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List of films from 1920s-1960s not available on iTunes/Youtube. **=TurnerClassicMoviesDVD ~~=NonTurnerClassicMoviesDVD -Unreleased Films Adoration1928 CaughtintheFog1928 ScarletSeas1928 BigTime1929 TheWolfofWallStreet1929 Drag1929 StreetGirl1929 TheRescue1929 SideStreet1929 Careers1929 WallStreet1929 Syncopation1929 BlueSkies1929 StrangeCargo1929 Hurricane1929 BroadwayScandals1929 CaptainLash1929 TheDonovanAffair1929 TheGirlfromHavana1929 TheIsleofLostShips1929 TigerRose1929 TheLongLongTrail1929 SongofLove1929 TheSkyHawk1929 Trent'sLastCase1929 1HystericalNight1929 HoldAnything1930 OutwardBound1930 TheGuardsman1931 TheRoyalFamilyofBroadway1930 AsYouDesireMe1932 SoBig1932 BackStreet1932 LettyLynton1932 ReunionInVienna1933 BerkeleySquare1933 TheManWhoReclaimedHisHead1934 BottomsUp1934 HideOut1934 TransatalanticMerryGoRound1934 TheCasinoMurderCase1935 PageMissGlory1935 Craig'sWife1936 LoveIsaHeadache1938 TopperTakesaTrip1938 YoungasYouFeel1940 TheManfromDakota1940 TheGhostComesHome1941 Dulcy1940 TheMarinesFlyHigh1940 And1wasBeautiful1940 TilweMeetAgain1940 GrandpaGoestoTown1940 AnneofWindyPoplars1940 Wyoming1940 CrossCountryRomance1940 ManhattanHeartbeat1940 WeWhoareYoung1940 Money&theWoman1940 FatherisaPrince1940 TugboatAnnieSailsAgain1940 LadywithRedHair1940 MeettheMissus1940 Her1stRomance1940 SheCouldn'tSayNo1940 EarlofPuddlestone1940 TheWildManofBorneo1941 Honeymoonfor3-1941 PetticoatPolitics1941 TheGreatMrNobody1941 ThePenalty1941 Free&Easy1941 TheTrialofMaryDugan1941 StrangeAlibi1941 WashingtonMelodrama1941 CountryFair1941 ThievesFallOut1941 TheGayVagabond1941 TheGetaway1941 MillionDollarBaby1941 AngelsWithBrokenWings1941 WestPointWidow1941 PuddinHead1941 KissesforBreakfast1941 3SonsOGuns1941 CitadelofCrime1941 BulletsforO'Hara1941 BadMenofMissouri1941 PrivateNurse1941 NavyBlues1941 CadetGirl1941 9LivesareNotEnough1941 SailorsonLeave1941 LawoftheTropics1941 MarriedBachelor1941 InternationalLady1941 Weekendfor3-1941 SteelAgainsttheSky1941 MoonOverHerShoulder1941 Look'sWhoLaughing1941 You'reintheArmyNow1941 Uncensored1942 NorthwestRangers1942 Don'tGetPersonal1942 TreatEmRough1942 TheLadyHasPlans1942 ObligingYoungLady1942 TorpedoBoat1942 ATragedyatMifnight1942 