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1. Maddie Ziegler

Actress | Ballerina

Since the age of two, Maddie Ziegler has had a passion for performance. Raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Maddie's mother Melissa enrolled her and her younger sister, Mackenzie Ziegler, in dance classes at a local studio. A few years later the trio starred in the hit Lifetime reality series '...

2. Alice Braga

Actress | I Am Legend

Alice Braga Moraes born April 15, 1983 is a Brazilian actress. She has appeared in several Brazilian films, most notably as Angélica in 2002's highly acclaimed City of God and as Karina in 2005's Lower City. She came to international prominence after appearing opposite Will Smith in I Am Legend (...

3. Tahar Rahim

Actor | Un prophète

Tahar Rahim was born on July 4, 1981 in Belfort, Territoire de Belfort, France. He is an actor, known for A Prophet (2009), The Past (2013) and Day of the Falcon (2011). He has been married to Leïla Bekhti since 2010.

4. Will Arnett

Actor | Arrested Development

Will Arnett is a Canadian-American actor, voice actor, and comedian. He played George Oscar "Gob" Bluth II in the Fox series, Arrested Development (2003). He also appeared in films, such as The Lego Movie (2014), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows ...

5. Daniela Schwerdt

Actress | Sequoia

Born and lived in Hamm as the oldest of three children . Graduated from High School in Hamm, later lived in Berlin. Degree at Drama school Bochum. Studied as a drama teacher, worked with children. Since I like working with children so I am committed for years volunteer for sick children and offer ...

6. Bea-Marie Rück

Actress | Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten

Bea-Marie Rück grew up in Hamburg, Germany. At the age of six years old, Bea shot her first commercial for a tape record player. "A natural born actress" as her first acting teacher called her. At the age of six she fell in love with the theater and at the age of 12 years old starred in her first ...

7. Sabrina Rattey

Actress | Sturmzeit

Sabrina Rattey was born on April 24, 1980 in Guben, German Democratic Republic. She is an actress, known for Riding the Storm (1999), Lexx: The Dark Zone Stories (1996) and Der Laden (1998).

8. Claudina Hoff ter Heide

Inglourious Basterds

Claudina Hoff ter Heide was born on March 20, 1969 in Bremen, Bremen, Germany as Claudia Elisabeth Hoff ter Heide. She is a writer and actress, known for Inglourious Basterds (2009), Lake Window and La mala rabia (2014).

9. Hélène Cardona

Actress | Chocolat

A graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York, Helene Cardona played Fuffi in Lasse Hallström's Chocolat (2000), Candy in Lawrence Kasdan's Mumford (1999), Mrs. Russell in Stealing Roses (2012), the French Food Critic in The Hundred-Foot Journey (2014), the French Engineer in Star...

10. Noémi Besedes

Actress | Homeland

Noémi Besedes is an actress, known for Homeland (2011), Mann tut was Mann kann (2012) and Inglourious Basterds (2009).

11. Eva Löbau

Actress | Unknown

Eva Löbau was born on April 26, 1972 in Waiblingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. She is known for her work on Unknown (2011), The Forest for the Trees (2003) and Inglourious Basterds (2009).

12. Sofia Boutella

Actress | Star Trek Beyond

Sofia Boutella is an Algerian actress, dancer and model. She was born in the Bab El Oued district of Algiers in Algeria, the daughter of composer and jazz musician Safy Boutella, and an architect mother. She started classical dance education when she was five years old. In 1992, at age 10, she left...

13. Souheila Yacoub

Actress | Climax

Souheila Yacoub is an actress, known for Climax (2018), The Salt of Tears and Plus belle la vie (2004).

14. Romain Guillermic

Actor | Climax

Romain Guillermic is an actor, known for Climax (2018) and Elektro Mathematrix (2016).

15. Jana Pallaske

Actress | Speed Racer

Jana Pallaske was born on May 20, 1979 in Berlin, German Democratic Republic. She is an actress, known for Speed Racer (2008), Inglourious Basterds (2009) and EuroTrip (2004).

17. Giselle Palmer

Actress | Blacked

Giselle Palmer is an actress.

