Czech films of 2008

by Lindarinda | created - 29 Apr 2013 | updated - 16 Nov 2013 | Public
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1. Tobruk (2008)

102 min | History, War

Set in the Libyan Desert in WW2 a battalion of Czech soldiers face the siege of Tobruk.

Director: Václav Marhoul | Stars: Jan Meduna, Petr Vanek, Robert Nebrenský, Michal Novotný

Votes: 930

2. English Strawberries (2008)

114 min | Drama, Romance, War

A drama centered on a Russian soldier who wants to defect to the West and a young Czech whose dreams of going to England to pick strawberries for the summer are dashed when Soviet tanks converge on Prague in August 1968.

Director: Vladimír Drha | Stars: Ivan Lupták, Marie Stípková, Aleksey Bardukov, Pavla Tomicová

Votes: 66

3. Grapes (2008)

90 min | Comedy

Film about two friends who find out that you do not have to fly to sea to spend fantastic holidays.

Director: Tomás Barina | Stars: Krystof Hádek, Lukás Langmajer, Lubomír Lipský, Tereza Voriskova

Votes: 676

4. Cinka Panna (2008)

122 min | Drama

The film Cinka Panna presents the destiny of the most famous of Gypsy primadonnas, who lived in Hungary in the 18th century. Her exceptionally interesting, colorful and emotionally strained... See full summary »

Director: Dusan Rapos | Stars: Anna Luca Biani, Balázs Galkó, Martin Dejdar, Balázs Mózes

Votes: 62

6. Frantisek je devkar (2008)

80 min | Comedy

As a psychiatrist, Frantisek (Josef Polásek) should have his private life under perfect control, except that he's too fond of women. In addition to his wife Eliska (Ela Lehotská), he's in ... See full summary »

Director: Jan Prusinovský | Stars: Josef Polásek, Ela Lehotská, Martin Pechlát, Zdena Hadrbolcová

Votes: 133

7. Guard No. 47 (2008)

108 min | Drama, Thriller

A WW I veteran still haunted by his time in the trenches settles in a small town to work for the railroad company. His pretty wife attracts the attention of the lonely young gravedigger.

Director: Filip Renc | Stars: Karel Roden, Lucia Siposová, Václav Jirácek, Vladimír Dlouhý

Votes: 244

8. The Karamazov Brothers (2008)

110 min | Drama

A film that examines the relationships between lives on both sides of the proscenium, Petr Zelenka's Karamazovi finds a Prague-based theatrical ensemble arriving in Krakow, Poland - where ... See full summary »

Director: Petr Zelenka | Stars: Michaela Badinková, Jerzy Michal Bozyk, Igor Chmela, Malgorzata Galkowska

Votes: 1,067

9. Kdopak by se vlka bál (2008)

90 min | Family

A young girl's family hits crisis point when her mother's former lover returns to town. We see both a child's developing lens of the world, via Terezka's drawings, as she becomes immersed ... See full summary »

Director: Maria Procházková | Stars: Dorota Dedková, Jitka Cvancarová, Pavel Reznícek, Martin Hofmann

Votes: 183

10. Goat Story (2008)

PG-13 | 80 min | Animation, Comedy, Family

Story about the friendship between a young villager Jemmy who arrives in medieval Prague, and his Goat. Jemmy falls in love with Katy - a street-wise girl from Prague. Goat is jealous, and starts to hate Katy.

Director: Jan Tománek | Stars: Jirí Lábus, Matej Hádek, Mahulena Bocanová, Michal Dlouhý

Votes: 281

12. Máj (2008)

80 min | Crime, Drama, Romance

The time-tested poem, more than a century old, transposed into a stirring story of undying love and passion. The story takes place in an unspecified, distant past, but the young heroes are more or less contemporary characters.

Director: F.A. Brabec | Stars: Matej Stropnický, Nina Divísková, Krystof Hádek, Vladimír Javorský

Votes: 191

13. Malé oslavy (2008)

96 min | Drama

"...everyone lives however they know how to...or however they can..." The story of a mother-daughter relationship in the rhythm of salsa, which is reportedly just as good as sex. Starring ... See full summary »

Director: Zdenek Tyc | Stars: Tereza Nvotová, Anna Sisková, Bolek Polívka, Ági Gubík

Votes: 18

14. Malé lzi (2008)

53 min

David is trying to rebuild his relationship with his son, Andy. However, David's father, John has got himself invited on their trip. Both David and John are hiding secrets. Neither wants to... See full summary »

Director: William Lee | Stars: Jaroslav Vlach, Matej Dadák, Marek Galló, Petra Bartosová

