G - Gala: Guldbagge "Hedersguldbaggen" (2001-)

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Hedersguldbaggen har delats ut sedan Guldbaggegalan 2001.

1. Annalisa Ericson

Actress | Stackars lilla Sven

At the age of 5, she began ballet lessons at the Royal Opera in Stockholm and got small parts in the ballets that were performed. The parts became bigger and she wanted to try acting. She did apply to become a student at the Royal Dramatic Theatre but failed in the final test. Instead, she began at...

Tilldelades Hedersguldbaggen 2001 (Skådespelare, dansös och revyartist).

2. Gunnel Lindblom

Actress | Det sjunde inseglet

After acting studies at the Gothenburg City Theater from 1950-52, she made her breakthrough debut in Gustaf Molander's Kärlek (1952). When Ingmar Bergman became head of the Malmö City Theater he asked her to join him there and with him as a director she played the role of Margareta in Goethe's...

Tilldelades Hedersguldbaggen 2002 (Skådespelare och regissör).

3. Gunnar Fischer

Cinematographer | Smultronstället

Gunnar Fischer was born on November 18, 1910 in Ljungby, Sweden as Erling Gunnar Fischer. He is known for his work on Wild Strawberries (1957), The Seventh Seal (1957) and Summer with Monika (1953). He was married to Gull Söderblom. He died on June 11, 2011 in Stockholm, Stockholms län, Sweden.

Tilldelades Hedersguldbaggen 2003 (Filmfotograf, regissör och författare).

4. Erland Josephson

Actor | Offret

Erland Josephson, the distinguished Swedish actor best known for his appearance in Ingmar Bergman's films, was born in Stockholm, Sweden on June 15, 1923. Josephson's relationship with Bergman, a long-time friend, began in the late 1930s when they first worked together in the theater.

Although he ...

Tilldelades Hedersguldbaggen 2004 (Skådespelare, regissör och författare samt chef för Dramaten 1966–1975).

5. Sickan Carlsson

Actress | Charlotte Löwensköld

Her first public performance was on radio at the age of 10, together with her friend Birgit Tengroth. She debuted in a revue held at her father's place of work when she was 15. This led to more work at the theatre, a screen test for Svensk Filmindustri and a small role in Kära släkten (...

Tilldelades Hedersguldbaggen 2005 (Skådespelare och sångerska).

6. Anita Björk

Actress | Fröken Julie

Anita Björk is able to use simple means to give depth and character to a role. She has a way of expressing any emotion just by raising an eyebrow or twitching her lips. This was something she used to a large extent in her best movie, Alf Sjöberg's Miss Julie (1951) where she played the young lady ...

Tilldelades Hedersguldbaggen 2006 (Skådespelare och professors namn 2001).

7. Nils-Petter Sundgren

Actor | Jösta Hagelbäck & Werner Herzog

Nils-Petter Sundgren was born on February 24, 1929 in Stockholm, Stockholms län, Sweden. He is an actor and director, known for Jösta Hagelbäck & Werner Herzog (1979), Nils-Petter Sundgrens Från Pussar till Porr (1994) and Stockholm (1996).

Tilldelades Hedersguldbaggen 2007 (Filmkritiker, programledare, kulturjournalist, litteraturvetare och översättare).

8. Gösta Ekman

Actor | Mannen som slutade röka

His career began with a bit part at Skansenteatern in Hjalmar Bergman's play 'Markurells i Wadköping' in 1955. The following year he debuted in the movie Swing it, fröken (1956) playing against Alice Babs. He got speech lessons from actress Sif Ruud and worked behind the camera in his father's...

Tilldelades Hedersguldbaggen 2008 (Regissör och skådespelare).

9. Harriet Andersson

Actress | Viskningar och rop

Discovered at age 20 by celebrated director Ingmar Bergman, she became part of Bergman's regular stable of performers; in fact, he wrote Summer with Monika (1953) especially for her breakthrough. Extraordinary and versatile as an actress, her roles have ranged from the naive young wife in Sawdust ...

