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1. La colmena (1982)

105 min | Drama

As in the novel of the same title from Camilo Jose Cela, "La Colmena" is a sad composition with the stories of many people in the Madrid of 1942, just the postwar of the spanish civil war. ... See full summary »

Director: Mario Camus | Stars: Victoria Abril, Ana Belén, Concha Velasco, Francisco Rabal

Votes: 890

2. The Nameless (1999)

R | 102 min | Drama, Horror, Mystery

5 years after a mom's 6 y.o. girl is murdered, she gets a phone call from someone claiming to be the daughter. An ex cop and a reporter help. A secret group called The Nameless may be behind it all.

Director: Jaume Balagueró | Stars: Emma Vilarasau, Karra Elejalde, Tristán Ulloa, Toni Sevilla

Votes: 6,823

3. Carmina y amén. (2014)

Not Rated | 100 min | Comedy, Drama

A 60-year-old woman tries to hide that her husband is dead.

Director: Paco León | Stars: Carmina Barrios, Paco Casaus, María León, Mari Paz Sayago

Votes: 1,500

4. Afternoon of the Bulls (1956)

75 min | Drama

Sellout in the bullring of Las Ventas in Madrid. A luxury poster is about to deal a cattle from Antonio Pérez Tabernero. A spontaneous jumps into the ring, the wife of one of those ... See full summary »

Director: Ladislao Vajda | Stars: Domingo Ortega, Antonio Bienvenida, María Asquerino, Marisa Prado

Votes: 123

5. Los tarantos (1963)

83 min | Drama, Romance

A boy and a girl from two rival Gypsy families fall in love.

Director: Francisco Rovira Beleta | Stars: Carmen Amaya, Sara Lezana, Daniel Martín, Antonio Gades

Votes: 267

6. Ghost Graduation (2012)

R | 88 min | Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy

A teacher with paranormal abilities helps a group of ghosts graduate high school.

Director: Javier Ruiz Caldera | Stars: Raúl Arévalo, Alexandra Jiménez, Javier Bódalo, Anna Castillo

Votes: 3,023

7. Nothing in Return (2015)

93 min | Drama

16 year-old Dario got away from home, running from his familiar hell. Luismi, his unconditional friend, Caralimpia, a poor loser in a winners suit and Antonia, an old lady who collects ... See full summary »

Director: Daniel Guzmán | Stars: Miguel Herrán, Antonio Bachiller, Antonia Guzmán, Felipe García Vélez

Votes: 2,191

8. Truman (2015)

TV-14 | 108 min | Comedy, Drama

81 Metascore

Julián receives an unexpected visit from his friend Tomás, who lives in Canada. The two men, accompanied by Julián's faithful dog, Truman, will share emotional and surprising moments prompted by Julián's complicated situation.

Director: Cesc Gay | Stars: Ricardo Darín, Javier Cámara, Dolores Fonzi, Troilo

Votes: 10,730 | Gross: $0.21M

9. A Perfect Day (I) (2015)

R | 106 min | Comedy, Drama, War

60 Metascore

A group of aid workers work to resolve a crisis in an armed conflict zone.

Director: Fernando León de Aranoa | Stars: Benicio Del Toro, Tim Robbins, Olga Kurylenko, Mélanie Thierry

Votes: 19,145

10. 23-F: la película (2011)


The failed coup of 23 February 1981, which began with the takeover of the Spanish parliament and ended with the release of parliamentarians, put Spanish democracy in serious risk. While ... See full summary »

Director: Chema de la Peña | Stars: Paco Tous, Juan Diego, Fernando Cayo, Mariano Venancio

Votes: 274

11. Sólo para hombres (1960)

85 min | Comedy

Miss Flora Sandoval, in Madrid in 1895, takes a heroic resolution: instead of looking for a boyfriend to maintain her, as advised her own family, decides to be official of the Ministry of ... See full summary »

Director: Fernando Fernán Gómez | Stars: Analía Gadé, Fernando Fernán Gómez, Elvira Quintillá, Juan Calvo

Votes: 69

12. Bicycles Are for the Summer (1984)

103 min | Drama

The story of a boy and his family during the Spanish Civil War.

