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1. Body Rock (1984)

PG-13 | 93 min | Drama, Music, Musical

Chilly is just a guy from the streets with a talent for break-dancing. When his wicked moves catch the eye of an industry pro, Chilly finds his dreams of fame and fortune coming true, for better or for worse.

Director: Marcelo Epstein | Stars: Lorenzo Lamas, Vicki Frederick, Cameron Dye, Michelle Nicastro

Votes: 397 | Gross: $1.69M

2. Snake Eater (1989)

R | 91 min | Action

The Snake Eaters are an elite division of the Marines especially trained for search and destroy missions. This actioner chronicles the exploits of one of them who has become a cop. Known as... See full summary »

Director: George Erschbamer | Stars: Lorenzo Lamas, Josie Bell, Robert Scott, Ronnie Hawkins

Votes: 836

3. Snake Eater II: The Drug Buster (1989)

R | 93 min | Action

A Vietnam vet breaks out of a mental institution to go after drug-dealing gangsters who are selling contaminated product that is killing people.

Director: George Erschbamer | Stars: Lorenzo Lamas, Michele Scarabelli, Larry B. Scott, Harvey Atkin

Votes: 398

4. Final Impact (1992)

R | 99 min | Action, Drama

Nick, former world champion in kick boxing, discovers Danny, who just became light heavy-weight champion of Ohio. Danny is very ambitious to become world champion, so Nick offers to train ... See full summary »

Directors: Joseph Merhi, Stephen Smoke | Stars: Lorenzo Lamas, Kathleen Kinmont, Michael Worth, Jeff Langton

Votes: 466

5. The Swordsman (1992)

R | 92 min | Action, Drama

Cop and accomplished fencer Andrew is assigned to protect archaeologist and museum curator Julie Wilkins, the only witness to the theft of the legendary sword of Alexander the Great. Andrew... See full summary »

Director: Michael Kennedy | Stars: Lorenzo Lamas, Claire Stansfield, Michael Champion, Nicholas Pasco

Votes: 333

6. Snake Eater III: His Law (1992 Video)

R | 95 min | Action

A Vietnam vet named soldier is hired to find a biker gang called Hell's Fury, which kidnapped, drugged, and raped a young girl, and exact revenge.

Director: George Erschbamer | Stars: Lorenzo Lamas, Minor Mustain, Tracey Cook, Holly Chester

Votes: 377

7. Flesh and the Devil (1992 TV Movie)

100 min | Drama

Colombia 1662: In the Spanish colonies there the Inquisition: apostates are tortured, burned witches. The indigenous people are demonized and in the middle are two friends into enemies. The... See full summary »

Director: Nello Rossati | Stars: Lorenzo Lamas, Stefania Orsola Garello, Barbara Cupisti, Rik Battaglia

Votes: 33

8. Bounty Tracker (1993 Video)

R | 86 min | Action, Drama

Almost the whole staff of a tax consultant office is slayed by a team of professional killers, only Paul Damone can escape. He didn't know that his partner used to wash gangster Louis ... See full summary »

Director: Kurt Anderson | Stars: Lorenzo Lamas, Matthias Hues, Cyndi Pass, Eric Mansker

Votes: 489

9. CIA Code Name: Alexa (1992)

R | 93 min | Action, Thriller, Adventure

A terrorist couple is pitted against each other when the female counterpart is captured by C.I.A. agents. They convince her to help them bring down the dangerous group in this violent actioner.

Director: Joseph Merhi | Stars: Kathleen Kinmont, Lorenzo Lamas, O.J. Simpson, Alex Cord

Votes: 573

10. CIA II: Target Alexa (1993)

R | 90 min | Action, Thriller

Alexa is one of the best, but her handiwork is done for terrorists. When she is finally captured, it is up to CIA agent Graver to turn her against her latest employer who has diplomatic ... See full summary »

Director: Lorenzo Lamas | Stars: Lorenzo Lamas, Kathleen Kinmont, John Savage, John Saint Ryan

Votes: 425

11. Bad Blood (1994)

R | 90 min | Action, Drama

A trucker (Lamas) has to come home to help fight mobsters after his brother who embezzled $5,000,000 from them.

