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my film list isn't in order because i add new films after watch. thanks for your comments

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1. The Blue Bead (1974)

79 min | Comedy, Crime, Drama

4 friends who are mistreated in a casino want to revenge by kidnapping the singer of the casino.

Director: Ertem Egilmez | Stars: Emel Sayin, Tarik Akan, Zeki Alasya, Metin Akpinar

Votes: 7,251

2. Oh Olsun (1973)

83 min | Comedy, Family, Romance

Fehmi sends his three delinquent sons to his factory to teach them a lesson and make a man out of them. Second son Ferit sees Alev a factory girl and tries to flirt with her every chance he gets.

Director: Ertem Egilmez | Stars: Tarik Akan, Hale Soygazi, Hulusi Kentmen, Metin Akpinar

Votes: 2,303

3. Güler misin aglar misin (1975)

93 min | Comedy

A clumsy receptionist falls for the daughter of a poor family whose house is set next to a high class hotel on the beach. He befriends with a co-worker of her father's from the hotel ... See full summary »

Director: Osman F. Seden | Stars: Zeki Alasya, Metin Akpinar, Kadir Savun, Ali Sen

Votes: 729

4. Delisin (1975)

75 min | Comedy, Romance

A shy introvert falls for the photographer who took her pictures during high school. Confused and worried, she doubts that love will elapse and can never open up to her lover. Yet she cannot runaway from love.

Director: Ergin Orbey | Stars: Necla Nazir, Tarik Akan, Adile Nasit, Hulusi Kentmen

Votes: 1,704

6. Devil, My Friend (1988)

90 min | Comedy, Fantasy, Musical

Struggling musician sells his soul to the devil for instrumental fame.

Director: Atif Yilmaz | Stars: Mazhar Alanson, Ali Poyrazoglu, Yaprak Özdemiroglu, Fuat Güner

Votes: 1,092

8. Yaz bekari (1974)

65 min | Comedy, Romance

The rich businessman Orhan has an unhappy marriage, he spends most of his time with his little son. After a big fight with his wife Sermin, he leaves home. One day at a bar he meets a ... See full summary »

Director: Osman F. Seden | Stars: Tarik Akan, Gülsen Bubikoglu, Deniz Erkanat, Tevhid Bilge

Votes: 213

9. Sevgili dayim (1977)

82 min | Comedy, Romance

Small time crook "Uncle" Tarik returns to his big sister home. His nephew rejoices but his brother-in-law does not.

Director: Zeki Ökten | Stars: Tarik Akan, Hale Soygazi, Süleyman Turan, Neriman Köksal

Votes: 528

10. Sarmasik gülleri (1968)

Drama, Romance

A novel writer moves in to a desolate mansion and finds the personal diary of an orphan girl next to the fireplace. Reading it, he is filled with such joy and compassion that he embarks on an unusual journey in hopes of finding her.

Director: Nejat Saydam | Stars: Kartal Tibet, Hülya Koçyigit, Osman Alyanak, Suzan Avci

Votes: 87

11. The Stupid Millionaire (1974)

84 min | Comedy

The funny treasure hunt of 4 rural brothers in Istanbul, after the recent death of their father who left them a treasure map as heritage.

Director: Ertem Egilmez | Stars: Kemal Sunal, Meral Zeren, Münir Özkul, Zeki Alasya

Votes: 5,790

12. Ah Nerede (1975)

90 min | Comedy, Romance

Three boys are having their higher education in Istanbul (!). In fact, they are messing around and dealing with radical politics, girls and gamble. However the oldest discovers love, and the three realize it is time for change

Director: Orhan Aksoy | Stars: Tarik Akan, Gülsen Bubikoglu, Nilgün Atilgan, Hulusi Kentmen

Votes: 3,416

13. The Gold Rush (1925)

Not Rated | 95 min | Adventure, Comedy, Drama

A prospector goes to the Klondike in search of gold and finds it and more.

Director: Charles Chaplin | Stars: Charles Chaplin, Mack Swain, Tom Murray, Henry Bergman

Votes: 91,436 | Gross: $5.45M

14. Modern Times (1936)

G | 87 min | Comedy, Drama, Family

96 Metascore

The Tramp struggles to live in modern industrial society with the help of a young homeless woman.

