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Terrence Malick is back on track, 18 June 2017

I'm not someone who thought there was nothing of worth in To The Wonder or Knight of Cups. However, they did seem to be treading a lot of unoriginal waters. Considering the reviews for Song to Song I also expected it to be around the same quality, but to my surprise I've finally seen Malick's true talent blossom again. I think this film is unique in his filmography up until this point. It tells a coherent story of intersecting characters' lives in its usual Malick way. I definitely think this is underrated and I hope people start to be more favorable towards it.

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An exercise in effective minimalist horror, 11 June 2017

Upon finishing It Comes at Night, I knew it would be the type of film that completely divides audiences. It's a film that was always going to be misinterpreted to be something else by many audiences and it's not a film that neatly checks off many genre conventions or clichés. Even its horror label will be disputed by some. What I got most out of the film was its relentless and unnerving sense of anxiety, paranoia, and fear that runs throughout the whole thing. It's not an easy atmosphere to build constantly throughout a 90 minute-runtime, but Trey Edward Shults actually accomplishes it. This is a fantastic piece of psychological horror and mystery, one to be celebrated.

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The film is a success due to Gal Gadot and Chris Pine's chemistry, 10 June 2017

Much can be said about why certain films are a success. Do I think Wonder Woman is an entirely amazing or original film? Not at all. Do I think it has enough distinct features to succeed as what is easily one of the best superhero films of this decade? Definitely. It's great that here we have a film that actually tackles more relevant themes that include the brutality of war and humankind, rather than another generic Marvel "Let's save the world from this evil supernatural guy." The entire storyline and villains aren't a complete success, and sometimes there's some awkwardness to be found. However, the two leads of the film, Gal Gadot and Chris Pine, are endlessly charming and have such electric chemistry. Truly a great duo. Their dialogue together make up the best sections of the film and they're fantastic together. For that reason the film succeeds as much as it does.

Lovesong (2016)
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Well acted, 2 June 2017

Definitely didn't know to expect for this film, but what it eventually ended up being is a solidly written and very well acted tale of two friends. It's not a film driven by plot at all, and for that reason it may not engage all types of viewers, but it does tell a nice human story. More than anything, the two leads are really quite good in this. It's nice to see Riley Keough leading a film like this and I hope she continues to get offered roles, and Jena Malone can always be relied on something extra in her roles. This was no exception.

The Pass (2016)
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Incredible acting, 30 May 2017

This was such a pleasant surprise. I truly did not know anything other than this being an LGBT- film, and boy was it more than that. It's not exactly an LGBT romance film, and surely not one of a couple blossoming. Instead, it's a quiet heavy and quiet dark character study of one broken man. Arinzé Kene is very good and I hope this helps him get more roles, but it's truly Russell Tovey's film and he delivers. I thought he was quite good in Looking, but I never knew he would be possible of the deeper places he goes to here. It's an incredibly performance that should stand as one of the year's best.

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Incredibly heartfelt, 26 May 2017

It's easy to dismiss an animated film like this that deals with the themes that this does. The film's quality, however, goes a long way towards making us realize that running time doesn't dictate how good something is. This film is short, but it packs a punch. One of its biggest strengths is that it doesn't try to fill up the running time or try to do many other turns in the storyline. It's very, very simply but as a result its themes are clearer than many other animated films' themes. It's handled with delicacy and subtlety. It's an incredibly strong film that I recommend.

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Disturbing and well made, 24 May 2017

I definitely didn't expect much out of this film, but it pleasantly surprised me. As far as low- budget and independent horror films go, this is definitely one of the better made ones. The director really has a knack for building atmosphere and he has a strong grasp on the entire film's production, scares, and acting. The latter especially should be praised, considering the strong work the actors put in throughout this film. Overall, I don't think it's necessarily amazing or anything that comes close to being revolutionary, but it's definitely a worthwhile entry in the horror genre.

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Kind of underrated, 21 May 2017

So there are definitely many flaws with this film. It has some very noticeable clichés and some really dumb moments. However, I still believe it's kind of underrated, which is what I also thought of Prometheus. For all of its dumb moments (and there are a lot) it's still a lot of fun and is successful in moving this franchise even further. I enjoyed what it brought to this world, even if it doesn't do anything original in terms of its execution. The visuals are really well done and the action and thrills are exhilarating. For all of its problems, I think this is a worthy addition to this series.

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Rami Malek is incredible, 14 May 2017

There are definitely different ways to approach this film. It can be darkly comic, but at its core, it's a tragedy with one actor at the center of it who is ready to give it his all. Malek has become a star due to his TV series, Mr. Robot, and here he gets an opportunity to shine even further. The lead character is a tricky one, balancing different story lines and timelines and personality traits while still having to be consistent in characterization. It's not hard to see why Malek was cast here. He has such a bubbling intensity and forceful acting style that comes across natural while leaving a lasting impression, and that's exactly what he does here.

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Not as good as the first, 13 May 2017

Do I think this film is a decent watch? Sure. Is it great? Not by any means, and that is why it's frustrating to see it get such a favorable reception with the usual audience. Marvel makes okay films, but they're all pretty much still being done within the same formula. Th jokes here don't always land, and it tries way too hard to be hip and cool. Despite that, there's still some good chemistry between the characters and some good acting to be found here. The film could have been a lot worse. It's just disappointing that it's not trying to go beyond the barriers set by the first film.

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