Germany Animation Feature Film 2010-2018

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1. Luis & the Aliens (2018)

PG | 86 min | Animation, Adventure, Comedy

46 Metascore

An 11-year-old boy befriends three aliens after they crash their spaceship into his house.

Directors: Christoph Lauenstein, Wolfgang Lauenstein, Sean McCormack | Stars: Callum Maloney, Dermot Magennis, Ian Coppinger, Paul Tylak

Votes: 1,510 | Gross: $0.15M

2. Spy Cat (2018)

92 min | Animation, Adventure, Family

Four crazy antiheroes on the run. Their leader is the unworldly innocent, naive Marnie, a house cat who is not allowed to leave the house and only knows about real life from television. ... See full summary »

Directors: Christoph Lauenstein, Wolfgang Lauenstein | Stars: Erik Borner, Alexandra Neldel, Axel Prahl

Votes: 231

3. Buñuel in the Labyrinth of the Turtles (2018)

80 min | Animation, Biography, Drama

76 Metascore

The true story of how Luis Buñuel made his second movie.

Director: Salvador Simó | Stars: Jorge Usón, Fernando Ramos, Luis Enrique de Tomás, Cyril Corral

Votes: 271 | Gross: $0.01M

4. Maya the Bee Movie (2014)

G | 89 min | Animation, Adventure, Comedy

49 Metascore

Maya is a little bee with a big heart! Join her on an epic adventure.

Director: Alexs Stadermann | Stars: Jacki Weaver, Richard Roxburgh, Noah Taylor, Kodi Smit-McPhee

Votes: 1,663

5. Animals United (2010)

PG | 93 min | Animation, Adventure, Comedy

A group of animals waiting for the annual flood they rely on for food and water discover that the humans, who have been destroying their habitats have built a dam for a leisure resort.

Directors: Reinhard Klooss, Holger Tappe | Stars: James Corden, Stephen Fry, Andy Serkis, Dawn French

Votes: 5,422

6. Tehran Taboo (2017)

96 min | Animation, Drama

74 Metascore

In their desperate search for freedom and happiness, four young people from Tehran, Iran are forced to break the taboos of a restrictive, islamic society.

Director: Ali Soozandeh | Stars: Jasmina Ali, Hasan Ali Mete, Zahra Amir Ebrahimi, Milinko Ametovic Beganovic

Votes: 2,544 | Gross: $0.07M

7. Death of a Superhero (2011)

Not Rated | 97 min | Animation, Drama

A dying 15-year-old boy draws stories of an invincible superhero as he struggles with his mortality.

Director: Ian Fitzgibbon | Stars: Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Lilly Forgach, Ian Fitzgibbon, Michael McElhatton

Votes: 3,255 | Gross: $0.00M

8. The Wolf House (2018)

Not Rated | 75 min | Animation, Drama, Horror

Tells the story of Maria, a young woman who takes refuge in a house in southern Chile after escaping from a German colony.

Directors: Joaquín Cociña, Cristóbal León | Stars: Amalia Kassai, Rainer Krause

Votes: 540

9. Maya the Bee: The Honey Games (2018)

G | 85 min | Animation, Adventure, Comedy

When an overenthusiastic Maya accidentally embarrasses the Empress of Buzztropolis, she is forced to unite with a team of misfit bugs and compete in the Honey Games for a chance to save her hive.

Directors: Noel Cleary, Sergio Delfino, Alexs Stadermann | Stars: Coco Jack Gillies, Benson Jack Anthony, Richard Roxburgh, Justine Clarke

Votes: 579

10. The Seventh Dwarf (2014)

PG | 87 min | Animation, Adventure, Comedy

The evil witch Dellamorta cursed princess Rose when she was a baby. Before she turns 18, Rose will get stung in the finger by a sharp object and she and the whole castle will fall into a ... See full summary »

Directors: Boris Aljinovic, Harald Siepermann | Stars: Otto Waalkes, Mirco Nontschew, Boris Aljinovic, Ralf Schmitz

