Gainsborough Noir

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Including Hitchcocks , crime films , and the Regency style melodramas .

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1. The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog (1927)

Not Rated | 68 min | Crime, Drama, Mystery

A landlady suspects her new lodger is the madman killing women in London.

Director: Alfred Hitchcock | Stars: June Tripp, Ivor Novello, Marie Ault, Arthur Chesney

Votes: 9,205

2. When Boys Leave Home (1927)

Not Rated | 74 min | Adventure, Drama, Thriller

Public schoolboy Roddy Berwick is expelled from school when he takes the blame for a friend's charge and his life falls apart in a series of misadventures.

Director: Alfred Hitchcock | Stars: Ivor Novello, Ben Webster, Norman McKinnel, Robin Irvine

Votes: 1,899

3. Easy Virtue (1928)

Not Rated | 80 min | Romance, Thriller

A recently divorced woman hides her scandalous past from her new husband and his family.

Director: Alfred Hitchcock | Stars: Isabel Jeans, Franklin Dyall, Eric Bransby Williams, Ian Hunter

Votes: 2,338

4. The Gaunt Stranger (1931)

60 min | Thriller

A master of disguise commits a series of daring crimes. Nobody knows what he looks like. He even masquerades as a doctor and kills his own partner whilst under police protection because he ... See full summary »

Director: Walter Forde | Stars: Patric Curwen, Esmond Knight, John Longden, Carol Goodner

Votes: 24

5. Night in Montmartre (1931)

69 min | Mystery

A young couple live under a café in Paris that, unknown to them, is owned by a brutal blackmailer. When he is murdered, they fall under suspicion. However, the husband's father, an amateur ... See full summary »

Director: Leslie S. Hiscott | Stars: Horace Hodges, Hugh Williams, Franklin Dyall, Heather Angel

Votes: 36

7. Criminal at Large (1932)

70 min | Drama, Mystery, Crime

Remade in 1940, this is an Edgar Wallace tale about the secretary and niece of an ancient family living in a mysterious family mansion. The chauffer then the crooked doctor are burgh found strangled. ...

Director: T. Hayes Hunter | Stars: Emlyn Williams, Cathleen Nesbitt, Norman McKinnel, Gordon Harker

Votes: 7

8. Edgar Wallace's White Face the Fiend (1932)

Passed | 70 min | Mystery, Crime, Drama

A doctor finds a man murdered in a seedy part of London. A police investigation reveals that the killer is a blackmailer known as "White Face" who is also a master of disguise. The doctor ... See full summary »

Director: T. Hayes Hunter | Stars: Hugh Williams, Gordon Harker, Norman McKinnel, Renee Gadd

9. Friday the Thirteenth (1933)

89 min | Comedy, Drama

It is pouring with rain at one minute to midnight on Friday the thirteenth, and the driver of a London bus is peering through his blurred windshield as his vehicle sails down an empty road.... See full summary »

Director: Victor Saville | Stars: Jessie Matthews, Sonnie Hale, Muriel Aked, Cyril Smith

Votes: 296

10. The Lady Vanishes (1938)

Not Rated | 96 min | Film-Noir, Mystery, Thriller

While travelling in continental Europe, a rich young playgirl realizes that an elderly lady seems to have disappeared from the train.

Director: Alfred Hitchcock | Stars: Margaret Lockwood, Michael Redgrave, Paul Lukas, May Whitty

Votes: 43,551

11. Bombsight Stolen (1941)

Not Rated | 90 min | Comedy, Mystery, Thriller

Allied spies and Nazi Agents insinuate themselves at a Scottish cottage (converted to a wartime hospital) with interests on an inventor's nearly perfected bomb sight.

Director: Anthony Asquith | Stars: Leslie Banks, Alastair Sim, Jeanne De Casalis, Carla Lehmann

Votes: 911

12. The Man in Grey (1943)

Approved | 90 min | Drama, History, Romance

After a brutish, hedonistic Marquis marries a pretty young Clarissa to act as a 'brood sow,' he begins an affair with her friend who plots to take her place.

