Justice League 3 Cast.

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Doctor Fate predicts earth's destruction as the creation of Krypton, Brainiac, unleashes an all-out alien invasion on earth, causing Lex Luthor and our superheroes to work together to take charge.

1. Henry Cavill

Actor | Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Henry William Dalgliesh Cavill was born on the Bailiwick of Jersey, a British Crown dependency in the Channel Islands. His mother, Marianne (Dalgliesh), a housewife, was also born on Jersey, and is of Irish, Scottish and English ancestry. Henry's father, Colin Richard Cavill, a stockbroker, is of ...

Henry Cavill as Clark Kent/Superman

Superman leads his team in an all out assault against Brainiac's invading forces. He takes on the responsibility of taking on Brainiac himself, due to their equally powerful Kryptonian abilities.

2. Ben Affleck

Producer | Argo

American actor and filmmaker Benjamin Géza Affleck-Boldt was born on August 15, 1972 in Berkeley, California, and was raised in Cambridge, Massachusetts. His mother, Chris Anne (née Boldt), is a school teacher, and his father, Timothy Byers Affleck, is a social worker; the two are divorced. Ben has...

Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne/The Batman

Bruce Wayne begins investigating alien parasites that have come to earth with Brainiac's invasion and are latching themselves on the spinal cords of the people of Earth. Meanwhile, he struggles to keep the aliens out of Gotham.

3. Ryan Reynolds

Actor | Deadpool

Ryan Rodney Reynolds was born on October 23, 1976 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, the youngest of four children. His father, James Chester Reynolds, was a food wholesaler, and his mother, Tamara Lee "Tammy" (Stewart), worked as a retail-store saleswoman. He has Irish and Scottish ancestry. ...

Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan/Green Lantern

Hal's abilities feel weakened and threatened against Brainiac's forces and he is suspicious all the while of Lex Luthor's motivations.

4. Channing Tatum

Actor | 21 Jump Street

Channing Tatum was born in a small town, Cullman, Alabama, 50 miles north of Birmingham. He is the son of Kay (Faust), an airline worker, and Glenn Matthew Tatum, who worked in construction. Growing up, he was full of energy and somewhat troublesome, so his parents decided to enroll him in ...

Channing Tatum as Oliver Queen/Green Arrow

One of the two heroes (along with Hal Jordan) who strongly suspect Luthor of being up to no good with his aid in the invasion. Queen begins to use his political influence to rival Luthor and keep him in check.

5. Ryan Gosling

Actor | Blue Valentine

Canadian actor Ryan Gosling is the first person born in the 1980s to have been nominated for the Best Actor Oscar (for Half Nelson (2006)).

He was born Ryan Thomas Gosling on November 12, 1980, in London, Ontario, Canada. He is the son of Donna (Wilson), a secretary, and Thomas Ray Gosling, a ...

Ryan Gosling as Arthur Curry/Aquaman

Aquaman struggles as Brainiac's parasites begin to affect the sea life and the people of Atlantis. He rises to the surface and joins forces with the League to fight back against Brainiac's invasion.

6. Gal Gadot

Actress | Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot is an Israeli actress, singer, martial artist, and model. She was born in Rosh Ha'ayin, Israel, to a Jewish family. Her parents are Irit, a teacher, and Michael, an engineer, who is a sixth-generation Israeli. She served in the IDF for two years, and won the Miss Israel title in 2004.

Gal ...

Gal Gadot as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman teams up with her fellow companions to ward off the swarms of aliens. Meanwhile, she begins to suffer romantic feelings for Clark following what happened with Steve Trevor.

7. Seann William Scott

Actor | American Pie

Seann William Scott was born in Cottage Grove, Minnesota, to Patricia Anne (Simons) and William Frank Scott, a factory worker. He was discovered at a talent competition in Los Angeles, and almost immediately was flown to New York by ABC to test for All My Children (1970). His face has also been ...