JoeSmithAmerican1942 TheNightBeforetheDivorce1942 BussesRoar1942 PowderTown1942 ThiswasParis1942 JoanofOzark1942 ThisTimeforKeeps1942 ArmySurgeon1942 AreHusbandsNecessary1942 TheWarAgainstMrsHadley1942 MrsWiggsoftheCabbagePatch1942 CinderellaSwingsIt1943 SquadronLeaderX1943 LadiesDay1943 TheMysteriousDoctor1943 TaxiMister1943 3HeartsforJulia1943 RedheadfromManhattan1943 Adventurefor2-1943 TheIronMajor1943 LakePlacidSerenade1944 GentleAnnie1944 MakeYourOwnBed1944 ANightofAdventure1944 TheInvisibleMan'sRevenge1944 MarriageisaPrivateAffair1944 LeaveIttotheIrish1944 MusicinManhattan1944 FacesintheFog1944 WhentheLightsgoonAgain1944 YouthonTrial1945 Divorce1945 PatricktheGreat1945 ThoseEndearingYoungCharms1945 UnderWesternSkies1945 DangerousPartners1945 ManAlive1945 SunbonnetSue1945 SwinginonaRainbow1945 SingYourWayHome1945 TooYoungtoKnow1945 ALetterforEvie1946 IRingDoorbells1946 CinderellaJones1946 TheTruthAboutMurder1946 1MoreTomorrow1946 LadyLuck1946 OfHumanBondage1946 FaithfulinmyFashion1946 BettyCoEd1946 NoLeaveNoLove1946 Temptation1946 VacationinReno1946 TheGreatMorgan1946 ThePerfectMarriage1947 TheWeb1947 SuddenlyIt'sSpring1947 HitParadeof1947 HighConquest1947 NorthwestOutpost1947 AliasaGentleman1948 Rocky1948 Sofia1948 TheSilkNoose1948 TheGirlfromManhattan1948 TheDecisionofChristopherBlake1948 ICheatedtheLaw1949 Tucson1949 TheLadyTakesaSailor1949 BrideforSale1949 Brimstone1949 DancingintheDark1949 AnnaLucasta1949 YesSirThat'smyBaby1949 OperationHaylift1950 IWantYou1951 TheLightTouch1951 TheUnknownMan1951 Bannerline1951 NightIntoMorning1951 SealedCargo1951 GroundsforMarriage1951 TheCompanySheKeeps1951 SheCouldn'tSayNo1952 JustThisOnce1952 ForMenOnly1952 MontanaBelle1952 ApacheWarSmoke1952 HolidayforSinners1952 WashingtonStory1952 WheninRome1952 JustAcrosstheStreet1952 FighterAttack1953 RemainstoBeSeen1953 TheGoldenMask1953 TheLongWait1954 Tonight'stheNight1954 PrideoftheBluegrass1954 TennesseeChamp1954 TheTreasureofPanchoVilla1955 BattleTaxi1955 Unchained1955 TensionatTableRock1956 TheComeOn1956 EscapadeinJapan1957 HouseofNumbers1957 ManonFire1957 TheFuzzyPinkNightgown1957 Malaga1960 TheYoungOne1960 TheNightFighters1960 IRatherBeRich1964 MarcotheMagnificent1965 HouseofCards1968 TheAppointment1969 TheLostMan1969