Director: Leslie Arliss | Stars: Margaret Lockwood, James Mason, Phyllis Calvert, Stewart Granger

Votes: 887

13. Man of Evil (1944)

90 min | Drama, Romance

Returning to 1870's London after finishing at boarding school, Fanny witnesses the death of her father in a fight with Lord Manderstoke. She then finds that her family has for many years ... See full summary »

Director: Anthony Asquith | Stars: Phyllis Calvert, James Mason, Ann Stephens, Gloria Sydney

Votes: 388

14. Madonna of the Seven Moons (1945)

Not Rated | 88 min | Drama, Mystery

In the early part of this century, Maddelena a teenage Italian girl, is attacked whilst walking in the woods. The attack leaves her mentally scarred and our story flashes forward to the ... See full summary »

Director: Arthur Crabtree | Stars: Phyllis Calvert, Stewart Granger, Patricia Roc, Peter Glenville

Votes: 389

15. Waterloo Road (1945)

76 min | Drama, Romance, War

A drama set during World War II. A tale of adultery and desertion.

Director: Sidney Gilliat | Stars: John Mills, Stewart Granger, Alastair Sim, Joy Shelton

Votes: 453

16. A Place of One's Own (1945)

Not Rated | 92 min | Drama, Mystery, Thriller

An elderly couple move into an old, supposedly haunted abandoned house. A young girl comes to live with the pair as a companion for the wife. However, soon the girl is possessed by the ... See full summary »

Director: Bernard Knowles | Stars: Margaret Lockwood, James Mason, Barbara Mullen, Dennis Price

Votes: 685

17. They Were Sisters (1945)

115 min | Drama

The story of three sisters who marry men of widely different character as their individual and widely-different married lives unfold. One sister (Phyllis Calvert) is happily married but ... See full summary »

Director: Arthur Crabtree | Stars: Phyllis Calvert, James Mason, Hugh Sinclair, Anne Crawford

Votes: 246

18. The Wicked Lady (1945)

Not Rated | 97 min | Adventure, Drama

A noblewoman begins to lead a dangerous double life in order to alleviate her boredom.

Director: Leslie Arliss | Stars: Margaret Lockwood, James Mason, Patricia Roc, Griffith Jones

Votes: 1,162

19. The Root of All Evil (1947)

110 min | Drama

A girl from an impoverished family is jilted by her rich fiance, whose father doesn't approve. She decides to take revenge against them, and determines to let nothing or no one stop her from getting to the top.

Director: Brock Williams | Stars: Phyllis Calvert, Michael Rennie, John McCallum, Brefni O'Rorke

Votes: 164

20. Dear Murderer (1947)

Not Rated | 90 min | Crime, Drama

When successful business man Lee Warren suspects his wife is having an affair, he sets out find her lover, kill him, and make it look like suicide. Complications set in, when he finds out ... See full summary »

Director: Arthur Crabtree | Stars: Eric Portman, Greta Gynt, Dennis Price, Maxwell Reed

Votes: 596

21. Jassy (1947)

Approved | 100 min | Drama, Romance

In 17th. century England, Jassy is believed a witch because she has sometimes visions of approaching disasters. When Barney Hatton, an impoverished gentry whose gambling father has lost the... See full summary »

Director: Bernard Knowles | Stars: Margaret Lockwood, Patricia Roc, Dennis Price, Basil Sydney

Votes: 251

22. Snowbound (1948)

Approved | 85 min | Crime, Drama, Mystery

A group of people search for Nazi treasure hidden in the Alps. From "The Lonely Skier" by Hammond Innes.

Director: David MacDonald | Stars: Robert Newton, Dennis Price, Stanley Holloway, Herbert Lom

Votes: 196

23. My Brother's Keeper (1948)

Approved | 86 min | Crime, Drama, Thriller

War hero turned villain George Martin escapes from prison, but he is handcuffed to a naive young crook Willie Stannard. After using a clever plan to obtain railway tickets, and with the ... See full summary »

Director: Alfred Roome | Stars: Jack Warner, Jane Hylton, George Cole, Bill Owen

Votes: 207

24. Boys in Brown (1949)

Approved | 85 min | Crime, Drama

A slice of life in a British Borstal reform institution for young criminals.

Director: Montgomery Tully | Stars: Jack Warner, Richard Attenborough, Dirk Bogarde, Jimmy Hanley

Votes: 173

25. So Long at the Fair (1950)

Not Rated | 86 min | Drama, Mystery

Vicky Barton visits Paris with her brother Johnny, only to discover the following morning he has gone missing, and the hotel staff have no recollection of his presence.

Directors: Antony Darnborough, Terence Fisher | Stars: Jean Simmons, Dirk Bogarde, David Tomlinson, Marcel Poncin

Votes: 1,417

26. The Clairvoyant (1935)

Approved | 81 min | Drama, Mystery, Romance

A fake music-hall clairvoyant meets a woman, and suddenly his predictions seem to come true ...

Director: Maurice Elvey | Stars: Claude Rains, Fay Wray, Mary Clare, Ben Field

Votes: 879

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