Director: Charles Chaplin | Stars: Charles Chaplin, Paulette Goddard, Henry Bergman, Tiny Sandford

Votes: 196,390 | Gross: $0.16M

15. Bizim kiz (1977)

82 min | Comedy, Romance

Hacer, Omer, Tayfur and Cevriye find a baby in a mosque's courtyard. They call her Zeynep and look after her. Years pass and she grows up. Zeynep meets Murat on her graduation day. Murat is... See full summary »

Director: Türker Inanoglu | Stars: Tarik Akan, Gülsen Bubikoglu, Ramazan Akboga, Zeki Alpan

Votes: 211

16. Feride (1971)

95 min | Drama, Romance

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Director: Metin Erksan | Stars: Emel Sayin, Engin Çaglar, Gökben, Semra Karaca

Votes: 150

17. Yalanci Yarim (1973)

97 min | Comedy, Romance

A young man, living with his big brothers money who is very rich, tries to deceive him about having a fiancé. For this, he deals with a poor girl with a poor family. But his brother will want to see even the wedding.

Director: Ertem Egilmez | Stars: Emel Sayin, Tarik Akan, Münir Özkul, Suzan Ustan

Votes: 1,868

19. Bos çerçeve (1969)

84 min | Drama, Romance

Beginning growing parting longing reuniting breaking and ending of the nostalgic forbidden love between a humble backwoodsman and a naive family girl is told through their secret letters and most private memories in narrative format.

Director: Ertem Egilmez | Stars: Hülya Koçyigit, Kartal Tibet, Serpil Gül, Süleyman Turan

Votes: 164

20. Çalikusu (1966)

160 min | Adventure, Drama, Romance

Centers on the life of a sergeant's daughter during post-war trauma of the Turkish government's establishment era. The girl who was once boisterous and discourteous finds herself caring and... See full summary »

Director: Osman F. Seden | Stars: Türkan Soray, Kartal Tibet, Kadir Savun, Zeynep Degirmencioglu

Votes: 226

21. From the Village to the City (1974)

77 min | Adventure, Comedy, Drama

The sequel of The Stupid Millionaire (1974), the fun continues this time in Ankara, after the 4 brothers find the heritage from their father which is a box-ful of gold.

Director: Ertem Egilmez | Stars: Kemal Sunal, Meral Zeren, Zeki Alasya, Metin Akpinar

Votes: 8,392

22. Yaban (1973)

80 min | Drama, Romance

A Rich girl kidnapped by a man who lived alone in wild.

Director: Osman F. Seden | Stars: Kadir Inanir, Gülsen Bubikoglu, Emel Özden, Muzaffer Tema

Votes: 323

23. The Girl with the Red Scarf (1977)

90 min | Drama, Romance

Story of a dilemma between a woman's love and her logic. Asya, a young girl with a strict mother, meets Ilyas who is a womanizer city man, and they quickly fall in love. They get over the ... See full summary »

Director: Atif Yilmaz | Stars: Türkan Soray, Kadir Inanir, Ahmet Mekin, Hülya Tuglu

Votes: 13,597

24. Sultan (1978)

88 min | Family, Comedy, Romance

Portrayal of a young depressed Turkish widow in the slums whose infinite dignity alone looks after her orphan kids is depicted by the son of the town sheriff, who is in love with her.

Director: Kartal Tibet | Stars: Türkan Soray, Bulut Aras, Adile Nasit, Sener Sen

Votes: 2,933

26. Analar ölmez (1976)

79 min | Drama

Sezer, the little boy is stunned by the fact that, his mother is alive and a villager. Being her mother is a villager is a fact his father is ashamed of and the reason for keeping as a ... See full summary »

Director: Ertem Göreç | Stars: Ehat Alinçe, Osman Alyanak, Cevdet Arikan, Sükriye Atav

Votes: 75

29. Bizim Aile (1975)

88 min | Comedy, Drama, Family

A love story between a poor man and a rich girl. The rich girl's father tries to prevent their marriage and he declares a war against the poor boy's family.

Director: Ergin Orbey | Stars: Tayfun Akalin, Tarik Akan, Tuncay Akça, Halit Akçatepe

Votes: 4,854

30. The Foster Brothers (1976)

80 min | Comedy, Family, Mystery

Saban, Ramazan and Bayram are sailors in an Ottoman Navy and Hüsamettin is their commander. Hüsamettin's aide Ramazan, Saban who is foster son of Hüsamettin's sister and Bayram who is ... See full summary »

Director: Ertem Egilmez | Stars: Kemal Sunal, Sener Sen, Halit Akçatepe, Hale Soygazi

Votes: 17,020

31. Uyanik Kardesler (1974)

77 min | Comedy, Drama

Two brothers look for ways to prove their outlandish hypothetical speculations right to their cheeseparing father, in order to receive a great deal of allowance from him.

