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1. Twenty Years Later (1984)

119 min | Documentary

Eduardo Coutinho was filming a movie with the same name in the Northeast of Brazil, in 1964, when there came the military coup. He had to interrupt the project, and came back to it in 1981,... See full summary »

Director: Eduardo Coutinho | Stars: Eduardo Coutinho, Tite de Lemos, Ferreira Gullar

Votes: 935

2. Playing (2007)

100 min | Documentary, Drama

Following a newspaper ad, ordinary women tell part of their life stories to director Eduardo Coutinho, which are then re-enacted by actresses, blurring the barriers between truth, fiction and interpretation.

Director: Eduardo Coutinho | Stars: Marília Pêra, Andrea Beltrão, Fernanda Torres, Aleta Gomes Vieira

Votes: 934

3. Santiago (2007)

80 min | Documentary

Documentary about Santiago, a peculiar man who used to work for the director and his parents as a butler. The material was filmed in 1992 but, for some strange reason, the director felt he ... See full summary »

Director: João Moreira Salles

Votes: 611

4. Edifício Master (2002)

110 min | Documentary

The daily lives and routine of 37 families living in a huge 12-story building in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro: their drama, aspirations, intimate revelations, loneliness, dreams...

Director: Eduardo Coutinho | Star: Fernando José

Votes: 1,123

5. Serras da desordem (2006)

135 min | Documentary

The documentary, using re-enactments, traces the steps of an indigenous man from a small Amazon tribe, who may be the sole survivor of a 1970s era massacre.

Director: Andrea Tonacci

Votes: 132

6. Isle of Flowers (1989)

13 min | Documentary, Short

The ironic, heartbreaking and acid "saga" of a spoiled tomato: from the plantation of a "Nisei" (Brazilian with Japanese origins); to a supermarket; to a consumer's kitchen to become sauce ... See full summary »

Director: Jorge Furtado | Stars: Paulo José, Ciça Reckziegel, Douglas Trainini, Júlia Barth

Votes: 5,251

7. News from a Personal War (1999)

57 min | Documentary

Documentary about urban violence in Brazil, especially in Rio de Janeiro. Policemen, drug dealers, and shantytown dwellers get trapped into a daily war that knows no winners.

Directors: Kátia Lund, João Moreira Salles | Stars: Nilton Cerqueira, Carlos Luis Gregório, Paulo Lins, Hélio Luz

Votes: 683

8. Bus 174 (2002)

R | 122 min | Documentary, Crime

83 Metascore

On June 12, 2000, a young man with a gun took the passengers aboard Bus 174 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil hostage. This documentary examines the event itself, the resulting media frenzy, the police response, and the perpetrator's background.

Directors: José Padilha, Felipe Lacerda | Stars: Sandro do Nascimento, Rodrigo Pimentel, Luiz Eduardo Soares, Anonymous

Votes: 7,664 | Gross: $0.22M

9. Di Cavalcanti (1977)

18 min | Short, Documentary

Glauber Rocha films the funeral of his friend Di Cavalcanti, one of the most important Brazilian painters and artists of all time. The director/writer pays his tribute to Di by narrating an... See full summary »

Director: Glauber Rocha | Stars: Joel Barcellos, Marina Montini, Antonio Pitanga, Glauber Rocha

Votes: 243

10. Aruanda (1960)

20 min | Documentary, Short

The real story of Quilombo Olho d'Água da Serra do Talhado, in the State of Paraíba, Brazil, which became institutionally isolated from the rest of the country. Quilombos were runaway slave... See full summary »

Director: Linduarte Noronha

Votes: 90

11. Prisoner of the Iron Bars (2003)

123 min | Documentary

Documentary about Carandiru Penitentiary, with scenes filmed by the prisoners themselves.

Director: Paulo Sacramento

Votes: 254

12. O País de São Saruê (1971)

80 min | Documentary

Documentary about a region in Northeast Brazil, situated in an area subject to severe drought, and the evolution of its economic activities.

Director: Vladimir Carvalho | Stars: Paulo Pontes, Echio Reis

Votes: 59

13. Viramundo (2013)

Not Rated | 95 min | Documentary

After decades of sold out shows and international recognition, musician Gilberto Gil embarks on a new kind of world tour through the southern hemisphere. From Bahia, he travels to the land ... See full summary »

Director: Pierre-Yves Borgeaud | Stars: Peter Garrett, Gilberto Gil, Paul Hanmer, Vusi Mahlasela

Votes: 38

14. ABC da Greve (1990)

75 min | Documentary

A detailed look at the events that led to the continuous strikes that shut down many factories during the still repressive days of the military regime. The workers union, led by syndicalist... See full summary »

Director: Leon Hirszman | Stars: Lélia Abramo, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, Vinicius de Moraes, Ferreira Gullar

Votes: 121

15. Jango (1984)

115 min | Documentary, Biography, History

The story of João "Jango" Goulart, the Brazilian left-wing president deposed by the military.

