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1. La teta y la luna (1994)

R | 90 min | Comedy, Romance

A child cannot stand the idea of having a new brother and dreams about drinking milk from the breasts of his mother again. The child asks the moon to bring him a teet only for him.

Director: Bigas Luna | Stars: Biel Duran, Mathilda May, Gérard Darmon, Miguel Poveda

Votes: 2,732

Scene : the beautiful dancer Estrellita (Mathilda May 29-y) decides to satisfy the obsession of the 9-y-o kid Tete (Biel Duran 10-y) breastfeeding him

2. Chechu y familia (1992)

81 min | Comedy

Chechu is a 13 year old boy who lives surrounded by peculiar people: his grandfather, his uncle, and two maids. He falls in love with one of them.

Director: Álvaro Sáenz de Heredia | Stars: Fernando Fernán Gómez, César Lucendo, Neus Asensi, Amparo Moreno

Votes: 114

Scene : Chechu 13-y-o boy (César Lucendo 13-y) fondling his maid Pauli ( Neus Asensi 27-y)

3. Pajarico (1997)

100 min | Drama

Manu, who just turned ten, makes his first trip to Murcia to spend some time with his father's family. Surrounded by orchards, sea, nature and a cheerful and warm family, he will find his first love and the first signs of his adult life.

Director: Carlos Saura | Stars: Alejandro Martínez, Dafne Fernández, Francisco Rabal, Manuel Bandera

Votes: 215

“ Scene 1 : the 10-y-o kid Manu (Alejandro Martínez ) is confused and then repulsed by his Tìa Beatriz (María Luisa San José 51-y). Scene 2 : the beautiful Loli (Eva Marciel 22-y) put on lipstick to 10-y-o kid Manu

4. If They Tell You I Fell (1989)

Not Rated | 120 min | Drama, Mystery, Romance

In the post Spanish civil war years, Catalan kids would sit in circles among the ruins and tell stories, known as "aventis" (the film's original title in Catalan, its original language). ... See full summary »

Director: Vicente Aranda | Stars: Victoria Abril, Jorge Sanz, Antonio Banderas, Javier Gurruchaga

Votes: 341

Scene : To make some money, the young ,Java (Jorge Sanz 20-y) performs violent sex with the pregnant prostitute, Ramona (Victoria Abril 30-y) for the voyeur, Don Conrado

5. The Oxford Murders (2008)

R | 104 min | Crime, Mystery, Thriller

At Oxford University, a professor and a grad student work together to try to stop a potential series of murders seemingly linked by mathematical symbols.

Director: Álex de la Iglesia | Stars: Elijah Wood, John Hurt, Leonor Watling, Jim Carter

Votes: 26,071 | Gross: $0.00M

Scene : the student Martin (Elijah Wood 27-y) has an affair with Lorna (Leonor Watling 33-y)

6. Lovers: A True Story (1991)

R | 103 min | Crime, Drama, Romance

Set in '50s Spain, a young man (Sanz) leaves the army and looks for a job so he and his fiancée (Verdu) can get married. He rents a room from a widow (Abril), and shortly begins a torrid ... See full summary »

Director: Vicente Aranda | Stars: Victoria Abril, Jorge Sanz, Maribel Verdú, Enrique Cerro

Votes: 2,510 | Gross: $1.41M

Paco (Jorge Sanz 22-y) has an affair with Luisa (Victoria Abril 32-y) a widow renting him a room

7. The Maidens' Conspiracy (2006)

122 min | Adventure, Romance

Tirante the knight is as committed to fighting the Turks in Constantinople as he is to relieving Carmesina, the heiress to the Byzantine Empire, of her virginity.

Director: Vicente Aranda | Stars: Caspar Zafer, Esther Nubiola, Leonor Watling, Ingrid Rubio

Votes: 821

Scene : the Empress (Jane Asher 60-y) and Hippolytus (Sid Mitchel 25-y)

8. The Seductor (1995)

88 min | Comedy, Romance

Cosme, a boy of fifteen, lives with his parents and his sister in a terraced house. The monotony of his life changes when he falls in love with his neighbor Merche, a beautiful woman who is almost twenty years older than he.

