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1. Anja After Victor (2003)

Not Rated | 84 min | Comedy, Family, Romance

Anja throws Viktor out of her apartment after he destroys it partying. She sees him 6 months later. He's grown up, looks good and happy, gotten a job bar-tending as well as a cute, rich girlfriend soon to be fiancee. Anja wants him back.

Director: Charlotte Sachs Bostrup | Stars: Sofie Lassen-Kahlke, Robert Hansen, Mira Wanting, Karl Bille

Votes: 731

3. Ambulance (2005)

80 min | Drama, Thriller

"Ambulance" is a psychological thriller based on 3 rules: 1. The entire film must take place in only ONE LOCATION; an ambulance 2. The story must be in REAL TIME; a 80 minute ride 3. There must be only 4 CHARACTERS on the ride.

Director: Laurits Munch-Petersen | Stars: Thomas Bo Larsen, Paw Henriksen, Helle Fagralid, Torbjørn Hummel

Votes: 1,088

4. Going for Broke (1977)

85 min | Comedy, Crime

Three out of work actors breaks into a bank through the toilet of a railroad station.

Director: Gabriel Axel | Stars: Dirch Passer, Jørgen Ryg, Preben Kaas, Lily Broberg

Votes: 326

5. Allegro (I) (2005)

88 min | Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi

63 Metascore

Famous pianist Zetterström returns home to his native Denmark, to give a concert, just to find out that the choices he has made in his life have affected his love life greatly.

Director: Christoffer Boe | Stars: Ulrich Thomsen, Helena Christensen, Henning Moritzen, Niels Skousen

Votes: 1,818 | Gross: $0.01M

6. The Moelleby Affair (1976)

95 min | Family

Mølleby's mayor in 1924 wants investors from Copenhagen to invest in a local brick production etc. His daughter wants to get married and his bookkeeper wants to publish poems with money "borrowed" from the municipality. Problems arise.

Director: Tom Hedegaard | Stars: Poul Reichhardt, Ove Sprogøe, Elin Reimer, Dick Kaysø

Votes: 81

7. Adam's Apples (2005)

R | 94 min | Comedy, Crime, Drama

51 Metascore

A neo-nazi sentenced to community service at a church clashes with the blindly devotional priest.

Director: Anders Thomas Jensen | Stars: Ulrich Thomsen, Mads Mikkelsen, Nicolas Bro, Paprika Steen

Votes: 41,741 | Gross: $0.00M

8. After the Wedding (2006)

R | 120 min | Drama

78 Metascore

A manager of an orphanage in India is sent to Copenhagen, Denmark, where he discovers a life-altering family secret.

Director: Susanne Bier | Stars: Mads Mikkelsen, Sidse Babett Knudsen, Rolf Lassgård, Neeral Mulchandani

Votes: 29,342 | Gross: $0.41M

9. Open Hearts (2002)

R | 113 min | Drama, Romance

77 Metascore

A Dogme film about an engaged couple that is torn apart after the man is paralyzed in an accident, and the woman falls in love with the husband of the woman who caused the accident.

Director: Susanne Bier | Stars: Sonja Richter, Nikolaj Lie Kaas, Mads Mikkelsen, Paprika Steen

Votes: 8,991 | Gross: $0.12M

10. Elvira Madigan (I) (1967)

PG | 91 min | Biography, Drama, Romance

The Danish tightrope dancer Elvira Madigan meets Lieutenant Sixten Sparre, a Swedish officer who is married and has two children. They both decide to run away.

Director: Bo Widerberg | Stars: Pia Degermark, Thommy Berggren, Lennart Malmer, Cleo Jensen

Votes: 2,391

11. Echo (2007)

80 min | Drama, Horror, Thriller

A divorced policeman loses custody of his young son, only to kidnap his boy and retreat to a remote cottage, where his plan soon turns into a nightmare.

