Greatest MLB Managers

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1. Tony LaRussa

Actor | Arli$$

Tony LaRussa is one of the greatest managers in the history of baseball, and one of the more interesting people to grace the sport. As manager of the Chicago White Sox, Oakland Athletics and St. Louis Cardinals, LaRussa is the third-winningest baseball field boss of all time, surpassed only by ...

3 World Series wins; 6 World Series appearances

2. Sparky Anderson

Actor | Tiger Town

Manager of Major League Baseball's Cincinnati Reds from 1972 to 1978. Team was known as the Big Red Machine and included such superstar players as Pete Rose, Johnny Bench, Tony Perez, and Joe Morgan. Anderson guided the Reds to four World Series appearances in his tenure, winning the world ...

3 World Series wins

3. Casey Stengel

Self | World Series Games 1916, Boston vs. Brooklyn

Charles Dillon "Casey" Stengel (The Old Perfessor) was not only one of the most successful managers in baseball history, he was one of the sport's most colorful characters as well. He played 14 years in the major leagues, but it is his managerial career that put him in the Hall of Fame.

After ...

7 World Series wins

4. Joe Torre

Actor | Castle

Nine-time All-Star Joe Torre, the 1971 National League Most Valuable Player and two time American League Manager of the Year, was born Joe Paul Torre, Jr. on July 18, 1940 in Brooklyn, New York, the son of Joe Torre, Sr., who was a New York City police detective. In 1960, nine years after Joe's ...

4 World Series wins

5. Joe McCarthy

Self | Sport Thrills: Play Ball

Joe McCarthy was born on April 21, 1887 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA as Joseph Vincent McCarthy. He was married to Elizabeth (Babe) Lakeman. He died on January 13, 1978 in Buffalo, New York, USA.

7 World Series wins

6. Bobby Cox

Actor | 1996 World Series

Bobby Cox was born on May 21, 1941 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA as Robert Joseph Cox. He is an actor and manager, known for 1996 World Series (1996), Braves TBS Baseball (1973) and 1985 American League Championship Series (1985). He has been married to Pamela Boswell since 1976. They have one child.

1 World Series win

7. John J. McGraw

Actor | Detective Swift

John J. McGraw was born on April 7, 1873 in Truxton, New York, USA as John Joseph McGraw. He was an actor, known for Detective Swift (1914), Breaking Into the Big League (1913) and Fighting Mad (1919). He was married to Blanche Sindall and Minnie Doyle. He died on February 24, 1934 in New York City...

3 World Series wins

8. Tommy Lasorda

Actor | Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco

Tommy Lasorda was one of the best managers in baseball until his retirement in July 1996. He was involved with the Los Angeles Dodgers for over 50 years. He managed the team from 1976 to 1996. He retired due to a heart attack. He thought being a manager would be too stressful.

2 World Series wins

9. Lou Piniella

Actor | Little Big League

Lou Piniella was known as one of the most durable outfielders in the 1970s. His major league career lasted fro 1964-1984 primarily with Kansas City and later with the New York Yankees. After retirement, Lou moved into management. He managed the New York Yankees for 3 seasons, the Cincinnati Reds ...

1 World Series win

10. Earl Weaver

Self | Monday Night Baseball

Earl Weaver was born on August 14, 1930 in St. Louis, Missouri, USA as Earl Sidney Weaver. He was married to Marianna Osgood and Jane Johnston. He died on January 19, 2013 in the Gulf of Mexico.

1 World Series win

11. Connie Mack

Self | The Baseball Revue of 1917

Connie Mack was born on December 22, 1862 in East Brookfield, Massachusetts, USA as Cornelius Alexander McGillicuddy. He was married to Katherine Holahan and Margaret Hogan. He died on February 8, 1956 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

5 World Series wins

12. Whitey Herzog

Self | Monday Night Baseball

Whitey Herzog was born on November 9, 1931 in New Athens, Illinois, USA as Dorrel Norman Elvert Herzog. He has been married to Mary Lou Sinn since February 8, 1953. They have three children.

1 World Series win

13. Billy Martin

Self | Saturday Night Live

Billy Martin will always be remembered for his fiery personality, both on and off the field. Cleveland General Manager Frank Lane once said, "He's the kind of guy you'd like to kill if he's playing on the other team, but you'd like 10 of him on your side." Martin won the Most Valuable Player Award ...

1 World Series win

14. Dick Williams

Self | 1953 World Series

Dick Williams was widely regarded as one of the very best managers in baseball in the 1960s, '70s and '80s. He is the only manager to take three teams (the Red Sox, the Oakland A's and the San Diego Padres) to the World Series. In the 21 years of his active managerial service (1967-88), he managed ...