Director: Hulki Saner | Stars: Leman Akçatepe, Nevzat Açikgöz, Selen Büke, Ali Demir

Votes: 683

32. Tosun Pasa (1976)

90 min | Comedy, History

Late 19th century in Alexandria. Two traditionally rival Turkish families, "Seferoglu"s and "Tellioglu"s are competing for the "Green Valley". The winner will be determined by Daver Bey, ... See full summary »

Director: Kartal Tibet | Stars: Kemal Sunal, Müjde Ar, Adile Nasit, Sener Sen

Votes: 19,525

33. King of the Doormen (1976)

84 min | Comedy, Drama

A janitor/doorman and his family who came to "big city" Istanbul, with the hope to live a better life. With the different characters living in the building, the story evolves around the ... See full summary »

Director: Zeki Ökten | Stars: Kemal Sunal, Sevda Ferdag, Sevil Üstekin, Bilge Zobu

Votes: 9,851

34. The Chaos Class (1975)

87 min | Comedy, Drama

Lazy, uneducated students share a very close bond. They live together in the dormitory, where they plan their latest pranks. When a new headmaster arrives, the students naturally try to overthrow him. A comic war of nitwits follows.

Director: Ertem Egilmez | Stars: Kemal Sunal, Münir Özkul, Halit Akçatepe, Tarik Akan

Votes: 34,359

35. Hababam Sinifi Dokuz Doguruyor (1978)

88 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

A son of a tribe chef comes to the class, and he declares himself as a landowner. At the same time, a girl who has a boyfriend in the class gets pregnant. This is the funny and dramatic story of a class.

Director: Kartal Tibet | Stars: Münir Özkul, Adile Nasit, Sener Sen, Perran Kutman

Votes: 6,812

36. The Chaos Class Failed the Class (1976)

91 min | Comedy

A young and beautiful female teacher starts working in an all boys high school.

Director: Ertem Egilmez | Stars: Kemal Sunal, Münir Özkul, Semra Özdamar, Adile Nasit

Votes: 19,951

37. The Chaos Class Is on Vacation (1977)

97 min | Adventure, Comedy, Drama

Hababam Sinifi (The Chaos Class) continue to their adventures. Now first female students of the school history joins to the class and all Hababam Sinifi fight each other for them at first ... See full summary »

Director: Ertem Egilmez | Stars: Sevda Aktolga, Ahmet Ariman, Aysen Gruda, Cem Gürdap

Votes: 15,024

38. Satin alinan koca (1971)

88 min | Romance

Young and handsome author tries to find money to cure little Ayse who stays in same hostel with author. Meanwhile spoiled and beautiful daughter of rich family offers to money to marry with her.

Director: Duygu Sagiroglu | Stars: Cüneyt Arkin, Fatma Girik, Sadettin Erbil, Hulusi Kentmen

Votes: 157

39. The Chaos Class Is Waking Up (1977)

94 min | Comedy

A kind and hardworking student joins to Hababam Sinifi (The Chaos Class) but they don't accept him as one of them and he becomes the target of all class' pranks.

Director: Ertem Egilmez | Stars: Tayfun Akalin, Tuncay Akça, Halit Akçatepe, Sitki Akçatepe

Votes: 16,615

40. The Baggy Trousers Case (1983)

90 min | Comedy

A group of women in a small village get organized against the macho men of the town.

Director: Kartal Tibet | Stars: Sener Sen, Müjde Ar, Pembe Mutlu, Gökhan Mete

Votes: 1,920

41. Soyguncular (1973)


Selma is a secretary. She makes marriage plans with his boss's son Erol. The gangster Savas wants to rob Erol's factory. Belma, who is a singer in his club, resembles very much Selma. ... See full summary »

Director: Türker Inanoglu | Stars: Filiz Akin, Ediz Hun, Ekrem Bora, Hulusi Kentmen

Votes: 81

42. Baldiz (1975)

82 min | Comedy, Romance

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Director: Temel Gürsu | Stars: Kadir Inanir, Müjde Ar, Ali Sen, Yonca Yücel

Votes: 215