TV Crossovers

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Not counting all the interwoven shows and not every single crossover, e.g.: not every Happy Days and Laverne & Shirley crossover. *I couldn't add the Hot in Cleveland/Soul Man crossover as I couldn't find the episodes without proper titles.

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1. I Love Lucy (1951–1957)
Episode: Lucy and Superman (1957)

TV-G | 30 min | Comedy, Family

Lucy competes with her friend Carolyn Appleby over invitations and scheduling for Little Ricky's birthday party. When her husband Ricky mentions that Superman is in town, Lucy tries to get ... See full summary »

Director: James V. Kern | Stars: Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, Vivian Vance, William Frawley

Votes: 256

Adventures of Superman

2. The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour (1957–1960)
Episode: Lucy Takes a Cruise to Havana (1957)

75 min | Comedy, Family

Hedda Hopper visit the Ricardos' Connecticut home for an interview. They all answer questions of how Lucy first met Ricky after a cruise trip to Havana, Cuba, with Ann Sothern in 1940 with thanks to Rudy Vallee's assistance.

Director: Jerry Thorpe | Stars: Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, Ann Sothern, Cesar Romero

Votes: 92

Private Secretary

3. The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour (1957–1960)
Episode: Lucy Makes Room for Danny (1958)

60 min | Comedy, Family

Lucy and Ricky sublet their country house to the Williams' family. The Williams' popularity rose from of "Make Room for Daddy", starring Danny Thomas.

Director: Jerry Thorpe | Stars: Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, Danny Thomas, Marjorie Lord

Votes: 71

Make Room For Daddy

4. Sugarfoot (1957–1961)
Episode: The Canary Kid (1958)

60 min | Western

When Tom rides into town to visit Judge Hall and his daughter Mary John two men take a suspicious interest in him. Later, they abduct him and take him to a deserted town where he meets ... See full summary »

Director: Montgomery Pittman | Stars: Will Hutchins, Lonie Blackman, Wayde Preston, Frank Albertson

Votes: 6

Colt .45 (First of three Colt. 45 crossovers)

5. Sugarfoot (1957–1961)
Episode: Price on His Head (1958)

60 min | Western

The stagecoach Tom is riding on is held up, and its driver killed. When the bandits open the strongbox, however, they find only sand inside. Determined to get the money they'd been planning... See full summary »

Director: Richard L. Bare | Stars: Will Hutchins, Patrick McVey, Venetia Stevenson, Karl Swenson

Bart Maverick of "Maverick"

6. The Ann Sothern Show (1958–1961)
Episode: The Lucy Story (1959)

30 min | Comedy

Katie's old friend Lucy Ricardo comes to town and immediately starts matchmaking for Katie and Mr Devry. In typical Lucy fashion her plan backfires and she hysterically creates chaos.

Director: James V. Kern | Stars: Ann Sothern, Don Porter, Ann Tyrrell, Jack Mullaney

Votes: 7

I Love Lucy

7. Hawaiian Eye (1959–1963)
Episode: Malihini Holiday (1959)

60 min | Action, Adventure, Crime

Mavis Purcell, on vacation in Hawaii, is the victim of two accidents in which she almost dies. Suspicious that her husband may be trying to kill her, she goes to Tracy for protection.

Director: Howard W. Koch | Stars: Anthony Eisley, Robert Conrad, Connie Stevens, Poncie Ponce

Votes: 10

77 Sunset Strip (Stu Bailey, 1st of four crossovers)

8. Lassie (1954–1974)
Episode: Peace Patrol (1959)

30 min | Adventure, Drama, Family

Timmy wants his school to participate in The Lone Ranger Peace Patrol program encouraging children to save their money to buy saving bonds to support the United States.

Director: Franklin Adreon | Stars: Jon Provost, June Lockhart, Hugh Reilly, George Chandler

Votes: 23

The Lone Ranger

9. The Danny Thomas Show (1953–1965)
Episode: Lucy Upsets the Williams Household (1959)

30 min | Comedy, Family

Danny convinces Ricky Ricardo to move to his apartment during their nightclub engagement, assuring Ricky that Kathy will be a good influence on an out of control spendthrift, his infamous wife, Lucy Ricardo.

