Z-Grade Action Flix

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Shithouse Action of 80's and 90's

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1. Sloane (1985)

94 min | Action, Comedy, Mystery

The story opens with Richard Thursby's murder and the abduction of his wife, Janice. Former cop and martial arts expert, Philip Sloane, is retained by family and flies to Manila in search ... See full summary »

Directors: Dan Rosenthal, Richard Belding | Stars: Robert Resnick, Debra Blee, Raul Aragon, Vic Ordonez

Votes: 85

2. The Final Sanction (1990)

R | 85 min | Action, Sci-Fi

After war breaks out between the U.S. and Russia, the two countries decide to settle the conflict by putting its two best warriors into an arena in a fight to the death.

Director: David A. Prior | Stars: Ted Prior, Robert Z'Dar, Renée Cline, William Smith

Votes: 106

3. Rage to Kill (1988)

R | 93 min | Action, Thriller

Race-car driver Blaine Striker grows concerned about his younger brother, a student at a medical school on the Caribbean island of St. Heron. General Turner has led a violent coup on this ... See full summary »

Director: David Winters | Stars: James Ryan, Oliver Reed, Cameron Mitchell, Henry Cele

Votes: 346

4. Shocking Dark (1989)

90 min | Action, Adventure, Horror

In a polluted future Venice researchers work to improve the situation. One day, unknown forces start killing them. A team of soldiers and a couple of civilians is sent to investigate. Soon, they encounter strange murderous creatures.

Director: Bruno Mattei | Stars: Christopher Ahrens, Haven Tyler, Geretta Geretta, Fausto Lombardi

Votes: 990

5. Cocaine Wars (1985)

R | 82 min | Action, Drama

Miami DEA agent Cliff Adams is in South America working undercover for Gonzalo Reyes, the biggest cocaine exporter in South America. Cliff's fiancée, Janet Meade, is a reporter doing a ... See full summary »

Director: Héctor Olivera | Stars: John Schneider, Kathryn Witt, Royal Dano, Federico Luppi

Votes: 162

6. Miami Connection (1987)

R | 83 min | Action, Crime, Thriller

56 Metascore

A martial arts rock band goes up against a band of motorcycle ninjas who have tightened their grip on Florida's narcotics trade.

Directors: Woo-sang Park, Y.K. Kim | Stars: Y.K. Kim, Vincent Hirsch, Joseph Diamand, Maurice Smith

Votes: 4,097

7. Raw Force (1982)

R | 86 min | Adventure, Horror, Action

A group of martial arts students are en route to an island that supposedly is home to the ghosts of martial artists who have lost their honor. A Hitler lookalike and his gang are running a ... See full summary »

Director: Edward D. Murphy | Stars: Cameron Mitchell, Geoffrey Binney, Hope Holiday, Jillian Kesner

Votes: 1,278

8. Robowar - Robot da guerra (1988)

92 min | Action, Adventure, Comedy

A clone/mix of PREDATOR, RAMBO, and ROBOCOP gone nuts jungle flick with an international cast, exotic locale and good electronic music.

Director: Bruno Mattei | Stars: Reb Brown, Catherine Hickland, Massimo Vanni, Romano Puppo

Votes: 594

9. The Annihilators (1985)

R | 84 min | Action, Crime, Drama

Upon his return from Vietnam, an ex-soldier finds his neighborhood has deteriorated badly, and is being terrorized by a vicious street gang. He calls some of his GI buddies, and together they hatch a plan to get rid of the gang.

