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1. A Summer Dress (1996)

Not Rated | 15 min | Short, Comedy, Drama

It's summer. Sébastien loves the singer Sheila. Lucia loves boys. And all Luc wants is to get a nice tan...

Director: François Ozon | Stars: Frédéric Mangenot, Lucia Sanchez, Sébastien Charles

Votes: 1,781

2. Peacock (2015)

27 min | Short, Biography, Comedy

A twisted gay romance set in the 19th Century picturesque Bohemia telling a tabooed true story of birth of one of the nation's most influential writers, starring Julius Feldmeier (Tore ... See full summary »

Director: Ondrej Hudecek | Stars: Julius Feldmeier, Cyril Dobrý, Marie Poulová, Tomas Pivoda

Votes: 61

3. Duck Amuck (1953)

Approved | 7 min | Animation, Short, Comedy

The short-tempered Daffy Duck must improvise madly as the backgrounds, his costumes, the soundtrack, even his physical form, shifts and changes at the whim of the animator.

Director: Chuck Jones | Star: Mel Blanc

Votes: 7,506

5. Trémulo (2015)

20 min | Short, Romance

Carlos sweeps and mops the floor of an old-time barbershop. The day before Independence Day, among the customers is Julio. Their eyes meet, and when the barbershop closes Julio comes back ... See full summary »

Director: Roberto Fiesco | Stars: Benny Emmanuel, Axel Arenas, Alfonso Bravo, Pascacio López

Votes: 248

6. The Den (2015)

15 min | Short, Drama

A short film by Lorenzo Caproni produced by Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia Production. 'The Den is a parable about the game of roles in a world where men have to be men' (Lorenzo Caproni)

Director: Lorenzo Caproni | Stars: Emanuel Caserio, Daniele Mariani, Laura Sinceri

Votes: 6

7. Alger la blanche (1986)

28 min | Short

Farid, a teenager of Algerian descent, provokes violent reactions within his family environment and his friends, among whom his friend Jean, with whom Farid had a homosexual relationship. ... See full summary »

Director: Cyril Collard | Stars: Frédéric Deban, Ali Baouche, Farida Chrouki, Aïssa Djabri

Votes: 118

8. Particularly Now, in Spring (1996)

8 min | Short

This is a film about the dreams you have when you are young. A seventeen year old boy reveals his life philosophy of idealism, unity and friendship amongst his mates in the sports club. He ... See full summary »

Director: Bavo Defurne | Stars: Olaf Nollen, Bart, Ignace, Sven

Votes: 148

9. El primo (2008)

Not Rated | 15 min | Short, Drama

A sheltered, sensitive teenager visits his tough, older cousin in Laredo, Texas and learns a hard lesson about what it means to be a man.

Director: Nick Oceano | Stars: Daniel Marin, Dina Duran, Paola Ochoa, Manny Montana

Votes: 124

10. Drowning (II) (2009)

20 min | Short, Drama, Romance

Things are changing for Mik. His world has been turned upside down by the sudden death of his older brother forcing him to redefine his place in his family. The one solid thing in Mik's ... See full summary »

Director: Craig Boreham | Stars: Miles Szanto, Xavier Samuel, Tess Haubrich, Bren Foster

Votes: 385

11. Hell, or Pool Cleaning (2011)

20 min | Short, Drama, Thriller

You can think of swimming pools, shinny wet grass, maybe heat and sex. There is no subway, no train station. You take three buses if you don't have a car. You can live well there. Probably ... See full synopsis »

Director: Carlos Conceição | Stars: Ricardo Sá, Maria Albergaria, Maria Leite, Martim Barbeiro

Votes: 71

12. Hôtel Kuntz (2008)

15 min | Short, Drama

A man hangs around an outside tennis court in the 19th district of Paris. On the hard-packed surface, four teenagers play together, then they begin playing with the man a cruel game, from ... See full summary »

Director: Christophe Honoré | Stars: Tanel Derard, Olivier Dubois, Jacob Lyon, Lucas Ruffié

14. Prora (2012)

Not Rated | 23 min | Short, Drama, Romance

Prora, on the Baltic Sea. Mysterious, endless. In this deserted former Nazi holiday camp and communist military complex, teenagers Jan and Matthieu embark on an adventure that puts their friendship at risk.

Director: Stephane Riethauser | Stars: Swen Gippa, Tom Gramenz

Votes: 876

15. Verona (2010)

22 min | Short, Drama, Romance

The story of two young lovers separated by their rival fraternities.

Director: Laurie Lynd | Stars: John Bregar, Shannon Kook, Dean Armstrong, Brittany Allen

Votes: 309

17. Night Swimming (2005)

17 min | Short, Drama

A night in the woods, and its aftermath, helps Otter with a major life decision. He's a high school senior, hanging out with Darby - the local alpha male - and Darby's girlfriend Amber. ... See full summary »

Director: Daniel Falcone | Stars: Damon Cardasis, Frankie Shaw, Bobby Steggert, Matthew Walker

Votes: 274

18. Alle Werden (2011)

Not Rated | 19 min | Short, Drama, Romance

Samuel meets Philippe, one highly admired colleague of his best friend Andreas. As the two get close, Andreas finds himself irritated and put in the uncomfortable position to watch his best mate helplessly fall in love.

