My Most Hated Korean Movies

by Yogesh-Odyssey-Opera | created - 08 Dec 2012 | updated - 10 Aug 2014 | Public

Worst Korean Movies I've seen Actually i watched almost all Korean movies..It contains many good movies and some bad and some worst too...I leave the good and the bad.. Actually i made a separate list for good and best korean movies

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This list contains the worse than the worst movies...I never want to see these movies again in my life...Very very worst, poor direction, worst spoilers are the reasons for hatred... I can't stomach this whenever i think that i saw this movie before...

Speciality of my list (only added the 2000's movies)

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1. The Perfect Couple (2007)

Not Rated | 109 min | Comedy, Romance

Young cop with debilitating phobia meets a hyperactive young journalist who complicates his life and career by always managing to do the wrong thing.

Director: Jeong-woo Kim | Stars: Dong-Wook Lee, Hyeon-yeong, Jeong-heon Lee, Soo-kyeong Jeon

Votes: 210

Original title is (THE PERFECT COUPLE) or (THE BEST ROMANCE) or (Choigang romaenseu).......If i had a pistol definitely i'll shoot her *beeping* mouth.... My god i Can't hear her mouse gnawing squeaking voice... I have only one doubt hero's age is nearly 30 and looking handsome actually ..then why they cast a mature granny as a heroine....... Whenever she opens her mouth My blood pressure start rises up to 180 ...very very disgusting...awful to watch....Beware of it:certain death....

2. I Saw the Devil (2010)

Not Rated | 142 min | Action, Crime, Thriller

67 Metascore

A secret agent exacts revenge on a serial killer through a series of captures and releases.

Director: Jee-woon Kim | Stars: Byung-Hun Lee, Min-sik Choi, Joon-Hyuk Lee, Bo-ra Nam

Votes: 94,777 | Gross: $0.13M

very very poor directing...Actually he is a wonderful director.... It fails the audiences' expectation... He wasted the two legends( min sik & lee byung )... It feels like already seen in many hollywood cat and mouse flicks....E.g tournament....

3. Public Enemy 3 (2008)

Not Rated | 127 min | Action, Comedy, Crime

KANG Chul-jung has been a detective fighting crime for 15 years and is at it again against a mob boss who recruits young kids to do his dirty work.

Director: Woo-Suk Kang | Stars: Kyung-gu Sol, Jae-yeong Jeong, Jung-shik Bae, Kwi-Jung Choo

Votes: 338

Just watch it yourself! stupidity at peak... actually I'm a great fan of these two lead actors... But they failed me or us.... the first two parts are good when comparing to this *beep* ...very very very very worst one...

4. Duelist (2005)

108 min | Action, Comedy, Mystery

Set years ago in the era of the Joseon Dynasty, the story follows a young police officer named Namsoon (Ha Ji-won) who, along with her fellow officers, discovers a counterfeit ring ... See full summary »

Director: Myung-se Lee | Stars: Ji-won Ha, Dong-won Gang, Sung-Ki Ahn, Young-chang Song

Votes: 1,260

You will curse yourself very badly after the mystery broken in the climax... Really i tried to attempt a suicide after the climax... But my neighbours saved me from dying...*beep* *beep* *beep*.....

5. Oh! My God (2006)

104 min | Action, Comedy, Romance

Im Jung Hwan is a playboy from rich family. He is a simple minded who likes to fooling around, wasting money for the girls and living his playboy lifestyle. He has not yet graduated from college majoring in drama after nine years.

Director: Jeong-woo Kim | Stars: Seong-guk Choi, Yi Shin, Il-seob Baek, Won-suk Park

Votes: 123

a Granny and a grandpa casting as a youth couple...Who can able to digest?

6. Oh! My God 2 (2009)

100 min | Comedy, Romance

Lim Jung-hwan is the successor of a large taxi company, and enjoys a lavish lifestyle. Reality kicks in as he has to work and live as a taxi driver to learn the trade. Yet even a taxi driver can find love.

Director: Seung-jae Hwang | Stars: Seong-guk Choi, Young-eun Lee, Tae-goo Eom, Sang-ki Jo

Votes: 27

A beautiful angel and a Geek .... Very nice story, very bad cast(hero)...

7. My Boyfriend Is Type-B (2005)

96 min | Comedy, Romance

Young-bin and Ha-mi meet by accident after a row over him ruining her cellphone. She believes he and she were destined to meet, but the problem is, he has blood-type B, making him ... See full summary »

Director: Seok-won Choi | Stars: Ji-hye Han, Dong-geon Lee, Yi Shin, Il-seob Baek

Votes: 585

Stupid casting and annoying.... Plastic faced heroine and a dumb hero and a disgusting supporting artists.....