Director: Jaime Chávarri | Stars: Amparo Soler Leal, Agustín González, Victoria Abril, Alicia Hermida

Votes: 625

13. Padre nuestro (1985)

91 min | Drama

On the day he learns he has a year to live, a Spanish Cardinal who has lived in the Vatican for 30 years learns he has a granddaughter, born without a father to his own illegitimate ... See full summary »

Director: Francisco Regueiro | Stars: Fernando Rey, Francisco Rabal, Victoria Abril, Amelia de la Torre

Votes: 111

14. My Daughter Hildegart (1977)

109 min | Biography, Drama, History

Based in the novel Aurora de Sangre (Eduardo de Guzman) and in the real events happened during the II Spanish Republic. Aurora Rodriguez goes to police to assume the death of her daughter ... See full summary »

Director: Fernando Fernán Gómez | Stars: Amparo Soler Leal, Carmen Roldán, Manuel Galiana, Carles Velat

Votes: 123

15. Gary Cooper, que estás en los cielos (1980)

98 min | Drama

A woman nearing her forties, Andrea Soriana, has always pushed aside personal questions and romantic relationships in pursuit of professional success. Now a major illness forces her to ... See full summary »

Director: Pilar Miró | Stars: Mercedes Sampietro, Jon Finch, Carmen Maura, Víctor Valverde

Votes: 160

16. Manuela (1976)

105 min | Drama

Deep Andalusia: Manuela, the daughter of a Sevillian poacher who supports his family with the proceeds of their raids and killed shot by order of the chief of the village, marries Antonio, ... See full summary »

Director: Gonzalo García Pelayo | Stars: Charo López, Fernando Rey, Máximo Valverde, Carmen Platero

Votes: 50

17. The Near East (2006)

Not Rated | 93 min | Comedy

When his reckless brother, Abel (Asier Etxeandia), refuses to man up and take responsibility for getting young Muslim beauty Aisha (Nur Al Levi) pregnant, bashful Spanish butcher Cain (... See full summary »

Director: Fernando Colomo | Stars: Javier Cifrián, Nur Al Levi, Asier Etxeandia, Ash Varrez

Votes: 226

19. Misión blanca (1946)

88 min | Drama

Arriving at a Guinean Christian mission, a young priest is told by his elder ones the story of Father Javier, another young missioner who restlessly fought to convert a villain not only for God's sake, but also for sentimental reasons.

Director: Juan de Orduña | Stars: Julio Peña, Manuel Luna, Elva de Bethancourt, Jesús Tordesillas

Votes: 14

20. La herida luminosa (1956)

85 min | Drama

Isabel and Enrique are a married couple whose life has been drifting apart over time. The point of no return comes when their only son announces he has made up his mind to become a priest.

Director: Tulio Demicheli | Stars: Amparo Rivelles, Arturo de Córdova, Yolanda Varela, José María Rodero

Votes: 46

21. Cielo negro (1951)

113 min | Drama

A woman who works as employee in a fashion store has to care for her ill mother. At the same time she falls in love with a bohemian man.

Director: Manuel Mur Oti | Stars: Susana Canales, Fernando Rey, Luis Prendes, Teresa Casal

Votes: 180

22. Three Days with the Family (2009)

86 min | Drama

When Léa comes back to her family for the burial of her grandfather, she's get to know the actual nature of their members' relationship.

Director: Mar Coll | Stars: Nausicaa Bonnín, Eduard Fernández, Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu, Ramon Fontserè

Votes: 483

23. La montaña rusa (2012)

110 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

Three children, a woman and two men, friends meet many years later again. Thus arises a triangle: at a vertex, the sex; in another, love; and in the Middle, the protagonist made a mess. ... See full synopsis »

Director: Emilio Martínez Lázaro | Stars: Belén Cuesta, Natalia Rodríguez, Verónica Sánchez, Ernesto Alterio

Votes: 209

24. El Judas (1952)

102 min | Drama

A man plays Judas in the passion Easter play but he ambitions to play the role of Jesus.

