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1. Photocopy (2017)

90 min | Drama

When a retired old man in Cairo begins to learn about the extinction of dinosaurs, it sets off a series of events that will give his life renewed meaning.

Director: Tamer Ashry | Stars: Mahmood Hemaidah, Sherine Reda, Farah Youssef, Bayyumi Fuad

Votes: 582

2. Nawara (2015)

122 min | Drama

Every day Nawara goes to work along a path that takes her between the alleys of the poor neighborhood and the roads that lead to the villas within a luxury compound. Every day, on her way ... See full summary »

Director: Hala Khalil | Stars: Menna Shalabi, Ameer Salah Eldin, Ahmed Rateb, Mahmood Hemaidah

Votes: 555

5. Gunshot (2018)

97 min | Crime, Mystery

Follows a mysterious murder that connects the destinies of the protagonists and changes their beliefs about the concept of truth.

Director: Karim El Shenawy | Stars: Safaa El Toukhy, Ahmad El-Fishawi, Ahmad Kamal, Samy Maghawry

Votes: 222

6. Excuse My French (2014)

Not Rated | 99 min | Comedy

A Christian kid suddenly is forced to go to a public school after his father dies and because of a misunderstanding everyone thinks that he's a Muslim.

Director: Amr Salama | Stars: Ahmed Dash, Ahmed Helmy, Kinda Allouch, Hani Adel

Votes: 3,575

7. Sorry for the Disturbance (2008)

116 min | Comedy, Drama, Mystery

Hassan, a brilliant aviation engineer struggles with loneliness and depression while trying to design his exceptional project.

Director: Khalid Marie | Stars: Ahmed Helmy, Menna Shalabi, Mahmood Hemaidah, Dalal Abdulaziz

Votes: 3,657

8. Bentein men misr (2010)

125 min | Drama

Two virgin women in a society where marriage is part of the female identity

Director: Mohamed Amin | Stars: Zeina, Saba Mubarak, Eyad Nassar, Ahmed Wafik

Votes: 446

9. Wife Number 13 (1962)

97 min | Comedy

Murad (Rushdi Abaza) is a notorious playboy who, by the time they met Aida (Shadia), had already been married 12 times. When Aida resists his attempts to seduce her, Murad decides to ... See full summary »

Director: Fatin Abdulwahhab | Stars: Rushdi Abazah, Shadia, Abdel Moneim Ibrahim, Shouweikar

Votes: 439

10. Beggars and Proud Ones (1991)

92 min | Drama, Mystery

The setting is Cairo in June of 1945, during the last days of the Second World War. Gohar, a former university professor, encounters a young prostitute in an empty brothel and kills her in ... See full summary »

Director: Asmaa El-Bakry | Stars: Salah El-Saadany, Mahmood El-Gindi, Abdulaziz Makhyoon, Ahmad Adam

Votes: 61

13. Factory Girl (2013)

90 min | Drama, Romance

Hayam is a factory worker who is living in a low middle class area, along with other factory girls. She thought that her feelings for the new supervisor in the factory can grow bigger in ... See full summary »

Director: Mohamed Khan | Stars: Yasmin Raeis, Hani Adel, Salwa Khattab, Salwa Mohamed Ali

Votes: 1,038

14. Diamond Dust (2018)

162 min | Crime, Drama, Mystery

A man who works in a pharmacy as a part time job to aid his financial status finds out that his father has been exterminated by a savage brute and sought to avenge him, then unlocks a whole melancholic world of crime!

Director: Marwan Hamed | Stars: Asser Yassin, Menna Shalabi, Maged El Kedwany, Mohamed Mamdouh

Votes: 2,116

15. Asmaa (2011)

96 min | Drama

A woman who suffers from AIDS decides not to surrender to the fatal disease. She exerts huge efforts in trying to recover or by helping those who suffer the same disease by giving them glimmers of hope.