Director: Sheldon Leonard | Stars: Danny Thomas, Marjorie Lord, Rusty Hamer, Angela Cartwright

Votes: 10

I Love Lucy

10. The Donna Reed Show (1958–1966)
Episode: Donna Decorates (1960)

TV-G | 30 min | Comedy, Family

Donna has her kitchen remodeled and new appliances installed. Then she needs to refinish an arm chair which leads to the other furniture look drab. Also, Alex's birthday is the next day, and no one can think of a gift to get him.

Director: Andrew McCullough | Stars: Donna Reed, Carl Betz, Shelley Fabares, Paul Petersen

Votes: 18

Dennis the Menace

11. Hawaiian Eye (1959–1963)
Episode: Swan Song for a Hero (1960)

60 min | Action, Adventure, Crime

The Pacific Foundation awards Otto Van Helgren a hefty grant to sail a raft across the Pacific Ocean as a scientific experiment. However, a foundation official suspects something fishy when... See full summary »

Director: Leslie H. Martinson | Stars: Anthony Eisley, Robert Conrad, Connie Stevens, Poncie Ponce

Votes: 5

77 Sunset Strip

12. The Danny Thomas Show (1953–1965)
Episode: Danny Meets Andy Griffith (1960)

30 min | Comedy, Family

Danny is arrested by Sheriff Andy Taylor for going through an unnoticed stop sign in the town of Mayberry.

Director: Sheldon Leonard | Stars: Danny Thomas, Marjorie Lord, Rusty Hamer, Angela Cartwright

Votes: 45

The Andy Griffith Show

13. Maverick (1957–1962)
Episode: Hadley's Hunters (1960)

60 min | Comedy, Western

Bart is framed for several crimes by crooked Sheriff Hadley and his deputy, who force him to take part in their racket--hunting down and killing innocent men, then claiming they're outlaws ... See full summary »

Director: Leslie H. Martinson | Stars: Jack Kelly, Edgar Buchanan, Robert J. Wilke, Andra Martin

Votes: 49

Sugarfoot and Cheyenne

14. Bronco (1958–1962)
Episode: Yankee Tornado (1961)

60 min | Western

Bronco is hunting meat for the railroad in Montana working for Henry Paddock. After a fight over a bear with Theodore Roosevelt, they come to respect each other. Bronco soon realizes Roosevelt is right that his bosses are up to something.

Director: Lee Sholem | Stars: Ty Hardin, Will Hutchins, Peter Breck, Whitney Blake

Votes: 22


15. Cheyenne (1955–1963)
Episode: The Greater Glory (1961)

TV-G | 60 min | Western

Cheyenne has never met a woman who's Mormon faith is quite this strong. Enough to drive her cattle to Salt Lake, survive a landslide, an attempted stampede and stop the men who are trying to stop her from saving her ranch and husband.

Director: Lee Sholem | Stars: Clint Walker, Ray Stricklyn, Susan Crane, Tod Griffin

Votes: 36

Sugarfoot, first of eleven Sugarfoot crossovers to this show

16. Hawaiian Eye (1959–1963)
Episode: Among the Living (1962)

60 min | Action, Adventure, Crime

An inventor and manufacturer of innovative aircraft devices appears to be being sabotaged.

Director: John Courtland | Stars: Anthony Eisley, Grant Williams, Connie Stevens, Grace Gaynor

77 Sunset Strip

18. The Yogi Bear Show (1961–1988)
Episode: Yogi's Birthday Party (1962)

TV-G | 21 min | Animation, Family, Comedy

Just before he hibernates for the winter, kindhearted Yogi befriends a cute little duck.

Directors: Joseph Barbera, William Hanna | Stars: Daws Butler, Don Messick, Julie Bennett, Jimmy Weldon

Votes: 39

Huckleberry Hound, Snagglepuss, Quick Draw McGraw, Pixie & Dixie, Mr. Jinks, Ding a ling, Auggie Doggie & Doggy Daddy, Yakky Doodle, Hokey Wolf, and Snooper & Blabber.

