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This yarn concerns the essential life of the Spanish nun Saint Teresa , focusing her sufferings , mortification, and ecstasy, 18 October 2017

Glamorous and luxurious movie with a good cast , such as Paz Vega , Leonor Watling , Eusebio Poncela , Geraldine Chaplin , Manuel Morón , Francesc Garrido , José Luis Gómez , Andrés Gertrúdix and Ángel De Andrés López . Being a thought-provoking drama based on the life of Spain's mystic Saint Teresa , set in the Catholic Castilla , in the middle of the Sixteenth Century . It concerns about Saint Teresa of Jesús , baptized as Teresa Sánchez De Cepeda y Ahumada (28 March 1515 – 4 October 1582) , focusing her sufferings , sacrifices , raptures and set in times of religious pursue , Reform , Contra-Reform and Santo Oficio . Teresa was a prominent Spanish mystic , Roman Catholic saint , Carmelite nun and author during the Counter Reformation , and theologian of contemplative life through mental prayer . Set in Castilla and dealing with the struggles against all odds in foundation her first convent , claiming that she has visions with Jesus , about the hard reform the Order of Carmelites and , subsequently , attracting the attention of the Inquisition during the sixteenth century Spain . As the daughter of a nobleman (Alvaro De Luna) Teresa De Ahumada (Paz Vega) joins a convent administrated by the Superior Mother (Geraldine Chaplin) seeking a spiritual life . After a period of apprenticeship and prays , she becomes a reformer in the Carmelite Order of her time and the movement she initiated , later joined by Saint John of the Cross , eventually led to the establishment of the Discalced Carmelites , though neither she nor John were alive when the two orders separated . The flick also concerns about her relationships to important people as Francisco De Borja (Javier Mejia) , Fray Daza (Eusebio Poncela), Fray Alcántara (José Luis Gómez) and bishop of Toledo (Angel De Andrés López) . Teresa was named a Doctor of the Church by Pope Paul VI . Her books, which include her autobiography : The Life of Teresa of Jesus and her seminal work The Interior Castle , and The Way of Perfection are an integral part of Spanish Renaissance literature as well as Christian mysticism and Christian meditation practices . At the beginning of the film Teresa , who is the daughter of a nobleman has a socialite life , has suitors who fight for her by fencing . Later on , Teresa fascinated by accounts of the lives of the saints joins a convent administrated by the Superior Mother seeking God and a spiritual as well as peaceful life . As Teresa entered a Carmelite Monastery of the Incarnation in Ávila , 1535 , but she found herself increasingly in disharmony with the spiritual malaise prevailing at the monastery . After a period of prays and sacrifice in which she embraces a deeper devotion to the Virgin Mary as her spiritual mother , she claims that she has visions with Jesus attracting the attention of the Inquisition in times of religious pursue and Protestant Reform . In the cloister -an area where only monastics have access- , she suffered greatly from illness ; early in her sickness, she experienced periods of religious ecstasy through the use of devotional books and prays . Saint Teresa carried out mystic attitudes following the example of similar writings of medieval mystics , consisted of directions for examinations of conscience and for spiritual self-concentration and inner contemplation . She claimed that during her illness she rose from the lowest stage, "recollection", to the "devotions of silence" or even to the ¨Mysticism¨ and "devotions of ecstasy", which was one of perfect union with God . During this final stage, she said she frequently experienced a rich "blessing of tears" . She , then began to inflict various tortures and mortification of the flesh upon herself . But her confessor, the Jesuit Saint Francis Borgia , reassured her of the divine inspiration of her thoughts . Teresa became firmly convinced that Jesus Christ presented himself to her in bodily form , though invisible.

A dramatic film based on the life of Spain's feminist mystic Saint Teresa , regarding her self-punishments , lashings , mortification , raptures and about her early days when Santa Teresa schemes the creation a first convent called San José . This Spanish movie turns out to be an acceptable flick , but slow-moving , being a moving portrayal of the greatest religious woman , made in enough budget , including colorful cinematography and sensitive score . This picture contains a lot of historical remarks , adding known characters of the Spain history . The film was panned by critics , suffering the extreme contempt , being really scorned by focusing excessively in erotic/religious visions . It packs a glamorous cinematography by the prestigious cameraman José Luis Alcaine . Luxury scenarios , mostly interiors , including brilliant costumes and spectacular production design by Rafael Palmero , ; in fact, the movie is dedicated in memoriam to this classic designer . Religious and evocative musical score by two great composers : Ángel Illarramendi and Michael Nyman . Directed by Ray Loriga who made a passable but really boring film .

Other films regarding this famous Saint are the followings : ¨Teresa De Jesús¨(1962) by Juán De Orduña with Aurora Bautista , José Bódalo , Roberto Camardiel , Antonio Durán , Alfredo Mayo and ¨Teresa¨ (2015) by Jorge Dorado with Marian Alvarez , Carla Diaz , Terele Pavez , Antonio De La Torre , Aitiana Sanchez Gijón . And the best results to be the TV series ¨Teresa De Jesús¨ (1985) by Josefina Molina with Concha Velasco , Virginia Mataix , Silvia Munt , Maria Massip , Magui Mira.