Director: Tibor Takács | Stars: Lorenzo Lamas, Frankie Thorn, Hank Cheyne, Joe Son

Votes: 432

12. Final Round (1994 Video)

R | 75 min | Adventure, Sci-Fi

After a recruiter sees him winning a bar fight, Tyler Verdiccio is kidnapped and thrown into an abandoned industrial complex which has been converted into the arena. Along with his lover, ... See full summary »

Director: George Erschbamer | Stars: Lorenzo Lamas, Kathleen Kinmont, Anthony De Longis, Clark Johnson

Votes: 207

13. Midnight Man (1995)

R | 93 min | Action, Drama

When the police start a crackdown on Yakuza activities, a killer (James Lew) starts killing the cops forcing a martial-arts officer (Lorenzo Lamas) to fight back.

Director: John Weidner | Stars: Lorenzo Lamas, James Lew, Mako, Eric Pierpoint

Votes: 320

14. Mask of Death (1996)

R | 89 min | Action, Crime, Thriller

While attempting to flee from the FBI, the criminal Frank Dallio kills Detective McKenna's wife, Rachel. McKenna himself is shot in the face by the professional killer Lyle Mason, who dies ... See full summary »

Director: David Mitchell | Stars: Lorenzo Lamas, Rae Dawn Chong, Billy Dee Williams, Conrad Dunn

Votes: 297

15. Terminal Justice (1996)

R | 94 min | Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller

In 2008 cybersex can only be surpassed by one thing: Cloned women, especially created for their clients. This puts Pamela Travis, a famous and much sought-after cybersex star in great ... See full summary »

Director: Rick King | Stars: Lorenzo Lamas, Chris Sarandon, Peter Coyote, Kari Wuhrer

Votes: 451

16. The Rage (1997)

R | 93 min | Action, Thriller

FBI Special Agent Travis is trying to catch a deranged serial killer and is doing his best despite having a new and unexperienced partner in the form of Kelly McCord. It turns out that the ... See full summary »

Director: Sidney J. Furie | Stars: Lorenzo Lamas, Kristen Cloke, Gary Busey, Brandon Smith

Votes: 462

17. Undercurrent (1998)

R | 94 min | Thriller

A nightclub manager with financial problems accepts an offer to seduce another man's wife for money, and soon finds himself entwined in a web of double-crossing con artists.

Director: Frank Kerr | Stars: Lorenzo Lamas, Brenda Strong, Frank Vincent, Daniel Lugo

Votes: 162

18. Back to Even (1998)

R | 95 min | Action, Drama, Thriller

When an expert counterfeiter gets into debt with a dangerous bookie, who's on the run from the mob, the only way he can settle his debt is to join forces with the bookie in this thriller. ... See full summary »

Director: Rod Hewitt | Stars: Lorenzo Lamas, Michael Paré, Herb Mitchell, Angela Jones

Votes: 135

19. The Paradise Virus (2003 TV Movie)

TV-14 | 96 min | Drama, Family, Thriller

A brilliant and beautiful virologist must interrupt her Caribbean holiday to stem the spread of a deadly virus that could claim her son among its victims.

Director: Brian Trenchard-Smith | Stars: Lorenzo Lamas, Melody Thomas Scott, Ralf Moeller, David Millbern

Votes: 249

20. 13 Dead Men (2003)

R | 85 min | Action, Crime, Drama

Set in a prison, a death row inmate has a secret and the warden will go to any lengths to get it. Things dont go as planned as you would expect. A good action film with alot of good fight ... See full summary »

Director: Art Camacho | Stars: Lorenzo Lamas, Mark Parra, Mystikal, Ashley Tucker

Votes: 415

21. Motocross Kids (2004)

PG | 82 min | Action, Adventure, Family

Motocross kids race about their farm.

