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1. 365 Days of Happiness (2011)

130 min | Comedy, Romance

Hady has it good. He's a handsome millionaire playboy, women fall at his feet, and he loves and leaves them quilt-free. In Hady's mind his life is perfect but then fate deals him a hand he isn't expecting... the woman of his dreams.

Director: Said El Marouk | Stars: Ahmed Ezz, Donia Samir Ghanem, Salah Abdullah, Lotfy Labib

Votes: 765

2. Unruly Friends (2012)

85 min | Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Mona is suffering from a family problems between her parents when she was young , as the past is haunting her , the future is hiding some unexpected events that make her life more gloomy .

Director: Sherif Mandour | Stars: Kinda Allouch, Ahmed El-Saadany, Dina Fuad, Ahmed Safwat

Votes: 73

3. El hasa el sabaa (2005)

110 min | Comedy, Fantasy

A young gym teacher tries to commit suicide after a series of failures through his life, only to meet a voodoo man who gives him the power to read minds.

Director: Ahmed Mekky | Stars: Ahmed Akl, Khaled El Ghandour, Ahmad El-Fishawi, Hala Fakher

Votes: 548

4. The Best of Times (2004)


A personal tragedy brings a woman closer to a handful of trusted friends in this independent drama. Salma (Hanan Turk) is a middle-aged woman who has achieved success in her profession but ... See full summary »

Director: Hala Khalil | Stars: Hanan Turk, Hind Sabri, Menna Shalabi, Amr Waked

Votes: 941

5. Factory Girl (2013)

90 min | Drama, Romance

Hayam is a factory worker who is living in a low middle class area, along with other factory girls. She thought that her feelings for the new supervisor in the factory can grow bigger in ... See full summary »

Director: Mohamed Khan | Stars: Yasmin Raeis, Hani Adel, Salwa Khattab, Salwa Mohamed Ali

Votes: 1,055

6. Excuse My French (2014)

Not Rated | 99 min | Comedy

A Christian kid suddenly is forced to go to a public school after his father dies and because of a misunderstanding everyone thinks that he's a Muslim.

Director: Amr Salama | Stars: Ahmed Dash, Ahmed Helmy, Kinda Allouch, Hani Adel

Votes: 3,613

7. Zay el naharda (2008)

95 min | Mystery

History literally repeats itself when May meets and falls in love with a passionate young actor, only months after the tragic death of her first fiancée. All the 'signs' suggest her new lover will meet the same fate.

Director: Amr Salama | Stars: Basma, Rania Chahine, Mahmoud El-Bezzawy, Ahmad El-Fishawi

Votes: 663

8. The Blue Elephant (2014)

170 min | Drama, Horror, Mystery

The story of Dr. Yehia, a psychotherapist at Al Abbasia hospital. He works in the department treating the criminally insane, only to find his best friend to be one of the patients. Trying ... See full summary »

Director: Marwan Hamed | Stars: Karim Abdel Aziz, Khaled El-Sawi, Nelly Karim, Mohamed Mamdouh

Votes: 23,497

9. The Cell (2017)

126 min | Action, Drama, Thriller

The events revolve around a special operations officer who deals with more than one terrorist operation and is hunting down terrorist cells. The film shows security forces' efforts to ... See full summary »

Director: Tarek Alarian | Stars: Ahmed Ezz, Samer al Masri, Mohamed Mamdouh, Mohammed Ragaaey

Votes: 1,020

11. Ali, the Goat and Ibrahim (2016)

98 min | Drama, Fantasy

Ali believes his late girlfriend's soul has been reincarnated in a goat. Ali, his goat and his friend Ibrahim embark on a journey of friendship and self-discovery across Egypt to reverse the curse.

Director: Sherif Elbendary | Stars: Ali Subhi, Ahmad Magdy, Salwa Mohamed Ali, Nahed El Sebaï

Votes: 505

12. The Walls of the Moon (2015)

101 min | Action, Drama, Mystery

A woman wakes up to find herself blind and her memory lost.

Directors: Tarek Alarian, Ossama Abu El Atta | Stars: Salwa Mohamed Ali, Hany El Sabagh, Mohamed Elareef, Hamdy Nada

Votes: 232

13. Tisbah ala Khair (2017)

93 min | Drama

The story of the film, in a different context of a successful and wealthy engineer named Hossam Khedive, but recently suffers from problems in his natural life resort to alternative life through a new device enters the world of dreams.