Director: Silvio Tendler | Stars: Leonel Brizola, João Goulart, Juscelino Kubitschek, Carlos Lacerda

Votes: 139

16. Garrincha: Hero of the Jungle (1963)

60 min | Documentary, Sport

Documentary about the most famous dribbler in Brazilian Soccer (some say in Soccer's history!) at the zenith of his career, showing classic scenes of 1958 and 1962 World Cup. Garrincha was ... See full summary »

Director: Joaquim Pedro de Andrade | Stars: Heron Domingues, Garrincha

Votes: 189

18. Estamira (2004)

121 min | Documentary

Documentary about Estamira, a 63-year-old woman who's been working for over 20 years at a landfill in Rio de Janeiro. Schizophrenic, but very charismatic, she's the leader of a small ... See full summary »

Director: Marcos Prado | Star: Estamira

Votes: 618

20. Window of the Soul (2001)

73 min | Documentary

Nineteen people with differing degrees of visual impairment - from mild nearsightedness to total blindness - discuss how they see themselves, how they see others and how they perceive the ... See full summary »

Directors: João Jardim, Walter Carvalho | Stars: Evgen Bavcar, Raimunda da Conceição Filha, Felipe, Gabriel

Votes: 582

21. Conterrâneos Velhos de Guerra (1991)

153 min | Documentary

Documentary about the people who came from all over Brazil to work in the construction of the city of Brasília, their stories, and the abuse and humiliation they suffered in the process.

Director: Vladimir Carvalho | Stars: Othon Bastos, Emmanuel Cavalcanti, B. de Paiva, Pompeu de Souza

Votes: 28

22. A Public Opinion (1967)

65 min | Documentary

Documentary about middle-class people in Rio de Janeiro, in the sixties, when Brazil was going through a hard period in its history, with the military coup and the following dictatorship. ... See full summary »

Director: Arnaldo Jabor | Stars: Fernando Garcia, Jerry Adriani, Valéria Amar, Clóvis Bornay

Votes: 85

23. Martírio (2016)

162 min | Documentary

A analysis about the violence and the struggle suffered by the Guarani Kaiowá group, one of the biggest Indian populations of Brazil.

Directors: Vincent Carelli, Tatiana Almeida, Ernesto de Carvalho | Stars: Celso Aoki, Myriam Medina Aoki, Oriel Benites, Vincent Carelli

Votes: 157

24. Cidadão Boilesen (2009)

92 min | Documentary

A documentary about the controversial businessman Henning Boilesen Jr. and his involvement with the military regime as one of its most enthusiastic supporters, financing it and ... See full summary »

Director: Chaim Litewski | Stars: Hennig Boilesen Jr., Fernando Henrique Cardoso, Jarbas Passarinho, Dom Paulo Evaristo Arns

Votes: 117

25. Entreatos (2004)

117 min | Documentary

Director João Moreira Salles and a small crew followed Presidential candidate Luís Inácio Lula da Silva's campaign in meetings, rallies, planes, TV debates, with his family, political ... See full summary »

Director: João Moreira Salles | Stars: Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, José Dirceu, Luís Gushiken, José Aparecido

Votes: 290

26. Maioria Absoluta (1964)

20 min | Documentary, Short

Statistics, interviews and historical information on illiteracy and inequality in land distribution in Brazil's countryside.

Director: Leon Hirszman

Votes: 51

27. Nós Que Aqui Estamos por Vós Esperamos (1999)

73 min | Documentary

A fascinating and poetical collage of countless images from the 20th century with the purpose of revealing matters of life and death during the era and its many social, cultural and ... See full summary »

Director: Marcelo Masagão

Votes: 655

28. São Paulo, a Metropolitan Symphony (1929)

90 min | Documentary

Documentary about the city of São Paulo, Brazil, having as model and inspiration the previous Berlin: Die Sinfonie der Großstadt (1927).

Directors: Adalberto Kemeny, Rudolf Rex Lustig

Votes: 60

29. Uma Noite em 67 (2010)

85 min | Documentary, Music

A documentary which shows the greatness in the Festival de Música Popular Brasileira of 1967.

Directors: Ricardo Calil, Renato Terra | Stars: Chico Buarque, Gilberto Gil, Caetano Veloso, Edu Lobo

Votes: 323

31. Elena (II) (2012)

80 min | Documentary, Biography, Drama

81 Metascore

Elena, a young Brazilian woman, travels to New York with the same dream as her mother, to become a movie actress. She leaves behind her childhood spent in hiding during the years of the ... See full summary »

Director: Petra Costa | Stars: Li An, Elena Andrade, Petra Costa

Votes: 1,529

32. Justice (2004)

Not Rated | 100 min | Documentary

64 Metascore

The daily routine at a Brazilian court, including the people who work there: lawyers, judges and accused.