Director: Anders Morgenthaler | Stars: Kim Bodnia, Villads Milthers Fritsche, Stine Fischer Christensen, Peter Stormare

Votes: 409

12. Shake It (2001)

Not Rated | 98 min | Comedy, Romance, Drama

Jacob is a young man used to getting everything he wants. For several years, he has been living in a happy homosexual partnership with Jørgen, and one night Jacob decides to pop the big ... See full summary »

Director: Hella Joof | Stars: Mads Mikkelsen, Charlotte Munck, Troels Lyby, Jesper Lohmann

Votes: 3,004

13. When a Man Comes Home (2007)

100 min | Comedy

A small provincial town is buzzing with excitement: the town's most illustrious son, a world-famous opera singer, is coming home. Meanwhile, Sebastian, a kitchen boy who is as good as ... See full summary »

Director: Thomas Vinterberg | Stars: Oliver Møller-Knauer, Ronja Mannov Olesen, Helene Reingaard Neumann, Thomas Bo Larsen

Votes: 745

14. En ven i bolignøden (1965)

88 min | Comedy

7 people renting rooms in the same house get 2 weeks notice. It's impossible to find accommodation, especially for singles. One goes to the Ministry of Housing to complain and ends up as the minister's secretary. Changes follow.

Director: Annelise Reenberg | Stars: Birgit Sadolin, Ebbe Langberg, Morten Grunwald, Ove Sprogøe

Votes: 47

15. Forelsket i København (1960)

98 min | Romance

Jan is a young jazz conductor, who after a failed tour in Sweden turns money-free home to Copenhagen along with his three musicians.

Director: Finn Henriksen | Stars: Siw Malmkvist, Henning Moritzen, Ove Sprogøe, Jørgen Ryg

Votes: 116

16. The Goldcabbage Family (1975)

100 min | Comedy, Crime

The Iversen family is on the verge of bankruptcy. When all the family members are fired from their jobs, one after another, when most of the furniture is confiscated , the telephone blocked... See full summary »

Director: Gabriel Axel | Stars: Axel Strøbye, Kirsten Walther, Karen Lykkehus, Bertel Lauring

Votes: 418

17. The Goldcabbage Family Breaks the Bank (1976)

80 min | Comedy

Now the family has come to the top steps of the socially equitable, but unexpected demands from the tax administration mean that a forced sale is at the door. That is why they start with the largest number so far: to defraud Fidusbanken.

Director: Gabriel Axel | Stars: Axel Strøbye, Kirsten Walther, Karen Lykkehus, Bertel Lauring

Votes: 220

18. The Golden Cauliflower Family Gets the Vote (1977)

81 min | Comedy

Mr. Gyldenkål has an aversion to work and thus cons foreign tourists. He applies for social welfare but unfortunately gets a job. He decides to run at the municipal election with the motto: The less you know about politics the better.

Director: Bent Christensen | Stars: Axel Strøbye, Kirsten Walther, Karen Lykkehus, Bertel Lauring

Votes: 233

19. The Musketeers (1961)

111 min | Action, Drama, Family

Denmark, February 1658: The Swedish king invades Jutland via Germany and tries to get to the islands. The sea's been frozen to the islands so he can cross with his men. Some brave Danes try to bring a fortune to the king in Copenhagen.

Director: Annelise Hovmand | Stars: Jens Østerholm, Dirch Passer, Ove Sprogøe, Birgitte Federspiel

Votes: 100

20. Lost Generation (2004)

200 min | Drama

An adaptation of Christian Kampmann's four novels about the two decades from 1954 to 1974 as experienced by the five sons and daughters of the Gregersen family.

Director: Charlotte Sachs Bostrup | Stars: Pia Vieth, Steen Springborg, Thomas Levin, Laura Drasbæk

Votes: 306

21. Familien Olsen (1940)

91 min | Family

Greengrocer Olsen is called for jury duty in a case against a CEO. It burdens him extra finding out his son stole DKK500 from the CEO's company and his daughter is secretly dating the CEO's son.

Directors: Lau Lauritzen, Alice O'Fredericks | Stars: Osvald Helmuth, Maria Garland, Berthe Qvistgaard, Karl Gustav Ahlefeldt

Votes: 15

22. Far til fire i sneen (1954)

98 min | Comedy, Family

This is about a family dad - father of four who wins a trip to Norway to go skiing with his children. He wins it from the local newspaper, because two journalist from the paper, sees him ... See full summary »

Director: Alice O'Fredericks | Stars: Ib Schønberg, Peter Malberg, Birgitte Price, Preben Neergaard

Votes: 309

24. The Factory Outing (1978)

79 min | Comedy

A small jewelry company has their annual summer party

Director: John Hilbard | Stars: Judy Gringer, Jørgen Ryg, Lisbet Dahl, Preben Kaas

Votes: 160

25. Easy Skanking (2006)

Not Rated | 107 min | Comedy

A friend brings 170g hash to Kalle's university class party, "borrowed" from the psychopath Paten. Kalle ends working for him and looks after business while Paten is in prison. Kalle likes Paten's girl, money and car, all no-no. Release?