Director: Mohamed Samy | Stars: Tamer Hosny, Nour, Mai Omar, Dorra Zarrouk

Votes: 704

14. Sheikh Jackson (2017)

Not Rated | 93 min | Drama

63 Metascore

An Islamic cleric has a crisis of faith when he hears the news that his childhood idol, Michael Jackson, has died.

Director: Amr Salama | Stars: Ahmad El-Fishawi, Salma Abu-Deif, Omar Ayman Altounji, Basma

Votes: 1,943

15. Before the Summer Crowds (2015)

90 min | Drama

Set in a seaside resort, the film tracks a group of people who meet each other by the beginning of summer season.

Director: Mohamed Khan | Stars: Maged El Kedwany, Hana Shiha, Ahmed Dawood, Hany El Metennawy

Votes: 382

16. The Fourth Generation (2015)

110 min | Comedy

The Story is About Four High School Friends. They Run Into Lots of Problems and Adventures Throughout the Movie to Bring Back Something They Lost.

Director: Ahmed Nader Galal | Stars: Ahmed Malek, Layla Fawzy, Hassan Hosny, Edward

Votes: 186

17. El-Haram el-Rabe (2016)

92 min | Comedy, Drama, Thriller

A hospital refused to help a guy's mother because they needed a sum of money first, which lead to the death of his mother; the Egyptian hacker who then starts taking revenge becomes the sound of the people.

Directors: Peter Mimi, Muhammad Bedair | Stars: Ahmed Hatem, Tara Emad, Mohsen Mansour, Mirhan Hussein

Votes: 503

18. El-Qird Beyitkallem (2017)


Two magician siblings prepare an unexpected magic stunt in hopes of freeing their dad

Directors: Peter Mimi, Muhammad Bedair | Stars: Amr Waked, Ahmad El-Fishawi, Riham Haggag, Bayyumi Fuad

Votes: 484

19. El-Markeb (2012)

113 min | Adventure

A group of young people decided to go for sailing trip to spent their holidays, where they face different situations which reveal many secrets in their life.

Director: Othman Abo Labn | Stars: Sameh Abulghar, Ramez Amir, Yousra El Lozy, Ahmed Fouad Selim

Votes: 113

20. Microphone (II) (2010)

120 min | Comedy, Drama, Music

Khaled returns from USA to his mother's funeral at his hometown: Alexandria, Egypt. He decides to make it a fresh new start even if it meant mending his first love story yet it proved a ... See full summary »

Director: Ahmad Abdalla | Stars: Kal Naga, Yousra El Lozy, Hani Adel, Ahmad Magdy

Votes: 1,296

21. Induced Labor (2018)

90 min | Comedy, Drama

The film is a comedy about a couple seeking a visa to America. The husband discovers that his pregnant wife has taken pills to speed up the delivery process to give birth on American soil, and his son gets citizenship.

Director: Khaled Diab | Stars: Maged El Kedwany, Mostafa Khater, Sayed Ragab, Bayyumi Fuad

Votes: 692

22. Monopoly (The Bank of Luck) (2017)

122 min | Comedy

Fueled by anger after getting fired from his bank job, a lazy banker (Saleh) joins forces with his co-worker (Amr) and their weird friend (Ze'ro) by turning to robbery in order to fulfill ... See full summary »

Director: Ahmed El Gendy | Stars: Hossam Dagher, Laila Ezz El Arab, Ahmed Fathi, Bayyumi Fuad

Votes: 357

23. Savage Raghda (2018)

90 min | Family

The film takes place in the context of a comedy about the young Ismail , who works in a beauty center, and accidentally discover that one of the directors of the search for a new face, ... See full summary »

Director: Mahmoud Karim | Stars: Bayyumi Fuad, Ramez Galal, Riham Haggag

Votes: 198

24. Balash Tebosni (2018)

100 min | Comedy

A mockumentary about a young Egyptian director facing major challenges to shoot a kissing scene for his first film in an increasingly conservative society.

