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Greek Actors / Actresses

1. Melina Mercouri

Actress | Pote tin Kyriaki

Melina Mercouri was born in Athens, Greece on October 18, 1920. An early woman activist, she was elected to the Greek Parliament in 1977. Later Miss Mercouri was to become the first woman to hold a Senior cabinet post "Minister of Culture" in the Greek government. In 1971 she wrote her ...

2. Angelos Antonopoulos

Actor | Madam Sousou

Angelos Antonopoulos was born in 1932, in Piraeus, Greece. He studied at Theatro Technis (Art Theater) under the direction of Carolos Koun and made his stage debut in a 1962 Athens production of Aristophanes' "Ornithes". He then collaborated with many prestigious groups (including the Greek ...

3. Aliki Vougiouklaki

Actress | Madalena

Aliki Vougiouklaki was born in 1934 (or 1933, according to some sources), in Maroussi Attikis, Greece. She studied at the Drama School of the Greek National Theater and made her stage debut in a 1953 Athens production of Molière's "Le malade imaginaire". Around the same time she made her movie ...

4. Alekos Alexandrakis

Actor | Thriamvos

Alekos Alexandrakis was born in 1928, in Athens, Greece. He studied at the Drama School of the Greek National Theater and made his stage debut in a 1949 Athens production of Daphne Du Maurier's "Autumn Tide". He soon became one of the best actors of his generation, appearing in Euripides' "...

5. Ellie Lambeti

Actress | To teleftaio psemma

She studied theatre at Marika Kotopouli's drama school. She worked with Karolos Koun Art Theatre. She played at "Blood Wedding" (Federico García Lorca) and "The glass Menagerie" (Tennessee Williams) in the late forties. She also worked with Mrs Katerina (famous Greek actress at that time) and with ...

Kalpiki lira 1955 (Aliki)

6. Katina Paxinou

Actress | For Whom the Bell Tolls

Katina Paxinou was born in 1900, in Piraeus, Greece. She first appeared on stage in 1928, in an Athens production of Henry Bataille's "La femme nue". In the early 1930's she was one of the founding members of the National Theatre of Greece (previously named Royal Theatre) and performed several ...

7. Mairi Hronopoulou

Actress | Ta paidia tis Helidonas

Mary Chronopoulou was born in 1933, in Athens, Greece. She studied at the Drama School of the Greek National Theater, where she made her stage debut in 1953 as a member of the Chorus in Euripides' "Hippolytus". She had a fruitful theatrical career, appearing in many plays, like Lillian Hellmann's "...

8. Betty Livanou

Actress | Taxidi tou melitos

Betty Livanou was born in 1951 in Athens, Greece. She is an actress and writer, known for Honeymoon (1979), A Time to Kill (1993) and Glykoxino krasi (1999). She is married to Giorgos Panousopoulos.

9. Rena Vlahopoulou

Actress | Protevousianikes peripeteies

Rena Vlahopoulou was born in 1923 in Corfu, Greece as Irini Vlahopoulou. She was an actress, known for The Girl from Corfu (1956), Viva Rena (1967) and Mia Ellinida Sto Haremi (1971). She was married to Giorgos Lafazanis, Giannis Kostopoulos and Kostas Vasileiou. She died on July 29, 2004 in Athens...

10. Jenny Karezi

Actress | Lysistrati

At the beginning of her career she played several roles at the Greek National Theatre with Katina Paxinou and Alexis Minotis. At the same time she appeared at several movies and she became a star, a protagonist at once. she creates her own personal groups and plays mostly comedy with (1960) great ...

11. Despo Diamantidou

Actress | Love and Death

Despo Diamantidou was born on July 13, 1916 in Piraeus, Greece as Despina Diamantidou. She was an actress, known for Love and Death (1975), Madalena (1960) and The Girl of the Neighbourhood (1954). She was married to Andreas Filippides. She died on February 18, 2004 in Athens, Greece.

