Another View on "Girl Power" (Foot for Thought)

by ElMaruecan82 | created - 10 months ago | updated - 1 month ago | Public

Ever since a certain discussion about foot massage occurred in a certain Quentin Tarantino movie (a quarter century ago), many foot fetishists stopped feeling either guilty or ashamed about it.

Indeed, while it's one of the most common forms of body fetishism, it still held many negative connotations and over the course of a century, a few movies have portrayed scenes of foot massage or kissing.

This poll is not intended to diminish or mock the "Girl Power" message, on the contrary, foot fetishism could be considered as one of the expressions of female empowerment in its "gender inversion" aspect as it makes the woman in control of the situation only in a more private area and in a (more or less) playful way, which didn't prevent some films (including many classics) to feature it rather explicitly.

Now we all know a poster of Thelma & Louise (1991) or Wonder Woman (2017) would be more appropriate, but if you wrote a book about "Girl Power in the Movies" : which of these movie images on the book's cover jacket would deliver the most shocking impact and spark the most interest in the book?

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