Votes: 1,019

11. Der kleine Drache Kokosnuss (2014)

TV-G | 83 min | Animation, Family

A little dragon's adventure

Directors: Hubert Weiland, Nina Wels | Stars: Sarah Alles, Sabine Falkenberg, Gudo Hoegel, Carolin Kebekus

Votes: 144

12. Thor: Legend of the Magical Hammer (2011)

PG | 79 min | Animation, Adventure, Comedy

An over confident teen with a magical weapon and a handful of imperfect gods join forces against an evil queen and her army of giants

Directors: Óskar Jónasson, Toby Genkel, Gunnar Karlsson | Stars: Justin Gregg, Paul Tylak, Nicola Coughlan, Liz Lloyd

Votes: 927

13. Capt'n Sharky (2018)

73 min | Animation, Action, Adventure

Fearless and full of laughter. Captain Sharky and his lively crew are off to exciting and frightening adventures where they learn that there is more than being the most fearsome pirate - being a good friend.

Directors: Jan Stoltz, Hubert Weiland | Stars: Norman Endres, Jule Hermann, Anton Petzold, Axel Prahl

Votes: 51

14. Ghosthunters: On Icy Trails (2015)

PG | 99 min | Animation, Adventure, Comedy

They couldn't be more different, the members of the trio that allies in the fight against an Ancient Ice Ghost (AIG): Tom, an easily scared boy, Hetty, a professional ghosthunter and the ... See full summary »

Director: Tobi Baumann | Stars: Anke Engelke, Milo Parker, Bastian Pastewka, Karoline Herfurth

Votes: 736

16. Rabbit School - Guardians of the Golden Egg (2017)

G | 79 min | Animation, Adventure, Comedy

Rabbit Max, a juvenile shoplifter, gets trapped in an old-fashioned school. With rabbit girl Emmy, he acquires Easter Rabbits' secret skills, battles a sneaky fox family and learns about friendship.

Director: Ute von Münchow-Pohl | Stars: Noah Levi, Senta Berger, Friedrich von Thun, Jenny Melina Witez

Votes: 298

17. Pettersson und Findus - Findus zieht um (2018)

81 min | Animation, Adventure, Comedy

The old man Petterson is trying to sleep but his cat Findus is keeping him awake, so they both agree that Findus shall have his own house. Based on the beloved books by Sven Nordqvist.

Director: Ali Samadi Ahadi | Stars: Marianne Sägebrecht, Stefan Kurt, Max Herbrechter, Roxana Samadi

Votes: 87

18. Little Brother, Big Trouble: A Christmas Adventure (2012)

G | 79 min | Animation, Adventure, Comedy

Set right before Christmas, Niko the reindeer must deal with his mom getting re-married and his being tasked with looking after his little stepbrother.

Directors: Kari Juusonen, Jørgen Lerdam | Stars: Erik Carlson, Mikko Kivinen, Vuokko Hovatta, Aarre Karén

Votes: 861

19. Coconut the Little Dragon 2 Into the Jungle (2018)

Animation, Adventure, Comedy

Coconut the Little Dragon goes on a summer camp adventure which turns into a disaster when the wild Water Dragons and carnivorous plants come along to create chaos.

Director: Anthony Power | Stars: Carolin Kebekus, Dustin Semmelrogge, Max von der Groeben

Votes: 53

20. Trenk, the Little Knight (2015)

75 min | Animation, Adventure, Comedy

Ten-year-old Trenk, peasant and property of evil Sir Wertolt, wants to become a knight and free his family. His sword may be heavier than himself, but with unflagging practice, he's soon ... See full summary »

Director: Anthony Power | Stars: Georg Sulzer, Axel Prahl, Johannes Zeiler, Denis Lyons

Votes: 127

21. Rabbit Without Ears and Two-Eared Chick (2013)

72 min | Animation, Family

A rabbit is discriminated by all the other rabbits and even by the fox for having no ears. He just wants to have a friend, when an egg rolls to his front door.

