Box Office Hits of Dev Anand

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2. Vidya (1948)

Drama, Romance

Born in a low-caste family of chamars (cobblers), Chandu alias Chandrashekhar (Dev Anand) helps his father repair shoes and other footware for a small pittance. One day a girl from a rich ... See full summary »

Director: Girish Trivedi | Stars: Suraiya, Dev Anand, Madan Puri, Cuckoo

Votes: 29

5. Shair (1949)

Not Rated | 138 min | Romance

A Poet Who Has Spent In Life In The Village With His Childhood Sweetheart Goes To Bombay To Meet A Fan Of His Who Is Also A Popular Radio Singer. But Instead He Meets A Dancer Who Mistakes ... See full summary »

Director: Chawla | Stars: Suraiya, Dev Anand, Kamini Kaushal, Agha

Votes: 19

6. Namoona (1949)

Drama, Romance

An impoverished young man goes to work for a lawyer. He falls for a girl he meets in the lawyer's office. Later, he is devastated to learn that the girl's father has arranged for her to ... See full summary »

Director: Hira Singh | Stars: Kishore Sahu, Kamini Kaushal, Leela Chitnis, Dev Anand

Votes: 14

7. Jeet (1949)

Drama, Romance

India has finally won independence from British rule, and there are signs of progress among the population. One such sign of progress is in the village where two childhood sweethearts, ... See full summary »

Director: Mohan Sinha | Stars: Suraiya, Dev Anand, Kanhaiyalal Chaturvedi, Madan Puri

Votes: 28

8. Nirala (1950)

Drama, Romance, Thriller

A doctor unknowingly spurns a woman who loves him, compelling her to marry a wealthy king whose three wives allegedly killed themselves.

Director: Devendra Mukherjee | Stars: Madhubala, Dev Anand, Mazhar Khan, Mumtaz Ali

Votes: 26

11. Dilruba (1950)

Crime, Drama, Mystery

Efforts are underway by the owner of a dancer troupe to ensnare an Engineer in the theft of a necklace.

Director: Dwarka Khosla | Stars: Rehana, Dev Anand, Cuckoo, Lala Yaqoob

Votes: 27

13. Afsar (1950)

121 min | Comedy, Romance

Synopsis Has been Written by Mr Rais Asghar, My Uncle, on 20 August 2018 (Rashid Ashraf)


Though not a blast from the past, the golden era of Indian cinema, film "AFSAR" of 1950, ... See full synopsis »

Director: Chetan Anand | Stars: Dev Anand, Suraiya, Ruma Guha Thakurta, Kanhaiyalal Chaturvedi

Votes: 17

14. Sazaa (1951)

111 min | Drama, Family

While driving her car, Kamini (Shyama) runs over a young man (Dev Anand), who is seriously injured. She stops the car, and takes him to a hospital, where it takes several weeks for him to ... See full summary »

Director: Fali Mistry | Stars: Dev Anand, Nimmi, Shyama, K.N. Singh

Votes: 32

18. Baazi (1951)

143 min | Crime, Drama, Musical

An ace gambler is forced to join a gambling syndicate in order to pay for the treatment of his ill sister and is framed for murder when he expresses his desire to get out.

Director: Guru Dutt | Stars: Dev Anand, Geeta Bali, Kalpana Kartik, Roopa Verman

Votes: 284

19. Aaram (1951)


Attractive Leela has three suitors. The first one is Shyam, an artistic painter, who offers her his heart, and a room he shares with his friend, Chamanlal. While the trio are busy conning ... See full summary »

Director: D.D. Kashyap | Stars: Dev Anand, Madhubala, Talat Mahmood, Prem Nath

Votes: 35

21. Tamasha (1952)

Not Rated | 127 min | Drama

Dilip, spoilt and careless grandson of wealthy Rai Bahadur, is in love with film actress Nayantara and wants to marry her. However, Nayantara wants to marry him only for his wealth. Rai ... See full summary »

Director: Phani Majumdar | Stars: Dev Anand, S.N. Banerjee, Sunalini Devi, Bipin Gupta

Votes: 34

22. Jaal (1952)

165 min | Crime, Thriller

After losing his vision during a storm, Carlos lives with his sister, Maria, off of the Indian coast in a fishing village. One day a mysterious young woman, Lisa, enters their lives, ... See full summary »

Director: Guru Dutt | Stars: Dev Anand, Geeta Bali, K.N. Singh, Johnny Walker

Votes: 93

24. Rahi (1953)

139 min | Drama

After leaving British Army Ramesh joins a tea plantation as a supervisor, where he is required to harass Indians. Gradually his heart changes and falls in love with local girl and revolts against his British employer.

Director: Khwaja Ahmad Abbas | Stars: Dev Anand, Nalini Jaywant, Balraj Sahni, David Abraham

Votes: 28

25. Patita (1953)

143 min | Drama

Radha earns a living begging in order to support herself and her crippled and ailing father. They live in a small tenement, under the constant threat of eviction by their landlord for ... See full summary »

Director: Amiya Chakrabarty | Stars: Dev Anand, Usha Kiran, Agha, Shivraj

Votes: 58

27. Armaan (1953)

130 min | Drama, Family

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Director: Fali Mistry | Stars: Dev Anand, Madhubala, Shakila, K.N. Singh

Votes: 16

28. Taxi Driver (1954)

Not Rated | 133 min | Musical, Romance

Mangal drives a taxi by day, then drinks at night, listens to his singer girlfriend Sylvie and then goes into a drunken stupor - and wakes up with a hangover. One day, while assisting ... See full summary »