20. Dr. Kildare (1961–1966)
Episode: Four Feet in the Morning (1963)

60 min | Drama

A pregnant teenager is admitted to Blair with signs of food poisoning, the result of an apparent attempt to induce abortion. Meanwhile, the father of the baby, getting little help from his ... See full summary »

Director: Jack Smight | Stars: Richard Chamberlain, Raymond Massey, Ruth Roman, Andrew Duggan

Votes: 6

The Eleventh Hour

22. The Flintstones (1960–1966)
Episode: Swedish Visitors (1963)

TV-G | 30 min | Animation, Comedy, Family

Wilma rents out the house to Swedish musicians while the Flintstones meet Yogi Bear at a national park.

Directors: Joseph Barbera, William Hanna | Stars: Alan Reed, Jean Vander Pyl, Mel Blanc, Bea Benaderet

Votes: 90

Yogi Bear (Thanks Jon)

23. The Danny Thomas Show (1953–1965)
Episode: The Woman Behind the Jokes (1963)

30 min | Comedy, Family

Kathy is offended at Danny making her the subject of his jokes during his act so she enlists Buddy Sorrell of "The Alan Brady Show" to write jokes about him.

Director: Danny Thomas | Stars: Danny Thomas, Marjorie Lord, Rusty Hamer, Angela Cartwright

Votes: 6

The Dick Van Dyke Show (Buddy Sorrell Appearance)

24. The Andy Griffith Show (1960–1968)
Episode: Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. (1964)

TV-G | 30 min | Comedy, Family

Gomer joins the Marines to test himself as a man. Andy drives him to the base and stays around for a while to see how it works out. When he finds out the Sergeant plans to get Gomer sent ... See full summary »

Director: Aaron Ruben | Stars: Andy Griffith, Ron Howard, Don Knotts, Jim Nabors

Votes: 171

Gomer Pyle USMC.

25. Burke's Law (1963–1966)
Episode: Who Killed the Jackpot? (1965)

51 min | Action, Adventure, Crime

When a wealthy banker is found murdered atop a seedy hotel's neon sign, a race to find the murderer develops between Burke and the beautiful private detective who was working for the dead man.

Director: Richard Kinon | Stars: Gene Barry, Gary Conway, Regis Toomey, Leon Lontoc

Votes: 26

Honey West

26. The Flintstones (1960–1966)
Episode: Samantha (1965)

TV-G | 30 min | Animation, Comedy, Family

Fred and Barney go on a weekend camping trip, claiming that women can't rough it as they do. In response, Samantha Stephens takes Wilma, Betty, and the children camping, using her magical ... See full summary »

Directors: Joseph Barbera, William Hanna | Stars: Alan Reed, Elizabeth Montgomery, Dick York, Mel Blanc

Votes: 112


27. Mister Ed (1958–1966)
Episode: Love and the Single Horse (1965)

TV-G | 30 min | Comedy, Family, Fantasy

Mister Ed writes a hot and spicy autobiography.

Director: Arthur Lubin | Stars: Alan Young, Connie Hines, Irene Ryan, Raymond Bailey

Votes: 23

Beverly Hillbillies (Granny Appearance)

28. The Virginian (1962–1971)
Episode: We've Lost a Train (1965)

TV-PG | 75 min | Western

Trampas is sent to Mexico to pickup a bull. He must go through Laredo where he gets into trouble with three Texas Rangers over a woman. Circumstances put him with them as they find a lost train and then the money stolen from it.

Director: Earl Bellamy | Stars: Lee J. Cobb, Doug McClure, Clu Gulager, Roberta Shore

Votes: 42


29. Batman (1966–1968)
Episode: The Penguin's Nest (1966)

TV-G | 25 min | Action, Adventure, Comedy

Facing the strange situation of the Penguin determined to be arrested, Batman must figure out why.