Director: Richard Gabai | Stars: Lorenzo Lamas, Alana Austin, Dan Haggerty, Robert Thomas Preston

Votes: 405

22. Deep Evil (2004 TV Movie)

R | 90 min | Action, Horror, Sci-Fi

An alien microbe lands in remote Siberia in the 1950's. In the year 2004, US scientist working at a top secret underground lab in Alaska clone the microbe. A garbled distress signal is ... See full summary »

Director: Pat Williams | Stars: Lorenzo Lamas, Ona Grauer, Adam J. Harrington, Jim Thorburn

Votes: 883

23. Unseen Evil 2 (2004 Video)

R | 81 min | Horror, Sci-Fi

After a series of brutal, unexplained murders in a remote forest, a rogue military unit is recruited to hunt for whoever - or whatever - has rendered the attacks. In order to carry out the ... See full summary »

Director: Jeff Leroy | Stars: Lorenzo Lamas, Priscilla Barnes, Corbin Timbrook, Scott Schwartz

Votes: 598

24. Raptor Island (2004 TV Movie)

Not Rated | 89 min | Action, Adventure, Horror

A team of terrorist-fighting Naval officers in the South China Sea finds their struggle against the enemy taking a backseat to the fight of their lives when an horde of creatures thought to... See full summary »

Director: Stanley Isaacs | Stars: Lorenzo Lamas, Steven Bauer, Hayley DuMond, Michael Cory Davis

Votes: 889

25. Thralls (2005 Video)

R | 95 min | Horror

A young woman gets caught up in the plans of a coven of vampires fighting to free themselves from their master.

Director: Ron Oliver | Stars: Lorenzo Lamas, Leah Cairns, Siri Baruc, Fiona Scott

Votes: 633

26. 30,000 Leagues Under the Sea (2007 Video)

Not Rated | 86 min | Action, Sci-Fi

Captain Nemo goes even deeper into insanity in this mesmerizing fantasy tale. Once again at the helm of his fearsome, wildly advanced vessel, the nautical madman endeavors to turn the world above the waves upside down.

Director: Gabriel Bologna | Stars: Lorenzo Lamas, Sean Lawlor, Natalie Stone, Kim Little

Votes: 1,513

27. Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus (2009 Video)

R | 88 min | Action, Adventure, Comedy

The California coast is terrorized by two enormous prehistoric sea creatures as they battle each other for supremacy of the sea.

Director: Jack Perez | Stars: Lorenzo Lamas, Debbie Gibson, Vic Chao, Jonathan Nation

Votes: 10,188

28. Mexican Gold (2009)

PG-13 | 95 min | Western

After the brazen escape from his sentence to be hanged, infamous outlaw Jack Barnett cons a crooked judge, local saloon gal and an old partner into partaking in the heist of a lifetime. ... See full summary »

Director: Chuck Walker | Stars: Lorenzo Lamas, John Castellanos, J. Eddie Peck, Michael Gregory

Votes: 91

30. Backstabber (2011)

90 min | Horror

Employees attending an extreme team-building function for the weekend find new meaning in teamwork, thinking outside the box, and risk management as they fight for survival from a deranged killer bent on revenge.

Director: Chuck Walker | Stars: Lorenzo Lamas, Tammy Barr, Jared Doreck, David Kerr

Votes: 56

31. Return to Vengeance (2012)

70 min | Drama

The movie centers around Lorenzo Lamas as the mysterious drifter known only as Brady. He innocently rides into a small southern town and is immediately drawn to the rescue of a young lady ... See full summary »

Director: Chuck Walker | Stars: Lorenzo Lamas, Daniel Baldwin, Tammy Barr, Burton Gilliam

Votes: 14

32. Unwritten (I) (2018)

Not Rated | 80 min | Fantasy, Thriller

The story he never finished, might be the end - of us all.

Director: Dale Neven | Stars: Lorenzo Lamas, Abraham Rodriguez, Ben Stobber, Brittany Hoza

Votes: 105

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