12. Dimitris Papamichael

Actor | I arhontissa ki o alitis

Dimitris Papamichael was born in 1934, in Piraeus, Greece. He studied acting at the Drama School of the National Greek Theater, where he made his stage debut in 1955 in Euripides' "Hecuba" and interpreted several important roles during 1955-1960: Treplev in Anton Chekhov's "The Seagull", Jimmy ...

13. Nikos Kourkoulos

Actor | Adistaktoi

Nikos Kourkoulos was born in 1934, in Athens, Greece. He studied acting at the Drama School of the Greek National Theater and made his stage debut in a 1958 Athens production of Alexandre Dumas fils's "La dame aux camélias", opposite Ellie Lambeti and Dimitris Horn. He was one of the founders of ...

14. Faidon Georgitsis

Actor | O apostatis

Faidon Georgitsis studied at the drama schools of Karolos Koun, Christos Vlachiotis and Pelos Katselis. His first cinematographic appearance was at the 1960 Jules Dassin's film. He has worked with Karolos Koun in his the experimental Art Theater and at the "National Theatre of Northern Greece". ...

15. Emilios Chilakis

Actor | Apontes

Emilios Chilakis is an actor, known for Truants (1996), The Island (2010) and Captain Corelli's Mandolin (2001).

16. Alkis Kourkoulos

Actor | Ante Geia

Alkis Kourkoulos was born on January 15, 1967 in Athens, Greece as Alkinoos Kourkoulos. He is an actor, known for Take Care (1991), Logo timis (1996) and Anastasia (1993).

17. Kostas Kazakos

Actor | Sti zougla tis Athinas

Kostas Kazakos was born in 1935, in Pyrgos Ilias, Greece. He studied at the Drama School of "Theatro Technis" under the supervision of Carolos Koun. He made his stage debut in 1957 and then collaborated with many serious stage groups. He also played supporting roles in some films. But his real ...

18. Antonis Theodorakopoulos

Actor | Oresteia

Antonis Theodorakopoulos is an actor, known for Oresteia (1982), Magiki nyhta (1995) and Alcestes (1986).

19. Kostas Voutsas

Actor | O erotas tou Odyssea

Kostas Voutsas was born in Athens, in 1931. He studied at the Drama School of the Macedonian Conservatory of Thessaloniki and made his stage and screen debut in 1953. His breakthrough came in 1961, when Giannis Dalianidis gave him a key part in his phenomenally successful youth melodrama The Decline...

20. Giorgos Kimoulis

Actor | Knock Out

Actor, director, translator. He has born in Athens, Greece in 1956. He graduated from Drama School "Veakis" in 1977. In 1986 he established his own theatre company the "Contemporary Theatre of Athens". In 1996 he founded a Drama School which operates under the supervision of the Hellenic Ministry ...

21. Irini Pappas

Actress | MDA

Irini Pappas is known for her work on MDA (2002), Nirvana Street Murder (1990) and Eisai to tairi mou (2001).

22. Elena Nathanail

Actress | Randevou me mia agnosti

Elena Nathanael was born in Athens, the daughter of a well-off textile designer and manufacturer. Her impressive good looks got her noticed by producers and directors of the, then-blooming, Greek commercial cinema of the mid-sixties. After studying drama at the Pelos Katselis Drama School, Elena ...

23. Sperantza Vrana

Actress | Idoni kai pathos

Sperantza Vrana was born on February 6, 1926 in Messolongi, Greece as Elpis Homatianou. She was an actress, known for Lust and Passion (1960), The Counterfeit Coin (1955) and To syrtaki tis amartias (1968). She died on September 29, 2009 in Athens, Greece.

Kalpiki lira 1955 (Maria)

24. Myrto Parashi

Actress | Dyo fengaria ton Avgousto

Myrto Parashi is an actress and director, known for Dyo fengaria ton Avgousto (1978), The Sacred Rock (2004) and The Revolution of Silence (1997).