Director: Hella Joof | Stars: Rudi Køhnke, Lene Maria Christensen, Jonatan Spang, Jesper Dahl

Votes: 1,039

26. Flamberede hjerter (1986)

114 min | Comedy

Henriette is a fiercely independent nurse with the knack of solving all her friends problems, without being able to cope with her own. Lonely and single, she conceals a soft centre beneath ... See full summary »

Director: Helle Ryslinge | Stars: Kirsten Lehfeldt, Torben Jensen, Peter Hesse Overgaard, Søren Østergaard

Votes: 170

27. Flies on the Wall (2005)

92 min | Thriller

My Larsen is a documentarian in her early thirties. Self-centered and assertive, she likes to challenge and provoke her surroundings. She takes on an unusual assignment to make a film about... See full summary »

Director: Åke Sandgren | Stars: Trine Dyrholm, Lars Brygmann, Kurt Ravn, Henrik Prip

Votes: 285

28. Flyvende farmor (2001)

82 min | Family

The girl Eva's parents are too busy at their jobs in the airport to go on summer vacation with her, so she decides to go with her grandmother in the attempt to find Eva's grandfather Åge, who used to be a pilot.

Directors: Steen Rasmussen, Michael Wikke | Stars: Jytte Abildstrøm, Olivia Fuglsang-Laviana, Nicolaj Kopernikus, Karen Møller E.

Votes: 300

29. Freedom on Parole (2010)

95 min | Comedy, Drama

The middle-aged John is on parole. He takes immediately to Jylland, where he will help her adult son, who has run into difficulties. But whether it comes to be the father present, the ... See full summary »

Director: Erik Clausen | Stars: Erik Clausen, Henrik Bruhn, Pil Egholm, Helene Egelund

Votes: 211

30. Fukssvansen (2001)

90 min | Comedy

Dennis and Carl are brothers who live on a small farm in the Danish countryside. None too bright, Dennis wants a girlfriend for Christmas. Carl makes sure that Dennis gets just that when he... See full summary »

Director: Niels Arden Oplev | Stars: Martin Buch, Anders W. Berthelsen, Sidse Babett Knudsen, Tommy Kenter

Votes: 1,134

31. Fængslende feriedage (1978)

105 min | Comedy, Family

Four guys serve their prison sentences in the jovial and not very authoritarian prison in Maribo.

Director: Finn Henriksen | Stars: Jørgen Ryg, Lisbet Dahl, Birgitte Federspiel, Dirch Passer

Votes: 134

33. Epilogue (1963)

93 min | Drama

Returning to Denmark nearly 20 years after WW2, an ex-resistance fighter meets a woman half his age. The age difference and his wartime traumas put a strain on their relationship.

Director: Henning Carlsen | Stars: Erno Müller, Maud Berthelsen, Buster Larsen, Preben Neergaard

Votes: 21

35. Hold da helt ferie (1965)

95 min | Comedy, Family, Romance

Søren is looking forward to a relaxing camping holiday with his wife, Marianne. But nothing goes as planned, when his two daughters and mother-in-law join them.

Director: Anker Sørensen | Stars: Lily Broberg, Axel Strøbye, Else-Marie, Karl Stegger

Votes: 49

36. Humørkort-stativ-sælgerens søn (2002)

85 min | Comedy

The 33 years old publishing editor really likes to make people happy. He has big difficulties in saying no to his surroundings, and that causes him a lot of trouble along the road...

Director: Peter Bay | Stars: Thomas Bo Larsen, Hella Joof, Anette Støvelbæk, Niels Olsen

Votes: 283

37. Hvad vil De ha'? (1956)

79 min | Comedy, Music

A movie producer has his people hit the streets of Copenhagen asking very different people what they think should be in a movie. The result is mainly: young women and music.