Directors: Maya Gräfin Rothkirch, Til Schweiger | Stars: Emma Schweiger, Til Schweiger, Matthias Schweighöfer, Rick Kavanian

Votes: 307

22. Knight Rusty (2013)

Not Rated | 84 min | Animation, Comedy, Family

Embark on an adventure like no other with a very special knight who must save the magical kingdom where he lives by redeeming his knightly honor.

Directors: Thomas Bodenstein, Hubert Weiland, Nina Wels | Stars: Rick Kavanian, Carolin Kebekus, Christoph Maria Herbst, Tom Gerhardt

Votes: 240

24. Alois Nebel (2011)

Not Rated | 84 min | Animation, Drama

A train dispatcher encounters a mute stranger who appears out of nowhere, and finds himself mysteriously involved with a murder in Poland.

Director: Tomás Lunák | Stars: Miroslav Krobot, Marie Ludvíková, Karel Roden, Leos Noha

Votes: 1,308

25. Molly Monster the Movie (2016)

72 min | Animation, Adventure, Family

Molly Monster is the deeply-loved only-monster of Popo and Etna Monster. She spends her days in familiar surroundings playing with her best friend Edison, a clockwork toy with a life of his... See full summary »

Directors: Matthias Bruhn, Michael Ekbladh, Ted Sieger | Stars: Tom Eastwood, Stefan Fredrich, Denise Gorzelanny, Michael Iwannek

Votes: 63

26. The Secrets of Gravity: In the Footsteps of Albert Einstein (2016)

45 min | Animation, Adventure, Family

The exceptional 360° fulldome film experience about Albert Einstein's discoveries, the fascination of our universe and the belief in our dreams.

Director: Peter Popp | Stars: Wayne Forester, Glen McCready, Emma Tate

Votes: 36

27. Knight Rusty 2: Full Metal Racket (2017)

87 min | Animation, Adventure, Comedy

With the help of an inventor's secret workshop, Ritter Rost tries to lead his country out of a terrible crisis and become a knight again.

Directors: Thomas Bodenstein, Marcus Hamann | Stars: Tom Gerhardt, Jella Haase, Bianca Heinicke, Christoph Maria Herbst

Votes: 65

28. Pettersson und Findus 2 - Das schönste Weihnachten überhaupt (2016)

80 min | Animation, Comedy, Family

Pettson promised Findus they would have the best christmas ever this year, but then everything goes wrong. Findus is afraid that Christmas is going to be cancelled at all. So he tries to get help on his own.

Director: Ali Samadi Ahadi | Stars: Ali Samadi Ahadi, Ali N. Askin, Petra Beck, Marlene Bleek

Votes: 180

29. Raven the Little Rascal - The Big Race (2015)

73 min | Animation, Adventure, Family

In a powerful story about teamwork, acceptance and finding one's calling, little Raven and his friends take part in an exciting and tumultuous race through the forest.

Directors: Sandor Jesse, Ute von Münchow-Pohl | Stars: Jan Delay, Katharina Thalbach, Anna Thalbach, Gerhard Delling

Votes: 86

30. Sex, Dogz and Rock n Roll (2011)

89 min | Animation, Action, Crime

A couple assassins are taking a job which will bring the whole world in disorder.

Director: Marc Fehse | Stars: Matthias Keller, Heiko Grauel, Bernd M. Nieschalk, Linus Kraus

Votes: 27

31. Raven the Little Rascal (2012)

78 min | Animation, Adventure, Comedy

Little Raven loves spaghetti and his head is full of all kinds of mischief. When he accidentally damages the dam at the edge of the forest one day and the reservoir threatens to flood the ... See full summary »

Directors: Ute von Münchow-Pohl, Sandor Jesse | Stars: Katharina Thalbach, Anna Thalbach, Constantin von Jascheroff, Santiago Ziesmer

Votes: 132

32. Der kleine Medicus - Geheimnisvolle Mission im Körper (2014)

78 min | Animation, Family

Nano and Lily turn to Rappel the Rabbit to navigate a maze and stop a mysterious illness.

