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1. Ultima (1980 Video Game)

Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Your job is to complete several quests and gather special stones to defeat the evil wizard, Mondain.

Votes: 47

2. Ultima II: Revenge of the Enchantress (1982 Video Game)

Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Sowing the seeds of evil in every man's soul.

Votes: 23

3. Exodus: Ultima III (1983 Video Game)

Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi

20 years after the defeat of Minax, a volcanic isle has appeared in the southern seas. Evil seems to iminate from this place. You and 3 others have been called forth to go answer the mystery and riddle of the isle, Exodus.

Votes: 39

4. Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar (1985 Video Game)


Can you become an Avatar?

Votes: 62

6. Ultima V: Lazarus (2005 Video Game)


After a century of relative peace, the Avatar of Virtue is summoned back to the medieval kingdom of Britannia to deal with a new threat: the usurper Lord Blackthorn, a formerly honorable ... See full summary »

Director: Ian Scott Frazier | Stars: Amanda Ellsworth, Cody Ellsworth, Jared Ellsworth, Britton Gregory

Votes: 42

8. Ultima VII: The Black Gate (1992 Video Game)

Adventure, Fantasy

The Avatar is called back to Britannia and is asked to solve a murder. While doing so, the plans of an evil force unfold.

Director: Richard Garriott | Star: Bill Johnson

Votes: 103

10. Ultima VII Part Two: Serpent Isle (1993 Video Game)

Adventure, Fantasy

The Avatar travels to the strange Serpent Isle in search of a fleeing criminal.

Director: Richard Garriott | Stars: Eric Brown, Richard Garriott, Bill Johnson, Denis R. Loubet

Votes: 61

11. Ultima VIII: Pagan (1994 Video Game)

Adventure, Fantasy

Trapped in another realm by the Guardian, the Avatar must survive the perils of this new world and find a way home.

Director: Mike McShaffry | Stars: Rob Corell, Bill Johnson, Keith Kelly, John King

Votes: 70

12. Ultima IX: Ascension (1999 Video Game)

Action, Adventure, Fantasy

The Avatar returns to Britannia for his final adventure to face his nemesis one last time: the powerful Guardian...

Director: Richard Garriott | Stars: J.C. Shakespeare, Audrey Peterson, Ev Lunning, Bill Johnson

Votes: 76

13. Alone in the Dark (1992 Video Game)

T | Adventure, Fantasy, Horror

Jeremy Hartwood, owner of Derceto has died recently. As either Edward Carnby or Emily Hartwood, explore the now abandoned mansion to discover why Jeremy committed suicide and what terrible secret lies within the walls.

Director: Frederick Raynal

Votes: 300

14. Alone in the Dark (2008 Video Game)

M | Action, Adventure, Horror

Edward Carnby must investigate shadowy conspiracies that surround Central Park in New York City.

Director: David Nadal | Stars: James McCaffrey, John Cunningham, Alexandra Williamson, Chris Phillips

Votes: 511

15. Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare (2001 Video Game)

M | Action, Horror

Edward Carnby and Aline Cedrac are about to face their worst nightmare. Out to avenge the murder of their friend, Carnby and Aline arrive on Shadow Island and discover that it is caught in ... See full summary »

Director: Antoine Villette | Stars: David Gasman, Sharon Mann, Jerry Di Giacomo, Christian Erickson

Votes: 229

16. Alone in the Dark 3 (1994 Video Game)

E | Adventure, Fantasy, Horror

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Director: Bruno Bonnell

Votes: 78

18. Ecstatic Stigmatic (1980)

56 min

A young woman who is institutionalized in a mental hospital suffers fits which are accompanied by stigmata.

Director: Gordon Stevenson | Stars: Mirielle Cervenka, Brenda Bergman, Arto Lindsay, Johnny O'Kane

Votes: 17

19. Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 (2000)

R | 90 min | Adventure, Fantasy, Horror

15 Metascore

A group of tourists arrives in Burkittsville, Maryland after seeing The Blair Witch Project (1999) to explore the mythology and phenomenon, only to come face to face with their own neuroses and possibly the witch herself.

Director: Joe Berlinger | Stars: Jeffrey Donovan, Stephen Barker Turner, Erica Leerhsen, Kurt Loder

Votes: 34,554 | Gross: $26.44M

20. Wasteland (1989 Video Game)

Adventure, Sci-Fi

The precursor of the "Fallout" video games.

Director: Alan Pavlish

Votes: 16

21. Realms of the Haunting (1997 Video Game)

Action, Adventure, Fantasy

To uncover the secrets of his dead father's haunted mansion in order to find portals to other dimension like hell and heaven and stop a demon from taking over the world, Adam Randall has to solve puzzles and kill monsters. Or does he?

Director: Alan Coltman | Stars: David Tuomi, Emma Powell, David Learner, Marc Finn

Votes: 68

22. Stonekeep (1995 Video Game)

Action, Fantasy

Drake. A young hero who must save his world from the shadowking

Director: Michael Quarles | Stars: Tony Oliver, Arthur Burghardt, Madalyn Rofer, Bill Martin

Votes: 31

23. Albion (1995 Video Game)


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Votes: 10

25. Ultima Underworld II: Labyrinth of Worlds (1993 Video Game)

Adventure, Fantasy

In an attempt to conquer the world, The Guardian encases Castle Britannia and its occupants--including the Avatar--in a giant blackrock gem.

Star: Bill Johnson

Votes: 49

26. Relentless: Twinsen's Adventure (1994 Video Game)


Twinsen lives with his wife Zoe on the Citadel Island. They belong to the species Quetch which looks like humans with ponytails. The planet Twinsun is inhabited by three other species; ... See full summary »

Director: Frederick Raynal | Stars: Christian Erickson, Patricia Kessler, Ian Marshall, Joe Sheridan

Votes: 119

27. Twinsen's Odyssey (1997 Video Game)


In his second adventure, Twinsen sets out to heal his injured Dinofly. Before completing this task, visitors from another planet come to Twinsun. Because of their strange behavior, our hero embarks on an epic journey to uncover the truth.