8. A Love (2007)

104 min | Action, Drama

A boy's first crush on a girl leads to a violent journey through his adult life. But as he decides to be happy for once in life, bitter cruel destiny rattles everything in his life.

Director: Kyung-taek Kwak | Stars: Kwang-won Bae, Seok-yeon Hong, Hyun-Seong Im, Hyeon Ju

Votes: 227

climax ruined everything .....

9. Art of Seduction (2005)

Not Rated | 100 min | Comedy, Romance

Min-jun and Ji-won are first-rate "players" who are used to getting their way in the field of love and sex, until they run into each other. Let the games begin.

Director: Ki-hwan Oh | Stars: Ye-jin Son, Il-guk Song, Sun-yeong Ahn, Bo-ra Geum

Votes: 1,301

I hate son ye jin in this movie... This movie is actually Good...But the hero and his father is annoying...

10. My Girl and I (2005)

Not Rated | 95 min | Drama, Romance

Beautiful student Su-Eun prevents her fellow student Su-Ho to drown in the ocean. Su-Ho however, does not know who saved him, until Su-Eun tells him after a while. The love between them ... See full summary »

Director: Yun-su Jeon | Stars: Tae-Hyun Cha, Hae-sook Kim, Yoon-Seok Kim, Jung-hee Moon

Votes: 2,383

same plot and same story witnessed many times...After all it is boring... No pity for this plastic faced heroine...Don't know why?

11. The Bow (2005)

Not Rated | 90 min | Drama, Romance

On a fishing boat at sea, a 60-year old man has been raising a girl since she was a baby. It is agreed that they will get married on her 17th birthday, and she is 16 now. They live a quiet and secluded life, renting the boat to day fishermen and practicing strange divination rites. Their life changes when a teenage student comes aboard...

Director: Ki-duk Kim | Stars: Yeo-reum Han, Ji-Seok Seo, Gook-hwan Jeon, Seong-hwan Jeon

Votes: 10,024

same director's same *beep*.. the last ten minutes ruined the whole feeling...

12. Samaritan Girl (2004)

R | 95 min | Drama

Jae-Young is an amateur prostitute who sleeps with men while her best friend Yeo-Jin "manages" her, fixing dates, taking care of the money and making sure the coast is clear. When Jae-Young... See full summary »

Director: Ki-duk Kim | Stars: Eol Lee, Ji-min Kwak, Yeo-reum Han, Hyun-min Kwon

Votes: 12,437

Kim ki Duk fails...What is the theme actually? Is it really worth for this title? It's title should be *beep* girl! It's poster is really an eyesore. I can't control my mouth, it is really cursing *beep*

13. 4th Period Mystery (2009)

86 min | Action, Crime, Drama

High school guys must find the killer of their classmate before the next class start, in 40 minutes.

Director: Sang-yong Lee | Stars: Chi-yong Ahn, In-sook Choi, Jae-sang Han, Soo-hyang Im

Votes: 313

stupid *beep* only one word *beep*

14. She's on Duty (2005)

111 min | Action, Comedy, Crime

The film deals with a boisterous undercover female cop who gets sent to a high school in order to get close to a criminal in hideout by befriending his teenage daughter. The general set up ... See full summary »

Director: K.C. Park | Stars: Seon-a Kim, Yoo Gong, Sang-mi Nam, Jung-woo Ha

Votes: 795

an aunty casts as a lead....

15. Mr. Socrates (2005)

109 min | Action, Crime

A low-life scumbag gets kidnapped by a mysterious gang and put through inhumane training to become a mole inside the police force.

Director: Jin-won Choi | Stars: Shin-il Kang, Jong-Hyuk Lee, Tae-young Yoon, Rae-won Kim

Votes: 420

Kim rae won's worst movie...

16. Baby and I (2008)

98 min | Comedy

A rebellious high school student sees his life take a strange turn when he goes to the grocery store and someone leaves a baby in his shopping cart, along with a note claiming he's the father.

Director: Jin-yeong Kim | Stars: Keun-Suk Jang, Shin-Ho Byun, Jae-Hwan Choi, Gyu-pil Go

Votes: 1,557

Actually i liked this baby not this baby faced *beep*...

17. Do Re Mi Fa So La Si Do (2008)

105 min | Drama, Romance

A South Korean teenage tomboy, working as a dragon, gets her dragon head twisted, causing her to fall. The culprit later turns out to be her new neighbor. He has a rock band that includes her ex. How can romance develop from this?