Mediocre Paella/Spaghetti Western co-produced by Spain/Italy , being regularly directed by Alfonso Balcazar, 16 October 2017

Arizona, 1887 . In the beginning we are then introduced to our stalwart hero , a card player named Doc MacGregor (Carl Mohner as Karl Möhner) who is relentlessly pursued by ambitious bounty hunters . When Doc is riding he meets a dead man , and as he replaces the identity of a legendary gunslinger . Doc along with the bounty hunter Slade Carroll (Luis Dávila) arrive in a town where Doc is mistaken for sheriff Kitchener , as taking his identity Doc becomes the city Marshall and Slade as deputy . Along the way , they face off tramplers and a famous Mexican outlaw called Pablo Reyes (Fernando Sancho) . Doc MacGregor is actually a surgeon and at the end he heals a sympathetic boy (Loris Loddi) . Doc and Slade suffer double-crosses , attacks , betrayal by a corrupt Mayor (Umberto Raho) as well as a lot of twists and turns until a final assault on the town .

This "L'uomo Dalla Pistola D'Oro" , also titled "Doc, Hands of Steel" , or "Man with the Golden Pistol" or "The Man Who Came to Kill" or "El Pistolero De Oro" results to be a so-so tortilla/Pasta Western in which two drifters arrive in a little town to resolve conflicts among nasty robbers and corrupt authority . All in all , this film is predominantly a Spanish film rather than an Italian one . It's a two country co-production but is clearly dominated by the Spanish contingent and the traditional leanings of the Spanish producers of the time have their stamp on the entire proceedings . The Spanish westerns of this era were far more likely to try and emulate their American source material than cultivate a distinctive style of their own the way the Italians were doing but their product , though if you like westerns remains lightly watchable , but also it turns out to be middling . Mediocre Butifarra Western realized in traditional style with a screenplay written by Giovanni Simonelli , José Antonio De La Loma and Alfonso Balcázar himself , including boring dialogue , silly situations , plot twists and turns . Italian-Spanish co-production filmed in Catalunya , full of familiar faces , action , exaggerated characters , crossfire and lots of shots and fights . The film packs thrills , shootouts , brawls , and results to be entertaining but very mediocre . It's a middle-budget film with ordinary actors , technicians , decent production values and average results . There is plenty of action in the movie , guaranteeing some shoot'em up or stunts every few minutes . It's an exciting western with breathtaking showdown between protagonists , Carl Mohner and Luis Davila , against their enemies , adding some thrilling scenes at the ending . It stars Carl Möhner (1921–2005) who performed other Westerns as ¨30 Winchesters for El Diablo" or "Gold Train" , but also acted in thrillers and dramas as ¨Babysitter¨, ¨It takes a thief¨, ¨The last bridge¨, ¨Cave of the living dead¨, ¨Sink the Bismark¨ and his greatest hit was ¨Rififi¨ . Co-stars Luis Davila who takes on a band of crooks , unethical Mayor & his gang . Davila starred during the sixties and seventies several action films as well as Chorizo or Paella Western such as ¨Relevo para pistolero¨, "Dynamite Jim" , ¨Viva Carrancho¨, ¨Tumba para Forajido¨ and "Pancho Villa" , some of them directed by Alfonso Balcazar . The cast and support cast are passable . Furthermore , there appears ordinary secondaries of Spaghetti/Paella Western , as Spanish/Italian players : Gloria Milland as a beautiful widow , Óscar Pellicer , Umberto Raho and the little boy Loris Loddi . And , of course, the great Fernando Sancho in his usual role as a Mexican outlaw , as he is terrific , he subsequently would play similar roles in other Spaghettis . Atmospheric cinematography by Mario Capriotti in Scope and Eastmancolor . Being regularly photographed and necessary a fine remastering because the film-copy is washed-out .

The picture mostly filmed in atmospheric scenarios on location in Fraga , (Huesca) , similar to Almeria , and a Western village located in ¨Spugles De Llobregat¨ , it resulted to be the locations where were shot lots of Westerns produced and directed by Catalan people as Alfonso Balcazar , J.J. Balcazar , José Antonio De La Loma , Juán Bosch , Juán Xiol , Manuel Esteba , Ignacio F. Iquino , and Julio Buchs , among others , because Almeria was too far and the Fraga landscapes bear remarkable resemblance . There are many fine technicians and nice assistant direction and adequate production design by the usual Juan Albert Soler , he creates an acceptable scenario . And evocative musical score by Angelo Francesco Lavagnino.

This motion picture was middlingly directed by Alfonso Balcazar , and with no originality ; he managed to make a fluid and filled with punches as well as gun-play , though mediocre . Alfonso often uses pseudonym Al Bagran . Alfonso alongside his brothers Juan Jose Balcazar and Francisco Balcázar produced and directed a lot of Chorizo or Butifarra Western , most of them starred by Jorge Martin or George Martin , Luis Davila , Daniel Martin or Robert Woods ; such as 1972 The return of Clint , 1972 Judas... ¡Toma Monedas! , 1968 Sartana no Perdone or Sonora , 1967 With Death on Your Back, 1966 Dinamita Jim , 1965 Doc , Manos De Plata , 1965 Viva Carrancho , 1965 Five Thousand Dollars on One Ace . Rating : 4.5/10 . Average

¡Atraco! (2012)
Spain/Argentina co-production with fine acting , adequate production design , colorful cinematography and well set in the fifties, 16 October 2017

