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Ukrainian films/movies

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1. Hutsulka Ksenya (2019)

90 min | Musical

1939. A young Ukrainian-American man Yaro comes to the Carpathian Mountains, because his father left him a fortune under the condition that he would marry a Ukrainian girl. There Yaro meets a Hutsul girl Ksenya and has to rethink his plan.

Director: Alena Demyanenko | Stars: Varvara Lushchyk, Maksym Lozynskyj, Vitaliy Azhnov, Olivier Bonjour

Votes: 248

2. The Strayed (2017)

89 min | Comedy, Drama

A grandmother, her daughter and granddaughter - three women, three generations, constituting a small family. Their hard, lonely and miserable lives have become closely intertwined with love... See full summary »

Director: Arkadiy Nepytaliuk | Stars: Dmytro Homyak, Nina Naboka, Zakharii Novytsky, Yakov Tkachenko

Votes: 152

3. The Trial: The State of Russia vs Oleg Sentsov (2017)

75 min | Documentary, History

A documentary about Ukrainian film director Oleg Sentsov, arrested by the Russian FSB in Crimea and sentenced to 20 years in prison on contrived charges.

Director: Askold Kurov | Stars: Oleg Sentsov, Vladimir Putin, Victor Yanukovich, Agnieszka Holland

Votes: 209

4. Cyborgs: Heroes Never Die (2017)

112 min | Action, Drama, War

It is a story of a several-week-long military duty in September 2014. A group of military volunteers comes to Donetsk Airport for the first time - the Airport has been held by Ukrainians for more than four months of war.

Director: Akhtem Seitablaev | Stars: Vyacheslav Dovzhenko, Roman Yasinovsky, Andrey Isaenko, Viktor Zhdanov

Votes: 6,416

5. Brama (2017)

107 min | Comedy, Drama, Fantasy

Inside the Chornobyl exclusion zone Grandma Prisa, the family matriarch, consorts with water nymphs, eats a diet filled with hallucinogenic mushrooms, and claims to have personally stabbed ... See full summary »

Director: Volodymyr Tykhyy | Stars: Vitalina Bibliv, Yaroslav Fedorchuk, Dmytro Tuboltsev, Irma Vitovska

Votes: 173

6. The Ukrainians (2015)

85 min | Documentary, War

This is a story of a new Ukrainian army and new Ukrainian society being born. After Maidan revolution Ukrainian volunteer warriors defend Donetsk Airport from pro-Russian separatists and Russian militaries.

Directors: Leonid Kanter, Ivan Yasniy | Stars: Bohema, Hatylo

Votes: 158

7. Call Sign Banderas (2018)

113 min | Drama, Thriller, War

In the autumn of 2014, in the ATO zone, an intelligence group headed by experienced captain Anton Sayenko (called by nickname "Banderas") tries to prevent sabotage and neutralize the Russian saboteur.

Director: Zaza Buadze | Stars: Oleg Shulga, Yulia Chepurko, Sergey Lefor, Oleg Oneshchak

Votes: 671

8. The Living Fire (2015)

Not Rated | 77 min | Documentary

The snow is starting to melt and spring has announced its arrival. Three Carpathian shepherds, just like their fathers and grandfathers before them, set off with their flock into the mountains on a lonely journey lasting several months.

Director: Ostap Kostyuk

Votes: 82

9. Tayemnyy shchodennyk Symona Petlyury (2018)

123 min | Biography, History

The Secret Diary of Simon Petliura takes an unprecedented look at the short-lived Ukrainian People's Republic, which declared an independent Ukraine in 1918, and the later assassination of ... See full summary »

Director: Oles Yanchuk | Stars: Bogdan Benyuk, Mykola Butkovskyi, Sergey Frolov, Serhiy Kucherenko

Votes: 110

10. Mavka. The Forest Song

Animation, Comedy, Fantasy | Pre-production

Mavka - a soul of the Forest - faces an impossible choice between love and her duty as guardian to the Heart of the Forest, when she falls in love with a human - the talented young musician... See full summary »

Director: Oleksandra Ruban | Star: Serj

11. Donbass (2018)

122 min | Drama

74 Metascore

In eastern Ukraine, society begins to degrade as the effects of propaganda and manipulation begin to surface in this post-truth era.

Director: Sergey Loznitsa | Stars: Tamara Yatsenko, Irina Zayarmiuk, Grigory Masliuk, Olesya Zhurakivska

Votes: 2,709

12. U311 Cherkasy (2019)

102 min | Drama, History, War

The crew of Ukrainian NAVY minesweeper U311 "Cherkasy" is resisting seizure of the vessel by Russian army in Crimea in 2014.

Director: Tymur Yashchenko | Stars: Evgeny Avdeenko, Vitalina Bibliv, Serhiy Detyuk, Orest Garda

Votes: 181

13. Winter on Fire: Ukraine's Fight for Freedom (2015)

Not Rated | 102 min | Documentary

79 Metascore

A documentary on the unrest in Ukraine during 2013 and 2014, as student demonstrations supporting European integration grew into a violent revolution calling for the resignation of President Viktor F. Yanukovich.

