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Very hard to find,

Looking for them,

Limited to 200, no particular order.

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1. The Photo-Drama of Creation (1914)

480 min | Documentary, Drama, History

The Photo-Drama of Creation, is a four-part Christian film produced by the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania. The film presents the Bible Students (now called Jehovah's ... See full summary »

Votes: 207

2. Esther (1916)

40 min | Short, Drama, History

A Persian queen frustrates her vizier's plot against the Jews.

Director: Maurice Elvey | Stars: Elisabeth Risdon, Fred Groves, Charles Rock, Ruth Mackay

Votes: 5

4. Beyond the Dreams of Avarice (1920)


A doctor inherits a fortune, his wife leaves him and he becomes a miser.

Director: Thomas Bentley | Stars: Henry Victor, Joyce Dearsley, Alban Atwood, Frank Stanmore

5. Below the Surface (1920)

60 min | Drama

A widely respected deep-sea diver is approached by a ring of con artists who want him to be the front man for a phony scheme to recover gold from sunken ships. When he refuses, they send a ... See full summary »

Director: Irvin Willat | Stars: Hobart Bosworth, Grace Darmond, Lloyd Hughes, George Webb

Votes: 16

7. The Moon of Israel (1924)

70 min | Drama

Egypt, circa 1230 BC. Israelites are inslaved, and the jewish girl Merapi falls in love with egyptian prince Seti, son of pharaoh Merneptah., which creates a lot of problems. By the end, Moses leads his people away from Egypt.

Director: Michael Curtiz | Stars: María Corda, Adelqui Migliar, Arlette Marchal, Ferdinand Onno

Votes: 64

8. The Enchanted Cottage (1924)

70 min | Drama

A crippled World War I veteran retracts to a small cottage in the countryside to escape from his nosy family and to hide from the outside world. There he meets a plain but also a very kind ... See full summary »

Director: John S. Robertson | Stars: Richard Barthelmess, May McAvoy, Ida Waterman, Alfred Hickman

Votes: 591

11. The Sea Beast (1926)

136 min | Action, Adventure, Fantasy

This silent movie is based on Melville's classic Moby Dick. Ahab and his brother compete for the affections of minister's daughter Esther. But the great white whale has been eluding the ... See full summary »

Director: Millard Webb | Stars: John Barrymore, Dolores Costello, George O'Hara, Mike Donlin

Votes: 125 | Gross: $0.80M

12. The Cradle of God (1926)


A young intellectual, J. Powers, loses his faith in God after the untimely death of his wife. He devotes his great talents to writing a shockingly blasphemous book, debunking all religion, ... See full summary »

Director: Fred LeRoy Granville | Stars: Léon Mathot, Annette Benson, Joë Hamman, Gabriel Signoret

15. The Cursed Village (1930)

57 min | Drama

In an impoverished Castilian village live Juan, his wife Acacia, their son and Juan's blind father. The harsh weather conditions force the peasants to emigrate to a better land. Acacia goes... See full summary »

Director: Florián Rey | Stars: Carmen Viance, Pedro Larrañaga, Amelia Muñoz, Pilar Torres

Votes: 171

16. Moby Dick (1930)

Passed | 80 min | Adventure, Drama

In this extremely loose adaptation of Melville's classic novel, Ahab is revealed initially not as a bitter and vengeful madman, but as a bit of a lovable scamp. Ashore in New Bedford, he ... See full summary »

Director: Lloyd Bacon | Stars: John Barrymore, Joan Bennett, Lloyd Hughes, Noble Johnson

Votes: 322

19. The Erl King (1931)

70 min | Drama

A young man races to save his son's life, but death - incarnated in the child's imagination as the titular Erl King - calls unceasingly.

Director: Marie-Louise Iribe | Stars: Joë Hamman, Mary Costes, Rosa Bertens, Otto Gebühr

Votes: 21

24. Nobleza baturra (1935)

85 min | Drama

Pilar, a young Aragonese girl, is loved by two men. The rejected one makes believe she's been dishonest in a way hard to clear out. Typical Aragonese dances, popular songs, drama and comedy... See full summary »

Director: Florián Rey | Stars: Imperio Argentina, Miguel Ligero, Juan de Orduña, José Calle

Votes: 76

25. Heaven-Bound Traveler (1935)

15 min | Short, Family

Silent film that tells the story of a man who falsely accuses his Christian wife of adultery and abandons her and their child. She remains true to her Christian faith and brings up their ... See full summary »

Directors: Eloyce Gist, James Gist | Star: Eloyce Gist

Votes: 48

26. Skeleton on Horseback (1937)

78 min | Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi

"The White Sickness", a leprosy-like disease, ravages the world during a war.

Director: Hugo Haas | Stars: Hugo Haas, Bedrich Karen, Zdenek Stepánek, Václav Vydra

Votes: 225

27. Madame Bovary (1937)

95 min | Drama

Madame Bovary is a 1937 German historical drama film directed by Gerhard Lamprecht and starring Pola Negri, Aribert Wäscher and Ferdinand Marian. It is an adaptation of Gustave Flaubert's 1857 novel Madame Bovary.

Director: Gerhard Lamprecht | Stars: Pola Negri, Aribert Wäscher, Ferdinand Marian, Werner Scharf

Votes: 22

28. Den'en kôkyôgaku (1938)

96 min | Drama

The story begins with a Christian father and elementary school headmaster in a snowy village in Hokkaido. He finds a blind girl near Sapporo and takes her in. His wife is unhappy with his ... See full summary »

Director: Satsuo Yamamoto | Stars: Minoru Takada, Setsuko Hara, Ryô Sayama, Tamae Kiyokawa

Votes: 5

30. Rasputin (1938)

93 min | Biography, Drama, History

Story of the Siberian monk Gregory Rasputin and the hold he exerted over the court of the last Russian czar, Nicholas.