Director: Amr Salama | Stars: Hind Sabri, Maged El Kedwany, Hani Adel, Fatma Adel

Votes: 3,783

16. Withered Green (2016)

73 min | Drama

A defining week in Iman's life goes by as she attempts to convince any of her uncles to attend her younger sister's engagement in her deceased father's place, as is tradition. However, a ... See full summary »

Director: Mohammed Hammad | Stars: Heba Ali, Asmaa Fawzi, John Ekram Hanna, Tamer Abdul-Hamid

Votes: 187

17. Supermarket (1990)

104 min | Comedy, Crime, Drama

Ramzi a struggling musician,works in luxury hotel as a pianist to make a living,his troubled marriage and constant fighting with his sister in law for lack of money decides to live with his... See full summary »

Director: Mohamed Khan | Stars: Naglaa Fathi, Adel Adham, Mamdouh Abd El Aleem, Aida Riyad

Votes: 58

18. The Yacoubian Building (2006)

161 min | Drama

Meditations on corruption, fundamentalism, prostitution, homosexuality, and drugs in central Cairo.

Director: Marwan Hamed | Stars: Adel Emam, Nour El-Sherif, Youssra, Essad Youniss

Votes: 5,433

19. Decor (2014)

105 min | Drama

This unique black and white film is a psychological drama about an Egyptian production designer named Maha. The film takes an unnerving turn when she finds herself transported into a ... See full summary »

Director: Ahmad Abdalla | Stars: Kal Naga, Maged El Kedwany, Houria Farghally, Samar Morsi

Votes: 461

20. Induced Labor (2018)

90 min | Comedy, Drama

The film is a comedy about a couple seeking a visa to America. The husband discovers that his pregnant wife has taken pills to speed up the delivery process to give birth on American soil, and his son gets citizenship.

Director: Khaled Diab | Stars: Maged El Kedwany, Mostafa Khater, Sayed Ragab, Bayyumi Fuad

Votes: 651

21. El-Qird Beyitkallem (2017)


Two magician siblings prepare an unexpected magic stunt in hopes of freeing their dad

Directors: Peter Mimi, Muhammad Bedair | Stars: Amr Waked, Ahmad El-Fishawi, Riham Haggag, Bayyumi Fuad

Votes: 478

22. Ahlam Hind we Kamilia (1988)

109 min | Drama, Romance

Follows the story of two lower-middle class women trying to survive with their dreams in 1980's Egypt.

Director: Mohamed Khan | Stars: Naglaa Fathi, Ahmed Zaki, Aida Riyad, Zeinab Abdo

Votes: 315

24. El Kwaissen (2018)


""MOFTAH "" and his sister ""GHAZAL"" are two spotters who discovers a special jewel called "" ELKORMOUT ELKORMOZY "" in the "" KWAYSEEN"" family house,so he decides to enter the family as ... See full summary »

Director: Ahmed El Guindi | Stars: Ahmed Fathy, Azmaa Abu El Yazid, Sherine Reda, Bayyumi Fuad

Votes: 255

25. At Day's End (2008)

15 min | Short, Drama

An Egyptian family comes together for food and TV.

Director: Sherif Elbendary | Stars: Salah Marey, Bassem Samra, Seham Abd Elsalam, Yehia Abd Elazim

Votes: 15

26. Dry Hot Summers (2016)

30 min | Short, Comedy, Drama

Two lonely people at opposite chapters of life accidentally meet on a busy summer day in a Cairo taxi. Frail old Shawky and bubbly young Doaa are both caught up in their busy routines as ... See full summary »

Director: Sherif Elbendary | Stars: Mohamed Farid, Nahed El Sebaï, Mohamed Abdel Azim, Sherief El Desouky

Votes: 86

27. Midaq Alley (1963)

Drama, Romance

This film is based on a novel from 1947 by the Nobel Prize winner Naguib Mahfouz. The story takes place during WWII and focuses on Al-Madak Alley, a teeming back street in Cairo which is ... See full summary »