Directors: Jens Henriksen, Preben Neergaard | Stars: Asbjørn Andersen, Boyd Bachmann, Paul Hagen, Hans Kurt

Votes: 36

38. White Night (2007)

100 min | Drama

A psychological drama about Ulrich, a workaholic whose life takes a drastic turn when he is involved in a fatal accident. As his guilt grows, his life slowly crumbles around him. Next, an ... See full summary »

Director: Jannik Johansen | Stars: Lars Brygmann, Anne Sofie Espersen, Morten Grunwald, Nicolas Bro

Votes: 506

39. This Life (2012)

Not Rated | 122 min | Drama, War

The true story of the Fiil's a family of innkeepers who during Nazi-Germany's occupation of Denmark took up arms against the German occupiers. But in the fight for freedom, some must die so that others may live.

Director: Anne-Grethe Bjarup Riis | Stars: Jens Jørn Spottag, Bodil Jørgensen, Thomas Ernst, Laura Winther Møller

Votes: 2,147

40. Hvordan vi slipper af med de andre (2007)

Not Rated | 94 min | Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi

A satirical drama revealing the consequences of the Danish government's "New Copenhagen Criteria", a new policy aiming at securing the nation's survival. Citizens who fail to meet the ... See full summary »

Director: Anders Rønnow Klarlund | Stars: Søren Pilmark, Louise Mieritz, Søren Fauli, Lene Tiemroth

Votes: 997

41. Havoc (1977)

132 min | Drama

A talented newspaper critic suddenly realizes his own situation, and starts going to pieces while soaking himself in alcohol. Based on Tom Kristensen's acclaimed novel.

Director: Ole Roos | Stars: Ole Ernst, Kirsten Peüliche, Jesper Christensen, Lars Lunøe

Votes: 168

42. Gasolin' (2006)

92 min | Documentary, Biography, Music

Intimate portrait of Denmark's most influential rock band Gasolin'. For the first time ever since they split up in 1978 the four band members reflect upon their career and why they parted.

Director: Anders Østergaard | Stars: Kim Larsen, Franz Beckerlee, Wili Jönsson, Søren Berlev

Votes: 341

43. Count Axel (2001)

86 min | Comedy

"Count Axel" is a comedy that takes place somewhere in the nordic countries in 1783. It's a classic comedy about mixed identities, with strong elements of contemporary humour and satire. ... See full summary »

Director: Søren Fauli | Stars: Peter Frödin, Sofie Gråbøl, Tomas Villum Jensen, Egon Holmquist

Votes: 623

45. Rubber Tarzan (1981)

Not Rated | 89 min | Drama, Family

Ivan is a very lonely 8 year boy who is bullied almost every day in school. Even his father taunts him because Ivan litteraly is a weakling (That should explain the title Rubber Tarzan). As... See full summary »

Director: Søren Kragh-Jacobsen | Stars: Alex Svanbjerg, Otto Brandenburg, Peter Schrøder, Susanne Heinrich

Votes: 978

46. In China They Eat Dogs (1999)

Not Rated | 91 min | Action, Comedy, Crime

Two brothers, one cold and ruthless, the other sensitive and reluctant, and their brutal misadventures.

Director: Lasse Spang Olsen | Stars: Kim Bodnia, Dejan Cukic, Nikolaj Lie Kaas, Tomas Villum Jensen

Votes: 18,407

47. The Collector (2004)

86 min | Action, Comedy, Crime

Boxing trainer Claus works a second job as a collector for loan shark Holger in order to pay off his own debts. He is assisted by Igor, a 'Jaws'-like tough guy. Trouble arises when Claus falls in love with hot-tempered Laura.

Director: Lasse Spang Olsen | Stars: Iben Hjejle, Kim Bodnia, Allan Olsen, Casper Christensen

Votes: 1,517

48. Italian for Beginners (2000)

R | 112 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

77 Metascore

Several lonely hearts in a semi-provincial suburb of a town in Denmark use a beginner's course in Italian as the platform to meet the romance of their lives.

Director: Lone Scherfig | Stars: Anders W. Berthelsen, Ann Eleonora Jørgensen, Anette Støvelbæk, Peter Gantzler

Votes: 12,251 | Gross: $4.45M

49. I Belong to Me (1967)

100 min | Comedy, Musical