Director: José Luis García Sánchez | Stars: María Barranco, Antonio Hortelano, Santiago Ramos, Kiti Mánver

Votes: 90

Scene 1 : the 15-y-o Cosme (Antonio Hortelano 20-y) has his first experience with his neighbor Merche (Marìa Barranco 34-y) a housewife who is almost 20-years older

9. Yo, 'El Vaquilla' (1985)

105 min | Action, Biography, Drama

Juan Jose Moreno Cuenca, alias the Heifer, is 23 years old and tells his story as a criminal offender from 1 Ocaña Toledo. Fatherless, the offender has his childhood and how everything changed when her mother went to prison.

Directors: José Antonio de la Loma Jr., José Antonio de la Loma | Stars: Raúl García Losada, Teresa Giménez, Carmen de Lirio, Frank Braña

Votes: 206

Scene : the delinquent kid El Vaquilla (Raúl García Losada) is in advance with Anita (Carmen Serret 26-y)

10. Kisses for Everyone (2000)

101 min | Comedy, Drama

In 1965, three medical students are sent by their families to Cádiz with the last hope for passing the course. But they share a chalet and know female dancers in a night club. Everything changes for all of them and their own future.

Director: Jaime Chávarri | Stars: Emma Suárez, Eloy Azorín, Roberto Hoyas, Chusa Barbero

Votes: 325

Scene : Vicky(Emma Suárez 36-y) tries to seduces Ramón (Eloy Azorín 23-y)

11. Kika (1993)

Unrated | 114 min | Comedy

53 Metascore

Kika, a cute cosmetologist, prepares Ramon for funeral when he revives. He proposes to the much older Kika who has his dad as lover. Did Ramon's dad murder his mom? What about the escaped rapist and the PSYCHOlogist video reporter?

Director: Pedro Almodóvar | Stars: Peter Coyote, Verónica Forqué, Victoria Abril, Àlex Casanovas

Votes: 11,240 | Gross: $2.09M

Scene : the make-up artist , Kika (Verónica Forqué 38-y) lives with the younger Ramón (Àlex Casanovas) a fashion photographer with voyeuristic tendencies

12. Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! (1989)

NC-17 | 101 min | Comedy, Crime, Drama

55 Metascore

An unbalanced but alluring former mental patient takes a porn star prisoner in the hopes of convincing her to marry him.

Director: Pedro Almodóvar | Stars: Victoria Abril, Antonio Banderas, Loles León, Julieta Serrano

Votes: 21,798 | Gross: $4.09M

Átame! (original title) . 23-y-o psychiatric patient Ricky (Antonio Banderas 29-y) with former porn star Marina (Victoria Abril 30-y)

13. My Quick Way Out (2006)

Not Rated | 115 min | Drama

Biopic of Spain's Juan Carlos Delgado "El Pera", a young delinquent in the 1980s, who is now a car driver and a sport journalist.

Director: Miguel Albaladejo | Stars: Borja Navas, Fernando Tejero, Mariola Fuentes, Àlex Casanovas

Votes: 360

Bego (Mar Regueras 36-y) accepts in her bed the 11-y-o criminal Juan Carlos 'El Pera' ( Borja Navas)

14. Sweet Hours (1982)

106 min | Drama

The past is a riddle to Juan (Inaki Aierra), the playwright. He is tormented by it - by memories of the elderly father who went off, and the young mother who committed suicide, and he has ... See full summary »

Director: Carlos Saura | Stars: Iñaki Aierra, Assumpta Serna, Álvaro de Luna, Jacques Lalande

Votes: 121

Scene 1 : Juan (Iñaki Aierra 35-y) remembers his mother Berta (Assumpta Serna 25-y) changing dress in front of him when he was a little boy (Pablo Hernández )  Scene 2 : the boy Juan (Pablo Hernández Smit) and professional Amparo (Marion Game 40-y)

15. Navajeros (1980)

95 min | Biography, Crime, Drama

José Manuel Gómez Perales alias "El Jaro" lives with his band, also teenagers and their girlfriends. One day he meets Mercedes, a prostitute who want him away from the bad way. Then appears Toñi, a drug addict from which he falls .