Director: Charles E. Sellier Jr. | Stars: Jim Antonio, Sid Conrad, Gerrit Graham, Lawrence-Hilton Jacobs

Votes: 361

10. Mayhem (1986)

89 min | Action, Crime, Thriller

The bloody saga of two strangers brought together by a common need - to find the women they've lost. Rachel ran away, Misty was kidnapped; but nothing will stop Dino and Ziggy in their ... See full summary »

Director: Joseph Merhi | Stars: Raymond Martino, Pamela Dixon, Robert Gallo, Wendy MacDonald

Votes: 55

11. Thunder (1983)

R | 86 min | Action, Crime, Drama

A native America named Thunder returns home only to find that his ancestral burial ground is being destroyed by construction workers. He tries to put a stop to it, but the law is not only ... See full summary »

Director: Fabrizio De Angelis | Stars: Bo Svenson, Mark Gregory, Raimund Harmstorf, Valeria Ross

Votes: 390

12. Dead End City (1988)

R | 85 min | Action, Thriller

The government's new urban renewal policy results in street gangs fighting for control of the inner cities. While most of the residents flee, one factory owner determines to fight the gangs for his property.

Director: Peter Yuval | Stars: Dennis Cole, Gregory Scott Cummins, Christine Lunde, Robert Z'Dar

Votes: 92

13. Death Code: Ninja (1987)

86 min | Action

International intrigue surrounds this battle for possession of a secret war map that could mean the end of the world.

Director: Godfrey Ho | Stars: Mike Abbott, Judy Barnes, Seng-Kwong Chang, Tao Chiang

Votes: 59

14. Death Flash (1986)

98 min | Action, Crime

A cop, accused of accidental murder, goes after drug dealers who are holding his sister and her friend.

Director: Tony Zarindast | Stars: A.J. Nay, Doreen Alderman, Monica Agren, Kenny Bates

Votes: 24

15. Double Target (1987)

102 min | Action, Adventure, War

After several American and British military personnel are killed in suicide attacks throughout southeast Asia, the U.S. begins to suspect a plot by the Vietnam government. To uncover the ... See full summary »

Director: Bruno Mattei | Stars: Miles O'Keeffe, Donald Pleasence, Bo Svenson, Kristine Erlandson

Votes: 182

16. Eye of the Tiger (1986)

R | 92 min | Action, Drama

Returning home from prison, a Vietnam War veteran sets out to clean up his hometown which has come under the control of a violent motorcycle gang.

Director: Richard C. Sarafian | Stars: Gary Busey, Yaphet Kotto, Seymour Cassel, Bert Remsen

Votes: 1,586

17. Silk 2 (1989)

85 min | Action, Thriller

SYNOPSIS - Silk, the smoothest, toughest, and sexiest cop in Honolulu is hot on the trail of ruthless art smugglers who are after a priceless Asian Scroll. Silk will stop at nothing to get ... See full summary »

Director: Cirio H. Santiago | Stars: Monique Gabrielle, Peter Nelson, Jan Merlin, Maria Claire

Votes: 91

18. Silk (1986)

R | 84 min | Action, Crime, Drama

Silk, the toughest cop in Honolulu, busts small time smugglers only to reveal a larger syndicate smuggling Asian mobsters into the States by buying the identities of Hawaiian citizens.

Director: Cirio H. Santiago | Stars: Cec Verrell, Bill McLaughlin, Joe Mari Avellana, Frederick Bailey

Votes: 203

19. Strike Commando (1987)

R | 104 min | Action, War, Adventure

While operating behind enemy lines, Sergeant Mike Ransom learns of a Russian presence in North Vietnam. Ordered to obtain proof of this discovery, Ransom returns to enemy territory but is ... See full summary »

Director: Bruno Mattei | Stars: Reb Brown, Christopher Connelly, Louise Kamsteeg, Luciano Pigozzi

Votes: 593

20. Future Force (1989)

R | 84 min | Action, Crime, Sci-Fi

In the future, a cop protects a reporter from crooked, renegade cops who think she knows too much about them.