Director: Ahmed Amer | Stars: Salwa Mohamed Ali, Sawsan Badr, Mohamed Mahran, Yasmin Raeis

Votes: 196

25. Diamond Dust (2018)

162 min | Crime, Drama, Mystery

A man who works in a pharmacy as a part time job to aid his financial status finds out that his father has been exterminated by a savage brute and sought to avenge him, then unlocks a whole melancholic world of crime!

Director: Marwan Hamed | Stars: Asser Yassin, Menna Shalabi, Maged El Kedwany, Mohamed Mamdouh

Votes: 2,277

26. Lailat Hana wa Suroor (2018)

97 min | Action, Comedy

The film revolves around Serour , a businessman and his wife Hana, who are being chased by a gang after their marriage, and we discover during the film the reasons behind it.

Director: Husain El-Minbawi | Stars: Muhammad Emam, Yasmine Sabri, Bayyumi Fuad, Rehab El Gamal

Votes: 384

27. El Kwaissen (2018)


""MOFTAH "" and his sister ""GHAZAL"" are two spotters who discovers a special jewel called "" ELKORMOUT ELKORMOZY "" in the "" KWAYSEEN"" family house,so he decides to enter the family as ... See full summary »

Director: Ahmed El Guindi | Stars: Ahmed Fathy, Azmaa Abu El Yazid, Sherine Reda, Bayyumi Fuad

Votes: 278

28. Euc (2011)


A group of friends decide to create their own UNI

Director: Akram Farid | Stars: Amr Abed, Ahmed Fouad Selim, Ahmed Halawa, Moawad Ismael

Votes: 78

29. Al Hafla (2013)

100 min | Action, Drama, Mystery

A young man searching for his wife who disappeared mysteriously, and a detective who is trying to unravel the mystery surrounding this suburban neighbourhood...

Director: Ahmad Ala El-Dib | Stars: Ahmed Ezz, Muhammad Ragab, Joumana Mourad, Ruby

Votes: 406

30. World War III (2014)


Khamis is a terrible football player, while playing football with his friends he shoots the ball away and break an abandoned museum's window. After entering the museum he finds that statues... See full summary »

Director: Ahmed El Guindi | Stars: Ahmed Fahmy, Hesham Maged, Shikoo, Bayyumi Fuad

Votes: 1,003

31. Banat El am (2012)

90 min | Comedy, Fantasy

Generations of family lives turn into what they don't expect every time they try to sell their big house.

Director: Ahmad Samir Farag | Stars: Ahmed Fahmy, Hesham Maged, Shikoo, Amy Samir Ghanem

Votes: 361

32. Satisfied Like This (2007)

113 min | Comedy, Drama, Mystery

Triplets Prince - Bebo - Semsem (Ahmed Helmy) are taking advantage of similarities between them and outwitted the people, till meet a psychiatrist crook Suleiman al-Halabi.

Director: Ahmed Nader Galal | Stars: Ahmed Helmy, Menna Shalabi, Khaled El-Sawi, Lotfy Labib

Votes: 2,678

33. Sorry for the Disturbance (2008)

116 min | Comedy, Drama, Mystery

Hassan, a brilliant aviation engineer struggles with loneliness and depression while trying to design his exceptional project.

Director: Khalid Marie | Stars: Ahmed Helmy, Menna Shalabi, Mahmood Hemaidah, Dalal Abdulaziz

Votes: 3,751

34. Elbar El Tani (2016)

98 min | Drama

A group of young Egyptians are trying to escape from the harsh life through illegal immigration .

Director: Ali Idris | Stars: Khaled Abdelhamed, Muhammad Ali, Amr Amin, Bayyumi Fuad

Votes: 49

35. Family Secrets (2014)

111 min | Drama

Family secrets is the first Egyptian movie entirely talking about Homosexuality in Egypt. Marwan who is 18, the main Gay actor, passes through a journey that every Egyptian gay guy passes ... See full summary »

Director: Hani Fawzi | Stars: Ahmed Abdel Wahab, Salwa Mohamed Ali, Ahmed El Rafie, Hassan Kreidli

Votes: 54

36. Sleepless Nights (2003)

128 min | Drama, Romance

It tells about the smallest details and crypts in the lives of four couples friends.

Director: Hani Khalifa | Stars: Mona Zaki, Hanan Turk, Sherif Mounir, Fathi Abdulwahhab

Votes: 1,606

37. Gunshot (2018)

97 min | Crime, Mystery

Follows a mysterious murder that connects the destinies of the protagonists and changes their beliefs about the concept of truth.