Director: Evgeny Afineevsky | Stars: Bishop Agapit, Catherine Ashton, Serhii Averchenko, Kristina Berdinskikh

Votes: 11,652

14. Brothers. The Final Confession (2013)

120 min | Drama

The film is a psychological drama developing on the highlands of the Carpathian Mountains. Two helpless old men, brothers, desperately trying to keep up competition with each other in order... See full summary »

Director: Victoria Trofimenko | Stars: Mykola Bereza, Viktor Demertash, Yuri Denysenkov, Roman Lutskyi

Votes: 175

15. Myth (II) (2018)

63 min | Documentary, Biography

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Directors: Leonid Kanter, Ivan Yasniy | Star: Orest Slipak

Votes: 73

16. Taras. Homecoming (2019)

120 min | Action, Biography, History

Few weeks of Taras Shevchenko in Kazakhstan exile, before his discharge out of army, when agents of the secret police were in hot pursuit of him.

Director: Aleksandr Denisenko | Stars: Bogdan Benyuk, Roman Lutskyi, Anna Topchiy

Votes: 13

17. My Thoughts Are Silent (2019)

104 min | Comedy, Drama

Vadim is twenty-two. He's a sound engineer and a downer. He's going to Canada in three months. Forever. Before the departure he's assigned to record the voice of a very rare bird, which ... See full summary »

Director: Antonio Lukich | Stars: Irma Vitovska, Andriy Lidagovskiy, Iryna Verenych-Ostrovska

Votes: 862

18. The Guide (2014)

122 min | Drama, History

American boy Peter and blind minstrel Ivan are thrown together by fate amidst the turbulent mid-1930s Soviet Ukraine.

Director: Oles Sanin | Stars: Stanislav Boklan, Jeff Burrell, Anton Sviatoslav Greene, Andriy Haddad

Votes: 2,624

19. When the Trees Fall (2018)

88 min | Drama

The story of a five year old little rebellious girl Vitka with her teenage cousin Larysa and her boyfriend, the young criminal Scar unfolds in a Ukrainian provincial setting. Larysa finds ... See full summary »

Director: Marysia Nikitiuk | Stars: Eugen Grigoriev, Sofia Halaimova, Vadym Kovaliov, Aelita Nazarenko

Votes: 445

20. Black Cossack (2018)

102 min | Fantasy

A tale of a mystical helping hand to a woman who lost her husband in a battlefield.

Director: Wladyslav Chabanjuk | Stars: Mariyka Jalova, Dmitriy Kapranov, Vasyl Seredenko, Naomi Uman

Votes: 46

21. Prychynna: The Story of Love (2017)

22 min | Animation, Short

The war separates lovers, but their hearts remain together. The young woman loses her mind, but love gives her strength to wait for her beloved.

Director: Andriy Shcherbak

Votes: 15

22. Kazka pro hroshi (2018)

Not Rated | 100 min | Fantasy

A simple-minded Ukrainian worker Levko inherits his uncle's flourishing mill business. The sudden and unexpected fortune consequently reveals Levko's furious crave for money. He starts with... See full summary »

Director: Olesya Morgunets | Stars: Nikolay Boklan, Yuriy Dyak, Andrey Isaenko, Kateryna Kachan

Votes: 20

24. Homeward (2019)

96 min | Drama

A father and a son from Crimean Tatar family transport the body of deceased older son and brother from Kyiv to bury him in Crimea.

Director: Nariman Aliev | Stars: Akhtem Seitablaev, Remzi Bilyalov, Dariya Barihashvili, Viktor Zhdanov

Votes: 454

25. Liza's Tale (2019)

111 min | Drama

The world today is an uncomfortable place, cynic surroundings. Besides two of our characters are people suffering from Down syndrome, known as sunny kids. However, is this world sunny ... See full summary »

Director: Alexander Zhovna | Stars: Mykola Perestiuk, Dasha Tvoronovich

Votes: 7

26. Blood Sausage (2016)

23 min | Short, Comedy, Drama

While parents, people of traditional rural values, are cooking blood sausage for the visit of daughter-in-law, Andriy, their son, tries to communicate the fact his fiancee is Jewish.

Director: Arkadiy Nepytaliuk | Stars: Ivan Blindar, Zakharii Novytsky, Daria Polunina, Mariia Svizhynska

Votes: 41

28. The Lost Letter (1972)

79 min | Comedy, Fantasy

A Soviet musical-tragicomedy film by Dovzhenko Film Studios in Kiev. The movie is considered a pearl of Soviet and Ukrainian cinema. The film is based on the novella by Nikolay Gogol.