Seann William Scott as Barry Allen/The Flash

The Flash has begun to fight back against Brainiac in his own hometown. He comes to Metropolis to meet the heroes when he learns that it is the location of the mother ship. He believes that his speed alone may be the only thing to destroy Brainiac's ship, but he would need to make a very risky move. He is horrified by the Justice League's destruction to nuke New York.

8. Michael C. Hall

Actor | Dexter

Michael C. Hall was born in Raleigh, North Carolina, to Janice (Styons), a guidance counselor, and William Carlyle Hall, who worked for IBM. Michael is a graduate of NYU's Master of Fine Arts program in acting. He is known for the titular character "Dexter" in Dexter (2006) and as mortician "David ...

Michael C Hall as Alexander "Lex" Luthor

The billionaire has worked tirelessly to help protect Earth from the alien threat. He plans to unleash an entire arsenal of weapons against Brainiac, blaming Kryptonians for the death of his son. He even works with the League to take out these aliens.

Hal and Oliver do not trust him and have been watching him closely. He suggests an option once to allow New York City's destruction to nuke Brainiac's main warship. This decision causes much unrest in several heroes, especially Captain Marvel.

9. Amber Heard

Actress | Aquaman

Amber Laura Heard was born in Austin, Texas, to Patricia Paige Heard (née Parsons), an internet researcher, and David C. Heard (David Clinton Heard), a contractor. She has English, Irish, Scottish, German, and Welsh ancestry.

Heard appeared in the Academy Award-nominated film, North Country (2005), ...

Amber Heard as Dina Lance/Black Canary

Dinah has clung to Oliver and Hal's suspicions and gotten herself a job as Luthor's right hand woman when Mercy Graves falls ill from the alien bacteria.

10. Michael Fassbender

Actor | Shame

Michael Fassbender was born in Heidelberg, Germany, to a German father, Josef, and an Irish mother, Adele (originally from Larne, County Antrim, in Northern Ireland). Michael was raised in the town of Killarney, Co. Kerry, in south-west Ireland, where his family moved to when he was two years old. ...

Michael Fassbender as Brainiac

An alien machine who was created by Jor-El. He was responsible for the death of Krypton and has come to earth to prove his strength against the human race. He is especially interested in drawing out Superman's full power, which he seems to have an equal amount of.

11. Doug Jones

Actor | Hellboy II: The Golden Army

The youngest of four brothers, Doug Jones was born on May 24, 1960 in Indianapolis, Indiana, and grew up in the city's Northeastside. After attending Bishop Chatard High School, he headed off to Ball State University, where he graduated in 1982 with a Bachelor's degree in Telecommunications, with a...

Doug Jones as John Jones/Martian Manhunter

The manhunter has begun to operate as a police officer for the Metropolis PD lately. He has been forced to utilize his martian technologies and knowledge of the universe (far beyond Superman's) to combat Brainiac.

12. Nicholas Brendon

Actor | Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Nicholas Brendon was born three minutes after his identical twin brother, actor Kelly Donovan on April 12, 1971 in Los Angeles, California. He attended Chatsworth High School, where he struggled with stuttering but was also a starter on the baseball team. He had dreams of playing for the L.A. ...

Nicholas Brendon as Captain Marvel

The overly optimistic superhero considers retiring from the Justice League when he realizes that his heroes are not who he believes them to be, when they consider an option that will demolish New York City but save the earth.

13. Texas Battle

Actor | Dragonball Evolution

As the song states, "The Stars at Night are big and bright ... Deep in the Heart of Texas!" That's what Texas Battle has, heart. A heart and desire for acting. This young man is taking Hollywood by storm the past couple years! He will now be one of Daytime's hottest hunks as he just started a three...

Texas Battle as Victor Stone/Cyborg

His cyborg technologies make him akin to Brainiac. He finds himself able to hack into some of Brainiac's minions, though Brainiac's system is too strong. He also, for this reason finds himself being hacked by Brainiac on occassions and being used as his right hand man against the Justice League.