Director: Murray Golden | Stars: Adam West, Burt Ward, Alan Napier, Neil Hamilton

Votes: 160

Addams Family (Lurch Cameo)

30. Batman (1966–1968)
Episode: The Impractical Joker (1966)

TV-G | 25 min | Action, Adventure, Comedy

The Joker pulls off a string of key-related pranks throughout Gotham City, then with his magic box, proceeds to snatch a priceless jeweled key right under the noses of Batman and Robin. The... See full summary »

Director: James B. Clark | Stars: Adam West, Burt Ward, Alan Napier, Neil Hamilton

Votes: 158

Felony Squad (Det. Sam Stone Cameo)

31. Batman (1966–1968)
Episode: It's How You Play the Game (1966)

TV-G | 25 min | Action, Adventure, Comedy

With his special truck finished, Shame goes to work on his final caper - the theft of four prize cattle worth over one million dollars. Batman and Robin deduce his plan, but realize they ... See full summary »

Director: Oscar Rudolph | Stars: Adam West, Burt Ward, Alan Napier, Neil Hamilton

Votes: 161

Hogan's Heroes (Col. Klink Cameo)

32. The Girl from U.N.C.L.E. (1966–1967)
Episode: The Mother Muffin Affair (1966)

60 min | Action, Adventure

Napoleon Solo joins April Dancer on an assignment in London. They are to escort a gangster's daughter to safety. However, they are being stalked by the minions of assassin Mother Muffin. ... See full summary »

Director: Sherman Marks | Stars: Stefanie Powers, Noel Harrison, Leo G. Carroll, Boris Karloff

Votes: 27

The Man from UNCLE

33. Green Acres (1965–1971)
Episode: Wings Over Hooterville (1966)

TV-G | 30 min | Comedy, Family

When the dreaded bing bug threatens all the crops in Hooterville, Oliver tries to rally the people to rid the town of the menace. He is then volunteered to be the one to fly the crop duster... See full summary »

Director: Richard L. Bare | Stars: Eddie Albert, Eva Gabor, Pat Buttram, Frank Cady

Votes: 49

Hogan's Heroes (Col. Hogan is mentioned by a WWII radio operator but does not appear. While not a real crossover, the universes do connect)

34. The Lucy Show (1962–1968)
Episode: Lucy Gets Caught Up in the Draft (1966)

Not Rated | 30 min | Comedy

When a letter arrives from the US Government, Lucy finds that she's mistakenly been drafted. Instead of "Lucy," the letter is addressed to "Lou C." She sets off to the draft office to ... See full summary »

Director: Maury Thompson | Stars: Lucille Ball, Gale Gordon, Clark Howat, Ben Gage

Votes: 39

Gomer Pyle USMC

35. Please Don't Eat the Daisies (1965–1967)
Episode: Say UNCLE (1966)

30 min | Comedy, Family

The boys conclude their father must be a spy after their father goes into a tailor shop where Illya Kuryakin also enters. Despite the fact dad isn't a spy, the boys can't be shaken from ... See full summary »

Director: Alvin Ganzer | Stars: Pat Crowley, Mark Miller, Kim Tyler, Brian Nash

The Man From UNCLE

36. Batman (1966–1968)
Episode: A Piece of the Action (1967)

TV-G | 25 min | Action, Adventure, Comedy

The Green Hornet and Kato come to Gotham City to stop a stamp counterfeiting scheme, but the Dynamic Duo, unaware of their true heroic motives, is out to stop them.

Director: Oscar Rudolph | Stars: Adam West, Burt Ward, Alan Napier, Neil Hamilton

Votes: 217

Green Hornet

37. Batman (1966–1968)
Episode: Batman's Satisfaction (1967)

TV-G | 25 min | Action, Adventure, Comedy

Colonel Gumm moves out of the Pink Chip Stamps Factory, taking its owner Pinky Pinkston along as a hostage. A message hidden by Miss Pinkston in a bowl of alphabet soup directs Batman and ... See full summary »

Director: Oscar Rudolph | Stars: Adam West, Burt Ward, Alan Napier, Neil Hamilton

Votes: 200

Green Hornet

38. The Beverly Hillbillies (1962–1971)
Episode: The Thanksgiving Spirit (1968)

TV-G | 30 min | Comedy, Family

The Clampetts spend Thanksgiving in Hooterville.

