Favorite Japanese Actresses

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What a shame there are no photos on IMDb for these talented people.

1. Fumi Nikaidô

Actress | Jigoku de naze warui

Fumi Nikaidô was born on September 21, 1994 in Naha, Okinawa, Japan. She is an actress, known for Why Don't You Play in Hell? (2013), Himizu (2011) and My Man (2014).

Recently overtook Noriko Eguchi for my top spot.

2. Makiko Watanabe

Actress | Chihi o tori ni

Makiko Watanabe was born on September 14, 1968 in Tokyo, Japan. She is an actress and writer, known for Capturing Dad (2012), M/Other (1999) and Isola: Tajuu jinkaku shôjo (2000).

Picks great roles and owns them

3. Noriko Eguchi

Actress | Fisshu sutôrî

Noriko Eguchi was born on April 28, 1980 in Hyogo, Japan as Tokuko Eguchi. She is an actress, known for Fish Story (2009), Erased (2017) and Memories of Matsuko (2006).

Would be number one on the list if IMDb had a picture. She's gutsy and powerful.

4. Sakura Andô

Actress | Manbiki kazoku

With parents in the show business perhaps it is not surprising that Ando Sakura would become an actress and, moreover, also end up marrying an actor. She was born to actor/director Okuda Eiji and celebrity Kazu Ando on 18.02.1986. Her great grandfather was prime minister Tsuyoshi. Her older sister ...


5. Go-eun Kim

Actress | Eungyo

Go-eun Kim was born on July 2, 1991 in Seoul, South Korea. She is an actress, known for A Muse (2012), Coin Locker Girl (2015) and Cheese in the Trap (2016).

Coin Locker Girl!

6. Takako Matsu

Actress | Kokuhaku

Born Fujima Takako in Tokyo in 1977, she found herself in a family of actors and actresses including her kabuki artist father, uncle and brother, a sister who would act in movies and would eventually marry a man from the entertainment industry. Her mother Norika is a businesswoman. Her niece is a ...

7. Kyôko Koizumi

Actress | Tokyo Sonata

One goes to Atsugi to see the American war machine at work or see where one of Japan's leading pop singers was born. Born in Kanagawa just south of Tokyo in 1966, Koizumi Kyoko participated in and won the Staa Tanjo! ('A Star Is Born') television talent program in 1981 and subsequently released her...

8. Kumiko Asô

Actress | Kairo

Born Hiramaru Kumiko in Chiba Prefecture's Sanbu-gun (now separated into Sanmushi and rural Sanbu-gun), which is next door to Narita, Japan on the 17th of June 1978, Kumiko Aso began her film career with 1995's Bad Guy Beach despite a lack of interest in acting at the time. It was 1998's Dr. Akagi,...

9. Hiromi Nagasaku

Actress | Funuke domo, kanashimi no ai wo misero

Hiromi Nagasaku was born on October 14, 1970 in Ibaraki, Japan. She is an actress, known for Funuke Show Some Love, You Losers! (2007), Rebirth (2011) and The Furthest End Awaits (2014). She has been married to Maro Naitô since April 27, 2009. They have one child.

10. Yûko Takeuchi

Actress | Saido kâ ni inu

Born in Saitama just north of Tokyo in 1980, Takeuchi Yuko began acting with a role in Fuji TV's Cyborg in 1996. She has been in TV serials and movies without pause ever since and came to most people's attention through NHK's series Asuka serial of 1999. She was recognized by the Japanese Academy ...

11. Tae Kimura

Actress | Gururi no koto

Kimura Tae was born in Tokyo. She was a member of the drama club at her junior high school, but enjoyed being a spectator more than being on stage. When in high school she saw actress Kirin Kiki on TV in Daidoroko No Sejyo and was inspired to become an actress. She has been active in the ...

12. Aoi Miyazaki

Actress | Ookami kodomo no Ame to Yuki

Miyazaki Aoi is a former child actor whose professional career started at age four in advertisements, commercials and as an extra. She was born in Tokyo in 1985. Her serial and feature film debuts came in 1999 when she was fourteen. In that year she starred in her film debut Ano Natsu No Hi and ...

13. Yû Aoi

Actress | Hura gâru

Aoi Yu, born Natsui Yu in Kasuga, Fukuoka, which is a de facto suburb of Fukuoka City, is a Japanese actress, voice actress, model and TV personality who has become a beloved tour de force in Japan and beyond. In 1999, at the age of 14, she made her stage debut as Polly in the musical production of...

14. Yoshino Kimura

Actress | Kokuhaku

Yoshino Kimura was born on April 10, 1976 in London, England. She is an actress, known for Confessions (2010), Blindness (2008) and Lost Paradise (1997). She has been married to Noriyuki Higashiyama since October 23, 2010.

15. Chizuru Ikewaki

Actress | Neko no ongaeshi

Chizuru Ikewaki was born on November 21, 1981 in Higashiosaka, Japan. She is an actress, known for The Cat Returns (2002), Osaka Story (1999) and Josee, the Tiger and the Fish (2003).

16. Hitomi Kuroki

Actress | Honogurai mizu no soko kara

Hitomi Kuroki was born on October 5, 1960 in Fukuoka, Japan as Akiko Egami. She is an actress and director, known for Dark Water (2002), Lost Paradise (1997) and Keshin (1986).

17. Hikari Mitsushima

Actress | Ai no mukidashi

The short-haired Mitsushima Hikari was born in Okinawa, which is Japan's southernmost prefecture and mostly occupied by the American military since World War II. Mitsushima's grandmother was French-American. Her siblings are a model, a basketball player and an actor. Hikari began her entertainment ...

18. Shinobu Terajima

Actress | Vibrator

Shinobu Terajima was born on December 28, 1972 in Tokyo, Japan. She is an actress, known for Vibrator (2003), Akame 48 Waterfalls (2003) and Caterpillar (2010). She has been married to Laurent Ghnassia since February 26, 2007. They have one child.

Probably Japan's most talented actress of her generation

19. Misa Shimizu

Actress | Okoge

Misa Shimizu was born on September 25, 1970 in Tokyo, Japan. She is an actress, known for Okoge (1992), Sumo Do, Sumo Don't (1992) and Future Memories: Last Christmas (1992). She has been married to Charles Bulkley since November 26, 1998. They have two children.

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