Director: Geon-hyang Kang | Stars: Keun-Suk Jang, Ye-ryeon Cha, Ee-cheol Jeong, In-sook Choi

Votes: 353

I said earlier... Plz watch the climax you'll definitely laugh about the stupidity..It is a soap opera i think...

18. You Are My Sunshine (2005)

G | 121 min | Drama, Romance

Seok-joong, a farmer in his mid thirties, is desperate to find a wife and settle down. After backing out of a scheme to set him up with a Filipino bride, he falls head over heels in love ... See full summary »

Director: Jin-pyo Park | Stars: Do-yeon Jeon, Jung-min Hwang, Moon-hee Na, Seung-su Ryu

Votes: 627

i love Do-yeon Jeon.... This is the reason..

My god ! A stupid confusion...

20. Marriage Is a Crazy Thing (2002)

103 min | Drama, Romance

Jun-young (Kam Woo-seong) is a man in his early thirties who has seen his friends and younger brother get married but has yet to open himself to a serious relationship. Rather he is happy ... See full summary »

Director: Ha Yoo | Stars: Woo-seong Kam, Jeong-hwa Eom, Won-Sang Park, So-Jeong Kang

Votes: 914

I was a fan of this heroine... after watching this movie I don't wanna be her fan...

21. My Dear Desperado (2010)

105 min | Comedy

(Korean with English subtitles) An unlikely romance brews between Dong-chu, a tough-actin thug with a tender heart, and his bookish, and recently single, IT consultant neighbor, Se-jin, in ... See full summary »

Director: Kwang-shik Kim | Stars: In-gi Jeong, Woo-hyeok Jeong, Yu-mi Jung, Seung-Beom No

Votes: 384

I don't know i really hate her.... plz don't watch..

22. S Diary (2004)

106 min | Comedy, Romance

(Korean with English subtitles) Jini gets dumped by her boyfriend with the final note saying he was only interested in having sex with her but not in a lasting relationship. This triggers ... See full summary »

Director: Jong-kwan Kwon | Stars: Seon-a Kim, Su-ro Kim, Hyeon-woo Lee, Yoo Gong

Votes: 369

Aunty again...It made me vomit after the disgusting kiss in the climax...

23. Voice of a Murderer (2007)

Not Rated | 122 min | Drama, Thriller

One day, the only son of famous news anchor HAN Kyung-bae, disappears without a trace. Soon, the kidnapper calls the mother demanding a $100,000 ransom. The police assign a veteran ... See full summary »

Director: Jin-pyo Park | Stars: Kyung-gu Sol, Nam-ju Kim, Dong-won Gang, Yeong-cheol Kim

Votes: 1,516

This is not that much bad when comparing to the others...Fantastic screenplay but the last twenty minutes ruined the whole film.... Like a hole in the TITANIC...

24. Love Me Not (2006)

Not Rated | 119 min | Drama, Romance

Julian has lived off with the money he lures from his rich female customers. But now he faces usurious debts from a hasty expansion of his business, and he will be killed unless he clears ... See full summary »

Director: Cheol-ha Lee | Stars: Ju-hyuk Kim, Geun-young Moon, Seong-ho Choi, Ji-won Do

Votes: 478

This is not a movie , it is a *beep* actually... worst acting, dumb story line, what's in the climax? Did he wish to die? The film not only kills its hero but also the viewers too... waste of time... These type movies really spoiling the korean cinema's beauty...

25. Too Young to Die (2002)

Not Rated | 67 min | Romance

(Korean with English subtitles) Invited to Cannes and Venice Film Festivals, as well as the NY Asian Film Festival, this atypical love story stars two 70+ actors portraying lovers that meet... See full summary »

Director: Jin-pyo Park | Stars: Sun-ye Lee, Chi-gyu Park

Votes: 83

My God very very horrid..I'd never seen a *beep* like this... Very very horrible...

26. M (I) (2007)

110 min | Crime, Drama, Mystery

A young writer can't write a word for his next novel, he also doesn't feel right with his fiancée; because he falls in love with a woman, but he can't remember who she is and can't figure out if she's real or just a dream.

Director: Myung-se Lee | Stars: Dong-won Gang, Yeon-hee Lee, Hyo-Jin Kong, Won-hee Im

Votes: 413

nothing in this movie... It will make you mad... don't see it...

27. The Scarlet Letter (2004)

Not Rated | 115 min | Drama, Mystery, Thriller

A detective, his 3 girls & a murder case. Complex emotional relationships and human nature's darker sides are explored in this captivating suspense drama about a cop whose lust for love threatens to get in the way of his professional life.