Director: Piet Baumgartner | Stars: Rosario Bona, Oliver Goetschel, Marco Zbinden, Jeanne Devos

Votes: 16

19. With the Dust (2008)

19 min | Short

At the frontier between youth and adulthood, François is in love with Michel. Michel doesn't seem to care. The arrival of Alice, a capricious young woman, threatens to disturb this strange balance.

Director: Jacques Molitor | Stars: Thomas Coumans, Pol Deranne, Guillaume Dumont, Jean-Jacques Rausin

Votes: 41

20. Family Affair (2011)

12 min | Short, Drama

Rossi is spending his day at home when his older brother brings home a group of friends. Rossi tries to socialize with them, with surprising results.

Director: Caru Alves de Souza | Stars: Kauê Telloli, Cláudia Assunção, Thiago Pinheiro, Ney Piacentini

Votes: 106

21. Beast (2011)

24 min | Short, Drama, Romance

Vincent has a secret that forces him to stay away from the people he loves. But when he meets Gustav, love strikes Vincent. As their love grows, so does his fear of letting his secret destroy his new lover.

Director: Valentina Chamorro Westergårdh | Stars: Thérèse Svensson, Andreas La Chenardière, Robert Noack

Votes: 11

22. 33 Teeth (2011)

Not Rated | 8 min | Short, Comedy, Drama

Eddie's fascination with his older neighbor, Chad, heightens after he spies on him in the bathroom measuring his manhood.

Director: Evan Roberts | Stars: Spencer Siegel, James Lee, Stephen Felix, Elizabeth Mason

Votes: 266

23. Un camion en réparation (2004)

43 min | Drama, Short

Twenty-year-old Eugène is somewhat aimless and has not been doing well in university. He is staying in a small village for the summer. He awkwardly seduces Pierre, a slightly older man who ... See full summary »

Director: Arnaud Simon | Stars: Pierre Moure, Antoine Régent, Edith Scob, Aline Le Berre

Votes: 115

25. The Visitor (III) (2002)

30 min | Short, Drama, Mystery

Michael, at his beach-home in Australia, is avoiding phone calls regarding his dear lifelong friend and former lover of two-years Chris who is dying back in Boston, America. While trying to... See full summary »

Director: Dan Castle | Stars: Barry Otto, Nick Carpenter, Grant Dodwell, Pamela Shaw

Votes: 277

26. Kiss Me Softly (2012)

16 min | Short, Comedy, Drama

The son of a schlager singer wants to sing the song his own way.

Director: Anthony Schatteman | Stars: Ezra Fieremans, Tim Bogaerts, Marijke Pinoy, Marc Van Eeghem

Votes: 300

27. Blinders (2011)

10 min | Short, Drama

A young couple (Nathaniel Brown and Byrdie Bell) goes to a bar one night and meets a young creature of a boy (Luke Worrall). This boy possesses an otherworldly physical beauty that could ... See full summary »

Director: Jacob Brown | Stars: Nathaniel Brown, Byrdie Bell, Luke Worrall

Votes: 91

28. Going South (2012)

45 min | Drama

Gi-tae who is going to terminate his military service goes on a road trip with Jun-young by drugging him with a sleeping pill. They learn more about each other and come to terms with their sexuality.

Director: Hee-il Leesong | Stars: Shin-Hwan Chun, Kim Jae-Heung

Votes: 71

29. Porn Punk Poetry (2014)

41 min | Short, Drama

A male prostitute (David Schütter) is trying to escape his long forgotten feelings. The unexpected tender encounter with a young woman (Nadja Bobyleva) confronts him with his real desires and puts his whole life to the test.

Director: Maurice Hübner | Stars: David Schütter, Nadja Bobyleva, Max Reimann, Matthias Lier

Votes: 63

31. Remission (III) (2014)

19 min | Short, Drama

Two young men and a boy roam the overgrown English countryside, seeking to escape a deadly virus. The two men are forced to take a horrific decision after the boy's behaviour puts them in ... See full summary »

Director: Christopher R. Brown | Stars: Cai Brigden, Antony De Liseo, Teddy Nicholas

Votes: 62

32. Naked (2013)

29 min | Short, Drama, Romance

'Naked' is a modern-day drama set in Sweden which centers on two young men, Erik and Anthony. They share a night of passion after a party, and as ostensibly heterosexual men with ... See full summary »

Director: Daniel Hagberg | Stars: Oscar Sperlich, Henrik Gustavsson, Magdalena Sverlander, Caroline Jörnsved

Votes: 38

33. Stockholm Daybreak (2013)

7 min | Short, Drama

At the break of dawn, two adolescent boys start to see each other in a whole new light.

Director: Elin Övergaard | Stars: Tom Ljungman, David Arnesen

Votes: 29

34. Electric July (2014)

24 min | Short, Adventure, Drama

In the burning heat of July, Thomas and Victor, two 14 years old teenagers, are bored to death and want to escape. Victor decides to take Thomas to an abandoned bridge. He will have to confront his fears and desires.