18. Kiddy Smile

Actor | Climax

Kiddy Smile is known for his work on Climax (2018), Just Dance 2 (2010) and Le gros journal (2016).

19. Taylor Kastle

Actor | Climax

Taylor Kastle is an actor, known for Climax (2018) and SebastiAN: Thirst (2019).

20. Thea Carla Schott

Actress | Climax

Thea Carla Schott is an actress, known for Climax (2018).

21. Léa Seydoux

Actress | La vie d'Adèle

French actress Léa Seydoux was born in 1985 in Paris, France, to Valérie Schlumberger, a philanthropist, and Henri Seydoux, a businessman. Her grandfather, Jérôme Seydoux, is chairman of Pathé, and her father is a great-grandson of businessman and inventor Marcel Schlumberger (her mother also ...

22. Mélanie Laurent

Actress | Inglourious Basterds

Mélanie Laurent was born in Paris, France. She is the daughter of Annick, a ballet teacher, and Pierre, a voice actor, who is most recognized for the French version of The Simpsons (1989). She has a younger brother, Mathieu, and has both Sephardi Jewish (from Tunisia) and Ashkenazi Jewish (from ...

23. Tina Rodriguez

Actress | Death Proof

Tina Rodriguez was born on September 24, 1982 in San Antonio, Texas, USA as Christina Therese Rodriguez. She is an actress and editor, known for Death Proof (2007), Inglourious Basterds (2009) and Machete (2010).

24. Sharleen Temple

Actress | Climax

Sharleen Temple is an actress, known for Climax (2018).

25. Lea Vlamos

Actress | Climax

Lea Vlamos is an actress, known for Climax (2018).

26. Alaia Alsafir

Actress | Climax

Alaia Alsafir is an actress, known for Climax (2018).

27. Kendall Mugler

Actress | Climax

Kendall Mugler is an actress, known for Climax (2018).

28. Lakdhar Dridi

Actress | Climax

Lakdhar Dridi is an actress, known for Climax (2018).

29. Adrien Sissoko

Actor | Climax

Adrien Sissoko is an actor, known for Climax (2018) and Elektro Mathematrix (2016).

30. Mamadou Bathily

Actor | Climax

Mamadou Bathily is an actor, known for Climax (2018), Elektro Mathematrix (2016) and Riposte (2016).

31. Ashley Biscette

Actress | Climax

Ashley Biscette is an actress, known for Climax (2018).

32. Sarah Belala

Stunts | Mission: Impossible - Fallout

Sarah Belala is known for her work on Mission: Impossible - Fallout (2018), Pitch Perfect 3 (2017) and Climax (2018).

33. Aomi Muyock

Actress | Love

Aomi Muyock is an actress, known for Love (2015), Jessica Forever (2018) and Scenario (2018).

34. Karl Glusman

Actor | Love

Karl Glusman was born in 1988 in The Bronx, New York City, New York, USA. He is known for his work on Love (2015), The Neon Demon (2016) and Nocturnal Animals (2016).

35. Klara Kristin

Actress | Love

Klara Kristin is an actress, known for Love (2015), Baby Got Back (2019) and Red Hot Chili Peppers: Goodbye Angels (2017).

36. Isabelle Nicou

Actress | Love

Isabelle Nicou is an actress, known for Love (2015).

37. Déborah Révy

Actress | Love

Déborah Révy was born on March 10, 1987 in Lyon, Rhône, France. She is an actress, known for Love (2015), Q (2011) and My Little Princess (2011).

38. Xamira Zuloaga

Actress | Love

Xamira Zuloaga was born on October 14, 1989 in Santiago, Chile. She is an actress, known for Love (2015) and Luz (2014).

39. Stella Rocha

Actress | Love

Stella Rocha is an actress, known for Love (2015), Lara a Escort Story and L'ex-femme de ma vie (2004).

40. Omaima S.

Actress | Love

Omaima S. is an actress, known for Love (2015).

41. Cristela de la Caridad Herrera

Actress | 7 días en La Habana

Cristela de la Caridad Herrera is an actress, known for 7 Days in Havana (2012).