25. Anna Fonsou

Actress | Idiotiki mou zoi

Anna Fonsou was born on July 4, 1939 in Kaissariani, Athens, Greece as Anna Maria Fonsou. She is an actress, known for Her Private Life (1971), I komissa tis fabrikas (1969) and Afto to kati allo! (1963).

26. Dimitris Horn

Actor | Alloimono stous neous

Dimitris Horn was born in 1921, in Athens, Greece. His father was Pantelis Horn, a well-known Greek playwright. He studied at the Drama School of the National Theater of Greece, where he made his stage debut in 1941. He collaborated with the National Theater many times in his career, but also made ...

27. Manos Katrakis

Actor | Antigoni

Katrakis was born in Kissamos, Chania, Crete. He was the youngest of the five children of the merchant Charalambos Katrakis merchant and his wife Irini.

In 1919 the family moved to Athens, where Manos, who had almost no acting experience, first appeared in theatrical scene. He made his debut aged ...

28. Giannis Voglis

Actor | O 13os

Yannis Voglis was born in 1937, in Athens, Greece. He studied acting at the Drama School of Pelos Katselis and made his stage debut in a 1961 Athens revival of Brecht's "The Rise of Arthuro Oui" (directed by Carolos Koun). He had a solid theatrical career; his highlihts include Ibsen's "Peer Guyyd"...

29. Dinos Iliopoulos

Actor | O atsidas

Born in 1913 (or 1915, according to some sources), in Alexandria, Egypt, but raised in Marseille, France. His family moved in Athens in 1935. He studied acting at the Drama School of Giannoulis Sarantidis and made his stage debut in a 1944 Athens production of Leo Lenz's "Lady I Love You." In 1946,...

30. Mimis Fotopoulos

Actor | O grousouzis

Mimis Fotopoulos was born on April 20, 1913 in Zatouna Gortynias, Greece. He was an actor and writer, known for O Grousouzis (1952), The Taxi Driver (1953) and You've Got to Keep Cool (1951). He died on October 29, 1986 in Athens, Greece.

31. Kostas Hatzihristos

Actor | O Thymios sti hora tou strip-tease

Kostas Hatzihristos was born in 1921 in Salonica, Greece. He was an actor and director, known for O Thymios sti hora tou strip-tease (1963), Poios tha plirosi to marmaro (1956) and Tis kakomoiras (1963). He was married to Ketty Diridaoua and Eleni Pantazi. He died on October 3, 2001 in Athens, ...

32. Thanasis Vengos

Actor | Ti ekanes ston polemo Thanasi

Thanasis Vengos was born in 1927 in Neo Faliro, Piraeus, Greece. He made his movie debut in 1952 and played many supporting parts in films of the 1950s, often working as a technician, too. His first really major part was in the anti-war comedy Psila ta heria Hitler (1962); he followed that with a ...

33. Vasilis Logothetidis

Actor | Oi Germanoi xanarhontai...

Vasilis Logothetidis was born in 1898 in Myriofitto, East Thraca, Greece. He was an actor, known for Oi Germanoi xanarhontai... (1948), Enas Iros Me Padoufles (1958) and The Counterfeit Coin (1955). He died on February 22, 1960 in Athens, Greece.

34. Ilia Livykou

Actress | Sta synora tis prodosias

Ilia Livykou was born in 1919 in Heraklio Crete, Greece as Amalia Hatzaki. She was an actress, known for Sta synora tis prodosias (1968), Crazy Blood (1963) and Antigone (1961). She was married to Agisilaos Kozyris. She died on September 6, 2002.

35. Smaroula Giouli

Actress | Ela sto theio...

Smaroula Giouli was born in 1930 in Thessaloniki, Greece as Smaragda Giouli. She was an actress, known for Ela Sto Theio... (1950), The Last Mission (1949) and The Taxi Driver (1953). She was married to Evaggelos Livadas. She died on March 7, 2012 in Athens, Greece.

