Boris Karloff's most gay-freindly characters

by imdb-25288 | created - 07 Nov 2017 | updated - 09 Dec 2017 | Public

Did Boris Karloff had a gay fettish to be overpower by men's? Some Boris Karloff film's and role's which are great role models or a lot of fun for gay's to watch. BORIS BONDAGE, beefcake & more!!!!! The captions are mine and not film dialog (but #7 is!!), not meant to be taken serious. All in good fun, enjoy! My dad now seen my list (this turkey weekend lol) and he never of noticed it before but he now think's that Boris Karolff has that put in his contrat, like he must of ask for 1 BORIS BONDGAGE SEEN IN EVERY MOVIE. Maybe he was living he's gay fantasy's liek that? IRL, He was mostly married to woman's. Today my dad says he's gonna write a book sharing all the story's that my great-ant shared about him and James she also worked on the set of ODH.

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