Brazilian Soap Operas

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1. Edge of Desire (2017)

60 min | Crime, Drama, Thriller

A young man falls for a seductive, confident woman who performs as a mermaid, and actually believes to be one.

Stars: Maria Fernanda Cândido, Juliana Paes, Lília Cabral, Isis Valverde

Votes: 131

2. A Força do Amor (1982– )

Leticia is the daughter of a decadent farmer. It's beautiful, young and attractive, though naive, and treats with disdain José Antonio, his great love, considering all of the region and ... See full summary »

Stars: Percy Aires, Suzy Camacho, Paulo Castelli, Lia de Aguiar

3. Wounded Past (2016–2017)

60 min | Drama, Romance

Magnólia hires Suzana so she seduces Pedro and drives Helô away from the Leitão family. The strategy works, but at the same time, it brings Suzana closer to her husband Fausto, and the two end up falling in love.

Stars: Cláudia Abreu, Reynaldo Gianecchini, José Mayer, Vera Holtz

Votes: 48

5. Rules of the Game (2015– )

90 min | Comedy, Crime, Drama

A former politician of impressive lying skills joins a seductive gold digger in a search for money and power.

Stars: Giovanna Antonelli, Cauã Reymond, Tony Ramos, Marco Pigossi

Votes: 194

7. Time After Time (2015– )

50 min | Drama, Romance

It is a story of a group of people's lives where they are involved with the others through love or hate. Their story continues in other lives in other century. It s a spiritual view of reencarnation.

Stars: Paolla Oliveira, Alinne Moraes, Rafael Cardoso, Felipe Camargo

Votes: 76

11. Soul Mate (2005– )

60 min | Drama, Fantasy, Romance

After she dies, a ballerina reincarnates in a beautiful, sweet-hearted indian and returns to her past family and the man she loved and had left.

Stars: Eduardo Moscovis, Flávia Alessandra, Priscila Fantin, Mauricio Machado

Votes: 200

13. Love and Conspiracy (2007– )


Love and Conspiracy is a story of lust, sin, forgiveness, trials and errors. It is about two sisters, the ambitious Valquíria (Renata Dominguez), and the hard worker Alice (Vanessa ... See full summary »

Stars: Heitor Martinez, Vanessa Gerbelli, Luciano Szafir, Renata Dominguez

Votes: 17

16. Apocalypse (2017–2018)

60 min | Drama

Story about end of times based on Bible's last book Apocalypse.

Stars: Sergio Marone, Fernando Pavão, Eduardo Lago, Juliana Silveira

Votes: 229

20. Brazil Avenue (2012)

Comedy, Drama, Mystery

A young girl who had her life ruined by an ambitious, unscrupulous woman returns to her as an adult, under a new identity and seeking revenge.

Stars: Adriana Esteves, Débora Falabella, Murilo Benício, Marcello Novaes

Votes: 1,538

21. Tricky Business (2012–2013)


Isabel Vilela is about to fulfill one of her greatest wishes. She's been married for a year with the cheerful Danilo when she realizes that she's pregnant on the eve of a romantic trip. ... See full summary »

Stars: Juliana Silveira, Victor Pecoraro, Bruno Ferrari, Bárbara Borges

Votes: 18

22. Barriga de Aluguel (1990– )

30 min | Drama, Romance

Ana Paranhos de Alencar (Cássia Kis) and her husband Zeca Alencar (Victor Fasano) wish very much to have a baby. After several attempts to become pregnant, they consult the gynecologist Dr.... See full summary »

Stars: Cláudia Abreu, Victor Fasano, Cássia Kis, Newton Martins

Votes: 63

23. Bebê a Bordo (1988– )

50 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

A woman tries to find out the father of her little daughter.

Stars: Tony Ramos, Maria Zilda Bethlem, Ary Fontoura, Isabela Garcia

Votes: 30

25. Belíssima (2005–2006)

60 min | Comedy, Crime, Drama

A humble, independent and strong young woman and a rich man meet and fall in love, all for the anger of his cold-hearted, unscrupulous godmother, matron to a prominent fashion underwear brand.

Stars: Marcello Antony, Glória Pires, Cláudia Abreu, Tony Ramos

Votes: 242

26. Boogie Oogie (2014–2015)

Drama, Music, Romance

Set in 1978, in the "disco era," the series depicts the meeting between humble and hardworking Sandra (Ísis Valverde) and rich and spoiled Vitória (Bianca Bin). Both of them meet because of... See full summary »

Stars: Isis Valverde, Bianca Bin, Marco Pigossi, Giulia Gam

Votes: 40

28. India: A Love Story (2009– )

Adventure, Drama, Romance

The daughter of a traditional, rich Indian family falls in love for a Dalit, an "untouchable" man.

Stars: Juliana Paes, Laura Cardoso, Christiane Torloni, Tony Ramos

Votes: 523

29. Ways of the Heart (2007–2008)

55 min | Drama, Fantasy, Mystery

The mystery surrounding murders ordered by an unknown person, and a sweet-hearted woman with super strength and skills, struggling to prove she is innocent after she is accused for the crimes.