42. Othello Rensoli

Actor | Che: Part Two

Othello Rensoli, was born on April 22, 1962 in the ultramarine town of Regla, Havana City, Cuba, where he spent his childhood and adolescence.

His work as an actor began in Cuba at the age of 19, leading to important works of the Cuban and universal theatre performances in the theatre Group Paco ...

43. Alberto Arceo Kindeland

Actor | 7 días en La Habana

Alberto Arceo Kindeland is an actor, known for 7 Days in Havana (2012).

44. Monica Guardado

Actress | 7 días en La Habana

Monica Guardado is an actress, known for 7 Days in Havana (2012).

45. Dunia Matos

Actress | La Pareja

Dunia Matos is an actress, known for La Pareja (2016) and 7 Days in Havana (2012).

46. LenteTresor

Actress | The Man in the Cave

Even at her young age, LenteTresor can 'hang' with the best of them. Known in certain circles as "America's Newest Sweetheart," this actress-singer-model rocked Amy Winehouse's tune "Tears Dry On Their Own" (as seen on YouTube) so much so that the late singer's father was inspired to send a ...

47. Paz de la Huerta

Actress | Enter the Void

Paz de la Huerta was born and raised in New York City, to a Spanish-born father and a Minneapolis, Minnesota-born mother. She has been acting since the age of four, having trained at the SoHo Children's Acting Studio. Aside from acting, Paz is a skilled artist, designer, and writer who enjoys ...

48. Emily Alyn Lind

Actress | Revenge

Emily Alyn Lind's body of work would be impressive for any Hollywood actress, but for a rising star of such a young age, it is quite remarkable. It is not surprising though, given her family's film background. She is the middle daughter of producer and assistant director John Lind, and actress ...

49. Janice Béliveau-Sicotte

Actress | Enter the Void

Janice Béliveau-Sicotte is an actress, known for Enter the Void (2009) and The Grand Falls (2009).

50. Sara Stockbridge

Actress | Spider

Sara Stockbridge was born in 1966 in Woking, Surrey, England. She is an actress and writer, known for Spider (2002), Bridget Jones's Diary (2001) and Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles (1994). She has been married to Cobalt Stargazer since 2010.

51. Emi Takeuchi

Actress | Enter the Void

Emi Takeuchi is an actress, known for Enter the Void (2009) and Hodo Station (2004).

52. Rumiko Kimishima

Actress | Enter the Void

Rumiko Kimishima is known for her work on Enter the Void (2009), Final Fantasy XIII (2009) and The Swap (2010).

53. Akira Kuzuki

Actress | Enter the Void

Akira Kuzuki is a writer and actress, known for Enter the Void (2009), Usotsuki paradokusu (2013) and Tokidoki meguri eburidei (2017).

54. Sayuki Nakamura

Actress | Enter the Void

Sayuki Nakamura is an actress, known for Enter the Void (2009).

55. Kaori Nakamura

Actress | Enter the Void

Kaori Nakamura is an actress, known for Enter the Void (2009).

56. Naoko Hirosawa

Actress | Enter the Void

Naoko Hirosawa is an actress, known for Enter the Void (2009).

57. Joan Heithfield

Actress | Enter the Void

Joan Heithfield is an actress, known for Enter the Void (2009).

58. Mackenzie Falcombridge

Actor | Enter the Void

Mackenzie Falcombridge is an actor, known for Enter the Void (2009).

59. Sayuki Matsumoto

Actress | Chokorêto derinjâ

Sayuki Matsumoto was born on December 9, 1985 in Mie, Japan. She is an actress, known for Chocolate Derringer (2017), The Handsome Suit (2008) and Lala Pipo: A Lot of People (2009).

60. Anne-Sophie Franck

Actress | Inglourious Basterds

Anne-Sophie Franck was born on April 12, 1986 in France. She is an actress, known for Inglourious Basterds (2009), Inquisitio (2012) and The Jungle (2006).

61. Petra Hartung

Actress | Inglourious Basterds

Petra Hartung was born on October 6, 1969. She is an actress, known for Inglourious Basterds (2009), Unknown (2011) and The Reader (2008).