15. The Wrong Mr. Johnson (2008)

Not Rated | 85 min | Comedy

Veronika, a Czech girl living in Prague, is desperate to find the money to get her abusive boyfriend Vaclav out of jail and finds no alternative but to replace her friend Lucy as an "escort... See full summary »

Director: Carl Haber | Stars: Klára Issová, Jeff Joseph, Hynek Cermák, Nick Mancuso

Votes: 60

16. At Your Own Risk (2008)

92 min | Action, Thriller

Rony (Filip Blazek), the owner of a travel agency specializing in extreme sports, receives an interesting request - a trip down the dangerous Black River. The client who initiated the ... See full summary »

Director: Filip Renc | Stars: Jirí Langmajer, Filip Blazek, Václav Jirácek, Lucia Siposová

Votes: 115

18. Shameless (2008)

Not Rated | 88 min | Comedy

A Prague weatherman gets a bad case of the seven-year itch.

Director: Jan Hrebejk | Stars: Jirí Machácek, Simona Babcáková, Pavel Liska, Emília Vásáryová

Votes: 534

21. Sister (2008)

65 min | Drama, Romance

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Director: Vít Pancír | Stars: Jakub Zich, Verica Nedeska, Filip Topol

Votes: 22

22. The Sadness of Mrs. Snajdrova (2008)

104 min | Drama, Romance

It is 1961 and an Albanian student (Nik Xhelilaj) of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, together with a group of Czech students, is shooting his graduate movie on a motorcycle ... See full summary »

Directors: Eno Milkani, Piro Milkani | Stars: Anna Geislerová, Nik Xhelilaj, Barbora Stepánová, Tomás Töpfer

Votes: 109

24. The Wedding on Battle Field (2008)

95 min | Comedy, Romance

Distinctive characters, a kind view of their dreams, worries, and transgressions, which none of us can avoid, an original plot... This is the prepossessing setting of a comedy that takes us... See full summary »

Director: Dusan Klein | Stars: Bolek Polívka, Zlata Adamovská, Josef Somr, Miroslav Simunek

Votes: 93

26. The Country Teacher (2008)

Unrated | 103 min | Drama, Romance

Petr, youthful, quiet, and sensitive, comes from Prague to teach natural science in a country town. The gruff principal asks what he's running from and predicts he'll be gone in six months.... See full summary »

Director: Bohdan Sláma | Stars: Pavel Liska, Zuzana Bydzovská, Ladislav Sedivý, Marek Daniel

Votes: 1,310 | Gross: $0.05M

27. Vy nám taky séfe! (2008)

100 min | Comedy

The motion picture comedy Same to You, Boss! tells the story of a company owner who wants his firm to fail in an "honest" manner. To ensure that his plan goes off without a hitch, he ... See full summary »

Director: Martin Kotík | Stars: Mahulena Bocanová, Ladislav Hampl, Michal Hruska, Iva Janzurová

Votes: 91

28. Bathory: Countess of Blood (2008)

R | 141 min | Biography, Drama, Fantasy

Bathory is based on the legends surrounding the life and deeds of Countess Elizabeth Bathory known as the greatest murderess in the history of mankind. Contrary to popular belief, Elizabeth... See full summary »

Director: Juraj Jakubisko | Stars: Anna Friel, Karel Roden, Vincent Regan, Hans Matheson

Votes: 3,966

29. Jezís je normální! (2008)

70 min | Documentary

"Jesus loves you!" During one of her daily walks around Prague, director Tereza Nvotova is proselytized by members of the Christian cult "Triumphal Center of Faith". She spends the next two... See full summary »

Director: Tereza Nvotová

Votes: 67

30. René (II) (2008)

83 min | Documentary

An intimate portrait of a man on the edge of society, filmed over the course of twenty years.

Director: Helena Trestíková | Stars: René Plásil, Helena Trestíková

Votes: 189

31. Citizen Havel (2008)

119 min | Documentary

A documentary revealing former Czech president Vaclav Havel's private moments and backroom dealings.

Directors: Miroslav Janek, Pavel Koutecký | Stars: Václav Havel, Ivan Medek, Anna Freimanová, Vladimír Hanzel

Votes: 431

32. The Resolution (2008)

PG-13 | Thriller

Imagine a world dominated by vast secret societies. Originally formed to protect the people, over the years they have become dysfunctional and corrupt. The Resolution Company, one of the ... See full summary »

Directors: Petr Hastík, Petr Smelík | Stars: Svatopluk Hastík, Martin Sentl, Dusan Trávnícek

Votes: 14

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