Director: Eloy de la Iglesia | Stars: José Luis Manzano, Isela Vega, Verónica Castro, Jaime Garza

Votes: 394

Scene : the 15-y-o criminal El Jaro (José Luis Manzano) and the 35-y-o professional Mercedes (Isela Vega 41-y) who provides him with love

16. Backroads (1997)

105 min | Drama, Romance

Year 1974, Spain. Felipe (Fernando Ramallo) is a teenager who travels with Lorenzo (Antonio Resines), his widowed father. Their only property is the Citröen DS with which they go from one ... See full summary »

Director: Emilio Martínez Lázaro | Stars: Antonio Resines, Fernando Ramallo, Maribel Verdú, Miriam Díaz-Aroca

Votes: 783

Scene : Paquita (Maribel Verdù 27-y) show up teenager Felipe (Fernando Ramallo 17-y) her breast

17. In Praise of Older Women (1997)

105 min | Drama, Romance, War

In the turmoil of the Spanish Civil War, a young man comes of age sexually, through a string of relationships with a wide range of mature, older women.

Director: Manuel Lombardero | Stars: Juan Diego Botto, Miguel Ángel García, Faye Dunaway, Carme Elias

Votes: 294

Scene 1: Andrés ( Miguel Ángel García) , a 15-y-o boy is rewarded by La Condesa (Faye Dunaway 56-y) . Scene 2 : he has a flirt with Julia ( Ingrid Rubio22-y) . Scene 3: he pays with cigarettes for make love with Miss Mozar (Lorena Garcìa) . Scene 4 : he has a night with Pilar (Rosana Pastor 37-y) working class woman . Scene 5 : he starts an affair with Marta (Joanna Pacula 39-y) wife of a Republican.

18. Question of Luck (1996)

Not Rated | 92 min | Crime, Drama, Thriller

A good-looking young guy living in a village on the Basque coast is set to marry his sweetheart. A series of events pose obstacles. He rents a room from a sexy French widow with a shady ... See full summary »

Director: Rafael Moleón | Stars: Anna Galiena, Eduardo Noriega, Marta Belaustegui, Leyre Berrocal

Votes: 227

Scene : Julio (Eduardo Noriega 23-y) is going to marry when he meets the widow Marie (Anna Galiena 46-y)

19. The Lame Pigeon (1995)

114 min | Comedy, Drama

A ten years old child, sick, comes to his grandparents house for a summer. The visitors and neighbours will make his stay very amusing.

Director: Jaime de Armiñán | Stars: María Barranco, Francisco Rabal, Carmen Maura, Joaquín Kremel

Votes: 103

Scene : Mary (María Barranco 34-y) show up her breast to 10-y-o Niño (Miguel Ángel Muñoz 12-y)

20. ...And Give Us Our Daily Sex (1979)

84 min | Comedy

Verónica (Barbara Rey) and her friend (Laura Gemser) are two very sexy bisexual nurses who live upstairs from a rather boring couple and their teenage soon. In a science class at school he ... See full summary »

Director: José Ramón Larraz | Stars: Laura Gemser, Bárbara Rey, José Sazatornil, Ángel Herraiz

Votes: 187

El Periscopio (original title) . teenager Alfonso (Ángel Herraiz) spies with a periscope his neighbors Verónica (Barbara Rey 29-y) and her friend (Laura Gemser 29-y)

21. Jamón, Jamón (1992)

Unrated | 95 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

When a mother disapproves of her son's lover, she hires an underwear model and former bullfighter to seduce her away.

Director: Bigas Luna | Stars: Penélope Cruz, Stefania Sandrelli, Anna Galiena, Juan Diego

Votes: 11,221 | Gross: $0.94M

Jamón Jamón (original title) . Scene : factory owner Conchita (Stefania Sandrelli 46-y) with Raul (Javier Bardem 23-y)

22. My First Sin (1977)

90 min | Comedy, Drama

Curro, a 16 year-old boy, who apparently seeks to stop being a virgin. But he has fallen madly in love with a prostitute ten years older than he. It is difficult for him to approach her, so... See full summary »

Director: Manuel Summers | Stars: Curro Martín Summers, Beatriz Galbó, José Rodríguez, Manuel Rodriguez

Votes: 28

Scene : the 16-y-o Curro (Curro Martín Summers) wakes up in bed with the 26-y-o hooker Cristina (Beatrìz Galbó 26-y) . .