Director: Joseph Depew | Stars: Buddy Ebsen, Irene Ryan, Donna Douglas, Max Baer Jr.

Votes: 32

Petticoat Junction and Green Acres

39. Dragnet 1967 (1967–1970)
Episode: Internal Affairs: DR-20 (1968)

TV-G | 30 min | Crime, Drama, Mystery

Friday and Gannon work the Internal Affairs Division concerning an arrested man's accusation of police brutality by one of the officers. The main characters from Adam-12 appear as witnesses.

Director: Jack Webb | Stars: Jack Webb, Harry Morgan, Martin Milner, Kent McCord

Votes: 41


40. Here's Lucy (1968–1974)
Episode: Lucy Visits Jack Benny (1968)

TV-G | 30 min | Comedy

An inexpensive vacation becomes quite costly for the Carters when it's spent at cheapskate Jack Benny's in-home hotel.

Director: Jack Donohue | Stars: Lucille Ball, Gale Gordon, Lucie Arnaz, Desi Arnaz Jr.

Votes: 48

The Honeymooners

41. The Monkees (1966–1968)
Episode: Monkees Blow Their Minds (1968)

TV-G | 30 min | Comedy, Music

Peter walks into The Great Oracullo's House of Mysteries for inspiration and is turned into a psychic slave by way of a cup of tea. Oracullo wants to headline at The Cassandra instead of ... See full summary »

Director: David Winters | Stars: Davy Jones, Micky Dolenz, Michael Nesmith, Peter Tork

Votes: 75

Batman (Penguin cameo)

42. Petticoat Junction (1963–1970)
Episode: Granny, the Baby Expert (1968)

TV-G | 26 min | Comedy

Betty Jo and the baby are coming home from the hospital. They'll be staying at the Shady Rest temporarily so that Betty Jo and Steve can have some support. Part of that support is a doctor ... See full summary »

Director: Ralph Levy | Stars: Bea Benaderet, Edgar Buchanan, Linda Henning, Mike Minor

Votes: 15

Beverly Hillbillies

44. Adam-12 (1968–1975)
Episode: The Radical (1971)

30 min | Comedy, Crime, Drama

On patrol they encounter a squad car that is deserted and they have not heard any officer announce stopping there. When they check it out, they find that a lone officer saw a hitchhiker and... See full summary »

Director: Oscar Rudolph | Stars: Martin Milner, Kent McCord, Robert Conrad, Frank Ferguson

Votes: 22

The D.A.

45. The D.A. (1971–1972)
Episode: The People vs. Saydo (1971)

30 min | Crime, Drama

Robin Saydo is charged with conspiracy to violate laws governing the control of deadly weapons.

Stars: Robert Conrad, Victor Bozeman, John David Carson, John Davis Chandler


46. Here's Lucy (1968–1974)
Episode: Lucy and Mannix Are Held Hostage (1971)

30 min | Comedy

Lucy, using binoculars to view a building across the street, thinks she has seen two criminals commit a burglary. The criminals spot her. The next day, before Lucy comes into work, the ... See full summary »

Director: Coby Ruskin | Stars: Lucille Ball, Gale Gordon, Lucie Arnaz, Mike Connors

Votes: 18


47. Make Room for Granddaddy (1970–1971)
Episode: Lucy and the Lecher (1971)

30 min | Comedy

When Kathy's old chum Lucy comes to stay a few days, neither has any idea how awkward things will get when Danny returns home early from his out-of-town engagement.

Director: John Rich | Stars: Danny Thomas, Marjorie Lord, Angela Cartwright, Lucille Ball

Here's Lucy

48. Marcus Welby, M.D. (1969–1976)
Episode: Men Who Care (1971)

TV-PG | 60 min | Drama