Director: Maria Ramos | Stars: Fátima Maria Clemente, Carlos Eduardo, Maria Ignez Kato, Elma Lusitano

Votes: 162

33. Peões (2004)

85 min | Documentary

The Story of the workers who had participated of the striker movement in the Brazil with President Lula when he was a syndical leader

Director: Eduardo Coutinho | Stars: Maria Socorro Morais Alves, José Alves Bezerra, Zacarias Feitosa de Morais

Votes: 179

34. Cinema Novo (2016)

Not Rated | 90 min | Documentary

Cinema Novo is a movie-essay that investigates poetically the most important movement of Latin America cinema, through the thoughts of its main auteurs: Nelson Pereira dos Santos, Glauber ... See full summary »

Director: Eryk Rocha | Stars: Nelson Pereira dos Santos, Carlos Diegues, Joaquim Pedro de Andrade, Glauber Rocha

Votes: 287

35. The Music According to Antonio Carlos Jobim (2012)

84 min | Documentary, Biography, Music

In an original and linear way, it shows the life and work of the famous author, I share with Vinícius de Moraes, "Girl from Ipanema" one of the 5 most re-recorded and played songs in the world, worshiped by Sinatra and many others .

Directors: Dora Jobim, Nelson Pereira dos Santos | Stars: Antonio Carlos Jobim, Elis Regina, Oscar Peterson, Ella Fitzgerald

Votes: 187

36. Memória do Cangaço (1965)

25 min | Documentary, Short

Documentary about the origins of "cangaço", a peculiar form of banditry originally from the Northeast of Brazil.

Director: Paulo Gil Soares | Stars: Benevides, Sérgia Ribeiro da Silva, Gregório, Antonio Isidoro

Votes: 29

37. Arraial do Cabo (1960)

17 min | Documentary, Short

In the brazilian city of Arraial do Cabo, in the state of Rio de Janeiro, fishermen struggle to sustain their community. A big industry installs in town, changing the way and the culture of this small village.

Directors: Mário Carneiro, Paulo César Saraceni

Votes: 30

38. O Poeta do Castelo (1959)

9 min | Documentary, Short

The camera follows an ordinary morning of famous Brazilian poet Manuel Bandeira in his small apartment, making breakfast, typewriting in bed, walking through the streets of Castelo, in downtown Rio de Janeiro.

Director: Joaquim Pedro de Andrade | Star: Manuel Bandeira

Votes: 153

39. How Nice to See You Alive (1989)

100 min | Drama, History

Half-documental independent film about torture against women in Brazilian military dictatorship. Ravache is both a nameless narrator and main character.

Director: Lúcia Murat | Star: Irene Ravache

Votes: 132

40. A Paixão de JL (2015)

82 min | Documentary

In January 1990, artist José Leonilson starts registering an intimate journal.However, J.L. suffers the unexpected blow of the discovery that he himself is HIV positive.

Director: Carlos Nader | Stars: Leonilson, Danny Bonaduce, Daniela Camargo, David Cassidy

Votes: 59

41. Terra Deu, Terra Come (2010)

89 min | Documentary

Pedro de Almeida, garimpeiro de 81 anos de idade, comanda como mestre de cerimônias o velório, o cortejo fúnebre e o enterro de João Batista, que morreu com 120 anos. O ritual sucede-se no ... See full synopsis »

Director: Rodrigo Siqueira

Votes: 56

42. Carro de Bois (1974)

10 min | Documentary, Short

Ox cart is still part of the landscapes of Brazil' outback, a mixture of utility and poetry.

Director: Humberto Mauro | Star: Hugo Carvana

Votes: 9

43. Socorro Nobre (1996)

23 min | Short, Documentary

When the inmate Maria do Socorro Nobre reads an article about the Polish artist Franz Krajcberg in Veja magazine, she decides to write a letter to him. Socorro was sentenced to more than ... See full summary »

Director: Walter Salles | Stars: Frans Krajcberg, Socorro Nobre

Votes: 55

44. Did I Kill Them? (1982)

34 min | Short, Documentary

Add a Plot

Director: Sergio Bianchi | Stars: Carlos Kraide, Lota Moncada

Votes: 39

45. Waste Land (2010)

Not Rated | 99 min | Documentary

78 Metascore

On the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro is Jardim Gramacho, the world's largest landfill, where men and women sift through garbage for a living. Artist Vik Muniz produces portraits of the workers and learns about their lives.

Directors: Lucy Walker, Karen Harley, João Jardim | Star: Vik Muniz

Votes: 8,125 | Gross: $0.19M

46. A Cidade é Uma Só? (2011)

79 min | Documentary

This is a fiction/documentary which presents some contradictions of Brasilia, the federal capital of Brazil, and how the poor people who built the city were pushed out from the city center in the 70s.

Director: Adirley Queirós | Stars: Wellington Abreu, Nancy Araújo, Marquim do Tropa, Dilmar Durães

Votes: 75