplate" in English twice, and says "complicate" (the first time) and "compensate" (the second time) instead. Apart from the fact that it's a fairly unlikely mistake for an English teacher to make, it's pretty much impossible for a native speaker of German. You see, "complicate" and "compensate" both have cognates in German, "(ver)komplizieren" and "kompensieren" respectively. They're not even false cognates like the German "lernen" and English "learn", where "lernen" also corresponds to "study", leading non-fluent German speakers to say stuff like "I have learned at Cambridge for two years". So even if Andi could forget how to say "contemplate" in English, he wouldn't have confused it with words that are almost identical in German.

There you have it. Phew. Glad we could sort this out.

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Excellent self-criticism, 26 May 2017

Everything I saw about the movie before I saw the movie pointed to a bold critique of US foreign policy and war politics, so I didn't expect an action filled nail-biter. It did deliver what I expected, and did so phenomenally. The issues the movie brings up and the things the characters said really, truly couldn't have been said more openly and directly. As the narrator would have you know, it's going to fall on deaf ears where it matters the most, granted, but it's one heck of a catharsis session all the same.

Where the progression of events gets too slow, the brilliant acting comes to the rescue. Pitt's performance didn't look to me as smooth and believable as it used to be, but Tilda Swinton and Ben Kingsley blew my mind. With their impeccable accents and spot on mannerisms, it was near impossible to tell they were just actors (save for their very familiar faces). There were a few pretty funny lines, too.

To anyone who doesn't mind listening to dialogue and watching out for subtle goings-on, this movie is a must, MUST see.

The Ticket (2016)
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Waste of talent, 7 May 2017

It's always sad to see good actors in badly made movies, and this is one of those. The story in itself isn't half bad, but there's simply too much to adequately cover in less than two hours. If every plot arc in this movie were made into a TV episode, it would be worth watching. As it stands, however, I found myself questioning the characters' common sense at best and IQ levels at worst.

As for the ending: it's a blatant disregard of the ego; humans simply don't work that way. Just saying.

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So much potential but alas..., 6 May 2017

It had a good premise and potentially solid characters. The story was poorly developed, though, and the plot suffers from "stupid nonsense happening because the characters couldn't bother to ask about or ensure a simple, normally inconsequential thing" syndrome. The latter really gets to me. On top of things happening because the screenwriter said so and some loose ends dangling away through to the end for no particular reason, it was SO FRICKING SLOW. I don't mind a slow pace when time is devoted to character or story development or building suspense, but I saw none of that. All of this I could have overlooked if there was anything actually scary in the movie.

So in the end, one star for making me watch to the end, one for the premise, one for the one good thing that happens towards the end, and one for the ending. There, four stars.

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