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1. No, No, Nanette (1930)

98 min | Comedy, Musical

A bible publisher is falling in love with a chorus girl and finds himself backing a Broadway show.

Director: Clarence G. Badger | Stars: Bernice Claire, Alexander Gray, Lucien Littlefield, Louise Fazenda

Votes: 17

2. The Lone Star Ranger (1930)

Passed | 64 min | Action, Adventure, Romance

After shooting a man in self-defense, Buck Duane finds himself accused of many crimes, none of which he committed. In order to prove his innocence, he joins the Texas Rangers, and also ... See full summary »

Director: A.F. Erickson | Stars: George O'Brien, Sue Carol, Walter McGrail, Warren Hymer

Votes: 30

4. Love Comes Along (1930)

Passed | 77 min | Adventure, Drama, Music

An American sailor comes to a seedy banana republic, and finds a fellow yank, a stranded girl, as a saloon singer. They fall in love, but a misunderstanding about her feelings toward the local dictator threaten their happiness.

Director: Rupert Julian | Stars: Bebe Daniels, Lloyd Hughes, Montagu Love, Ned Sparks

Votes: 27

6. Chasing Rainbows (1930)

Passed | 96 min | Comedy, Drama, Musical

The road-show troupe of a top Broadway show go cross-country while taking the audience along on the on-stage scenes as well as what happens and is happening back stage of the production. ... See full summary »

Director: Charles Reisner | Stars: Bessie Love, Charles King, Jack Benny, George K. Arthur

Votes: 195


7. Behind the Make-Up (1930)

Passed | 70 min | Drama

Gardoni, a down-on-his-luck vaudeville performer, is taken in by a fellow performer, a clown who has a bicycle riding act. Gardoni shows his appreciation by stealing the clown's act and his girlfriend, whom he marries.

Directors: Robert Milton, Dorothy Arzner, Henry Hathaway, Rollo Lloyd | Stars: Hal Skelly, William Powell, Fay Wray, Kay Francis

Votes: 90

9. The Melody Man (1930)

Passed | 68 min | Crime, Drama, Music

A Viennese composer Von Kemper (John St.Polis), who after murdering both his unfaithful wife and royal lover, flees to America with his young daughter Elsa (Alice Day). Eighteen years later... See full summary »

Director: Roy William Neill | Stars: William Collier Jr., Alice Day, John St. Polis, Johnnie Walker

10. Embarrassing Moments (1930)

58 min | Comedy

A couple meet, fall in love and get married in a 24-hour period.

Director: William James Craft | Stars: Reginald Denny, Merna Kennedy, Otis Harlan, Greta Granstedt

11. Seven Days Leave (1930)

Approved | 80 min | Drama

Based on the play The Old Lady Shows Her Medals by J.M. Barrie, the film is about a young Canadian soldier (Gary Cooper) wounded while fighting in World War I. While recovering from his ... See full summary »

Director: Richard Wallace | Stars: Gary Cooper, Beryl Mercer, Daisy Belmore, Nora Cecil

Votes: 74

12. Playing Around (1930)

66 min | Comedy, Drama, Music

New York girl has a dull boyfriend and seems destined for a dull marriage when she meets a rich playboy who has money to burn and places to go. She gets involved with the playboy and never ... See full summary »

Director: Mervyn LeRoy | Stars: Alice White, Chester Morris, William Bakewell, Richard Carlyle

Votes: 173


13. Parade of the West (1930)

66 min | Western

A cowboy joins a Wild West show, where he has to ride a horse called "Mankiller."

Director: Harry Joe Brown | Stars: Ken Maynard, Gladys McConnell, Otis Harlan, Jack Hanlon

14. Murder on the Roof (1930)

Passed | 55 min | Action, Crime, Mystery

This primarily two-set programmer has a has-been criminal lawyer, Anthony Sommers (William V. Mong) wrongly accused of murder and follows the efforts of his daughter, Molly Sommers (Dorothy... See full summary »

Director: George B. Seitz | Stars: Dorothy Revier, David Newell, Raymond Hatton, Margaret Livingston

15. Loose Ankles (1930)

Not Rated | 69 min | Comedy, Romance

In this light romantic comedy, 17-year old Loretta Young is cast as Ann Harper, a wealthy socialite who has inherited a fortune provided the family is involved in no scandals appearing in ... See full summary »

Director: Ted Wilde | Stars: Loretta Young, Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Louise Fazenda, Otis Harlan

Votes: 295


16. The Woman Racket (1930)

Passed | 70 min | Crime, Drama, Romance

During a raid on a speakeasy, a cop finds himself attracted to a pretty female employee. Instead of arresting her and taking her to jail, he not only helps her escape but takes her out to ... See full summary »

Directors: Albert H. Kelley, Robert Ober, Paul Bern | Stars: Tom Moore, Blanche Sweet, Sally Starr, Robert Agnew

Votes: 68


17. They Learned About Women (1930)

Passed | 95 min | Musical, Drama

When Jack and Jerry are not playing professional baseball with the Blue Sox, they are packing them in on the Vaudeville circuit. Jack is engaged to Mary, but a gold digger named Daisy has ... See full summary »