Director: Chetan Anand | Stars: Dev Anand, Kalpana Kartik, Sheila Ramani, Johnny Walker

Votes: 237

29. 'Ferry' (1954)

Drama, Family

Widower Vikas lives a fairly wealthy lifestyle along with son, Raju, on an island off of Bombay's Gateway of India. Raju has not been told of his mother's demise, and believes that she will... See full summary »

Director: Hemen Gupta | Stars: Dev Anand, Archana, Babu, Geeta Bali

Votes: 26

31. Munimji (1955)

Not Rated | 163 min | Comedy, Musical, Romance

Roopa lives a wealthy lifestyle with her widowed dad, Captain Suresh, and brother, Shekhar. After she returns from abroad, she is told that she must now prepare to get married to her ... See full summary »

Director: Subodh Mukherji | Stars: Dev Anand, Nalini Jaywant, Ameeta, Pran

Votes: 82

33. Insaniyat (1955)

Not Rated | 185 min | Action, Drama, Romance

A once loyal soldier faces many challenges after turning into a rebel.

Director: S.S. Vasan | Stars: Dilip Kumar, Dev Anand, Bina Rai, Vijayalaxmi

Votes: 68

34. House No. 44 (1955)

Crime, Drama

Ashok is a petty thief working under a notorious gangster named Sunder. When Ashok comes across a dead body of a watchman, he reports this matter to the police, much to the anger of some of... See full summary »

Director: M.K. Burman | Stars: Dev Anand, Kalpana Kartik, K.N. Singh, Bhagwan Sinha

Votes: 64

35. Pocket Maar (1956)

Action, Crime, Drama

Roshan lives a poor lifestyle in Bombay along with his widowed mother. His mother thinks that her son is gainfully employed but Roshan has made crime his career and picks pockets and ... See full summary »

Director: Harnam Singh Rawail | Stars: Dev Anand, Geeta Bali, Nadira, Madan Bhandari

Votes: 35

36. Funtoosh (1956)

Comedy, Drama

Ram goes crazy after death of his mother and sister, once released from mental hospital comes across Mr Kirorimal who insures him and wants him dead for the money. However Ram ends up marrying his daughter.

Director: Chetan Anand | Stars: Dev Anand, Sheila Ramani, K.N. Singh, Hammad

Votes: 67

37. C.I.D. (1956)

Not Rated | 146 min | Action, Crime, Musical

A newspaper editor, Shrivastav, is killed when he was about to expose the underworld links of a very rich and influential person. C.I.D. Inspector Shekhar is assigned to this case, an ... See full summary »

Director: Raj Khosla | Stars: Dev Anand, Shakila, Johnny Walker, K.N. Singh

Votes: 570

38. Paying Guest (1957)

Not Rated | 157 min | Comedy, Crime, Drama

An incompetent lawyer gets evicted, dons the guise of an old man to gain accommodation, falls for the owner's daughter, then faces numerous life-changing challenges.

Director: Subodh Mukherji | Stars: Dev Anand, Nutan, Gajanan Jagirdar, Sajjan

Votes: 198

39. Nau Do Gyarah (1957)

170 min | Comedy, Romance, Thriller

Runaway wealthy heiress, Raksha, joins a traveller, Madan, in a small truck, heading toward the home of his uncle, Manoharlal. When they reach their destination, they are informed that ... See full summary »

Director: Vijay Anand | Stars: Dev Anand, Kalpana Kartik, Shashikala, Jeevan

Votes: 128

40. Dushman (1957)

Not Rated | 138 min | Drama

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Director: Raj Rishi | Stars: Dev Anand, Usha Kiran, Prabhu Dayal, Radhakrishan

Votes: 13

41. Baarish (1957)

Not Rated | 133 min | Crime, Drama, Romance

City bred Ramu is involved in petty crime. When his close friend Gopal dada asks him to go to the village and look after his mother, and sister, Chanda, Ramu does so. After coming to know ... See full summary »

Director: Shankar Mukherjee | Stars: Dev Anand, Nutan, Anwar Hussain, Nana Palsikar

Votes: 28

42. Solva Saal (1958)

Not Rated | 135 min | Comedy, Romance, Thriller

A woman elopes with her boyfriend but finds that he has ditched her and made off with her family heirloom. Now she, alongwith a helpful news reporter, have to retrieve the necklace and get ... See full summary »

Director: Raj Khosla | Stars: Dev Anand, Waheeda Rehman, Jagdev, Kammo

Votes: 123

43. Kala Pani (1958)

164 min | Crime, Musical, Romance

Based on A.J.Cronin's 'Beyond This Place', this movie narrates the story of an untiring crusade for justice. A young man, learning about his father's wrongful implication in a ... See full summary »

Director: Raj Khosla | Stars: Dev Anand, Madhubala, Nalini Jaywant, Agha

Votes: 240

44. Amar Deep (1958)

Not Rated | 148 min | Musical, Romance

Aruna lives a wealthy lifestyle with her paternal grandfather. She has come of marriageable age and he wants her to get married to a young man named Pran. But Aruna finds him possessive, ... See full summary »

Director: T. Prakash Rao | Stars: Dev Anand, Vyjayanthimala, Padmini, Pran

Votes: 33

45. Love Marriage (1959)

157 min | Romance

Sunil Kumar rents a room in the city where he is to play cricket for the home team. He meets with the landlord's daughter, who instantly dislikes him. But after watching him play cricket, ... See full summary »

Director: Subodh Mukherji | Stars: Dev Anand, Mala Sinha, Abhi Bhattacharya, Pranoti Ghosh

Votes: 47