Director: Ignacio F. Iquino | Stars: Antonio Vilar, Manuel Gas, Ramona Cubeles, María Rosa Formiguera

Votes: 62

25. Esquilache (1989)

100 min | Drama

In the 18th century in Madrid, the Marquess of Esquilache, King Charles III of Spain's former minister, bans on wearing the popular wide collar with a long coat and brimmed hat. Along with other measures provoke a massive riot in the city.

Director: Josefina Molina | Stars: Fernando Fernán Gómez, José Luis López Vázquez, Ángela Molina, Ángel de Andrés

Votes: 196

26. Food and Shelter (2015)

93 min | Drama

A single mother struggles to pay the rent and put food on the table for her 10 year old son.

Director: Juan Miguel del Castillo | Stars: Natalia de Molina, Jaime López, Natalia Roig, Mariana Cordero

Votes: 779

27. El gato montés (1936)

89 min

Soleá and Juanillo are two gypsy children that swear they will be together from always. One day, Juanillo escapes from prison where he was serving time for killing a man who had outraged Soleá and she seeks the protection of El Macareno.

Director: Rosario Pi | Stars: Pablo Hertogs, María del Pilar Lebrón, Juan Barajas, Honorio Barreto

Votes: 26

28. Things I Never Told You (1996)

93 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

Ann's boyfriend calls her from Prague. Twenty-five days after leaving her at the airport, he confesses he does not love her any more and that he is with another girl. Ann calls a telephone ... See full summary »

Director: Isabel Coixet | Stars: Andrew McCarthy, Lili Taylor, Peggy West, Leslie Mann

Votes: 1,216

29. You're the One (2000)

111 min | Drama

Spain, late 1940s. Julia leaves Madrid after falling into a deep depression when his lover, José Miguel, a prominent painter and opponent of the Fascist regime, is incarcerated.

Director: José Luis Garci | Stars: Lydia Bosch, Julia Gutiérrez Caba, Juan Diego, Ana Fernández

Votes: 711

30. Prim, el asesinato de la calle del Turco (2014 TV Movie)

99 min | History

Historic biopic about the plot to murder General Prim. The action takes place after the end of the Gloriosa revolution in 1868 and finishes with the proclamation of the king Amadeo I of Saboya.

Director: Miguel Bardem | Stars: Francesc Orella, Javier Godino, Pedro Casablanc, Daniel Grao

Votes: 89

31. Secrets of the Heart (1997)

105 min | Drama

Javi and his friend Carlos snoop around an old house on the way home from school. According to his brother Juan this is a haunted house and one can hear the voices of the dead. Later he is ... See full summary »

Director: Montxo Armendáriz | Stars: Carmelo Gómez, Charo López, Silvia Munt, Vicky Peña

Votes: 1,655

32. Actresses (1997)

100 min | Drama

A young drama student interviews three great actresses: an international diva, a television star and a dubbing director, and she discovers, in their memories, the grandeur and the misery of theatre: a real metaphor of life.

Director: Ventura Pons | Stars: Núria Espert, Rosa Maria Sardà, Anna Lizaran, Mercè Pons

Votes: 126

33. El Niño (I) (2014)

Not Rated | 136 min | Action, Crime, Drama

A small-time trafficker working in the Gibraltar Straits.

Director: Daniel Monzón | Stars: Luis Tosar, Jesús Castro, Eduard Fernández, Sergi López

Votes: 5,434

34. The Nail (1944)

99 min | Crime, Drama, Romance

A rural magistrate tries to solve the mystery of a man's death that turns to murder in the light of new events, while searching for his lost love, a beautiful and enigmatic woman who suddenly disappeared.