62. Julie Dreyfus

Actress | Inglourious Basterds

Julie Dreyfus was born in Paris, France. After studying interior design, she moved to Japan as a young adult and made her debut on Japanese T.V. She became fluent in Japanese and English and appeared in several American movies as well. She is very well known in Japan but is also known ...

63. Ana Foxx

Actress | After Dark

Gorgeous and slender 5'7" black stunner Ana Foxx was born on October 29, 1988 in Rialto, California. Her father was a minister who also served in the U.S. Air Force. A nerd during her high school days, Ana originally wanted to be a clown or a ballerina. Foxx lost her virginity at age 17. After ...

64. Avy Lee Roth

Actress | Gothsend 2

Avy Lee Roth was born on December 1, 1979 in Madrid, Spain as Purificacion Navas Diaz. She is an actress.

65. Lia Lor

Actress | Belladonna: No Warning 8

Slender and attractive 5'5" blonde Lia Lor was born on September 21, 1990 in Texas. Lor grew up in a small town in South Texas. The comely green-eyed stunner started out in the adult industry as a web-cam model and did her first hardcore shoot in Florida. Lia began performing in explicit hardcore ...

66. Sasha Grey

Actress | The Girlfriend Experience

Sasha Grey first made her name as one of the most notorious adult film stars in recent history; but with a no regrets attitude, she moved on from her former career, in 2009 at age 21. She has gone on to star in HBO's Entourage, published NEÜ SEX a book of photographs, and she DJ's internationally. ...

67. Faye Reagan

Actress | Faye N' Georgia's Birthday Bash

Buxom, freckled, and slender redhead stunner Faye Reagan was born Faye Jillian Henning on September 19, 1988, in Nashville, Tennessee. Faye moved with her family to Las Vegas, Nevada when she was only eight months old. She first began performing in explicit X-rated fare at age 19 in 2007. Reagan ...

68. Lauren Phoenix

Actress | Edge Runner

Tall (5'10"), slender, and enticing blonde Lauren Phoenix was born on May 13, 1979 in Toronto, Canada. The daughter of an Italian father and a British mother, Lauren attended a performing arts high school, practiced ballet for ten years as well as did tap, jazz, modern, and lyrical dance (she also ...

69. Charlotte Stokely

Actress | Confessions of a Sinful Nun

Very cute and slim 5'3" blonde Charlotte Stokely was born on August 8, 1986 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Stokely decided to pursue a career in the adult entertainment industry after her stripper roommate was asked to participate in a hardcore shoot and Stokely herself was approached to appear on camera...

70. Destiny Dixon

Actress | Crave

Tall (5'9"), busty, and shapely dark-haired brunette knockout Destiny Dixon was born on December 3, 1984 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Dixon first started modeling at age fourteen and has been a professional motorcycle stunt rider since age twenty-one. Destiny began in the adult entertainment industry as a ...

71. Jessie Andrews

Actress | Portrait of a Call Girl

Tall (5'8"), cute, and shapely brunette stunner Jessie Andrews was born on March 22, 1992 in Florida. Andrews grew up in Miami, Florida. Jessie decided to embark on a career in the adult film industry after one of her friends told her about how much money she was paid for working as an extra in a ...

72. Evelyn Lin

Actress | Happy Tugs

Evelyn Lin was born on August 17, 1987 in Hunan, China as Zhang Li. She is an actress.

73. Tori Black

Actress | Tori Black Is Pretty Filthy

Tall (5'9"), lovely, and slender brunette knockout Tori Black was born Michelle Chapman on August 26, 1988 in Seattle, Washington. Tori has been a dancer since she was seven years old (she used to be a belly dance instructor). Moreover, Black played football and boxed while growing up. In 2007 Tori...

74. Luciana Paluzzi

Actress | Thunderball

Luciana Paluzzi is an Italian American actress. She is best known for playing S.P.E.C.T.R.E. assassin Fiona Volpe in the fourth James Bond film, Thunderball.