36. Konstantinos Tzoumas

Actor | Happy Day

Konstantinos Tzoumas is an actor and writer, known for Happy Day (1976), Pretty Smart (1987) and Rembetiko (1983).

37. Smaro Stefanidou

Actress | Madalena

Smaro Stefanidou was born on September 4, 1913 in Athens, Greece. She was an actress, known for Madalena (1960), The 4 Stairs (1951) and Mia 'vdomada ston paradeiso (1964). She was married to Vasos Seitanidis. She died on November 7, 2010 in Athens.

38. Renos Haralambidis

Actor | No Budget Story

Renos Haralambidis was born on October 14, 1970 in Athens, Greece as Irineos Haralambidis. He is an actor and writer, known for No Budget Story (1997), Four Black Suits (2010) and Cheap Smokes (2000).

39. Anna-Maria Papaharalambous

Actress | I efkoli... Lia

Anna-Maria Papaharalambous is an actress, known for Face Control (2005), Cheap Smokes (2000) and 10i entoli (2004).

40. Giannis Gionakis

Actor | I krevvatomourmoura

Giannis Gionakis was born in 1922 in Athens, Greece. He was an actor, known for I krevvatomourmoura (1971), Oti thelei o laos (1964) and Trelloi polyteleias (1963). He died on August 25, 2002 in Athens.

41. Stratos Tzortzoglou

Actor | O ergenis

Stratos Tzortzoglou (Georgeoglou)

Known for his breakthrough starring role as Orestes on the film "Landscape in the Mist "directed by Palm d'Or in Cannes festival Theodoros Angelopoulos (Landscape in the mist-Ulysses Gaze) who talked of Stratos as "someone who can absorb everything, turning this to ...

42. Titos Vandis

Actor | Prosohi, kindynos!

Titos Vandis was born on November 7, 1917 in Thessaloniki, Greece. He was an actor, known for Caution, Danger! (1983), Dawn on the Third Day (1962) and The Exorcist (1973). He was married to Betty Valassi, Nancy Hall, Eleanore Mahlein, Ketty Asprea, Maria Alkaiou and Aleka Paizi. He died on ...

43. Costas Kakavas

Actor | Dakrya kai diplopennies

Costas Kakavas was born in 1936 in Athens, Greece. He is an actor, known for Dakrya kai diplopennies (1969), Anastasa (1962) and The Shepherdess' Lover (1955).

44. Dimitris Konstadaras

Writer | O Labroukos ballader

Dimitris Konstadaras was born on October 9, 1946 in Athens, Greece. He is a composer and writer, known for O Labroukos ballader (1981), O faflatas (1971) and O anthropos pou gyrise apo ti zesti (1972).

45. Maro Kodou

Actress | I de gyni na fovitai ton andra

Maro Kodou was born on June 21, 1934 in Athens, Greece as Marianthi Kodou. She is an actress, known for And the Woman Shall Fear Her Husband (1965), What If... (2012) and Antigone (1961).

46. Antigoni Valakou

Actress | Golfo

Antigoni Valakou was born in 1930 in Kavala, Greece. She was an actress, known for Golfo-Girl of the Mountains (1955), The Road with the Acacias (1954) and Heaven Is Ours (1953). She died on November 11, 2013 in Greece.

47. Anna Synodinou

Actress | The 300 Spartans

Anna Synodinou was born on November 21, 1927 in Loutraki, Greece. She was an actress, known for The 300 Spartans (1962), Ilektra (1962) and Dollars and Dreams (1956). She was married to George Marinakis. She died on January 7, 2016 in Athens, Greece.

48. Alexis Minotis

Actor | Land of the Pharaohs

Alexis Minotis was born on August 8, 1898 in Canea, Greece as Alexis Minotakis. He was an actor and director, known for Land of the Pharaohs (1955), Notorious (1946) and The Chase (1946). He was married to Katina Paxinou. He died on November 11, 1990 in Athens, Greece.

Notorious 1946, see more

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