2 World Series wins

15. Billy Southworth

Self | 1948 World Series

Billy Southworth was born on March 9, 1893 in Harvard, Nebraska, USA as William Harold Southworth. He died on November 15, 1969 in Columbus, Ohio, USA.

1 World Series win

16. Dallas Green

Self | 1980 National League Championship Series

Dallas Green was born on August 4, 1934 in Newport, Delaware, USA as George Dallas Green. He was married to Sylvia Taylor. He died on March 22, 2017 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

1 World Series win

17. Wilbert Robinson

Self | World Series Games 1916, Boston vs. Brooklyn

Wilbert Robinson was born on June 29, 1863 in Bolton, Massachusetts, USA. He died on August 8, 1934 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

18. Bill McKechnie

Self | 1949 MLB All-Star Game

Bill McKechnie was born on August 7, 1886 in Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania, USA as William Boyd McKechnie. He was an actor, known for 1949 MLB All-Star Game (1949). He died on October 29, 1965 in Bradenton, Florida, USA.

2 World Series wins

19. Bucky Harris

Actor | The Babe Ruth Story

Was one of the all time greats. His career as a manager spanned some 29 years. He had managed such teams as the Washington Senators and The Red Sox and Phillies. He won 2157 games in those 29 years he managed. He even led THE YANKS to the championship in 1947.

2 World Series wins

20. Al Lopez

Self | 1954 World Series

Al Lopez was born on August 20, 1908 in Tampa, Florida, USA as Alfonso Ramon Lopez. He was an actor, known for 1954 World Series (1954), The Way It Was (1974) and 1952 MLB All-Star Game (1952). He was married to Connie Lopez. He died on October 30, 2005 in Tampa.

21. Leo Durocher

Actor | Matinee Theatre

Leo Durocher was born on July 27, 1905 in West Springfield, Massachusetts, USA as Leo Ernest Durocher. He was an actor, known for Matinee Theatre (1955), Main Street to Broadway (1953) and Campbell Summer Soundstage (1952). He was married to Lynne Walker Goldblatt, Laraine Day, Grace Dozier and ...

1 World Series win

22. Jim Leyland

Self | The Top 5 Reasons You Can't Blame...

Jim Leyland was born on December 15, 1944 in Toledo, Ohio, USA as James Richard Leyland. He has been married to Katie O'Connor since November 27, 1987. They have two children. He was previously married to Joanna Grow.

1 World Series win

23. Walter Alston

Actor | Carnival Circus

Walter Alston was born on December 1, 1911 in Venice, Ohio, USA as Walter Emmons Alston. He was an actor, known for Carnival Circus (1978), 1956 World Series (1956) and 1963 World Series (1963). He was married to Lela Vaughn Alexander. He died on October 1, 1984 in Oxford, Ohio.

4 World Series wins

1 World Series win

25. Gene Mauch

Actor | The Winning Team

Gene Mauch was born on November 18, 1925 in Salina, Kansas, USA as Gene William Mauch. He was an actor, known for The Winning Team (1952), Simon & Simon (1981) and 1982 American League Championship Series (1982). He died on August 8, 2005 in Rancho Mirage, California, USA.

26. Dusty Baker

Actor | Last Enchantment

Dusty Baker was born on June 15, 1949 in Riverside, California, USA as Johnnie B. Baker. He is an actor, known for Last Enchantment (1995), The Top 5 Reasons You Can't Blame... (1999) and Prime 9 (2009). He has been married to Melissa Esplana since November 27, 1994. They have one child. He was ...

27. Charlie Manuel

Self | 1969 American League Championship Series

Charlie Manuel was born on January 4, 1944 in Northfork, West Virginia, USA as Charles Fuqua Manuel.

1 World Series win

28. Bobby Valentine

Producer | Pelotero

Bobby Valentine was born on May 13, 1950 in Stamford, Connecticut, USA as Robert John Valentine. He is a producer and executive, known for Ballplayer: Pelotero (2011), Schooled: The Price of College Sports (2013) and Mooch (2018). He has been married to Mary Branca since January 8, 1977. They have ...

29. Jack McKeon

Self | The Top 5 Reasons You Can't Blame...

Jack McKeon was born on November 23, 1930 in South Amboy, New Jersey, USA as John Aloysius McKeon. He has been married to Carol Isley since October 29, 1954. They have four children.

1 World Series win

30. Frank Robinson

Actor | Tiger Claws

Frank Robinson was born on August 31, 1935 in Beaumont, Texas, USA. He was an actor, known for Tiger Claws (1991), The Cosby Show (1984) and Hangin' with Mr. Cooper (1992). He was married to Barbara Ann Cole. He died on February 7, 2019 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

31. Ralph Houk

Actor | Safe at Home!