Director: Hyuk Byun | Stars: Suk-kyu Han, Eun-ju Lee, Hyun-Ah Sung, Ji-won Uhm

Votes: 930

a worst screenplay...This movie killed a talented actress...

28. Spellbound (2011)

PG-13 | 114 min | Comedy, Horror, Romance

A magician meets an eccentric girl and offers her to work together in his magic show. It is only until a year later that he starts to know her personally and develops a feeling towards her despite her own problems.

Director: In-ho Hwang | Stars: Ye-jin Son, Min-ki Lee, Seong-hoon Sin, Ji-min Yun

Votes: 2,511

aka as Spellbound...Jeez! worst acting ,worst dialogues and worst directing... a Beauty and the geek...

29. Interview (2000)

107 min | Drama, Romance

A documentary filmmaker falls for one of his subjects while interviewing her about her relationship with her boyfriend.

Director: Hyuk Byun | Stars: Jung-jae Lee, Eun-ha Shim, Jae-Hyun Cho, Min-jung Kweon

Votes: 174

bad story and very bad acting...

30. Sex Is Zero 2 (2007)

115 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

In his 10th year at college, Eun-sik is part of a nearly ideal campus couple with swimming champ Kyung-ah. While their three-year relationship is solid, Eun-sik struggles to get to the next... See full summary »

Director: Tae-yun Yoon | Stars: Chang Jung Lim, Ji-Hyo Song, Seong-guk Choi, Yi Shin

Votes: 1,087

very very worst movie... actually the first part is really wonderful... It had a beautiful story in it... but this part really sucks...

31. Love Now (2007)

116 min | Adventure, Drama

A young couple, Young-joon and So-yeo, have a stable marriage. On the day that their mutual friend opens a wine bar, they come across Min-jae and Yu-na, a couple quite the opposite of ... See full summary »

Director: Yun-su Chong | Stars: Jeong-hwa Eom, Chae-young Han, Yong-woo Park, Dong-geon Lee

Votes: 317

aka changing partners... very very worst movie...

32. An Affair (1998)

108 min | Drama, Romance

A woman in her late thirties, married to an architect in Seoul, with one brattish son and a life in dire need of a service, is asked by her sister, who lives in America, to help her fiancé ... See full summary »

Director: Je-yong Lee | Stars: Jung-jae Lee, Min Kim, Mi-sook Lee, Young-chang Song

Votes: 342

worst and a dumb movie...

33. The Young Man (1994)

116 min | Crime, Drama

A young male model twists and manipulates people around him in his unending quest for money and pleasure. He is convinced that he is untouchable and can bend anyone to his will, so not even... See full summary »

Director: Chang-ho Bae | Stars: Jung-jae Lee, Eun-Kyung Shin, Eung-Kyung Lee, Bo-yeon Kim

Votes: 36

very very horrid... not good for your eyes...

34. 71: Into the Fire (2010)

Not Rated | 120 min | Action, Drama, War

The story of student-soldiers trying to protect a middle school during the early days of the Korean War.

Director: John H. Lee | Stars: Seung-won Cha, Sang-Woo Kwon, Seung-Hyun Choi, Seung-woo Kim

Votes: 4,667

35. Sex of Magic (2002)

118 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

A successful young man who is engaged to be married sets out to learn how to satisfy his wife in bed before their wedding day.

Director: Seong-wook Bang | Stars: Bon-seung Goo, Ji-eun Kim, Eun-ju Choi, Jin Kim

Votes: 60

36. Yesterday (I) (2004)

R | 90 min | Drama

After falling ill, Yesterday learns that she is HIV positive. With her husband in denial and young daughter to tend to, Yesterday's one goal is to live long enough to see her child go to school.

Director: Darrell Roodt | Stars: Leleti Khumalo, Lihle Mvelase, Kenneth Khambula, Harriet Lenabe

Votes: 2,091

37. Dragon Wars: D-War (2007)

PG-13 | 90 min | Action, Drama, Fantasy

33 Metascore

Once in 500 years, ancient mythical creatures come to Earth, wreaking havoc and destruction. This time they must be stopped.

Director: Hyung-rae Shim | Stars: Jason Behr, Amanda Brooks, Robert Forster, Craig Robinson

Votes: 22,940 | Gross: $10.98M

38. Wet Dreams 2 (2005)

101 min | Comedy

Four high school girls become curious about sex and compete for the attention of their teacher.

Director: Cho Sin Jung | Stars: Ho-kyung Go, Sin-jeong Hwang, Hye-bin Jeon, Jae-hyeong Jeon

Votes: 231

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