Nice film set in 50s Spain with luxurious production design , glamorous photography , good performances , alright filmmaking ; though developing a complex intrigue and results to be overlong . Madrid , 1955 , there takes place a jewelry robbing . Three weeks earlier , a group of Argentinians loyal to the deposed president Peron plan a robbery to recover the jewels that used to belong to the president's late wife Evita . As Peron wants the Evita's jewels to give them his new lover , as he assigns to retrieve the valuable pieces of jewellery to Landa (Daniel Fanego) . Then , Landa hires two thieves : Merello (Guillermo Francella) and Miguel (Nicolás Cabré) . Meanwhile , Miguel falls for a young nurse (Amaia Salamanca) . Both of whom arrange to go Madrid and assault a jewelry shop where find the precious pieces . But their arrogance at winning put on the radar of two tough Police Inspectors , who are working on his own personal agenda . Ultimately, greed , pride , ego , desperation and reckoning all play a role in how involvement in this group .

An nicely crafted , well-played flick that deservedly had several prizes , founded on a perfectly calibrated screenplay whose emotional grip tightens as it proceeds . There takes place a thrilling cat and mouse game , as well as an intense battle of wits between a wise as well as veteran robber excellently played by Guillermo Francella and a cerebral , stubborn Police Inspector , magnetically performed by Oscar Jaenada . Being inspired by real events when in the Francoist period took place a heist at a known jewelry . Guillermo Francella is simply awesome , he steals the show as an old , cunning and intelligent thief . Agreeable main and support cast give nice acting as Nicolás Cabré , Amaia Salamanca , Óscar Jaenada , Jordi Martínez , Felipe García Vélez and special mention for Daniel Fanego as the astute Landa .

In addition , it displays a colorful photography in juicy atmosphere , being filmed by David Omedes , deemed to be one of the best Spanish cameramen , who has shot successes as ¨Salvador¨, "To Hell with the Ugly", ¨Special's chef¨ , ¨My mothers likes women¨ and ¨A night at old Mexico¨ . Being filmed on location in Valencia , Alcoi , Alacant, Alicante, Comunidad Valenciana, Cercedilla, Madrid, Ciudad de la Luz, Alicante, Comunidad Valenciana, Spain . Lively and atmospheric musical score by Federico Jusid . He composed the original soundtrack for more than 40 feature films and over 20 television series . His work includes the score for the Academy Award-winner for Best Foreign Film The Secret in Their Eyes (2009, by Juan José Campanella), for which he received the nomination for the Spanish Academy Goya Award for Best Original Score. He has recently worked with Alberto Iglesias writing additional compositions for the original score of Ridley Scott's Exodus: Gods and Kings , The Life Unexpected (Jorge Torregrossa) , Everybody has a Plan (Anna Piterbarg), The Escape (Eduardo Mignogna), The Hidden Face (Andrés Baiz), I Want To Be A Soldier (Christian Molina). Well and lavishly produced by Pedro Costa , Gerardo Herrero and producer Axel Kuschevatzky . It won Argentinean Film Critics Association Awards 2013 : Silver Condor Best Foreign Film , Spanish Language for Eduard Cortés and Nominated Silver Condor Best Costume Design to Myriam Ibáñez as costume designer and Pedro Costa Producciones Cinematográficas S.A. as producer .

The motion picture was professionally directed by Eduard Cortés . Here Cortés , also writer , was inspired by the true events of a band who carried out a jewelry hold-up and they took a lot of valuable jewels . Cortés has directed great number of notorious films . His film ¨Nobody's life¨ with Jose Coronado , was very nicely received , being debut director Eduard Cortés , from the world of television , where he has extensive experience as a director of TV3 regional channel . He has realized several TV episodes for known series and subsequently shooting other films as ¨Ingrid¨ , ¨Otros Dias Vendran¨ , ¨La Caverna¨, ¨Atraco¨ and his greatest hit : ¨The Pelayos¨ with Daniel Bhrul , Luis Homar , Miguel Angel Silvestre . The motion picture will appeal to quartet protagonist fans : Guillermo Francella , Óscar Jaenada , Amaia Salamanca , Daniel Fanego ; all of them make an excellent work . Rating : acceptable and passable , 6/10 , worthwhile watching

Amusing Spanish comedy plenty of bungling characters , movement , confusion and mayhem, 15 October 2017

The legend tells a fabulous treasure , a valuable dagger , since then , mean cons and powerful people have searched in vain . Forged in ancient Egypt , Dagger of Rasputin is a legendary jewel that gives almost absolute power to its possessor . Caesar , Attila and Napoleon were some of their illustrious owners . The track jewel is lost in Russia, with the death of its last owner , the mad monk Rasputín who was killed by Prince Yuppusoff and thrown into the river . But suddenly, in a Spanish prison , one of the inmates called Araña (Antonio Molero) joins other two delinquents : Jacinto (Antonio Resines) and Papeles (Jesús Bonilla) . These three cellmates undertake dangerous as well as fun adventures to locate the whereabouts of the precious dagger . All of them carry out a relentless search for finding the tracks that lead the dagger . Their risked feats are filled with breakouts , leaks and chases , which will take you to the heart of the deep Russia . It follows in a crazy adventure , a rambunctious race to see who can claim the loot first . As a crazy pursuit across Russian ¨Dachas¨ , orphanage , Kremlin square , Lenin mummy , churches and a luxurious Spa to find the treasure that had allegedly been delivered to Russia .