Stars: Bianca Rinaldi, Leonardo Vieira, Ítala Nandi, Gabriel Braga Nunes

Votes: 238

30. Carrusel (1989– )

45 min | Drama, Family

The differences between the upper and lower classes of Mexican society in an elementary school.

Stars: Gabriela Rivero, Augusto Benedico, Armando Calvo, Rebeca Manríquez

Votes: 577

31. Celebrity (2003–2004)

45 min | Drama, Romance

A prominent producer is approached by an ambitious woman who becomes her assistant, but actually intends to own everything that is hers.

Stars: Malu Mader, Cláudia Abreu, Fábio Assunção, Deborah Evelyn

Votes: 323

32. Chiquititas Brasil (1997–2001)

Comedy, Drama, Family

The lives of a group of orphans, residents of the manor known as Raio De Luz, are touched and changed by a sweet-hearted, dedicated young woman.

Stars: Flávia Monteiro, Álex Benn, Aretha Oliveira, Fernanda Souza

Votes: 95

33. Pepper Chocolate (2003–2004)

45 min | Romance, Comedy, Drama

A humble girl who rises to become a wealthy, vengeful widow returns to the small town that humiliated her and to the man she loved, bringing their young son.

Stars: Mariana Ximenes, Murilo Benício, Drica Moraes, Priscila Fantin

Votes: 348

34. Snakes & Lizards (2006– )

45 min | Comedy, Drama, Mystery

A rascal, leery man assumes the place of a namesake honest young worker as the heir of a important businessman's wealth.

Stars: Lázaro Ramos, Carolina Dieckmann, Daniel de Oliveira, Mariana Ximenes

Votes: 286

36. Cúmplices de um Resgate (2015– )

Adventure, Family

Isabela Junqueira is a girl of 11 years who has the dream of being a great singer. She lives in a luxurious mansion with his mother, an ambitious woman, and her father, a gentle and caring ... See full summary »

Stars: Ana Eliza Bussolo, Elam Lima, Larissa Manoela, Giovanni Venturini

Votes: 45

39. God Save the King (2018)

Drama, Romance

The medieval series questions the power of choice in people's lives. The kingdoms of Montemor and Artena live in peace, but a decision changes the course of their destinies.

Stars: Marina Ruy Barbosa, Rômulo Estrela, Johnny Massaro, Bruna Marquezine

Votes: 109

42. The Penny Lady (2013– )


The open market worker Carlota Losano is an uneducated, kind and explosive woman, known by everyone as the Penny Lady. Good-hearted and a woman of unparalleled optimism, she got her ... See full summary »

Stars: Ângela Leal, Thaís Fersoza, Arthur Aguiar, Márcio Kieling

Votes: 12

43. El bienamado (2017– )

60 min | Comedy

Odorico Cienfuegos, mayor of a small municipality called Loreto, wins the elections under the promise of building a new cemetery. Obsessed with officially opening the cemetery, needs ... See full summary »

Stars: Jesús Ochoa, Mariluz Bermúdez, Andrés Palacios, Chantal Andere

Votes: 18

44. The Thorn and the Rose (2000–2001)

60 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

A short tempered, feminist rich woman notable for her aversion to marriage and her aggressive behavior gradually falls in love for a rough and lowly farmer.

Stars: Adriana Esteves, Eduardo Moscovis, Suely Franco, Leandra Leal

Votes: 324

45. The Clone (2001–2002)

60 min | Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi

A young man, who has been secretly cloned by his godfather scientist, falls in love for a Moroccan girl from a rigorous family.

Stars: Murilo Benício, Giovanna Antonelli, Vera Fischer, Reginaldo Faria

Votes: 2,256

46. Shades of Sin (2004– )

50 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

A Maranhense young woman and a carioca tourist photographer fall for each other and get separated by destiny and a woman obsessed with his family's fortune.

Stars: Reynaldo Gianecchini, Giovanna Antonelli, Taís Araújo, Rosi Campos

Votes: 405

47. The King of the Cattle (1996– )

60 min | Adventure, Drama, Romance

The enmity between two rancher families in territorial dispute, and the forbidden love between a drover and a landless, mysterious woman with no past.

Stars: Antônio Fagundes, Glória Pires, Patricia Pillar, Fábio Assunção

Votes: 461

48. The Rich and Lazarus (2017– )

69 min | Drama

Zach and Asher are Hebrews, born with the same opportunities. Which one of them will be thrown in a place of torment and which will be taken to a place of peace after death? What really ... See full summary »

Stars: Dudu Azevedo, Christine Fernandes, Igor Rickli, Milena Toscano

Votes: 191

49. Time and the Wind (2013)

115 min | Drama, Romance, War

The history of Brazil's southern occupation and the Anna Terra descendants.

Director: Jayme Monjardim | Stars: Fernanda Montenegro, Thiago Lacerda, Marjorie Estiano, Janaína Kremer Motta

Votes: 649

50. Sparkling Girls (2012)

44 min | Comedy, Drama, Music