In the film Thunderball she had auditioned for the part of the lead Bond girl, Dominetta "Domino" Petacchi, but producers cast Claudine Auger,...

75. Brenda Sykes

Actress | Mandingo

Brenda Sykes was born on June 25, 1949 in Shreveport, Louisiana, USA as Brenda Louise Sykes. She is an actress, known for Mandingo (1975), Black Gunn (1972) and Ozzie's Girls (1973). She has been married to Paul C. Hudson since May 19, 1995. She was previously married to Gil Scott-Heron.

76. Daryl Hannah

Actress | Kill Bill: Vol. 2

Daryl Christine Hannah was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. She is the daughter of Susan Jeanne (Metzger), a schoolteacher and later a producer, and Donald Christian Hannah, who owned a tugboat/barge company. Her stepfather was music journalist/promoter Jerrold Wexler. Her siblings are Page ...

77. Lucy Liu

Actress | Kill Bill: Vol. 1

Born to immigrants in Queens, New York, Lucy Liu has always tried to balance an interest in her cultural heritage with a desire to move beyond a strictly Asian-American experience. Lucy's mother, Cecilia, a biochemist, is from Beijing, and her father, Tom Liu, a civil engineer, is from Shanghai. ...

78. Uma Thurman

Actress | Kill Bill: Vol. 1

Uma Karuna Thurman was born in Boston, Massachusetts, into a highly unorthodox and Eurocentric family. She is the daughter of Nena Thurman (née Birgitte Caroline von Schlebrügge), a fashion model and socialite who now runs a mountain retreat, and of Robert Thurman (Robert Alexander Farrar Thurman),...

79. Vivica A. Fox

Actress | Independence Day

Vivica A. Fox was born in South Bend, Indiana, on July 30, 1964, and is the daughter of Everlyena, a pharmaceutical technician, and William Fox, a private school administrator. She is of Native American and African-American descent and is proud of her heritage. She is a graduate of Arlington High ...

80. Chiaki Kuriyama

Actress | Kill Bill: Vol. 1

Chiaki Kuriyama was born in Tsuchiura, Ibaraki. Kuriyama was a popular model during Japan's child model boom in the mid-1990s. In 1997, she appeared in the photobooks Shinwa-Shojo (Girl of Myth) and Shojokan (Girl's Residence), photographed by Kishin Shinoyama. Shinwa-Shojo became a best-seller but...

81. Perla Haney-Jardine

Actress | Kill Bill: Vol. 2

Perla Haney-Jardine was born on July 17, 1997 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She is an actress, known for Kill Bill: Vol. 2 (2004), Steve Jobs (2015) and Spider-Man 3 (2007).

82. Helen Kim

Actress | Kill Bill: Vol. 2

Helen Kim is an actress, known for Kill Bill: Vol. 2 (2004), Death Proof (2007) and Milieu (2007).

83. Ambrosia Kelley

Actress | Kill Bill: Vol. 1

Ambrosia was born on October 4, 1995. Her Entertainment career began in September 1999 ( a month shy of being 4 years old), when her Aunt Crystal notified Ambrosia's Mom Annette and Grandma Arcy of an open call by a local Agency in her hometown of Corpus Christi, Texas. The Agency at the time was ...

84. Jessica Alba

Actress | Fantastic Four

Jessica Marie Alba was born on April 28, 1981, in Pomona, CA, to Catherine (Jensen) and Mark David Alba, who served in the US Air Force. Her mother has Danish, Welsh, German, English, and French ancestry, while her father is of Mexican descent (including Spanish and Indigenous Mexican roots). Her ...

85. Devon Aoki

Actress | 2 Fast 2 Furious

Born in New York but raised in California, Devon Aoki is no stranger to the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Her father is former Olympic wrestler and Benihana restaurant magnate Rocky Aoki and her mother is Pamela Hilburger, a jewelry designer. Devon is of Japanese (from her father) and German ...

86. Alexis Bledel

Actress | Gilmore Girls

Kimberly Alexis Bledel was born in Houston, Texas, to Nanette (Dozier) and Martin Bledel. Her parents are both Spanish-speakers (her mother was born in Arizona and raised in Mexico, and her father was born in Argentina), and Alexis's ancestry includes Danish, Welsh, English, Scottish, Irish, and ...