Director: Rémi Bigot | Stars: Nathan Bobet, Rémi Chaudière, Sophie Froissard, Florimont Constant

Votes: 133

35. All Boys Like That (2012)

29 min | Short, Drama

A teenager gets together with his girlfriend for the weekend. They decide to make love, whilst their parents are out of sight and nothing should stand in the way of their first time. Or that' the way teenage movies should go.

Director: Philippe Deschamps | Stars: Marie Béraud, Yannick Choirat, Anne Cressent, Barthélémy Guillemard

37. Just Like Arcadia (2015)

7 min | Short

A melancholy, dreamy voyage back to cruel adolescence, which condemns us to live without the possibility of return. We journey into the beginning of time, when mortals lived like gods, ... See full summary »

Director: Jordi Estrada | Stars: Marc Lerch, Albert Martínez, Alberto Rosás, Alejandro Rosás

Votes: 23

38. Wastelands (2013)

14 min | Short, Drama

Lonely teenager Marc is secretly in love with Olaf, the cool boy-next-door. He dreams about a relationship with him, and when the two go camping, this dream seems to become reality for Marc... See full summary »

Director: Marco van Bergen | Stars: Frederik Stuut, Daniël Brak, Henny Renes

Votes: 400

39. Stout-Hearted (2007)

15 min | Short, Drama

Felix is secretly in love with Ralph. This doesn't seem to be the biggest problem, but Felix is fifteen and Ralph is his thirty-four-year-old soccer coach. They meet every day in secret. ... See full summary »

Director: Martin Busker | Stars: Tommaso Cacciapuoti, Ferdinand Hanisch, Johanna Niedermüller, Bettina Ernst

Votes: 366

40. Oranges (I) (2004)

12 min | Short, Drama, Romance

Two boys are talking after a bicycle accident. The older is bragging about his experience with girls, but is that just a boast?

Director: Kristian Pithie | Stars: Thomas Blackburne, Brad Flynn, Kristen Hagen, Robyn Nethercote

Votes: 751

41. Brazil Carnival (2016)

20 min | Short

It is a film about the carnival in Rio de Janeiro, with bodies that dance, talk and get excited. The city becomes a jungle and everything is allowed. It is an explicit carnival with penises... See full summary »

Director: Antonio da Silva

Votes: 46

42. Pretty Boy (2015)

31 min | Short, Drama

Sean is taken to a motel and is given a prostitute for his 18th birthday by his father. He must sleep with her to "fix" his questionable homosexuality.

Director: Cameron Thrower | Stars: Nick Eversman, Rebekah Tripp, Jon Briddell, Millie Trachtenberg

Votes: 593

43. Pedro (2016)

20 min | Short, Drama

Pedro gets home at dawn. Before the young boy falls asleep, his lonely mother drags him to the beach.

Directors: Marco Leão, André Santos | Stars: Filipe Abreu, Rita Durão, Marcello Urgeghe, João Villas-Boas

Votes: 99

44. Crazy House (2015)

19 min | Short, Drama

After the suicide of his best friend, a teenage boy is forced to deal with his guilt and sexuality.

Director: Aaron Mirkin | Stars: Connor Jessup, Eric Osborne, Matthew Evans Landry, Deborah Drakeford

Votes: 18

45. Lukas by the Sea (2016)

26 min | Short, Drama

During a seemingly endless night, a young man attempts to find a real connection with whomever he encounters.

Director: Jordi Wijnalda | Stars: Matthijs van de Sande Bakhuyzen, Julia Akkermans, Kay Greidanus, Mattias Van de Vijver

Votes: 9

46. The Quiet Room (2018)

Not Rated | 28 min | Short, Drama, Horror

When Michael's attempt at suicide awakens a psych ward demon, he must stop her before she kills everyone in the hospital.

Director: Sam Wineman | Stars: Jamal Douglas, Barkley Harper, Stephanie Kerbis, Brian McCook

Votes: 60

47. Likeness (2013)

9 min | Short, Drama

For Mia, beauty is everything. A trophy, a promise, a ball and chain, a wish upon a star. A life sentence.

Director: Rodrigo Prieto | Stars: Elle Fanning, Ximena Prieto, Monroe Alvarez, Grant Berman

Votes: 670

48. The Garden (1968)

Not Rated | 17 min | Short, Drama

Josef shows his friend Frank his garden and his rabbits. Frank is most interested in the unsettling fact that Josef's garden fence is entirely made up of living people holding hands.

Director: Jan Svankmajer | Stars: Jirí Hálek, Ludek Kopriva, Míla Myslíková, Václav Borovicka

Votes: 564

49. The Mousetrap (2016)

9 min | Short, Fantasy, Horror

Baptiste is a gay man who can't stop dreaming about a woman who works at a local pub. His desire for her makes him go on a journey that he could had never imagined.

Director: Ricky Mastro | Stars: Dolores Calvi, Cochise Leberre, Raphaël Milland, Callin Scherer

Votes: 11

50. The Storm (2017)

16 min | Short, Drama