Director: Hasan El-Emam | Stars: Shadia, Youssef Chaban, Tawfik El Deken, Hussein Fahmy

Votes: 63

28. Al-raii wa al nesaa (1991)


Looking for shelter and work after his release from prison,hassan visit a widow,her daughter and sister in law in remote lonesome country side,because of his friendship with the deceased ... See full summary »

Director: Ali Badr Khan | Stars: Suad Husni, Youssra, Ahmed Zaki

Votes: 255

29. The Baby Doll Night (2008)

180 min | Drama

Hossam returns home to Cairo for New Year's Eve after a year's separation from his wife. At the airport, his plans for a romantic night (and to conceive a child) are thwarted by several events, including a terrorist plot.

Director: Adel Adeeb | Stars: Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, Ghadah Abdulrazeq, Neville Archambault, Ezzat Abu Auf

Votes: 553

30. Tannoura Maxi (2011)

95 min | Drama, Romance

It was the summer of 82, when a priest, about to be ordained, was exhausted by temptations and an arrogant girl felt passionately in love... A sifted memory and a personal history of a ... See full summary »

Director: Joe Bou Eid | Stars: Joy Karam, Chady Tineh, Carol Abboud, Diamand Bou Abboud

Votes: 307

32. Ot W Far (2015)

96 min | Comedy

A poor young man(Hamada el far) who works as a cleaner in Al-Ahram Foundation Enters conflict against the interior minister with all the power he owns, as the poor man try to reach the ... See full summary »

Director: Tamer Mohsen | Stars: Mohamed Farraag, Mahmood Hemaidah, Suzan Najm Aldeen, Sawsan Badr

Votes: 225

34. Sheikh Jackson (2017)

Not Rated | 93 min | Drama

63 Metascore

An Islamic cleric has a crisis of faith when he hears the news that his childhood idol, Michael Jackson, has died.

Director: Amr Salama | Stars: Ahmad El-Fishawi, Salma Abu-Deif, Omar Ayman Altounji, Basma

Votes: 1,879

35. Ali, the Goat and Ibrahim (2016)

98 min | Drama, Fantasy

Ali believes his late girlfriend's soul has been reincarnated in a goat. Ali, his goat and his friend Ibrahim embark on a journey of friendship and self-discovery across Egypt to reverse the curse.

Director: Sherif Elbendary | Stars: Ali Subhi, Ahmad Magdy, Salwa Mohamed Ali, Nahed El Sebaï

Votes: 485

36. Cactus Flower (2017)

104 min | Adventure, Drama, Fantasy

In a hot and politically challenged Kairo actress Aida and her neighbor, the aging diva Samiha, is thrown out on the streets. Together with the street smart Yassin they try to find a place to live, forcing them to confront with their past.

Director: Hala Elkoussy | Stars: Salma Samy, Menha Batraoui, Marwan Alazab, Arfa Abdel Rassoul

Votes: 74

37. Winter of Discontent (2012)

96 min | Drama, History

Set against the momentous backdrop of the whirlwind Tahrir Square protests, Winter of discontent poetically explores the anguish of a victim state terror in 2009, presaging and intertwining... See full summary »

Director: Ibrahim El-Batout | Stars: Amr Waked, Farah Youssef, Salah Alhanafy, Moataz Mosallam

Votes: 484

38. Fi shaket Masr El Gedeeda (2007)

118 min | Drama, Romance

Yehia (Khaled Abol Naga) rents an apartment in the Heliopolis suburb of Cairo away from his parents' & close to his Banking & stocks investment work company, to discover that the spirit or ... See full summary »

Director: Mohamed Khan | Stars: Ghadah Adel, Kal Naga, Aida Riyad, Youssef Dawood

Votes: 1,051

39. Maowid ala ashaa (1981)

103 min | Drama, Romance

Maowid ala Ashaa is a 1981 Egyptian romance film, starring Soad Hosni and Ahmed Zaki. The life story of a beautiful and pure woman, interested of the very little things with a great sensibility.