87. Rosario Dawson

Actress | Rent

This stunning and resourceful actress has been primarily a film player thus far. Only recently has she been opening herself up more to doing television (the series Gemini Division (2008), which she executive-produced), and animated voice-overs. Dawson's powerhouse talent stands out the most in edgy...

88. Christina Frankenfield

Actress | Sin City

Christina Frankenfield is an actress, known for Sin City (2005).

89. Carla Gugino

Actress | Watchmen

Carla Gugino was born in Sarasota, Florida, to Carl Gugino, an orthodontist. She is of Italian (father) and English-Irish (mother) ancestry. Gugino moved with her mother to Paradise, California, when Carla was just five years old. During her childhood, they moved many times within the state. But ...

90. Nicky Katt

Actor | Boiler Room

Nicky Katt has been acting since the age of 7, when he appeared on the TV series CHiPs (1977) in 1977. He continued to work steadily through the 1980s on shows like Quincy M.E. (1976), Father Murphy (1981), and V (1984) but did not fall into the trap of many child actors who became identified with ...

91. Evelyn Hurley

Actress | Sin City

Evelyn Hurley is an actress, known for Sin City (2005), Land of Leopold (2014) and The 2 Bobs (2009).

92. Helen Kirk

Actress | Sin City

Helen Kirk is an actress, known for Sin City (2005).

93. Jaime King

Actress | My Bloody Valentine

Jaime King was born on April 23, 1979 in Omaha, Nebraska, USA. She is an actress and producer, known for My Bloody Valentine (2009), Sin City (2005) and White Chicks (2004). She has been married to Kyle Newman since November 23, 2007. They have two children.

94. Brittany Murphy

Actress | Just Married

Brittany Murphy was born Brittany Anne Bertolotti on November 10, 1977 in Atlanta, Georgia, to Sharon Kathleen Murphy and Angelo Joseph Bertolotti. Her father's ancestry is Italian, and her mother is of Irish and Slovak descent. Her father moved the family back to Edison, New Jersey as a native New...

95. Marley Shelton

Actress | Planet Terror

Marley Eve Shelton was born in Los Angeles, California, and grew up in Eagle Rock, CA. She is the daughter of Carol (Stromme), a teacher and singer, and Christopher Shelton, who worked as a director and producer. She has three sisters: Koren Shelton, Erin Shelton and Samantha Shelton. Both of her ...

96. Lisa Marie Newmyer

Actress | A Scanner Darkly

Lisa Marie Newmyer was born on August 27, 1968 in Austin, Texas, USA. She is an actress, known for A Scanner Darkly (2006), Sin City (2005) and Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation (1994).

97. Patricia Vonne

Actress | Machete Kills

A native of San Antonio, Texas. Moved to New York City in 1990-2001 pursuing her artistic ambitions. Worked extensively in Europe and America and was featured in national / international commercials, and film work. Formed her own musical band, performed the NY circuit from 98-2001 before relocating...

98. Katherine Willis

Actress | The Blacklist

Born on the South Pacific island of Tonga. Moved to the United States when she was three.

Started acting in high school doing Forensics, a division of Speech & Debate. State and National winner. Began film acting career in college at Brigham Young University, where she had a theater scholarship. ...

99. Penny Vital

Actress | Zombie Strippers!

Strikingly tall (5'11") and statuesque redhead Penny Vital was born on July 20, 1977, in San Antonio, Texas. The daughter of a Southern Baptist pastor, Penny moved around ten times before she was 19 and grew up primarily in isolated rural towns living a sheltered life full of rules and regulations....

100. Monika Spruch

Actress | Rottenbury Drive

Monika Spruch grew up in the second largest city in Poland known as Lodz, which is located near Warsaw, famous for fashion, films and the local Film School. Filmmakers Roman Polanski and Krzysztof Zanussi are among its accomplished graduates.

As the fashion capital of Poland Lodz hosted events such ...

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