Brainiac's influence on him has unleashed a virus throughout his systems.

14. Jeff Goldblum

Actor | Jurassic Park

Jeffrey Lynn Goldblum was born October 22, 1952 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, one of four children of Shirley (Temeles), a radio broadcaster who also ran an appliances firm, and Harold L. Goldblum, a doctor. His father was of Russian Jewish descent and his mother was of Austrian Jewish ancestry.


Jeff Goldblum as Professor Ray Palmer/The Atom

The STAR Labs scientist is leading the Justice League's research into the microviruses of Brainiac's ship. Meanwhile, he decides to leave the lab and use his shrinking abilities to sneak past the mother ship's high security systems.

15. Josh Dallas

Actor | Thor

Josh Dallas was born in Louisville Kentucky. At the age of sixteen, Josh received the Sarah Exley Scholarship, a full ride scholarship given to one American student every three years to study acting at the prestigious "Mountview Conservatoire for the Performing Arts" in London, England. As an actor...

Josh Dallas as Kent Nelson/Doctor Fate

The current Doctor Fate struggles with a vision of the future. In this future he sees earth being completely overtaken by Brainiac's forces. It is when he sees this that he immediately alerts both Clark and Lex Luthor.

16. Max Records

Actor | Where the Wild Things Are

Max Records was born on June 18, 1997 in Portland, Oregon, USA. He is an actor, known for Where the Wild Things Are (2009), I Am Not a Serial Killer (2016) and The Brothers Bloom (2008).

Max Records as Billy Batson

A teenage boy on his way to college. His optimism is crushed when his heroes and role models decide to blow up New York to save the planet. He considers quitting the league, saying that being a superhero isn't what he thought it'd be.

17. Piper Perabo

Actress | Coyote Ugly

Piper Perabo is a Golden Globe nominated film, stage and TV actor. Born in Dallas, Texas, and raised in New Jersey, she graduated summa cum Laude from Ohio University. In 2000 she was cast in a breakout role in Coyote Ugly. Since then she has been seen in such films as Christopher Nolan's "The ...

Piper Perabo as Mercy Graves

She was Lex Luthor's right hand man and personal bodyguard all throughout his presidency. She has fallen ill and seems to be slipping into a coma as a result of Brainiac's viruses.

18. Angela Bassett

Actress | Strange Days

Captivating, gifted, and sensational, Angela Bassett's presence has been felt in theaters and on stages and television screens throughout the world. Angela Evelyn Bassett was born on August 16, 1958 in New York City, to Betty Jane (Gilbert), a social worker, and Daniel Benjamin Bassett, a ...

Angela Bassett as Amanda Waller

The head of the department of extraterrestrial affairs for the US Government. She plans to do whatever it takes to destroy Brainiac's ship. She hopes to run tests on a sample of the cyborg's tissues at some point.

19. David Yates

Director | Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

David Yates was born on October 8, 1963 in St. Helens, Merseyside, England. He is a director and producer, known for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (2011), Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (2007) and The Legend of Tarzan (2016).

Director: David Yates

20. John Williams

Music_department | Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens

As one of the best known, awarded, and financially successful composers in US history, John Williams is as easy to recall as John Philip Sousa, Aaron Copland or Leonard Bernstein, illustrating why he is "America's composer" time and again. With a massive list of awards that includes over 41 Oscar ...

Score: John Williams

21. Steve Kloves

Writer | The Fabulous Baker Boys

Steve Kloves was born on March 18, 1960 in Austin, Texas, USA. He is a writer and director, known for The Fabulous Baker Boys (1989), Wonder Boys (2000) and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (2011).

Writer: Steve Kloves

22. Jonathan Nolan

Writer | Westworld

Attended Loyola Academy in Wilmette, Illinois, graduating in 1994.

Graduated from Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. in 1999. Majored in English.

Shortly after graduating from Georgetown University, Jonathan Nolan served as a production assistant on Memento (2000).

Wrote the short story, "...

Writer: Jonathan Nolan

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