Directors: Jack Conway, Sam Wood | Stars: Joe Schenck, Gus Van, Bessie Love, Mary Doran

Votes: 184


18. Guilty? (1930)

Passed | 67 min | Crime, Drama, Romance

A Senator, accused of bribery on circumstantial evidence and sent to prison, decides to commit suicide so that his daughter will feel free to marry the son of a judge. Story told through ... See full summary »

Director: George B. Seitz | Stars: Virginia Valli, John Holland, John St. Polis, Lydia Knott

19. The Ship from Shanghai (1930)

Passed | 67 min | Action, Crime, Drama

On a yacht sailing from Shanghai to the United States, the sailors, led by the megalomaniac steward, revolt and take control.

Director: Charles Brabin | Stars: Conrad Nagel, Kay Johnson, Carmel Myers, Holmes Herbert

Votes: 96


20. Wide Open (1930)

69 min | Comedy

A nervous woman-shy office clerk, already troubled by an amorous female co-worker, suddenly has to deal with a very forward and attractive young woman who has sneaked into his apartment - and doesn't want to leave.

Director: Archie Mayo | Stars: Edward Everett Horton, Patsy Ruth Miller, Louise Fazenda, Vera Lewis

Votes: 84


21. Burning Up (1930)

Passed | 60 min | Action, Crime, Romance

Racecar-driver Lou Larrigan gets mixed up with a crooked gang of racetrack promoters, and is in love with Ruth Morgan, whose father is marked as a victim by the gang.

Director: A. Edward Sutherland | Stars: Richard Arlen, Mary Brian, Francis McDonald, Sam Hardy

Votes: 11

22. Not So Dumb (1930)

Passed | 76 min | Comedy

Not-so-smart chatterbox Dulcy Parker does and says all the wrong things, but they right themselves to prove she's not so dumb after all.

Director: King Vidor | Stars: Marion Davies, Elliott Nugent, Raymond Hackett, Franklin Pangborn

Votes: 962


23. Girl of the Port (1930)

69 min | Drama, Romance

A showgirl marooned in Fiji helps a shell-shocked veteran face his fears

Director: Bert Glennon | Stars: Sally O'Neil, Reginald Sharland, Mitchell Lewis, Duke Kahanamoku

Votes: 52


24. Second Wife (1930)

Passed | 64 min | Drama

A man's pregnant second wife gets upset when he decides to go overseas to his young son, who may be dying of typhoid fever.

Director: Russell Mack | Stars: Conrad Nagel, Lila Lee, Mary Carr, Hugh Huntley

Votes: 10

25. Street of Chance (1930)

Passed | 75 min | Drama

A big-time, but honest gambler has to prevent his younger brother from following in his footsteps, and taking up gambling.

Director: John Cromwell | Stars: William Powell, Jean Arthur, Kay Francis, Regis Toomey

Votes: 169

26. Paid (1930)

Approved | 86 min | Drama, Film-Noir

Mary Turner goes up for three years on a crime she didn't commit. Once out she and former prison mates plan a scam in which old men can be sued for breach of promise - the "heart balm" ... See full summary »

Director: Sam Wood | Stars: Joan Crawford, Robert Armstrong, Marie Prevost, Douglass Montgomery

Votes: 539


27. Dames Ahoy (1930)

Passed | 64 min | Comedy

Three sailors go searching for a girl who swindled one of them out of half his pay.

Director: William James Craft | Stars: Glenn Tryon, Helen Wright, Otis Harlan, Eddie Gribbon

Votes: 12

28. The Green Goddess (1930)

Passed | 73 min | Adventure

An airplane carrying three Brits--Major Crespin, his wife Lucille, and Dr. Trahern--crash lands in the kingdom of Rukh. The Rajah holds them prisoner because the British are about to ... See full summary »

Director: Alfred E. Green | Stars: George Arliss, Ralph Forbes, H.B. Warner, Alice Joyce

Votes: 290