23. 800 Bullets (2002)

R | 124 min | Action, Comedy, Drama

51 Metascore

Julián Torralba is a former movie stuntman in Almeria, Spain. He and several of his colleagues, who once made a living in American Westerns shot in Spain, now are reduced to doing stunt ... See full summary »

Director: Álex de la Iglesia | Stars: Sancho Gracia, Ángel de Andrés López, Carmen Maura, Eusebio Poncela

Votes: 3,908 | Gross: $0.00M

Scene : the kid Carlos (Luìs Castro) pressing boobs of Sandra (Yoima Valdés)

24. Otros días vendrán (2005)

Not Rated | 104 min | Drama

Alicia is a high school teacher and a single mom who is not lucky with love. To escape her dull life she spends a great deal of time "chatting" online where she hooks up with a teenager who... See full summary »

Director: Eduard Cortés | Stars: Cecilia Roth, Antonio Resines, Fernando Guillén, Nadia de Santiago

Votes: 174

Alicia (Cecilia Roth 49-y) a single mother ,chatting online , meets a teenager Zack (Nacho Aldeguer 20-y)

25. Tapas (2005)

94 min | Comedy, Drama

The small, everyday stories of a group of neighbours who live in a suburb of Barcelona, and the little secrets that they hide.

Directors: José Corbacho, Juan Cruz | Stars: Ángel de Andrés López, María Galiana, Elvira Mínguez, Rubén Ochandiano

Votes: 2,476

Scene : the middle-aged storeowner Raquel (Elvira Mínguez 40-y) is involved with an Internet relationship when teen supermarket worker César (Rubén Ochandiano 25-y) turns up at her house to fix her video

26. La mujer del juez (1984)

90 min | Comedy

Paz and Miguel are a seemingly happy marriage. But after moving to Logroño, where Miguel has been transferred as a judge, their life as a couple falls into monotony and suffers a serious ... See full summary »

Director: Francisco Lara Polop | Stars: Norma Duval, Héctor Alterio, Manuel Tejada, Beatriz Elorrieta

Votes: 34

Paz (Norma Duvall 28-y) the wife of the judge has an affair with the 17-y-o boy Alfredo (Miguel Molina 21-y)

27. Queens (2005)

R | 107 min | Comedy, Romance

49 Metascore

Five mothers cope with the drama that surrounds their gay sons at a mass wedding.

Director: Manuel Gómez Pereira | Stars: Marisa Paredes, Carmen Maura, Verónica Forqué, Mercedes Sampietro

Votes: 1,990 | Gross: $0.14M

Scene : Nuria (Verónica Forqué 50-y) has intimacy with Hugo (Gustavo Salmerón), boyfriend of her son.

28. Km. 0 - Kilometer Zero (2000)

R | 108 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

51 Metascore

A comedic look at the love lives of 14 different people and how they interconnect during one hot August afternoon around the Plaza del Sol in Madrid, Spain.

Directors: Yolanda García Serrano, Juan Luis Iborra | Stars: Concha Velasco, Georges Corraface, Silke, Carlos Fuentes

Votes: 1,689

Scene : the 21-y-o Pedro Carlos Fuentes 24-y-) by mistake confuses the 29-y-o hooker Tatiana (Elisa Matilla 35-y) with Silvia and she takes him to her apartment.

29. The Mosquito Net (2010)

95 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

A dysfunctional middle class family avoids their issues. Miguel wants to pay their immigrant teen maid Ana for sex, his wife Alice has an affair with their teen son's manipulative schoolmate and Miguel's parents deal with Alzheimer's.

Director: Agustí Vila | Stars: Emma Suárez, Eduard Fernández, Martina García, Anna Ycobalzeta

Votes: 466

Scenes : Alìcia (Emma Suárez 46-y) has an affair with 16-y-o Sergi (Àlex Batllori 19-y) the violent her son's friend

30. The Devil's Backbone (2001)

R | 106 min | Drama, Horror

78 Metascore

After Carlos - a 12-year-old whose father has died in the Spanish Civil War - arrives at an ominous boys' orphanage, he discovers the school is haunted and has many dark secrets that he must uncover.