Tilldelades Hedersguldbaggen 2009 (Skådespelare).

10. Waldemar Bergendahl

Producer | Mitt liv som hund

Waldemar Bergendahl was born on April 18, 1933 in Årsunda, Gävleborgs län, Sweden. He is a producer and production manager, known for My Life as a Dog (1985), The Slingshot (1993) and Adam & Eva (1997).

Tilldelades Hedersguldbaggen 2010 (Filmproducent och manusförfattare).

11. Mona Malm

Actress | Fanny och Alexander

Mona Malm got her breakthrough at The Royal Dramatic Theater 1957 as Tintomara in Almqvist's "Drottningens juvelsmycke" directed by Alf Sjöberg. In the TV-theather she have played Martha in Edward Albee's "Who's Afriad of Virginia Woolf?" (1985) and the title role in Hjalmar Bergman's Chefen fru ...

Tilldelades Hedersguldbaggen 2011 (Skådespelare).

12. Inga Landgré

Actress | The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Inga Landgré was born on August 6, 1927 in Stockholm, Sweden. She is an actress, known for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011), The Seventh Seal (1957) and Crisis (1946). She was previously married to Nils Poppe.

Tilldelades Hedersguldbaggen 2012 (Skådespelare).

13. Hans Alfredson

Actor | Den enfaldige mördaren

During 1956-60 Hans Alfredson worked at Sveriges Radio together with Tage Danielsson. They wrote, directed and starred in several revues 1962-1982. As a director and scriptwriter for the screen Alfredson tried many different genres. He had his greatest critical successes with Egg! Egg! A Hardboiled...

Tilldelades Hedersguldbaggen 2013 (Komiker, filmskapare, författare, skådespelare, dramatiker, regissör, scenograf och översättare).

14. Kalle Boman

The Square

Karl-Axel "Kalle" Boman, born April 5, 1943, in Stockholm, Sweden, is a producer and professor of Independent Filmmaking. He is the guru and rebel of Swedish Film, with a unique and continuously involvement in all types of cinematic productions. Kalle Boman's first date with the movies was as an ...

Tilldelades Hedersguldbaggen 2014 (Professor i filmisk gestaltning och filmproducent).

15. Liv Ullmann

Actress | Viskningar och rop

Liv Ullmann's father was a Norwegian engineer who used to work abroad, so as a child she lived in Tokyo, Canada, New York and Oslo. In the mid-'50s she made her stage debut and in 1957 made her film debut. She really became successful, however, when she began to work for Swedish director Ingmar ...

Tilldelades Hedersguldbaggen 2015 (Skådespelare och regissör).

16. Birgitta Andersson

Actress | Jönssonligans största kupp

Birgitta Andersson was born on April 20, 1933 in Mariestad, Västra Götalands län, Sweden as Ulla Birgitta Helena Andersson. She is an actress, known for Jönssonligans största kupp (1995), The Return of the Jonsson League (1986) and You're Out of Your Mind, Maggie (1979).

Tilldelades Hedersguldbaggen 2016 (Skådespelare).

17. Katinka Faragó

Producer | Tic Tac

Katinka Faragó was born on December 16, 1936 in Vienna, Austria as Katerina Faragó. She is known for her work on Tic Tac (1997), Wild Strawberries (1957) and The Sacrifice (1986). She has been married to Måns Reuterswärd since 1984. She was previously married to Raymond Lundberg.

Tilldelades Hedersguldbaggen 2017 (Scripta och filmproducent).

18. Stig Björkman

Director | Jag är Ingrid

Stig Gösta Henning Stigson Björkman, born October 2, 1938 in Stockholm, is a Swedish writer, film director and film critic Björkman was the editor of the film magazine Chaplin 1964-1972 and with great dedication written a number of books on the art of film and interview books with, among others, ...

Tilldelades Hedersguldbaggen 2018 (Författare, filmregissör och filmkritiker).

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