Director: David A. Prior | Stars: David Carradine, Robert Tessier, Anna Rapagna, William Zipp

Votes: 628

21. Summertime Killer (1972)

PG | 110 min | Action, Crime, Drama

A six-year-old boy witnesses mobsters beat his father to death. Twenty years later, the now-grown boy begins to track down and eliminate the men who did it, determined to wipe out the ... See full summary »

Director: Antonio Isasi-Isasmendi | Stars: Karl Malden, Olivia Hussey, Christopher Mitchum, Raf Vallone

Votes: 285

22. Hell on the Battleground (1988)

R | 92 min | Action, War

Vietnam: The battle-tested Seargents Casey and Lance have to accompany a young Lieutenant and a group of newly arrived teenage soldiers on a practice trip in the jungle. But the trip turns ... See full summary »

Director: David A. Prior | Stars: William Smith, Fritz Matthews, Ted Prior, Chet Hood

Votes: 82

23. Deadly Prey (1987)

R | 88 min | Action, Thriller

A group of sadistic mercenaries kidnap people off the streets and set them loose on the grounds of their secret camp, so the "students" at the camp can learn how to track down and kill their prey.

Director: David A. Prior | Stars: Cameron Mitchell, Troy Donahue, Ted Prior, Fritz Matthews

Votes: 2,223

24. Samurai Cop (1991)

Unrated | 96 min | Action, Crime, Thriller

Joe Marshall and Frank Washington are two tenacious police detectives who seek at all costs to stop the Katana, a renegade Yakuza gang composed of violent and sadistic killers who want to lead the drug trade in Los Angeles.

Director: Amir Shervan | Stars: Robert Z'Dar, Mathew Karedas, Janis Farley, Mark Frazer

Votes: 5,676

25. Born Killer (1989)

R | 90 min | Action, Thriller

Two deranged and homicidal escaped convicts terrorize a group of survivalists engaged in a paint-ball war.

Director: Kimberley Casey | Stars: Ty Hardin, Ted Prior, Fritz Matthews, Durrell Nelson

Votes: 76

26. Jungle Assault (1989)

R | 85 min | Action

When general Mitchell's daughter joins South American rebels, he asks two of his ex-soldiers, Becker and Kelly, to get her back. They soon discovers that the rebels are in league with Russians.

Director: David A. Prior | Stars: William Smith, William Zipp, Ted Prior, Maria Rosado

Votes: 72

27. Night Wars (1988)

R | 88 min | Horror, Sci-Fi, War

Two Vietnam Veterans have realistic nightmares about the war. So real are these nightmares that they start getting injured in them, and bringing things back that they had in the dream. They... See full summary »

Director: David A. Prior | Stars: Dan Haggerty, Brian Edward O'Connor, Cameron Smith, Steve Horton

Votes: 134

28. Raw Justice (1994)

R | 92 min | Action, Thriller

Mayor Stiles' daughter Donna is killed the night after a lousy date with the shy Mitch. Of course this makes him the main suspect. When Mitch gets free on bail, Styles hires ex-cop Mace to ... See full summary »

Director: David A. Prior | Stars: David Keith, Robert Hays, Pamela Anderson, Leo Rossi

Votes: 1,058

29. White Fury (1989)

R | 84 min | Action, Drama

Two ruthless criminals take two teenage couples hostage at a remote mountain cabin in Colorado following a botched bank robbery.

Director: David A. Prior | Stars: Deke Anderson, Sean Holton, Douglas Harter, Christine Shinn

Votes: 44

30. Invasion Force (1990)

R | 83 min | Action

A film crew shooting a movie finds itself battling against terrorists trying to take over a city.

Director: David A. Prior | Stars: Renée Cline, Walter Cox, Douglas Harter, Richard Lynch

Votes: 68

31. Stone Cold (1991)

R | 92 min | Action, Crime, Drama

A tough Alabama cop is blackmailed by the FBI into going undercover in a violent Mississippi biker gang.

Director: Craig R. Baxley | Stars: Brian Bosworth, Lance Henriksen, William Forsythe, Arabella Holzbog

Votes: 6,367 | Gross: $9.29M

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