This is an bemusing as well as nutty comedy , plenty of humor , frolics , entertainment , funny happenings , and plot twists . This agreeable picture concerns a silly quest pulled off by a bunch of unfortunate as well as botcher people but things go awry . As a Russian ¨Matrioska¨ sparks a madcap that rush to find the supernatural dagger . This film is made to entertain , and this movie , especially for a good time and a pleasant entertainment and is also pretty darn funny . Sitting in a strange middle ground between the completely absurd and the stylishly enjoyable . It takes a simple concept , a clumsy band of shameless folks turning into law-breaking lunatics and ruining their lives for the sake of an ancient treasure ; all of them investigating and running here and there to find it . There are some nice jokes in the film and the cast , playing eccentric characters , make a cosy fit . The flick interweaves fun comedy along with a social criticism about the Spanish crisis of the 2000s and a little bit of suspense and great amusement . This film packs attractive images , strange situations , swift frames , twists and turns ; but it especially contains catching touches of humor , tongue-in-cheek and irony . It takes a silly premise , a peculiar quest , being schemed , planned and proceeded by hapless people and in similar style to American films as ¨It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World¨ by Stanley Kramer and ¨Rat race¨ by Jerry Zucker , along with Italian classy ¨Rufufu¨ (1956) , a great Comedia all'Italiana by Mario Monicelli ; this latter was a brilliant parody to French production titled ¨Rififi¨(1956) and adding the typical Spanish idiosyncrasy with titles as ¨Atraco a Las Tres¨, or ¨Los Que Tocan el Piano¨ . Sympathetic acting from the bungler Antonio Molero , Jesús Bonilla filmmaker himself , and special mention for Antonio Resines who is identified by the Russian mafia as a carrier of a genetic anomaly related to the dagger . The film is full of familiar faces and cameos such as Carolina Bang , Juan Luis Galiardo as Zadkin , María Barranco as Alejandra , Fernando Conde as Psiquiatra , Mario Pardo , Gabino Diego , and Andrés Pajares as General Krilenco , a Stalin-lookalike , most of them give brief but enjoyable interpretations .

Being efficiently produced by the great producer Enrique Cerezo and Telecinco Cinema . Moving and Original Musical score by Roque Baños . Colorful and evocative Cinematography by Juan Molina shot in Madrid , Moscow and surroundings . The motion picture was professionally directed by Jesús Bonilla , though it has some flaws and gaps , being overlong . He directed in similar style ¨El Oro De Moscu¨ also produced by Enrique Cerezo and a similar plot in which a bustling group will take you to the heart of the entertainment and amusement , including a all-Spanish-cast with usual players as Alfredo Landa , Antonio Resines , Alexis Valdés , Gabino Diego , Neus Asensi , Juan Luis Galiardo , Sancho Gracia , María Barranco , Andrés Pajares , José Luis López Vázquez , Jorge Sanz , El Gran Wyoming , Carlos Latre , Antonio Resines and Florentino Fernández .

Inferior Spanish/Italian co-production stars Charles Quiney and regularly directed by José Luis Merino , made in Spaghetti/Paella style, 12 October 2017

Below average story about the famous masked adventurer in Gazpacho/Maccaroni Western style financed by Carthago and Duca productions. This inferior Zorro with Spaghetti style is a mediocre adaptation inspired from Johnston McCulley character starred by Carlos Quiney as Antonio Sandoval / El Zorro (as Charles Quiney) , a dashing masked avenger . It deals with a land baron (Fernando Hilbeck) who attempts to rob a valuable Indian emerald and his nemesis , Antonio Sandoval , an aristocrat who is really Zorro. While , a beautiful woman (Malisa Longo) who is engaged to Arturo and schemes a plan to free her father (Antonio Jimenez Escribano) , -who knows location a treasure- , from a prison . As Zorro intervenes and breaks him out . Meanwhile , the nasty owner and his hoodlums (Pascuale Basile) take on the dashing masked avenger . And a Pinkerton Agency detective (Maria Mahor) is hired to discover true identity of the cunning Zorro . Later on , Zorro faces savage Indians and carries out a dangerous fight against a brave warrior . At the end takes place an Indian attack and a confrontation at a grotto where are joined the good guys and bad guys , but Zorro reunites forces and helps unfortunates .

Average story in ironical tone about the famous masked adventurer and in Gazpacho/Spaghetti Western style . This inferior Zorro in Spaghetti style is a mediocre adaptation inspired from Johnston McCulley character starred by Charles Quiney as the dashing masked avenger . This Chorizo/Pasta Western is filled with action , crossfire , thrills , intrigue , spectacular horse riding by Zorro and humor . This Zorro was middlingly starred by Charles Quiney , he took a chance and jumped from warlike action ("Hell Commandos" , ¨When heroes die¨) and adventures (Tiger of Kyber , Robin Hood) to costumed Western and various Zorros , as Quiney played ¨Zorro De Monterrey¨, ¨Last adventure Zorro¨ . Quiney steals the show as a foppish Zorro relishing his secret identity dressed in black ; executing bounds and leaps , twists and climbs and throughly enjoys himself . In the movie appears usual support actors , as Spanish as Italian : Fernando Hilbeck , María Mahor , Pasquale Basile , Enrique Ávila and Antonio Jimenez Escribano . Shot by cameraman Emanuele Di Cola on Spanish locations in Patones , Seseña , Aldea Del Fresno , Colmenar Viejo and Almeria . Pretty good musical score by the prolific Francesco De Massi .

