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HBO has set high expectations and....., 3 April 2017

Look at the cast and people involved. HBO has Game of thrones, The Wire, Sopranos, etc. They set an extremely high expectation and this delivers. The night of was the last short series I loved like this. Its a short Mystery, that has a twist or two built in. Dark, well written and well acted. Very very good

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Must see, extremely real and graphic though, 6 August 2016

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The most realistic portrayal of drug addiction to ever hit the screen. Hoping for a fairy tale ending, not at all for ANY of the addicts in this film. Not a movie for people in recovery to watch early on. I always bought this on DVD or had in in my favorites, etc. Jennifer Connely and Jared Leto look and act like complete junkies. Meanwhile his Mom is strung out on diet pills and downers. She also is addicted to him and her denial of this is very well written. He sells her TV daily for drugs to the point that it's chained to a radiator. Ellen's character is always reminding him..Its not for you its for the