Director: Karim El Shenawy | Stars: Safaa El Toukhy, Ahmad El-Fishawi, Ahmad Kamal, Samy Maghawry

Votes: 255

39. 122 (2019)

95 min | Horror, Thriller

On a bloody night in a place where we are supposed to feel safe, a young man and his beloved are struggling not to reach the hospital, but to run away from it. They are trying to survive the night.

Director: Yasir Al-Yasiri | Stars: Ahmed Dawood, Tarek Lotfy, Amina Khalil, Ahmad El-Fishawi

Votes: 1,684

40. Black Honey (2010)

130 min | Comedy, Drama

A 30 years old Egyptian goes back to Egypt after living in America for 20 years, where he has a hard time coping with the difference, Specially after he loses his identity and all his money and becomes stuck in Egypt.

Director: Khalid Marie | Stars: Ahmed Helmy, Edward, Amy Samir Ghanem, Lotfy Labib

Votes: 3,996

41. Private Alexandria (2005)

PG | 95 min | Crime, Drama, Mystery

Lawyer tries to unveil the mysterious murder and linked emotionally with his Client, and soon the case to reveal more and more surprises.

Director: Sandra Nashaat | Stars: Ahmed Ezz, Ghadah Adel, Khaled Saleh, Nour

Votes: 1,155

42. La Tarago Wa La Esteslam (2010)

95 min | Action, Comedy

A boy living in a poor neighborhood is working as a police agent.

Director: Ahmed Al Guindi | Stars: Ahmed Mekky, Donia Samir Ghanem, Maged El Kedwany, Mohamed Shahin

Votes: 1,298

43. 1000 Congratulations (2009)

115 min | Comedy, Drama, Fantasy

A guy lives the same day over and over and deals with the same events each time which changes the way he looks to his life.

Director: Ahmed Nader Galal | Stars: Ahmed Helmy, Laila Ezz El Arab, Mahmoud El Feshawy, Mohamed Farraag

Votes: 3,030

44. EXT. Night (2018)

Not Rated | 95 min | Adventure, Biography, Drama

Three people had to live together for one night.

Director: Ahmad Abdalla | Stars: Karim Kassem, Mona Hala, Sherief El Desouky, Ahmad Magdy

Votes: 263

45. Kasablanka (2019)

105 min | Action, Thriller

In the context of the excitement and suspense, the film revolves around three friends (Omar al-Murr, Orabi and Rashid) who form a gang to rob the ships. They are charged with a dangerous ... See full summary »

Director: Peter Mimi | Stars: Amir Karara, Amr Abdulgalil, Eyad Nassar, Halit Ergenç

Votes: 205

46. El Badla (2018)

100 min | Action, Comedy

Two friends both struggling with their careers dress up as police officers for a costume party. They soon realize that civilians and even cops think they are the real deal. Seeing this as ... See full summary »

Director: Mohammad Adel | Stars: Akram Hosny, Tamer Hosny, Amina Khalil

Votes: 795

47. El Diesel (2018)

90 min | Action

Badr the Diesel is a doppelganger who lives in a poor neighborhood. He meets Donia El Sayad, a famous movie star, whose assistant, Afaf, is Badr's Sister. When Afaf gets killed, he decides ... See full summary »

Director: Karim El Sobky | Stars: Fathi Abdulwahhab, Sahar El Sayegh, Mostafa Gaafar, Tamer Hagras

Votes: 221

48. Shad Ajza'a (2015)

99 min | Action, Drama

Police officer Omar al-Attar which is exposed to the position turns over his career and personal upside down, when the killing of his wife verse at the hands of a gang, seeks to avenge her,... See full summary »

Director: Husain El-Minbawi | Stars: Mohamad Ramadan, Yaser Galal, Mohamed Mamdouh, Nesreen Ameen

Votes: 270

49. Last Rooster in Egypt (2017)


Ala'a escapes drowning accident while trying to emigrate abroad illegally, and when he returns to his village to find himself the last one in his family.

Director: Amr Arafa | Stars: Dina, Soleiman Eid, Laila Ezz El Arab, Entessar

Votes: 186