Director: Mohamed Khan | Stars: Suad Husni, Hussein Fahmy, Ahmed Zaki, Modi Abdulwahhab

Votes: 276

40. Edhak el soura tetlaa helwa (1998)

113 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

A poor photographer fighting to live a decent life with dignity, while taking care of his mother and daughter .

Director: Sharif Arafah | Stars: Ahmed Zaki, Sanaa Gameel, Layla Olwi, Mona Zaki

Votes: 605

41. Malek wa ketaba (2005)

120 min | Drama

Dr.Mahmoud, Hend and Tarek face life crisis each in his own way and affects them in the most unexpected ways, Each finds a new face of their characters.

Director: Kamlah Abu-Zikri | Stars: Mahmood Hemaidah, Kal Naga, Hind Sabri, Nabil Eissa

Votes: 229

42. La Tarago Wa La Esteslam (2010)

95 min | Action, Comedy

A boy living in a poor neighborhood is working as a police agent.

Director: Ahmed Al Guindi | Stars: Ahmed Mekky, Donia Samir Ghanem, Maged El Kedwany, Mohamed Shahin

Votes: 1,249

43. Upper Egyptian in the American University (1998)

118 min | Comedy

It's a story about Khalaf Al Dahshori a young man from a small village in Upper Egypt (Sa'ed). Who gets a scholarship to the American University in Cairo, after getting the 2nd highest ... See full summary »

Director: Said Hamed | Stars: Mohamed Henedi, Mona Zaki, Hassan Abdel Fattah, Fathi Abdulwahhab

Votes: 1,456

44. Satisfied Like This (2007)

113 min | Comedy, Drama, Mystery

Triplets Prince - Bebo - Semsem (Ahmed Helmy) are taking advantage of similarities between them and outwitted the people, till meet a psychiatrist crook Suleiman al-Halabi.

Director: Ahmed Nader Galal | Stars: Ahmed Helmy, Menna Shalabi, Khaled El-Sawi, Lotfy Labib

Votes: 2,608

45. Fool el seen el azeem (2004)

105 min | Comedy

A rookie gangster takes part in a criminal operation and screws up, so his enemies come after him for revenge.

Director: Sharif Arafah | Stars: Mohamed Henedi, Hajjaj Abdul Azim, Soleiman Eid, Deyaa Al Merghany

Votes: 1,125

46. 1000 Congratulations (2009)

115 min | Comedy, Drama, Fantasy

A guy lives the same day over and over and deals with the same events each time which changes the way he looks to his life.

Director: Ahmed Nader Galal | Stars: Ahmed Helmy, Laila Ezz El Arab, Mahmoud El Feshawy, Mohamed Farraag

Votes: 2,953

47. Black Honey (2010)

130 min | Comedy, Drama

A 30 years old Egyptian goes back to Egypt after living in America for 20 years, where he has a hard time coping with the difference, Specially after he loses his identity and all his money and becomes stuck in Egypt.

Director: Khalid Marie | Stars: Ahmed Helmy, Edward, Amy Samir Ghanem, Lotfy Labib

Votes: 3,889

48. Samir wa Shahir wa Bahir (2010)

92 min | Comedy, Drama, Fantasy

The film revolves around three young men who face many problems and crises in their lives from unemployment to marriage plans and achieve their targets.

Directors: Moataz El Touni, Moataz Eltouni | Stars: Ahmed Fahmy, Shikoo, Hesham Maged, Amy Samir Ghanem

Votes: 1,042

49. Bewildered Bolbol (2010)

110 min | Comedy, Romance

Bolbol, a rich man who is trying to take the hard decision of his future wife, meets the women who he believes is the perfect one for him but after a while he finds out she is not that good... See full summary »

Director: Khalid Marie | Stars: Ahmed Helmy, Zeina, Sherry Adel, Amy Samir Ghanem

Votes: 1,773

50. The Headmaster (2000)

120 min | Comedy