Director: Guillermo del Toro | Stars: Marisa Paredes, Eduardo Noriega, Federico Luppi, Fernando Tielve

Votes: 57,376 | Gross: $0.75M

El espinazo del diablo (original title). The groundskeeper Jacinto (Eduardo Noriega 28-y) with Carmen (Marisa Paredes 55-y)administrator of the orphanage, without a leg.

31. The Distance (2006)

Not Rated | 111 min | Thriller

Daniel, a young boxer on the point of winning the title several times, is beaten yet again and commits a robbery that lands him in jail. A stranger blackmails Daniel into committing a ... See full summary »

Director: Iñaki Dorronsoro | Stars: Miguel Ángel Silvestre, Jose Coronado, Federico Luppi, Belén López

Votes: 296

La distancia (original title) . Raquel (Belén López 36-y)

Scene 1 : Gonzalo (Javier Pereira 23-y with Mimo (Marta Etura 26-y). Scene 2 : 25-y-o Adriàn (Unax Ugalde 26-y) with streetwalker Carmen (Raquel Pérez 33-y).

33. Presence of Mind (1999)

TV-G | 94 min | Drama, Horror, Thriller

Henry James' classic tale of terror, "The Turn of the Screw" receives yet another screen adaptation in this thriller shot in Spain. A young woman (Sadie Frost) is hired to serve as a ... See full summary »

Director: Antoni Aloy | Stars: Sadie Frost, Lauren Bacall, Ella Jones, Nilo Zimmerman

Votes: 476

Scene : the kid Miles (Nilo Zimmerman 13-y) kisses his governess (Sadie Frost 34-y )

34. The Naked Eye (1998)

104 min | Drama

Begoña is a thirty something consultant who has rebelled against her upper-middle-class background and has overdone it with sex ever since her youth. On recommendation of her psychoanalyst ... See full summary »

Director: Vicente Aranda | Stars: Laura Morante, Jose Coronado, Miguel Ángel García, Juanjo Puigcorbé

Votes: 433

La mirada del otro (original title). Scene : the thirty something Begoña (Laura Morante 42-y) wakes up in her bed with teen Daniel (Miguel Ángel García ). Scene : Begoña helps the much younger husband of her friend Marian (Ana Obregón 43-y) to collect the sperm for an artificial insemination

35. 90 millas (2005)

Not Rated | 105 min | Drama

An emotive story that touches the heart! A Cuban family leaves the island on a homemade rubber dingy and decides to bravely cross the dangerous stretch from Cuba to Florida in search of ... See full summary »

Director: Francisco Rodriguez Fernandez | Stars: Emilio Aragón 'Miliki', José Carlos G. Camacho, Carlos R. Cartaya, José Luis de Madariaga

Votes: 75

Scene : Marìa (Claudia Rojas) María breastfeeds her three children , dying of thirst , during the cross from Cuba to Florida

36. A golpes (2005)

TV-MA | 113 min | Drama

The story unfolds around five friends, Juanita, Nitzia, María, Vicky and Mena, who are under the age of 25. They are dissatisfied with the inequality and injustice that exists in the world.... See full summary »

Director: Juan Vicente Córdoba | Stars: Natalia Verbeke, Daniel Guzmán, Juana Acosta, María Vázquez

Votes: 194

Streetwalker (Bárbara Pérez de Lema) shows herself to boy seated in the car

37. Moon Child (1989)

118 min | Fantasy, Sci-Fi

Adopted by a treacherous semi-scientific cult where extraordinary mental powers are common, extraordinary 12-year-old David begins an archetypal journey across two continents to find his destiny as Child of the Moon.

Director: Agustí Villaronga | Stars: Maribel Martín, Lisa Gerrard, Enrique Saldana, Lucia Bosé

Votes: 394

The 12-y-o David peeping on a bounded willing Georgina (Lisa Gerrard 28-y) with a teenager

38. In Your Absence (2008)

Not Rated | 95 min | Drama

A fatherless boy whose fixation on a mysterious stranger leads him blindly into a tragedy that is to mark him for life.

Director: Iván Noel | Stars: Francisco Alfonsin, Pedro Salido Saborido, Gonzalo Sánchez Salas, Anabel Azuar

Votes: 787

Scene : the lonely 13-y-o Pablo is helped by his only friend ,the 15-y-o Julia (Ana Tutor) in his transition from childhood to adolescence

39. Belle Epoque (1992)

R | 109 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

A 1931 Spanish military deserter finds himself on a lonely farm until the farmer's four daughters pay a visit and he falls for all of them.

