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Películas vistas en el canal DePelicula

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1. The Criminal Life of Archibaldo de la Cruz (1955)

Not Rated | 89 min | Comedy, Crime, Drama

The delirious journey of a mental disordered man, who is obsessed in making the perfect crime.

Director: Luis Buñuel | Stars: Ernesto Alonso, Miroslava, Rita Macedo, Ariadne Welter

Votes: 4,407

2. Santo in the Treasure of Dracula (1969)

81 min | Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Mexican wrestler El Santo invents a time machine. After somebody uses the machine to find the hidden location of Drácula's treasure, El Santo must hunt down the vampire.

Director: René Cardona | Stars: Santo, Aldo Monti, Noelia Noel, Roberto G. Rivera

Votes: 237

3. Ventarrón (1949)

85 min | Drama, Crime

A murderer known as "Ventarrón" escapes from prison to get revenge.

Director: Chano Urueta | Stars: David Silva, Martha Roth, Isabel del Puerto, Alberto Mariscal

Votes: 14

4. Daughter of Deceit (1951)

78 min | Comedy, Drama

After discovering he's being cheated on by his wife María, Quintin kicks her out of the house. Upon leaving, his wife confesses that their daughter Martha is actually not Quintin'd daughter... See full summary »

Director: Luis Buñuel | Stars: Fernando Soler, Alicia Caro, Fernando Soto, Rubén Rojo

Votes: 520

6. La liga de las muchachas (1950)

PG | 85 min | Comedy

Dos mujeres forman La Liga de Las Muchachas e invitan a un repertorio interesante de señoritas para ser miembras y librarse de los hombres y todos los males que acompañan

Director: Fernando Cortés | Stars: Elsa Aguirre, Miroslava, Rubén Rojo, Consuelo Guerrero de Luna

Votes: 11

7. Día de muertos (1988)

PG | 90 min | Comedy, Drama

Several families and single people visit the cemetery on the day of the dead, adults take the opportunity to drink alcoholic beverages, couples argue and young people take the opportunity to flirt.

Director: Luis Alcoriza | Stars: Pedro Weber 'Chatanuga', Manuel 'Flaco' Ibáñez, Adalberto Martínez, María Rojo

Votes: 16

9. Qué perra vida (1962)

89 min | Family, Comedy

Two street musicians befriend a dog whose owner is searching for his long-lost daughter: a good-hearted young lady who is also the street musicians' neighbor.

Director: Jaime Salvador | Stars: Marco Antonio Campos, Gaspar Henaine, Norma Mora, Magda Urvizu

Votes: 11

12. Juan Charrasqueado (1948)

98 min | Drama, Western

Juan Charrasqueado is a drunk, womanizer, and brave Mexican Charro who falls in love with a girl of another class, her brothers will do everything possible to prevent them from joining.

Director: Ernesto Cortázar | Stars: Pedro Armendáriz, Miroslava, Fernando Soto, Arturo Martínez

Votes: 23

13. Santo vs. Blue Demon in Atlantis (1970)

85 min | Action, Adventure, Mystery

A Nazi scientist using the lost city of Atlantis as his home base threatens to destroy civilization with a nuclear bomb. The Nazi scientist wants the third Reich to rule again and if his ... See full summary »

Director: Julián Soler | Stars: Santo, Blue Demon, Ivan J. Rado, Agustín Martínez Solares

Votes: 95

16. Ya la hicimos (1994)

PG | 95 min | Comedy, Drama

Virginia y Nacho estan en un matrimonio de escasos recursos. Hasta que un dia la fortuna les sonríe, ganándose un auto último modelo.

Director: Rafael Montero | Stars: Leticia Perdigón, Alonso Echánove, Ernesto Gómez Cruz, Demián Bichir

Votes: 34

17. Santo vs. the Riders of Terror (1970)

TV-14 | 80 min | Western

Después de que un grupo de leprosos violentos se escapan de un sanatorio, robando varias granjas, los residentes de la ciudad exigen al sheriff que tome acción. Mientras tanto, un criminal ... See full summary »

Director: René Cardona | Stars: Santo, Armando Silvestre, Julio Aldama, Mary Montiel

Votes: 70

19. Those Were The Days, Senor Don Simon! (1941)

102 min | Comedy, Musical, Romance

A not very grief stricken young widow flutters her hand fan between a dashing young soldier and an elderly politician in this Belle Epoque era musical comedy.

Director: Julio Bracho | Stars: Joaquín Pardavé, Arturo de Córdova, Mapy Cortés, Anita Blanch

Votes: 63

20. Calabacitas tiernas (1949)

101 min | Comedy, Musical

"Tin Tan" plays a broke man, who is trying to put a musical show to pay his debts.

Director: Gilberto Martínez Solares | Stars: Germán Valdés, Rosita Quintana, Nelly Montiel, Jorge Reyes

Votes: 217

22. Kill Yourself, My Love (1961)

90 min | Comedy

Tin Tan is an eccentric wealthy man who comes across a beautiful woman who doesn't want to live anymore, good performances, great chemistry an lovely characters made this Mexican comedy and effective and clever title .

