G - Gala: Guldbagge Bästa kortfilm (1996-)

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Guldbaggen i kategorin Bästa kortfilm har delats ut sedan Guldbaggegalan 1996.

Filmen "Hur man gör" från 2007 tilldelades guldbaggen för bästa kortfilm på guldbaggegalan 2008. Tyvärr saknas den filmen på IMDb.

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1. Do Nothing Til You Hear from Me (1994)

4 min | Animation, Short, Comedy

Two wood-winds battle for the attentions of a shy but eager string instrument.

Directors: Jonas Dahlbeck, Pernilla Hindsefelt

Votes: 20

2. Sunshadow (1996)

58 min | Documentary

Documentary about one of Spain's few female bull-fighters, Cristina Sánchez, and her career, from small provincial arenas to the bullfighting arena in Madrid and the hardships of being a woman in a male-dominated sport.

Director: Susanna Edwards | Star: Cristina Sánchez

Votes: 20

5. Clinch (1999)

27 min | Short

Ralle and PH meet again after ten years. PH have moved back to the countryside, which Ralle never left, now with wife and kid. The meeting degenerates to a dramatic settlement with tragic ... See full summary »

Director: Håkan Lindhé | Stars: Shanti Roney, Peter Engman, Eva Carlberg, Robert Bolin

Votes: 9

7. Music for One Apartment and Six Drummers (2001)

10 min | Short, Comedy, Music

A gang in a Volvo have staked out a flat; when its occupants leave to walk their dog, the six break into the place. One keeps his eyes on a stopwatch: they have only ten minutes before the ... See full summary »

Directors: Ola Simonsson, Johannes Stjärne Nilsson | Stars: Johannes Björk, Magnus Börjeson, Marcus Haraldson, Fredrik Myhr

Votes: 1,211

8. Viktor and his Brothers (2002)

31 min | Drama, Short

Two teenage brothers hate each other so that the parents are helpless but luckily their younger brother, roughly 10, is not.

Director: Mårten Klingberg | Stars: Felicia Brottom, Ing-Marie Carlsson, Claes Ljungmark, Henrik Lundström

Votes: 44

10. Glenn, the Great Runner (2004)

3 min | Animation, Short

Glenn is a great marathon man, but isn't his wife who should step on the podium? The moral of the story: when a man wins, look for his wife!

Director: Anna Erlandsson

Votes: 37

11. En nattsaga (2005)

15 min | Animation, Short

There was once a mother who would no longer exist. About parents who wish they could tell their children that all fairy tales has an happy end. But one night, while the family is sleeping ... See full summary »

Director: Maja Lindström | Star: Jenny Säflund

12. Never Like the First Time! (2006)

15 min | Documentary, Animation, Short

Four people get to tell the story of their "first time", an animated film based on documentary interviews. Contemporary stories and some even from the 1920's range from comedy to tragedy ... See full summary »

Director: Jonas Odell | Stars: Mikael Brolin, Hanna Eklöf, Rebecca Haridi, Jenny Holmström

Votes: 331

13. Lies (2008)

13 min | Documentary, Animation, Short

Three perfectly true stories about lying. In three episodes based on documentary interviews we meet the burglar who, when found out, claims to be a moonlighting accountant, the boy who ... See full summary »

Director: Jonas Odell | Stars: Lisa Norström, Rebecca Holmbert, Yasmin Rahmani, David Palmberg

Votes: 101

14. Scratches (2008)

22 min | Short, Comedy, Drama

Youngsters and kids on a deserted factory lot where there is nothing to do but hang around and long for love - but without showing your true feelings.

Director: Gabriela Pichler | Stars: Sandra Andersson, Mikael Andersson, Soroor Arabzadeh, Erik Muuna

Votes: 17

15. Tussilago (2010)

15 min | Animation, Short, Drama

A woman's story of how she became involved in terrorist activities in the 1970s.

Director: Jonas Odell | Stars: Malin Buska, Camaron Silverek, Niklas Adolfsson, Sofie Adolfsson

Votes: 117

16. Las Palmas (2011)

14 min | Short, Comedy, Drama

Prizewinning short about a baby placed in a virtual doll environment Las Palmas, getting drunk and goes bananas like any other uncivilized tourist would do.

Director: Johannes Nyholm | Star: Helmi Hellrand Nyholm

Votes: 451

Guldbagge för bästa kortfilm 2012.

17. Dance Music Now (2012)

9 min | Short, Drama

A neurotic recording session releases emotional turmoil.

Director: Johan Jonason | Stars: Dominik Henzel, Johan Jonason, Henrik Wellern, Paul Nemorin

Votes: 37

Guldbagge för bästa kortfilm 2013.

18. On Suffocation (2013)

7 min | Short, Drama

When the system becomes more important than human life; seven minutes without dialogue about an execution.

Director: Jenifer Malmqvist | Stars: Ali Dawoud, Kurdi Kara, Poyan Karimi, Zana Penjweni

Votes: 69

Guldbagge för bästa kortfilm 2014.

19. Still Born (2014)

10 min | Documentary, Animation, Short

Still Born is an animated documentary about loss, sorrow and powerlessness. About giving birth, but loosing that little person you longed for.

Director: Åsa Sandzén | Star: Katharina Nuttall

Votes: 28

Guldbagge för bästa kortfilm 2015.

20. Kung Fury (2015)

Not Rated | 31 min | Short, Action, Comedy

In 1985, Kung Fury, the toughest martial artist cop in Miami, goes back in time to kill the worst criminal of all time - Kung Führer, a.k.a. Adolf Hitler.

Director: David Sandberg | Stars: David Sandberg, Jorma Taccone, Steven Chew, Leopold Nilsson

Votes: 51,849

Guldbagge för bästa kortfilm 2016.

21. 6A (2016)

61 min | Drama

As if immersed in the situation, the viewer witnesses a distressing encounter between angry parents, a helpless teacher and three schoolgirls. It soon becomes clear that certain things are ... See full summary »

Director: Peter Modestij | Stars: Emine Özkan, Tyra Olin, Omeya Lundqvist-Simbizi, Caroline Söderström

Votes: 80

Guldbagge för bästa kortfilm 2017.

22. The Burden (2017)

15 min | Animation, Short, Comedy

'An animated musical with apocalyptic undertones. The story is divided into four episodes which takes place in a supermarket, a long term hotel, a call center and a hamburger restaurant. ... See full summary »

Director: Niki Lindroth von Bahr | Stars: Sven Björklund, Mattias Fransson, Carl Englén, Olof Wretling

Votes: 280

Guldbagge för bästa kortfilm 2018.

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