Director: Marcel L'Herbier | Stars: Harry Baur, Marcelle Chantal, Pierre Richard-Willm, Carine Nelson

Votes: 28

31. Carmen (la de Triana) (1938)

102 min | Drama, Musical, Romance

Set in the Napoleonic period, a humorous Sevillian gypsy uses her singing and dancing charms to entertain. But little does she knows that her charisma will bring her something more than love and seduction.

Director: Florián Rey | Stars: Imperio Argentina, Rafael Rivelles, Manuel Luna, Alberto Romea

Votes: 71

32. Ballerine (1938)

A favorite student of an old dance teacher gets casted in an important pantomime. When the teacher dies on the stage, she finds support from a journalist's affection to overcome the difficult moment.

Director: Gustav Machatý | Stars: Mussia Andreis, Marianna Bardas, Giorgio Bianchi, Oreste Bilancia

34. Oshidori utagassen (1939)

69 min | Comedy, Musical

Oharu is in love with ronin who lives next door, but he is being pursued by two of the town beauties. To make things even more difficult for Oharu, her father is obsessed with antiques, ... See full summary »

Director: Masahiro Makino | Stars: Chiezô Kataoka, Ryôsuke Kagawa, Takashi Shimura, Mitsuru Toyama

Votes: 136

36. Beyond Tomorrow (1940)

Approved | 84 min | Drama, Fantasy, Romance

The ghosts of three elderly industrialists killed in an airplane crash return to Earth to help reunite a young couple whom they initially brought together.

Director: A. Edward Sutherland | Stars: Harry Carey, C. Aubrey Smith, Charles Winninger, Alex Melesh

Votes: 1,243

38. Smilin' Through (1941)

Passed | 100 min | Musical, War, Fantasy

John Carteret has long been depressed and lonely, because, at his wedding years ago, his bride, Moonyean, was murdered. He accepts into his house Kathleen, the 5 year old orphaned niece of ... See full summary »

Director: Frank Borzage | Stars: Jeanette MacDonald, Brian Aherne, Gene Raymond, Ian Hunter

Votes: 297

39. La guerra gaucha (1942)

90 min | Drama, History, Western

The story of the irregular forces on the north of Argentina, fighting against the Spanish Crown for the independence.

Director: Lucas Demare | Stars: Enrique Muiño, Francisco Petrone, Ángel Magaña, Sebastián Chiola

Votes: 117

40. Correo de Indias (1942)

110 min | Drama

The wife of the Perú viceroy travels back to his husband and falls in love with the ship's captain, although they both know their duty.The viceroy serious condition makes him travel back to... See full summary »

Director: Edgar Neville | Stars: Conchita Montes, Julio Peña, Armando Calvo, Juan Calvo

Votes: 39

41. Elvira Madigan (1943)

107 min | Drama

In the 1880's the noble lieutenant Christian falls in love with the Danish tightrope artist Elvira Madigan. A passionate forbidden and tragic love affair begins.

Director: Åke Ohberg | Stars: Eva Henning, Åke Ohberg, Irma Christenson, Gunnar Sjöberg

Votes: 8

42. The Ambassador of Hell (1945)

121 min | Drama, Thriller

The devil appears in the guise of a rich man in front of a poor family and offers them a huge fortune.To tempt them to do taboo. But soon, the life of excess ruins the family, which causes ... See full summary »

Director: Yusuf Wahbi | Stars: Yusuf Wahbi, Fouad Shafik, Layla Fawzi, Fakher Fakher

Votes: 63

43. You Came Along (1945)

Approved | 103 min | Drama, Romance

War hero flier Bob Collins goes on a war bond selling tour with two buddies, and substitute "chaperone" Ivy Hotchkiss. Bob's a cheerful Lothario with several girls in every town on the tour... See full summary »

Director: John Farrow | Stars: Robert Cummings, Lizabeth Scott, Don DeFore, Charles Drake

Votes: 155

44. Keep Your Powder Dry (1945)

Passed | 93 min | Drama, War

A disparate group of women try to adjust to their new lives after enlisting in the Women's Army Corps.

Director: Edward Buzzell | Stars: Lana Turner, Laraine Day, Susan Peters, Agnes Moorehead

Votes: 351

46. The Prodigal Woman (1946)

95 min | Drama

Spain, 1850. In the midst of the electoral campaign, three young men use all their strategies to place themselves in Madrid as deputies of the courts. However, in the small town of ... See full summary »

Director: Rafael Gil | Stars: Rafael Durán, Paola Barbara, Juan Espantaleón, Guillermo Marín

Votes: 23

47. Blonde Savage (1947)

Passed | 62 min | Action, Adventure, Fantasy

An expedition into the deep jungle discovers a native tribe led by a tall white blonde woman.

Director: Steve Sekely | Stars: Leif Erickson, Gale Sherwood, Veda Ann Borg, Douglass Dumbrille

Votes: 114

48. The Ghost Goes Wild (1947)

Approved | 66 min | Comedy, Fantasy, Mystery

Monty Crandall is a commercial artist who ridicules a dowager with a caricature of her on a magazine cover and she sues him. His troubles are multiplied when a pretty wife forces her ... See full summary »

Director: George Blair | Stars: James Ellison, Anne Gwynne, Edward Everett Horton, Ruth Donnelly

Votes: 26