Ralph Houk was born on August 9, 1919 in Lawrence, Kansas, USA as Ralph George Houk. He was an actor, known for Safe at Home! (1962), 1947 World Series (1947) and The Ed Sullivan Show (1948). He was married to Bette Porter. He died on July 21, 2010 in Winter Haven, Florida, USA.

2 World Series wins

32. Shayla Miller-Higgins

Actress | Destination

Shayla Miller-Higgins is an actress, known for Destination (2011).

"Miller Huggins"

3 World Series wins

33. Clark Griffith

Actor | The Stranger

Clark Griffith is known for his work on The Stranger (2013), The Lost Kennedy Home Movies (2011) and They Came to Play (2008).

34. Bruce Bochy

Self | 1980 National League Championship Series

Bruce Bochy was born on April 16, 1955 in Landes De Bussac, France as Bruce Douglas Bochy. He has been married to Kimberly Seib since January 28, 1978. They have two children.

1 World Series win

35. Jimmy Dykes

Actor | The Stratton Story

Jimmy Dykes was born on November 10, 1896 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA as James Joseph Dykes. He was an actor, known for The Stratton Story (1949). He died on June 15, 1976 in Philadelphia.

36. Chuck Tanner

Self | Monday Night Baseball

Chuck Tanner was born on July 4, 1928 in New Castle, Pennsylvania, USA as Charles William Tanner. He died on February 11, 2011 in New Castle.

1 World Series win

37. Ted Hanlan

Assistant_director | The Sentinel

Ted Hanlan is known for his work on The Sentinel (2006), Tommy Boy (1995) and Shoot 'Em Up (2007).

"Ned Hanlon"

38. Reg Capson

Transportation_department | Atonement

"Caps Anson"

39. Charlie Grimm

Self | 1954 MLB All-Star Game

Charlie Grimm was born on August 28, 1898 in St. Louis, Missouri, USA as Charles John Grimm. He was married to Marion Sayers. He died on November 15, 1983 in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA.

40. Frank Selke Jr.

Actor | Hockey Night in Canada

Frank Selke Jr. is an actor, known for Hockey Night in Canada (1952), 2007 NHL Awards (2007) and ESPN SportsCentury (1999).

"Frank Selee"

41. Bill Rigney

Actor | Main Street to Broadway

Bill Rigney was born on January 29, 1918 in Alameda, California, USA as William Joseph Rigney. He was an actor, known for Main Street to Broadway (1953), 1951 World Series (1951) and The Top 5 Reasons You Can't Blame... (1999). He died on February 20, 2001 in Walnut Creek, California.

42. Joe Cronin

Self | The Way It Was

Joe Cronin was born on October 12, 1906 in San Francisco, California, USA as Joseph Edward Cronin. He died on September 7, 1984 in Osterville, Massachusetts, USA.

44. Mike Hargrove

Self | Prime 9

Mike Hargrove was born on October 26, 1949 in Perryton, Texas, USA as Dudley Michael Hargrove.

45. Davey Johnson

Self | 1986 World Series

Davey Johnson was born on January 30, 1943 in Orlando, Florida, USA as David Allen Johnson. He is an actor, known for 1986 World Series (1986), Truth Be Told (2007) and Adventure Time (2010).

1 World Series win

46. Tom Kelly

Self | 1987 American League Championship Series

Tom Kelly was born on August 15, 1950 in Graceville, Minnesota, USA as Jay Thomas Kelly.

2 World Series wins

47. Mike Scioscia

Self | 1981 World Series

Mike Scioscia was born on November 27, 1958 in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, USA as Michael Lorri Scioscia. He is an actor, known for 1981 World Series (1981), 1981 National League Championship Series (1981) and 1988 National League Championship Series (1988). He has been married to Anne Mellqueham ...

1 World Series win

49. Charles Comiskey II

Self | The Story of America's Classic Ballparks

Charles Comiskey II was born on November 19, 1925 in Chicago, Illinois, USA as Charles Albert Comiskey II. He was married to Donna Jo Curran Comiskey. He died on August 26, 2007 in Hinsdale, Illinois.

50. Ron Gardenhire

Self | Kent Hrbek Outdoors

Ron Gardenhire was born on October 24, 1957 in Butzbach, Hesse, Germany as Ronald Clyde Gardenhire.

51. Joe Maddon

Self | Prime 9

Joe Maddon was born on February 8, 1954 in West Hazleton, Pennsylvania, USA as Joseph John Maddon. He has been married to Jaye Sousoures since November 8, 2008. He was previously married to Betty.

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