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A fairly popular post-production service, mostly on Disney and som Nickelodeon and Warner Bros. projects. Not my first choice in sound post-production (would it be a problem for them to record crowd walla or real wolf howls?), but they do make some interesting tweaks of classic cartoon sounds. Respectively, they did sound of "The Powerpuff Girls Meat Fuzzy Lumpkins" & "Star vs. The Forces of Evil".

1. Robert Poole II

Sound_department | Roughnecks: The Starship Troopers Chronicles

A graduate of the University of Colorado with a BS in Music, Bob's focus, accuracy and execution has been triggering positive results since '96. Initially starting out as a dialog editor, and quickly transitioning into sound design, Bob has the ability to give clients exactly what they want. Having...

Sound Designer, Supervising Sound Editor

2. Heather Olsen

Sound_department | Gravity Falls

Sound Designer, Supervising Sound Editor

3. Rich Danhakl

Sound_department | Elena of Avalor

Sound Designer, Sound Effects Editor

4. Robert Duran

Sound_department | Roughnecks: The Starship Troopers Chronicles

After graduating from the University of Wyoming and looking for something different, Robert decided to pursue another passion and moved to Los Angeles to attend Musicians Institute (PIT). While there he discovered drum machines, synths,samplers and was excited about this new digital method so he ...

Sound Designer, Sound Effects Editor. Also worked at DigiPost.TV on Teen Titans as sound effects designer and at Atlas Oceanic, Inc. on LEGO DC as a foley artist.

5. J. Lampinen

Sound_department | Gravity Falls

J. Lampinen is known for his work on Gravity Falls (2012), Monsters vs. Aliens (2013) and Phineas and Ferb (2007).

Foley Artist, Digital Audio Transfer, Voice Actor

6. Roy Braverman

Sound_department | The Batman

Roy Braverman is a multi-award-winning Sound Supervisor, Sound Editor and Composer. Roy Braverman's life revolves around the world of music and sound. He has attained creative and technical excellence in a number of diverse disciplines. Besides having expertise in the latest sound technologies, Roy...

Foley Mixer/Editor, Sound Designer, Sound Editor; Former Hacienda Post creative, founder of Bravermania

7. Aran Tanchum

Sound_department | The Penguins of Madagascar

Aran Tanchum was born on February 5, 1981 in Johannesburg, South Africa. He is known for his work on The Penguins of Madagascar (2008), Push (2009) and SpongeBob SquarePants (1999).

Freelance Foley Mixer

Digital Audio Transfer, Mix/Stage Recordist, Cheif Digital Transfer Technician; former Hacienda Post sound editor

Digital Audio Transfer, Mix/Stage Recordist, Chief Digital Transfer Technician

10. Bill Koepnick

Sound_department | Aladdin

Sound Editor, Re-Recording Mixer, Sound Coordinator

11. Jim Hodson

Sound_department | Aladdin

Jim developed a partnership with Bill Koepnick in 1980, and over the years the two established a strong client base leading to the creation of their own studio. Starting off as an idea, by 1990 the two had transformed Advantage into a viable enterprise. A 6 time Emmy Award winning Re-recording ...

Founder, CEO, Sound Editor, Re-Recording Mixer

Re-Recording Mixer

Foley Mixer, Re-Recording Mixer

14. Melissa Ellis

Sound_department | Kim Possible

Always having the ability to track and attain goals, Melissa came to Advantage in '92 with a Los Angeles Recording Workshop under her belt, and experience in engineering at Hanna-Barbera Studios. Initially starting off as a dialog editor, Melissa's high level of diplomacy, confident personality, ...

Re-Recording Mixer, Dialogue Editor

15. Fil Brown

Sound_department | Kim Possible

Fil's mixing talents emanated from his strong will to orchestrate and capture a good recording during his career as a musician and music producer. A highly skilled composer, guitarist and bassist, Fil has achieved praise and acknowledgement in the form of ASCAP Songwriting and Publishing awards. ...