The motion picture was lousily directed by Jose Luis Merino , under pseudonym Joseph Marvin and uncredited Luigi Capuano , though resulted to be below average . Merino is a skill and successfully craftsman . He often uses same actors , such as Stelvio Rossi , Peter Lee Lawrence , George Hilton and Charles Quiney . He has written/directed numerous films of all kinds of genres , such as Terror : Ivanna , The hanging woman ; Euro-spy : Colpo Sensazionale Al Servicio Del Sifar ; Chorizo/Spaghetti Western : More Dollars for the MacGregors , Frontera Sur , Réquiem for the gringo , Gatling gun , Seven ride to death , ; Wartime : Last Panzer battle , Hell commandos , A Bullet for Rommel , When heroes die ; Musical : Europa Canta , Aquellos Tiempos Del Cuple , and his most successful films are the fresh and diverting adventures : Tarzan and King Salomon's mines , Robin Hood , Rebelion De Bucaneros , El Zorro De Monterrey , and Last adventure of Zorro.

There are lots of Zorros , as European Zorros filmed by that time are the followings : ¨Zorro all Corte Di Spaña¨ (1963) by Luigi Capuano , ¨Zorro versus Maciste¨ by Umberto Lenzi with Pierre Brice , Alan Steel , Moira Orfei ; ¨El Jiuramento Di Zorro¨ by Ricardo Blasco with Guy Stockwell and Mikaela ; ¨Zorro Il Ribelle¨ by Piero Pirotti with Howard Ross ; ¨Il Figlio Di Zorro¨ (1973) by Gianfranco Baldanello and two directed by Jose Luis Merino with Charles Quiney and Maria Pia Conte as ¨Zorro the rider of vendetta¨ and ¨Zorro of Monterrey ¨ . Joaquin Marchent is deemed to be the Paella Western's best director , he made ¨El Coyote¨ , a Zorro-alike and the sequel titled ¨Revenge of Coyote¨ shot in Mexico ; after that , he filmed ¨The shadow of Zorro¨ and ¨Revenge of Zorro also titled ¨Vengeance of Zorro¨ and ¨L'Ombra Di Zorro¨ (1962) with Frank Latimore , Paul Piaget and Robert Hundar . And French version in similar style as ¨Le Tulipe Noie¨ (1964) with Alain Delon and Virna Lisi and ¨Zorro¨(1975) by Duccio Tessari with Alain Delon, Octavia Piccolo and Stanley Baker .

And American Zorros are the followings : The mute classic adaptation ¨Mark of Zorro¨ 1920, Fred Niblo, with Douglas Fairbanks, the classic ¨Mark of Zorro¨, 1940, Robert Mamoulian with Tyrone Power, Basil Rathbone and Linda Darnell), and followed by ¨The legend of Zorro¨ 2005, Martin Campbell again with Banderas and Catherine Zeta Jones, Tony Amendola, Pedro Armendariz and Rufus Sewell .

James Bond/George Lazenby against Blofeld/Telly Savalas who attempts a plan for world domination by spreading a lethal plague, 11 October 2017

It begins for James Bond (George Lazenby) on a deserted beach where a young woman (Diana Rigg) tries to drown herself . Bond is sent by MI6 to foil arch-villain Spectra enemy . James Bond goes on his assignment to track down Ernst Stavro Blofeld (Telly Savalas) who has peculiar ways of dealing with people who cross him . Blofeld is head of S.P.E.C.T.R.E and is trying the world control by expanding a plague through gorgeous women infected with a deadly virus . As Blofeld is planning a germ warfare assault on the entire world , James Bond needs to find a way to reach him and fast . He intends to marry the daughter of the biggest crime syndicate (Gabriele Ferzetti) in the west in order to get information on Blofeld's whereabouts , and the trail eventually leads to a remote alpine institute in Switzerland . However, Blofeld is not as easy to kill and at the end takes place a lethal confrontation across the snowy landscapes .

The most emotional adventure of Bond career , including the ordinary noisy action being staged with all the mechanical efficiency of the classic Bond pictures with a bit more bite . Here Bond takes on the extremely nasty Blofeld who develops a dangerous virus and threatens to unleash it upon the world unless he receives a fortune and a pardon for all his previous crimes . Many feel this one to be one of the best written of the 007 films ; in fact , the script was written by the prestigious writer Richard Maibaum , and might have been the most notorious had Sean Connery continued with the series . Director Peter Hunt -previously film editor- keeps the action moving and staging a thrilling snow pursuit with one nasty torn to pieces in a snow plough , villains falling from cliffs and impressive avalanches . After ¨Diamonds are forever¨ (1971) Connery told her he'd never play James Bond again , being replaced by Lazenby ; however , many years later , there Sean was, playing James Bond again , her response was for him to "never say never again" ; though , for a big salary he accepted ¨Never say never again¨ (1983) by Irwin Kershner . Australian George Lazenby who took a crack at playing the super-spy with mixed results . Lazenby steps athletically into Connery's oo7 character . But his posterior career was a flop, performing ¨B¨ or ¨C¨ movies as ¨Black Eliminator¨, ¨Kill factor¨ , ¨Hell Hunters¨ , ¨Spider's web¨, ¨4 dogs playing Poker¨ or ¨Twin sitters¨ . Here James Bond/Lazenby bedding and dealing with a variety of wonderful women , the bond girls are the followings : Catherine Schell , Julie Ege , Mona Chong , Joanna Lumley , among others . And , of course , including the regulars : Lois Maxwell as Moneypenny , Bernard Lee as 'M' , Desmond Llewelyn as Q and George Baker.