Director: Boris Ivchenko | Stars: Ivan Mykolaichuk, Lidiya Belozyorova, Fyodor Strigun, Zemfira Tsakhilova

Votes: 648

29. Inseparable (2013)

159 min | Action, Drama, Romance

This is an account of love and loss, bravery and supernatural stoicism in the face of unbeatable odds.

Stars: Elena Kolesnichenko, Mariya Poezzhaeva, Yuriy Borisov, Evgeniya Loza

Votes: 459

30. Such Beautiful People (2013)

94 min | Drama

They ran out from cities, they escaped civilization. They live on a sea-shore, they fish. They make home performances. They read Japanese literature. They enjoy their lives. But one of them lacks a man to love.

Director: Dmytro Moyseyev | Stars: Polina Voynevich, Oleg Stefan, Kostyantyn Danylyuk, Alla Bineeva

Votes: 43

31. Falling (III) (2017)

105 min | Drama

FALLING is a story about the post-revolutionary generation of young Ukrainian people looking for their place in a modern Ukraine. It follows two bewildered people who meet at a crucial ... See full summary »

Director: Marina Stepanska | Stars: Christian Borys, Oleg Mosijchuk, Darya Plakhtiy, Larisa Rusnak

Votes: 170

32. Fuchzhou (1993)

86 min | Drama

A descendant of Ukrainians immigrants who once emigrated overseas, Orest is being thrown into the Ukrainian village by a feirce wind. In fact, this is the element of history itself that has scattered Ukrainians around the world.

Director: Mykhailo Illienko | Stars: Taras Denisenko, Ivan Ilyenko, Nina Maslova, Lev Perfilov

Votes: 120

33. Woman at War (2018)

Not Rated | 101 min | Adventure, Comedy, Drama

81 Metascore

Halla becomes a determined environmental activist, but this threatens a long-held hope of hers.

Director: Benedikt Erlingsson | Stars: Halldóra Geirharðsdóttir, Jóhann Sigurðarson, Juan Camillo Roman Estrada, Jörundur Ragnarsson

Votes: 5,955 | Gross: $0.85M

34. Askania Reserve (2019)

75 min | Documentary

The narrative of the film centres around four characters with entirely different attitudes, destinies, and life goals. However, they share the desire to preserve life inside the largest ... See full summary »

Director: Andriy Lytvynenko

Votes: 10

35. Alive (III) (2016)

95 min | Adventure, Biography, Drama

One day a friend will betray you, and the enemy at the crucial moment will save lives.

Director: Taras Khymych | Stars: Volodymyr Cherniuk, Rostyslav Derzhypilkii, Anna Dzhumak, Iryna Haidamaka

Votes: 27

36. Paradzhanov (2013)

95 min | Drama, Romance

A film director Sergey Paradjanov creates brilliant films. His nonconformist behavior conflicts with Soviet System. He is committed to prison for being eccentric. His indestructible love ... See full summary »

Directors: Serge Avedikian, Olena Fetisova | Stars: Serge Avedikian, Yuliya Peresild, Zaza Kashybadze, Karen Badalov

Votes: 247

37. The Nest of the Turtledove (2016)

102 min | Drama

A Ukrainian woman comes back to her native village leaving her working life in Italy behind.

Director: Taras Tkachenko | Stars: Rimma Zyubina, Vitaliy Linetskiy, Mauro Cipriani, Lina Bernardi

Votes: 230

38. Ivan the Powerful (2013)

89 min | Adventure

"Ivan the Poweful" is a film telling an outstanding life story of Ivan Firtsak who was born in June, 1899 in a Ukrainian village Bilky, Irshava district in Zakarpattia Oblast. At the age of... See full summary »

Directors: Viktor Andrienko, Igor Pismennyy | Stars: Dmytro Khaladgi, Ivanna Sakhno, Vasyl Virastyuk, Viktor Andrienko

Votes: 286

39. The Wild Fields (2018)

120 min | Adventure, Comedy, Drama

Herman Korolyov, 33, is getting by, working a meaningless executive job in a big city. One day he gets a strange call and learns that his older brother has mysteriously disappeared. Herman ... See full summary »

Director: Yaroslav Lodygin | Stars: Oleg Moskalenko, Vladimir Yamnenko, Aleksey Gorbunov, Ruslana Khazipova

Votes: 382

40. Volcano (2018)

Not Rated | 107 min | Comedy, Drama

After several strange coincidences, Lukas, translator, who works for OSCE, strands in the southern Ukrainian town of Beryslaw. As involuntary guest of his strange host Vova, Lukas is ... See full summary »

Director: Roman Bondarchuk | Stars: Khrystyna Deylyk, Serhiy Stepansky, Viktor Zhdanov

Votes: 430

41. Ya, Ty, Vin, Vona (2018)

96 min | Comedy

A married couple decides to divorce, but things don't quite go the way they planned.

Directors: David Dodson, Vladimir Zelenskiy | Stars: Vladimir Zelenskiy, Anastasiya Korotkaya, Evgeniy Koshevoy, Nadezhda Dorofeeva

Votes: 289

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