Director: Fernando Trueba | Stars: Fernando Fernán Gómez, Jorge Sanz, Penélope Cruz, Miriam Díaz-Aroca

Votes: 8,954 | Gross: $5.97M

The young deserter Fernando (Jorge Sanz 23-y) is enchanted by the four daughters of Manolo including Clara (Miriam Díaz-Aroca 30-y), a widow who only recently lost her husband

Teen Nino (Jaime Gamboa) is in love with the older girl (Lina Canalejas 45-y) his best friend's sister who is not interested in him ,t hen Nino takes confort in young maid , Angelines (Victoria Abril 18-y)

41. It Happened at Nightmare Inn (1973)

PG | 83 min | Horror

Two sisters running a small hotel in Spain kill female tourists whose morals do not meet their strict religious standards.

Director: Eugenio Martín | Stars: Aurora Bautista, Esperanza Roy, Judy Geeson, Víctor Barrera

Votes: 669

Una vela para el diablo (original title). Scene : Verónica (Esperanza Roy 38-y) with her young lover ,Luis (Carlos Piñeiro 24-y)

42. El diputado (1978)

Unrated | 110 min | Drama

Sex and politics collide in this tale of forbidden love, blackmail and murder. Set up by the secret police to compromise a prominent politician, a teenage hustler discovers himself ... See full summary »

Director: Eloy de la Iglesia | Stars: José Sacristán, María Luisa San José, José Luis Alonso, Enrique Vivó

Votes: 508

Deputy's wife, Carmen (María Luisa San José 32-y) ,in accord with her husband ,teaches to make love the bisexual teenager Juanito (José Luis Alonso)

43. Live Flesh (1997)

R | 103 min | Drama

69 Metascore

After leaving jail, Víctor is still in love with Elena, but she's married to the former cop -now basketball player- who became paralysed by a shot from Víctor's gun...

Director: Pedro Almodóvar | Stars: Liberto Rabal, Francesca Neri, Javier Bardem, Ángela Molina

Votes: 26,120 | Gross: $1.54M

The 20-y-o Victor (Liberto Rabal 22-y) has first experience with the junkie , Elena (Francesca Neri 33-y). Four years later, Victor ,released from jail , begins an affair with Clara (Angela Molina 42-y) wife of the cop who has caused his unjust imprisonment

44. I'm So Excited! (2013)

R | 90 min | Comedy

55 Metascore

When it appears as though the end is in sight, the pilots, flight crew, and passengers of a plane heading to Mexico City look to forget the anguish of the moment and face the greatest danger, which we carry within ourselves.

Director: Pedro Almodóvar | Stars: Javier Cámara, Pepa Charro, Cecilia Roth, Lola Dueñas

Votes: 20,430 | Gross: $1.37M

Scene : the psychic Bruna (Lola Dueñas 32-y) goes back to economy class to lose her virginity with a young passenger ,asleep with drogs by stewards

45. Year of Enlightment (1986)

105 min | Comedy, Drama, History

April, 1940. Manolo, 16 years old, and Jesus, who is just 8, are taken by their older brother Pepe, a lieutenant in the Army, to a sanatorium for children suffering from tuberculosis, ... See full summary »

Director: Fernando Trueba | Stars: Jorge Sanz, Maribel Verdú, Verónica Forqué, Manuel Alexandre

Votes: 829

El año de las luces (original title). The 16-y-o Manolo (Jorge Sanz 17-y) is attracted by the nurse Vicenta (Violeta Cela 26-y) spying her every night when she undresses but his advances don't find response

46. O Crime do Padre Amaro (2005)

100 min | Action, Drama

An young priest commits a crime when he falls in love with a beautiful and troubled woman.

Director: Carlos Coelho da Silva | Stars: Jorge Corrula, Soraia Chaves, Nicolau Breyner, Glória Férias

Votes: 2,345

Scene : the parishioner , Beatriz ((Margarida Miranda 31-y)(Margarida Miranda 31-y) ,undressing ,tries to seduce the young priest , Amaro (Jorge Corrula 27-y)

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