It includes the song ¨we have all the time in the world¨ sung by Louis Armstrong as well as the customary enjoyable score by John Barry . Colorful and evocative cinematography by Michael Reed , shot on numerous locations in Grindelwald , Kanton Bern, Switzerland , Sesimbra, Setúbal, Rossio,Estoril , Lisbon, Portugal Marlow , Buckinghamshire , Queen Victoria Street, Blackfriars, and Pinewood studios , London England, UK . The motion picture ¨On her majesty's secret service¨ financed since longtime producers : Albert ¨Cubby¨ Broccoli , Harry Saltzman , being well directed by Peter Hunt who edited earlier OOO7 movies , he directs moving and pacily . Hunt made a big number of acceptable thrillers as ¨Death hunt¨, ¨Wild geese¨, Assassination¨, and ¨Shut at the devil¨.

Notable crime thriller filled with plot twists , including an unexpected denouement in its final part, 10 October 2017

Andrés (Carlos Estrada) is a mediocre musician with a strong complex , that's why his father was a famous pianist . Married to the beautiful Laura (Susana Campos as Femme Fatale) , they have an unhappy marriage . One day , at his living building happens a crime and Andrés meets a corpse (Alfonso Rojas) located in the basement of his house and he tells Police the murder , but he becomes the main suspect . Meanwhile, Andrés feels himself persecuted and two Police Inspectors , Ruiz (Antonio Casas) and Vazquez (José Marco) start investigating , but things go awry and it turns until the unexpected final result . There are a lot of suspicious people , who's the killer ¿

"Double Edged Crime" contains locked-room mysteries , emotional thrills , suspense , twists and turns . It is a psychological drama starred by two fine Argentinean actors , with a criminal sub-plot but failed at box office , though , nowadays , is well considered . In fact , José Luis Borau didn't show interest in it . This is a highly mysterious and cerebral thriller in which a suspect , Carlos Estrada , doubts and leaves , but in the fear of possible reprisals he doesn't tell anything to the police . Being made in the wake of ¨Ojos Dejan Huella¨(1952) by José Luis Saenz De Heredia , ¨Los Peces Rojos¨ (55) by José Antonio Nieves Conde, ¨Muerte De Un Clicista¨(55) by Juán Antonio Bardem and ¨Los Culpables¨ (62) by José Maria Forn . The highlight of the movie results to be the adequate portrayal of a big capital , Madrid , describing as a sad and almost claustrophobic city , usually raining and while protagonists walking depressively through the streets . The picture is heavily influenced by the genius Alfred Hitchcock and especially ¨The wrong man (1956) whose starring is also a musician (Henry Fonda) who carries his sadness across the big town . Nice acting by Carlos Estrada as a pale musician , son of a famous pianist , discovers the corpse of a tuner killed in his shop and from that moment on he feels threatened , as well as Susana Campos as his gorgeous but unfaithful wife . Support cast is pretty well , full of known secondaries from the sixties and seventies as Emilio Rodríguez , Luis Marín , Erasmo Pascual , Alfonso Rojas , Antonio Casas , Bobby Deglane , Manuel De Blas and Juan Luis Galiardo film debut .

Striking cinematography in black and white by Cinematography by Enrique Torán helped by prestigious Luis Cuadrado . This motion picture was professionally directed by Jose Luis Borau ; however with no originality because he takes parts from ¨The wrong man¨ . He managed to make a fluid , agreeable and decent picture . Borau began as a Critic of cinema and to publish articles about cinema in newspapers . He enters the Spanish Official Cinema School where he later become a teacher and after that , he directed documentaries and films . He was President of the Spanish Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences ; in addition , member of the jury at the Berlin International Film Festival in 1991 . His first film was a passable Spaghetti/Paella Western : Brandy¨ with Alex Nicol . Borau was one of the best Spanish filmmakers who alternated flops as ¨Rio Abajo¨, ¨Leo¨ , ¨El Monosabio¨, ¨Tata Mia¨, along with successes such as ¨La Sabina¨ , ¨Mi Querida Señorita¨ , ¨Hay Que Matar a B¨, and his greatest picture , the hit ¨Furtivos¨ .

Decent western with romance , action and gun-play, 10 October 2017

It deals with the gun-down that cracked the West wide open , as Bat Masterson (Joel McCrea) doesn't look for problems , but he doesn't walk away from it . When an army sergeant in Hays City attempts to shot Bat and dies for this attack , Bat heads for Dodge City where Ed , his brother , is city marshal and a candidate for county sheriff running against the nasty Regan (Don Haggerty) . While Masterson buys a share in a local saloon called ¨Lady gay¨ , partnering with the widow Lily (Nancy Gates) . Then , after an ambush carried out by the corrupt Dave Rudabaugh (Richard Anderson) , Bat , helped by a fine Doctor (John McIntire) , finds himself a candidate for sheriff and the heir to Ed's intentions toward Pauline (Julie Adams) , a minister's daughter . As Bat Masterson is elected to the job and is determined to find the killer and to maintain law and order and make Dodge City safe.