Director: Rafael Gil | Stars: Amparo Rivelles, Rafael Durán, Juan Espantaleón, Milagros Leal

Votes: 144

35. La española inglesa (2015 TV Movie)

109 min | History, Romance

Based on one of the most important novels written by Miguel de Cervantes, this story shows the life of one young Spanish girl by the name of Isabel whose life changes completely when she's ... See full summary »

Director: Marco A. Castillo | Stars: Macarena García, Carles Francino, Lola Herrera, Miguel Rellán

Votes: 59

36. Don Quixote, Knight Errant (2002)

122 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

A film version of the second half of Cervantes' "Don Quixote".

Director: Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón | Stars: Juan Luis Galiardo, Carlos Iglesias, José Luis Torrijo, Víctor Clavijo

Votes: 203

37. Miguel and William (2007)

Not Rated | 102 min | Comedy, Romance

A romantic comedy inventing a friendship between Cervantes and Shakespeare, who both fall in love with a Spanish woman.

Director: Inés París | Stars: Elena Anaya, Juan Luis Galiardo, Will Kemp, Josep Maria Pou

Votes: 250

38. Burnt Skin (1967)

110 min | Drama

Mass inner migration in Spain from Andalusia to Catalonia in the 60s is portrayed in two stages: first the husband, who must adapt to his new country, find work and a place for his family ... See full summary »

Director: Josep Maria Forn | Stars: Antonio Iranzo, Marta May, Silvia Solar, Luis Valero

Votes: 92

39. La regenta (1974)

93 min | Drama

Adapted from the novel of the same name by Clarín, which narrates the difficulties of Ana Ozores to adapt to the sordidness of life in Vetusta, a provincial city of northern Spain inspired ... See full summary »

Director: Gonzalo Suárez | Stars: Emma Penella, Nigel Davenport, Keith Baxter, Adolfo Marsillach

Votes: 45

41. Las cartas de Alou (1990)

100 min | Drama

Alou, an illegal African inmigrant, send letters to his parents talking about his new life in Spain.

Director: Montxo Armendáriz | Stars: Mulie Jarju, Eulàlia Ramon, Ahmed El-Maaroufi, Akonio Dolo

Votes: 200

42. The Bride (2015)

Not Rated | 96 min | Drama

As the Bride and the Groom prepare for the wedding in the pale desert, a tale of unappeased desires; forbidden yearnings, and conflicted choices unfolds. Now, three lovers stand powerless before the true nature of man. Is fate unavoidable?

Director: Paula Ortiz | Stars: Inma Cuesta, Álex García, Asier Etxeandia, Luisa Gavasa

Votes: 2,775

43. Bugles of Fear (1958)

80 min | Drama

Filigranas and Aceituno are two bullfighters hired for an amateur bullfight in a little town of Castile. Filigranas is a young man with enthusiasm and a huge desire to succeed; Aceituno, ... See full summary »

Director: Antonio Román | Stars: Francisco Rabal, Rogelio Madrid, Silvia Solar, Miguel Ángel

Votes: 27

44. Katmandú, un espejo en el cielo (2011)

104 min | Drama, Romance

In early-90s Kathmandu, an inspired Catalan teacher arrives in town to work at the local school; however, she will soon encounter the region's extreme poverty and its weak educational system.

Director: Icíar Bollaín | Stars: Verónica Echegui, Sumyata Bhattarai, Norbu Tsering Gurung, Kalsang Tamang

Votes: 659

45. The Wise Monkey (1978)

88 min | Drama

Juanito, a peaceful fan of bullfighting, has become picador's assistant to see from the same arena the show in which he brags he is one of the protagonists. Furthermore, he believes he has ... See full summary »

Director: Ray Rivas | Stars: José Luis López Vázquez, Curro Fajardo, Antoñita Linares, Chus Lampreave

Votes: 37

46. ¡Ay, Carmela! (1990)

PG-13 | 102 min | Comedy, Drama, War