Title: Camera obscura Trailer
Description: Ane, 13 years old, has lost her sight. While her parents are busy trying to operate on her time and again, she enters puberty and starts questioning: ‘What is it to be fit?’ ‘Will anyone fancy me?’
As they holiday in the family house in a coastal village, Antonio, her father’s cousin, bursts in like a gust of spring breeze. He is an enigmatic photographer who has been around half the world. For Ane, it is the summer of first love… and her first period.
With Antonio, she discovers photography. Camera in hand, like a detective and to the chagrin of her mother, she captures their daily life, until she comes upon what no one wants to see or acknowledge … Rather than see herself as a victim, Ane fights to forge her own path, as an adolescent and a blind.
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