Better than average Western with Joel McCrea as the famous gunman and gambler Bat Masterson . As it stars Joel MacCrea who performed lots of Westers as ¨Unión Pacific¨, ¨Buffalo Bill¨ , ¨the Virginian¨, ¨Ramrod¨, ¨South of St Louis¨ , ¨4 faces West¨ , ¨The Oklahoman¨ and his final classic ¨Ride the high county¨ along with Randolph Scott . It contains a good cast as John MacIntire as a good Doctor , Richard Anderson , Don Haggerty , Timothy Carey , James Westerfield as reverend and two gorgeous girls : Julia Adams and Nancy Gates who previously played opposite a different Bat , George Montgomery , in the Western ¨Masterson of Kansas¨ . The movie is inspired on true events . Thus , Bartholomew ¨Bat¨ Masterson (1853-1921) spent the last twenty years of his life as a popular sports writer on New York newspaper . Previously he had taken part in the battle of Adobe Walls in 1874 in which a small party of hunters beat off a fierce attack by hundreds of Indians , events narrated in the meeting between Bat and the old man at the beginning of the film . In 1878 the marshal of Dodge City was shot by two cowboys , Bat rushed to the scene and gunned down the killer . Bat was appointed as deputy U.S. marshal by the Mayor and shortly after captured noted outlaw . Along with Bat were hired to keep the peace as lawman Wyatt Earp and Bill Tilghman . In 1902 he settled in N.Y.City and became a successful sports writer on the Morning Telegraph and he died at his desk from a heart attack . Masterson said he has not killed as many men as was popularly supposed though he had experienced a great many difficulties . The picture is set in Dodge City , Kansas , the most celebrated of the cowboy cattle towns , became a major railhead cowtown for the cattle driven up from Texas over the long trails , during the cattle boom Dodge shipped more than head a year . The free-spending cowboys attracted professional gamblers , badmen , saloon and brothel keepers and became a rough town in the best traditions of the wild west . Dodge City reigned as ¨Queen of the Cowtowns¨ until final XIX century when the free range cattle industry came to an end .

The film is an enjoyable western and well written by Martin Goldsmith based on a story by Daniel Ullman . Agreeable and evocative musical score by Hans J. Salter . Colorful and glimmer cinematography by Carl E. Guthrie . Production is in charge of Walter Mirish , an usual western producer: the Magnificent Seven saga . The motion picture was rightly directed by Joseph M. Newman . Joseph made all kinds of genres : drama , thrillers as ¨King of the roaring¨, ¨The story of Arnold Rothstein¨, ¨Love nest¨, ¨Great Dan Patch¨ , ¨Jungle Patrol¨ and a classic Sci-Fi : ¨The Island Earth¨. The flick will appeal to western moviegoers.

Pasta/Paella Western co-produced by Italy/Spain with two usual Spaghetti stars : Angel Del Pozo and Miguel De La Riva, 9 October 2017

Middling Italian-Spanish Western with habitual actors , customary scenarios and realized in Chorizo/Spaghetti style . The film displays thrills , noisy action , violence , shootouts , final twist and being enough entertaining . The movie contains typical particularities Spaghetti , as it is full of fury , sadism : bloodbaths , and close-ups of grime-encrusted faces . This is an average Spaghetti Western with some moments genuinely entertaining if you can avoid thinking too much . The town of San Felipe is plagued by robberies . There arrives George Benson (Ángel Del Pozo as Anthony Clark) , a good-looking and elegant gentlemen to marry the niece (Luciana Gilli) of the powerful land baron of the turbulent city and a Pistolero called Ringo (Miguel de la Riva aka Michael Martin) . One of whom is a foppish , and the other one results to be a gunslinger who flees from justice . There are several assaults on stagecoaches , robbing gold railway , though the thieves find Malaga wine bottles . The major suspect turns out to be a local landowner , the businessman Henry O'Brien, (Peter White) . As Ringo works on his ranch , the other , Benson , becomes his daughter's fiancé.

This Western is a passable outing because it displays thrills , emotion , shoot'em up , saloon brawls , intrigue , riding pursuits and many other things . It's a medium budget Spaghetti film with acceptable actors , technicians , production values and pleasing results . Agreeable Spaghetti Western follows the American models as well as Sergio Leone style . The film blends frenetic action , crossfire , violence , blood , and it is fast moving and quite entertaining . The picture is a tale of justice in which two strangers , who are really two Federal Agents , are sent to investigate stagecoaches robbing , and delivering peace and order ; the basic plot is typical spaghetti western fare , but what makes this movie stand out is its style . There is plenty of action in the movie , guaranteeing some shots or stunts every few minutes . The starring called George Benson is decently played by Angel Del Pozo , here gives better acting than other films , his character is a coward , shy , foppish man who is humiliated at every turn , but subsequently he dons a dark outfit and wearing scarf , he becomes into the masked rider , Zorro-alike . Del Pozo played several Maccaroni/Tortilla Western as "Fort Yuma Gold" , ¨The hawk and the prey¨ , ¨Savage Pampa¨, "Face to Face" , "A Bullet for the President" and ¨El Condor¨. While his pal , Miguel De La Riva , also performed numerous Westerns playing usually secondary roles as "I'll Kill Him and Return Alone¨, "Four Dollars for Vengeance" , ¨Dynamite Jim¨, "One Dollar of Fire" , "Shoot to Kill" and ¨Oeste Nevada Joe¨ . Angel Del Pozo and Miguel De La Riva take law on his own arms , executing thespian skills , bounds and leaps and shooting and throughly enjoying themselves . Support cast is pretty well , including familiar faces from Spaghetti/Chorizo Western as Milo Quesada , Livio Lorenzon , Jose Riesgo , Germano Longo , among others . Atmospheric and evocative cinematography by Eloy Meya , shot on ordinary locations in Colmenar Viejo, La Pedriza , Manzanares El Real, Madrid and Elios studios , Lazio , Rome . Enjoyable musical score by Carlos Castellanos , adding Spaghetti sounds in Ennio Morricones style .