Director: Peter Claridge | Stars: Malte Arkona, Hans-Jürgen Dittberner, Sebastian Fitzner, Dietrich Grönemeyer

Votes: 92

34. Star Trek Enterprise II: Der Anfang vom Ende (2016)

58 min | Animation, Sci-Fi

After their trip to the parallel universe, the crew of the Enterprise must determine that in the normal universe nothing is like it was. The cybernetic lifeforms of the Red Empire are there... See full summary »

Director: Jürgen Kaiser | Stars: Lars von Velsen, René Dawn-Claude, Sabrina Heuer-Diakow, Valentin Gagarin

35. Laura's Star and the Dream Monster (2011)

65 min | Animation, Family

Laura and his stern are together again in order to help Tommy. He must save her beloved play dog who was kidnapped by a group of dream monsters.

Directors: Thilo Rothkirch, Ute von Münchow-Pohl | Stars: Annabel Wolf, Sandro Iannotta, Heinrich Schafmeister, Ralf Schmitz

Votes: 45

37. Quiqueck & Hämat: Proll Out (2013)

53 min | Animation, Comedy, Sci-Fi

Quiqueck & Hämat, two typical everyday aliens, are orbiting earth to observe mankind. One day the bad Prollians, one-eyed redneck-idiots from Outer Space, are attacking. An extraterrestrial battle breaks loose.

Director: Thomas Zeug | Stars: Thomas Zeug, Santiago Ziesmer, Sven Matthias, Franziska Pigulla

Votes: 34

38. The Jester's Plane: A Curious Journey Down the Rabbithole (2018)

157 min | Animation, Adventure, Crime

5 years after the actual tragic events, the Jester embarks on a curious journey down a mysterious rabbithole. A comedic conspiracy about the necessity of critical thinking.

Director: Flo W. Reiter

Votes: 8

39. Father (III) (2012)

Not Rated | 16 min | Animation

When did you last talk with your father? Will you ever ask him about those things that hurt you?

Directors: Ivan Bogdanov, Moritz Mayerhofer, Asparuh Petrov, Veljko Popovic, Rositsa Raleva, Dmitry Yagodin | Stars: Harry Anichkin, Ivana Gavrilova, Eltimir Alexandrov, Delly Allen

Votes: 59

40. Tabaluga und die Zeichen der Zeit (2014)

61 min | Animation, Family, Musical

Tabaluga is a little green dragon who sets on a poetic, yet adventurous journey to magical places on his planet and dreamworlds in space, in order to discover the nature of time and it's relevance for us beings on Earth.

Directors: Terry Rudat, Moritz Mayerhofer, Nikolai Neumetzler | Star: Gregor Rottschalk

Votes: 9

41. #TubeClash02 (2016)

86 min | Animation, Comedy, Drama

After the events of "#TubeClash", ten new German YouTube stars wake up in the ruins of a city, but this time team up against their captor.

Director: DarkViktory | Stars: DarkViktory, Paperblossom, Marc Stenzel, Vera Thaxton

42. Weiße Steine (2016)

60 min | Animation, Drama, Family

The prevailing situation of the refugees in Europe kept playing on my mind and induced me to write the script WEISSE STEINE. Children, mothers and fathers had to leave their homeland and ... See full summary »

Director: Regina Brodt | Stars: Marlene Metternich, Oskar Keymer, Nico Ramon Kleemann, Bert Cöll

43. Winter Spirits (2016)

74 min | Animation, Drama, Fantasy

In 1920s Japan the boy Akeno lives without his father, but he has a mysterious friend. When Akeno gets kidnapped by soldiers, his friend sets out to return him home. But soon they both realize, something mysterious happened in their lives.

Director: Philipp Niklas Christ | Stars: Ben Posener, Gordon Piedesack, Julia Gruber, Florian Wein

45. Engel mit nur einem Flügel (2012)

75 min | Animation

Six members of the Gothic-Scene and the ghost of a pink bathrobe try to manage everyday life. They are confronted with problems, everybody knows (making the dishes, non-smoking areas, ... See full summary »

Director: Addi Keil | Stars: Bärthold Brächts, Kim Elaschi, Gunter, Kia Kasha

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