Re-Recording Mixer

Chief Technical Engineer, ADR Specialist, Re-Recording Mixer

17. Robbi Smith

Sound_department | Gravity Falls

Having an appreciation for the post-production process, Robbi has built a substantial career around editing dialog. Highly responsive to client needs, Robbi works hard to enhance clarity in all projects. Consistently positive, humble and considerate, she has the ability to work well with a variety ...

Dialogue Editor

18. David Bonilla

Sound_department | Gravity Falls

David Alexander Bonilla is a Foley Mixer/Editor/Artist for Animated Television Programs. A Los Angeles native, he started his industry career at age 13 acting in commercials, music videos and movies. He is also a Saxophonist (Alto, Tenor and Baritone). He has had managerial and photography roles ...

Foley Mixer/Artist/Editor

19. Phyllis Ginter

Sound_department | Mighty Ducks

Foley Artist

20. Paca Thomas

Sound_department | Men in Black: The Series

Paca Thomas has been spending the better part of his adult life making his ADD profitable. Educated at Temple University and Webster College Conservatory For The Performing Arts in Theater and Music, he has collectively and separately pursued acting, singing, songwriting, music composition, music ...

Sound Designer, Sound Effects Editor; founder of Pacaworks Presentation Arts

Sound Designer (I don't think he works at Advantage though, rather Glenwood Editorial/Glenwood Place Studios) - Fish Hooks

22. Jesse Aruda

Sound_department | Avengers Assemble

Sound Designer, Re-Recording Mixer

23. Marilyn Graf

Sound_department | The Abyss

Foley Mixer

24. Michael Beiriger

Sound_department | Transformers Prime

HIS admiration for music and insight gained from dynamic recording, allowed him to flourish in a career recording acts like Cheap Trick, Scorpions, Heart and Queen. This previous work experience granted him Gold and Platinum albums, and the segue into sound mixing for picture. Today, his roster ...

Re-Recording Mixer

Foley Recordist

Dialogue Editor

Supervising Music Editor, Dialogue Editor

28. Mary Erstad

Sound_department | Lost Highway

Foley Mixer

29. Jake Allston

Sound_department | Death Stranding

Sound Designer, Supervising Sound Editor (2007-2012?)

Foley Artist on early episodes of The Fairly OddParents

31. Ray Leonard

Sound_department | Back to the Future

Transplanted to Los Angeles from Texas in 1980, Ray began mixing and producing records in some of the top studios in the area. After being showered with gold and platinum records for his work with the Pointer Sisters, Tom Petty, Stevie Nicks, Dio, Ratt, and Pat Benatar, Ray smoothly transitioned ...

Re-Recording Mixer

32. Tim Gilmer

Sound_department | 37

Sound Supervisor, Sound Editor

33. Tammy Crosby

Sound_department | Phantasm: Ravager

Studio Manager

34. Chris Coyne

Sound_department | Elena of Avalor

Chris Coyne is known for his work on Elena of Avalor (2016), The Adventures of Puss in Boots (2015) and Trolls: The Beat Goes On! (2018).

Foley Editor, Foley Recordist, Foley Mixer, Sound Editor (2017-)

Re-Recording Mixer, Additional Re-Recording Mixer (2017-)

Sound Designer, Sound Effects Editor, Foley Artist (1994-2003)

37. Stephanie Bell

Sound_department | Nostalgica

Sound Effects Editor, Sound Designer (2011-2014?)

38. Scott A. Jennings

Sound_department | The Help

Scott A. Jennings is known for his work on The Help (2011), Apocalypto (2006) and The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (2004).

Freelance / Sound Effects Editor on "Timon and Pumbaa" and "Robocop" TV Series (1999)

39. Jack Carter

Sound_department | Wildling

A Jazz pianist, composer, publishing artist and cartoon enthusiast, with high level experience and applied skill as a; Animation Sound Recordist, Mixer and Composer, (Triple A) Gaming Recordist and Sound Designer. Jack resides in Toronto, Canada having spent his earlier career in NYC. Jack is an ...

Freelance / Sound Editor on DreamWorks' "Where's Waldo?" (2019-)

40. Neil Brody

Sound_department | Back to School

Re-Recording Mixer for some "My Little Pony" projects (2003-2004)

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