Director: Gilberto Martínez Solares | Stars: Germán Valdés, Tere Velázquez, Marina Camacho, Roberto Ramírez Garza

Votes: 17

26. Another Dawn (1943)

108 min | Drama, Romance, Thriller

The disaffected wife of a failed civil servant, is thrilled to re-encounter Octavio, a former lover who is now a union activist on the run from a corrupt politician. Hoping to help him, she... See full summary »

Director: Julio Bracho | Stars: Andrea Palma, Pedro Armendáriz, Alberto Galán, Narciso Busquets

Votes: 214

28. Don Quijote cabalga de nuevo (1973)

132 min | Comedy

Don Quixote is obsessed with knighthood and its honor codes. Together with his singular squire Sancho Panza, Don Quixote remembers the adventures they have shared.

Director: Roberto Gavaldón | Stars: Cantinflas, Fernando Fernán Gómez, María Fernanda D'Ocón, Paca Gabaldón

Votes: 157

29. El campeón ciclista (1957)

75 min | Comedy

Cleto is a poor man who delivers newspaper, he dreams of becoming a cyclist and a scientist. With his last invention, he wants to deliver newspapers by rockets. When the owner of the ... See full summary »

Director: Fernando Cortés | Stars: Germán Valdés, Sonia Furió, Marcelo Chávez, Eduardo Alcaraz

Votes: 24

30. Mi compadre Capulina (1989)

PG | 85 min | Comedy

Después de salir de la cárcel, Capulina tiene que ingeniárselas para conseguir trabajo y ayudar a su tía, pero en el proceso hace de las suyas y trabajo que consigue, trabajo donde lo despiden.

Director: Víctor Ugalde | Stars: Gaspar Henaine, Lina Santos, Wolf Ruvinskis, Carlos Ignacio

Votes: 14

31. Al son de la marimba (1941)

137 min | Comedy, Drama, Musical

A broken high society man tries to keep his family expensive lifestyle by tricking a rich man from out of the town to marry his well intended daughter.

Director: Juan Bustillo Oro | Stars: Fernando Soler, Emilio Tuero, Marina Tamayo, Joaquín Pardavé

Votes: 59

32. The Great Madcap (1949)

92 min | Comedy

Buñuel's first "comeback" film since "L'Age d'Or" in 1930 (he made only a few musicals in the interim), "El Gran Calavera" concerns a family's attempts to change the patriarch's somewhat ... See full summary »

Director: Luis Buñuel | Stars: Fernando Soler, Rosario Granados, Andrés Soler, Rubén Rojo

Votes: 1,049

34. El beisbolista fenómeno (1952)

90 min | Comedy, Fantasy, Sport

The baseball player Jimmy died without being able to make a hit and run, now his spirit wants to reincarnate in someone who makes the feat possible.

Director: Fernando Cortés | Stars: Adalberto Martínez, Óscar Pulido, Aurora Segura, Raúl Martínez

Votes: 18

35. La miel se fue de la luna (1952)

PG | 95 min | Family, Comedy, Romance

Pablo, un reconocido médico, está a punto de casarse con Mini y decide tomar la personalidad de su amigo Ricardo para no comprometerse en una aventura amorosa con África.

Director: Julián Soler | Stars: Sara García, Alma Rosa Aguirre, Abel Salazar, Manolo Fábregas

Votes: 21

37. El fantasma de la casa roja (1956)

91 min | Horror, Comedy, Mystery

A millionaire's ghost watches while his heirs murder each other over his fortune.

Director: Miguel M. Delgado | Stars: Alma Rosa Aguirre, Raúl Martínez, Antonio Espino, Jorge Reyes

Votes: 51

40. Mamá, soy Paquito (1984)

TV-PG | 105 min | Drama, Family

Paquito lives with his mother in poverty. When she dies he looks for his father's love, who is a very wealthy man.

Director: Sergio Véjar | Stars: Adalberto Martínez, Blanca Guerra, Frank Moro, Paquito Cuevas

Votes: 39

42. Una aventura en la noche (1948)

Crime, Mystery, Romance

A film director and a scriptwriter, ride two mysterious girls in the road, just to find out later that they had died months ago.

Director: Rolando Aguilar | Stars: Luis Aguilar, Miroslava, Susana Cora, Jorge Reyes

Votes: 30

45. El cofre del pirata (1959)

95 min | Comedy, Fantasy

In the past, Tin Tan the pirate hides a treasure map so their crew can't find it. In the actual time, his descendant a ruined aristocratic finds the map but other people is also looking for it.

Director: Fernando Méndez | Stars: Germán Valdés, Irma Dorantes, Sonia Furió, Arturo Martínez

Votes: 24

46. El ropavejero (1947)

104 min | Comedy

Don Cirilo, a junkie, falls in love with Maria, who works as a servant for a millionaire family. One day looking for objects to sell in the basement of the mansion find something that will change their lives.

Director: Emilio Gómez Muriel | Stars: Joaquín Pardavé, Sara García, Dalia Íñiguez, Jorge Ancira

Votes: 46

47. María Eugenia (1943)

101 min | Drama