Director: Frederick Raynal | Stars: Jodi Forrest, David Gasman, Karen Strassman

Votes: 174

28. Heretic (1994 Video Game)

Action, Adventure, Fantasy

In a twisted medieval dimension, undead creatures and bestial horrors have done the unthinkable--callously slaughtering your entire race.

Votes: 270

29. Heretic II (1998 Video Game)

T | Action, Adventure, Fantasy

A medieval action game that follows the story of Heretic.

Stars: Daniel Riordan, Wally Wingert, Rebecca Kyler Downs, Kay E. Kuter

Votes: 78

30. Undying (2001 Video Game)

M | Action, Horror, Mystery

Former soldier Patrick Galloway receives a plea for help from his old friend and former comrade in arms Jeremiah Covenant.

Director: Brady Bell | Stars: Kai Vilhelmsen, Ryan Drummond, Clive Barker, Marc Biagi

Votes: 798

31. Chrono Trigger (1995 Video Game)

Action, Family, Fantasy

Crono, a young boy, is thrust to adventure by destiny to destroy an oncoming threat that will destroy the world in 1999.

Directors: Yoshinori Kitase, Akihiko Matsui, Takashi Tokita, Nao Ito

Votes: 2,437

32. Final Fantasy (1987 Video Game)

Unrated | Adventure, Family, Fantasy

The four "Light Warriors" must fulfill a 2000 year old prophecy, traversing the land in order to restore light to the four elemental orbs and defeat an ancient evil to save their world.

Director: Hironobu Sakaguchi

Votes: 994

33. Final Fantasy II (1988 Video Game)

Adventure, Drama, Family

A group of youths escape from their hometown of Fynn as it is invaded by the evil empire. This is the story of their life-changing journey.

Director: Hironobu Sakaguchi | Stars: Yukimasa Obi, Takayuki Yamaguchi, Kenta Miyake, Norika Shitaya

Votes: 478

34. Final Fantasy III (1990 Video Game)

Adventure, Comedy, Drama

Four orphans seek to restore the balance between light and darkness in the world.

Director: Hironobu Sakaguchi

Votes: 427

35. Final Fantasy IV (1991 Video Game)

Unrated | Adventure, Family, Fantasy

A dark knight questions the ruthless actions of his king and undergoes a quest to redeem himself and save the world.

Director: Hironobu Sakaguchi

Votes: 1,119

36. Final Fantasy V (1992 Video Game)

T | Adventure, Comedy, Drama

When the magical crystals which keep the elements in balance begin to shatter unexpectedly, a ragtag group consisting of a wanderer, a princess, a pirate captain, and an amnesiac old man must band together to save the world.

Director: Hironobu Sakaguchi

Votes: 762

37. Final Fantasy VI (1994 Video Game)

T | Adventure, Crime, Drama

A mysterious woman joins a group of Mercenaries in order to find out about her destiny and means of saving the world from an evil madman.

Directors: Hiroyuki Itô, Yoshinori Kitase

Votes: 2,030

38. Final Fantasy VII (1997 Video Game)

T | Adventure, Drama, Family

A former soldier from an evil company joins a mercenary clan to fight the company he once served.

Directors: Yoshinori Kitase, Yasushi Matsumura, Masato Yagi

Votes: 8,347

39. Final Fantasy VIII (1999 Video Game)

T | Adventure, Fantasy, Romance

A group of students at a military academy rescue a mysterious girl, who some say is the sorceress who wants to govern the universe.

Director: Yoshinori Kitase

Votes: 4,714

40. Final Fantasy IX (2000 Video Game)

T | Adventure, Drama, Family

When bandits try to kidnap the princess, they discover that it's the princess who wants to be kidnapped. But they are chased by an evil queen and an even more powerful entity.

Director: Hiroyuki Itô

Votes: 3,750

41. Final Fantasy X (2001 Video Game)

T | Adventure, Fantasy, Romance

A celebrated young athlete is drawn from his futuristic hometown and convenient lifestyle to a harsh and techno-phobic land by a mysterious force only known as Sin.

Director: Yoshinori Kitase | Stars: James Arnold Taylor, Hedy Burress, John DiMaggio, Paula Tiso

Votes: 6,193

42. Final Fantasy XI (2002 Video Game)

T | Action, Adventure, Fantasy

When the Shadow Lord, the most feared force of all, is said to have returned, four kingdoms send out a call for adventurers far and wide to join the fight and defend the land of Vana'diel.

Stars: Michael McConnohie, Steve Blum, Johnny Yong Bosch, Emilie de Azevedo Brown

Votes: 232

43. Final Fantasy XII (2006 Video Game)

T | Action, Adventure, Crime

Street thief Vaan becomes embroiled in a quest to save the occupied kingdom in which he resides, Dalmasca, from a war that seems imminent.

Directors: Hiroshi Minagawa, Hiroyuki Itô | Stars: Bobby Edner, Catherine Taber, Gideon Emery, Nicole Fantl

Votes: 3,031

44. Final Fantasy XIII (2009 Video Game)

T | Action, Adventure, Drama

In a futuristic city, a group of adventurers must fight the government forces controlled by an alien force to stop its plan to destroy the world.

Director: Motomu Toriyama | Stars: Ali Hillis, Troy Baker, Georgia Van Cuylenburg, Reno Wilson

Votes: 2,780

46. Final Fantasy XV (2016 Video Game)

T | Action, Adventure, Fantasy