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Don't miss this film, 30 January 2007

I saw this film at Sundance, and was literally blown away. Away From Her is an incredible achievement for any filmmaker, and for such a young director as Sarah Polley to have made this film is amazing. If there is a God, she, Julie Christie and Gordon Pinsent will all be nominated for Academy Awards.

This film deals with a couple married for 45 years, and have never been away from each other. As Julie Christie's character realizes that she is losing her memory, she makes plans to enter a clinic, from which she knows she will not return from, and her husband does not want her to be "away from her." In a few of the scenes in which her memory has reverted to the past, you find out that their marriage was not perfect, as she brings up events from the past that caused both of them pain.

Bring tissues and ladies- make sure you've got waterproof mascara on.

Once (2007)
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A must see film!, 26 January 2007

I too saw this film at Sundance, and we were treated to a live performance afterwards by the two main characters, who are actual musicians and not actors.

I can't say enough good things about this film. It is bittersweet and romantic, with great music (not Irish music, but the singer/songwriter type) as the two main characters collaborate on their songs and help each other become stronger and face the romantic challenges they both are suffering from. The end of the film is wonderful and Hollywood-cliché-free! I hope this film gets the distribution it deserves, because I'm going to be telling everyone to see it.

Dedication (2007)
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Very disappointing, 26 January 2007

I too saw this film at Sundance and was very disappointed. The film started out with great promise as an edgy, quirky film- especially Billy's Crudup's character- and then turned into any other romantic comedy that we've seen before. It was incredibly predictable, and I was very surprised that it took this turn.

I was hoping for more from Justin Theroux on this one. The cast is good, in particular, Billy Crudup and Tom Wilkinson, but Mandy Moore is not well cast in this role. Had her character been edgier, I think it would have worked better. I don't think Mandy Moore's performance was bad; I think the was her character was written was wrong for the film. Wait for cable on this one folks.