The motion picture was professionally directed by Alfonso Brescia , though contains some flaws and gaps . Al Bradley was a craftsman who directed all kind of genres . Alfonso Brescia or Al Bradley was born in Rome , 1930, and died in 2001 . He was a director and writer, known for directing Westerns as : Days of Violence , White Fang and the Hunter , Killer Caliber and The Colt Is My Law . Alfonso began directing muscle-men epics as The Conqueror of Atlantis , The magnificent gladiator , La Rivolta dei Pretoriani . He also directed Sci-Fi and Sword and witchery genre as Iron Warrior , Sette Uomini D'Oro Nello Spazio , The war of the robots ; Adventure as Zanna Bianca , Amazons against Supermen and Wartime films such as Objetivo Rommel , Misiones Ardientes and Hell in Normandy .

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Below average and ridiculously free rendition based on Edgar Edgar Rice Burroughs characters, 9 October 2017

This film is the Spanish version of the King of the Jungle and stars David Carpenter , Nadiuska , Paul Naschy ; it is an inferior Tarzan movie with emotion , adventures , tough battles between Tarzan and natives , underwater fights against Crocs , and marvelous but inappropriate outdoors . It deals with a nasty hunter , Stanley (Paul Naschy) who is attempting to transport weapons cargo throughout the African jungle , he is accompanied by the gorgeous Doris (Nadiuska) who is looking for his missing brother . Tarzan is threatened by the villain Stanley , but he doesn't take kindly the threat and executes against the evil-doer an extreme lesson . Meanwhile , a queen (Alibe Parsons) lives at a strange location , a valuable grotto , ¨The Golden cave¨ , Salomon's mines , a secret cave whose place is only known by this Queen of Leopard warriors . Later on , Tarzan saves Doris from Crocodriles and some cruel natives . At the ending Tazan finds the position of the ostentous cave and confronts the powerful queen .

In the film there are silly nasty enemies , extensive views of the Safari Parks and menageries with a lot of wildlife , and many other things . The movie is a bore and dubiously faithful to Edgar Rice Borroughs story , including some scenes at least bearable , yet laughable . It contains noisy action , sensational adventures , many angry natives , ominous white hunters , several fun underwater scenes as well as inappropriate outdoors . It is lousy picture , as the acting is campy and the dialog childish . I'd skip this mess and rent a vintage Tarzan film from the 1940s . Embarrassing as well as absurd and kiddie screenplay it's not enough to save this second rate or make it 3rd rate rip-off of the typical Tarzan adventure movies . There are some nice views of the local area , and attractive Nadiuska , but aside from that the film turns out to be a flop .

The film is lousily performed by David Carpenter . This apocryphal Tarzan dressed in leopard , including a ruddy , rocker lookalike style was born in Orotava , Tenerife , a good-looking boy to pursue an acting career , citing Johnny Weissmuller as a childhood influence , though his career had sparse glory . In Spain his character was referred to as "Tarzan" , but when they were released in English-language territories they directly avoided mentioning the Tarzan name to avoid copyright foes . David Carpenter died in Thailand (2000) , at 50 year old , under strange circumstances , putting an end to his failed acting career . This is a pretty bad Tarzan movie , though , subsequently , become a ¨Cult movie¨ for some Frikis aficionados to these kinds of weird products .

Other Spanish Tarzan movies and in similar style are the followings : ¨Tarzan in the the Golden grotto¨ and "Tarzan and the Brown Prince" directed by Manuel Caño , stars fan-favorite Steve Hawkes and two produced by Profilmes starred by Richard Yesteran : ¨Tarzan Y El Misterio De La Selva¨(1973) by Miguel Iglesias Bonn and ¨Tarzan Y El Tesoro De Kawana¨ by José Truchado . The motion picture was lousily directed by Jose Luis Merino , under pseudonym J.L. Merino Boves , though resulted to be average . He's a skill and successfully craftsman . Merino often uses same actors , such as Stelvio Rossi , Peter Lee Lawrence , George Hilton and Charles Quiney . He has written/directed numerous films of all kinds of genres such as Terror : Ivanna , The hanging woman ; Euro-spy : Colpo Sensazionale al Servicio Del Sifar ; Chorizo/Spaghetti Western : More Dollars for the MacGregors , Frontera Sur , Réquiem for the gringo , Gatling gun , Seven ride to death , ; Wartime : Last Panzer battle , Hell commandos , A Bullet for Rommel , When heroes die ; Musical : Europa Canta , Aquellos Tiempos Del Cuple , and his most successful films are the fresh and diverting adventures : Tarzan and King Salomon's mines , Robin Hood , Rebelion De Bucaneros , El Zorro knight of Justice , El Zorro De Monterrey , and Last adventure of Zorro

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