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1. Gumman som blev liten som en tesked (1967– )

10 min | Family

There is something special about Gumman - she can be small as a teaspoon.

Stars: Birgitta Andersson, Carl-Gustaf Lindstedt, Monica Nielsen, Hanny Schedin

Votes: 87

2. Herkules Jonssons storverk (1969– )

15 min | Family

Herkules Jonsson's father has never time for his son. Hercules mother is the secretary of the Banan Monopoly and owns a special pen with magic powers.

Stars: James Dickson, Gun Holmqvist, Tage Danielsson, Mille Schmidt

Votes: 52

3. Barnen i Höjden (1972– )

30 min | Family

The series takes place in a 24-storey high-rise building in concrete and is about the people who lives there.

Stars: Stefan Grybe, Tor Isedal, Lena Söderblom, Susan Pak

Votes: 9

4. Rulle på Rullseröd (1974– )

25 min | Family

Rulle lives on a farm in Bohuslän with his parents, his sister, grandmother and grandfather. During the course of the series, Rulle gets to learn how to bake and make Christmas candles.

Stars: Martin Hultman, Gunn Wållgren, Sten-Åke Cederhök, Mona Andersson

Votes: 15

5. Julkalendern (1978)

20 min | Family

The main character, Julius Julskötare, guides the viewers taking a look at some fictional Christmas companies.

Stars: Björn Skifs, Anki Nilsson, Jon Skolmen, Jörgen Lantz

Votes: 12

6. Trolltider (1979– )

25 min | Family

Under the stairs to the human beings house lives Vätten. He has a nice view of the forest where the little trolls lives.

Stars: Birgitta Andersson, Eva Rydberg, Lena-Pia Bernhardsson, Ted Åström

Votes: 256

7. Stjärnhuset (1981– )

30 min | Family

Old Mytha knows the old stories from greek mythology and she gladly shares them with the young Astro.

Stars: Johannes Brost, Sif Ruud, Leo Cullborg, Sven Berle

Votes: 38

8. Albert & Herberts julkalender (1982– )

25 min | Family

In an old wooden house in Haga, the working-class district in Gothenburg, the dealer Albert Karlsson lives with his adult son Herbert.

Stars: Sten-Åke Cederhök, Tomas von Brömssen, Berit Hallén, Maria Hedborg

Votes: 180

9. Lille Luj och Änglaljus i strumpornas hus (1983– )

25 min | Family

The story of two figures made of socks. They live in a drawer at the home of Staffan Stalledräng.

Stars: Lena Dahlman, Tommy Nilsson, Staffan Westerberg, Basia Frydman

Votes: 12

10. Julstrul med Staffan & Bengt (1984– )

45 min | Family

Staffan and Bengt takes care of a store in Fjällbyn while the owner is on holiday.

Stars: Bengt Andersson, Staffan Ling, Sissela Kyle, Karl Grönlund

Votes: 47

11. Mumindalen (1973– )

15 min | Family

Mumintrollen always go to sleep in the autumn and wake up when it's spring. One December day young Mumin wakes up.

Stars: Toivo Pawlo, Börje Ahlstedt, Peter Radise, Ann-Christine Waldemarson

Votes: 70

12. Julpussar och Stjärnsmällar (1986– )

35 min | Family

The days are filled with crazy events, Christmas preparations, love, weddings and more.

Stars: Michaela Berglund, Emilie Gjers, Ronn Elfors, Stefan Ekman

Votes: 23

13. Liv i luckan med julkalendern (1988– )

45 min | Family

Here, fairy tales are mixed with reality, and the events take place in the space age, in dreams and in the world of fairy tales. We get to meet gnomes and trolls, princesses and knights.

Stars: Sissela Kyle, Göran Thorell, Staffan Ling, Bengt Andersson

Votes: 18

14. T. Sventon praktiserande privatdetektiv (1989)

30 min | Family

Ture Sventon is the country's best private detective. The only sad thing is that no one else knows about it.

Stars: Jan Blomberg, Helge Skoog, Johan Ulveson, Nils Moritz

Votes: 162

15. Kurt Olssons julkalender (1990– )

15 min | Family

The pretended live broadcast from Kurt Olsson's family farm in Lappland filled with Christmas fun.

Stars: Lars Brandeby, Hans Wiktorsson, Anki Rahlskog, Jörgen Mörnbäck

Votes: 80

16. Sunes jul (1991)

25 min | Family, Comedy

Sune, an 11 year old boy struggles with girl troubles and school while he and his goofy family prepares for Christmas with failed attempts at all of the usual December traditions.

Stars: Andreas Hoffer, Anders Jacobsson, Sören Olsson, Carina Lidbom

Votes: 1,509

17. Klasses julkalender (1992– )

30 min | Family

Klasse Möllberg lives in the Swedish forest's highest fir tree. He is full of Christmas fun and sings and plays guitar.

Stars: Klasse Möllberg, Lars Christians, John Haglund, Kuno B. Jansson

Votes: 55

18. Tomtemaskinen (1993– )

15 min | Family

Pettson lives in a house in the forrest with his talking cat Findus. Findus is very exited about Santa Claus coming and leaving him christmas presents. The old Pettson then comes up with ... See full summary »

Stars: Ingvar Hirdwall, Ika Nord, Birgit Hageby, Peter Harryson

Votes: 140

19. Jul i Kapernaum (1995– )

25 min | Adventure, Family, Fantasy

After 2000 years of sleep in the underground, a star is awakened and threatens to destroy the town of Kapernaum. A young orphan girl, Amanda, has to descend into the maze under the town in ... See full summary »

Stars: Stefan Ekman, Alicia Lundberg, Sara Denward, Lotta Gustafsson

Votes: 99

20. När karusellerna sover (1998– )

15 min | Family

Jack and Helena find a secret entrance to a winter-closed amusement park. Inside the park, they meet the painter Manfred who presents them for a series of figures who secretly live in the park during the winter.

Stars: Jonathan Gillberg, Mirja Burlin, Claes Malmberg, Senida Cehjic

Votes: 92

21. Kaspar i Nudådalen (2001– )

15 min | Family

8-year-old Kaspar lives in a small house in Nudådalen with his grandfather.

Stars: Per Oscarsson, Axel Zuber, Shanti Roney, Liselotte Bramstång

Votes: 171

22. Dieselråttor och sjömansmöss (2002– )

15 min | Animation, Adventure, Comedy

The story take place on a ship where two children, Ofelia and Philémon, are shrunk and captured by a bunch of rats living in the engine room.

Stars: Brasse Brännström, Anna Åström, Andreas Haglund, Eric Ericson

Votes: 245

23. Håkan Bråkan (2003– )

15 min | Comedy, Drama, Family

Håkan is really a very kind and caring little 7-year-old boy, but he is lively and often finds ways that can put him and others in trouble.

Stars: Axel Skogberg, Per Svensson, Tintin Anderzon, Leo Holm

Votes: 104

24. Mysteriet på Greveholm - Grevens återkomst (2012– )

20 min | Adventure, Fantasy

A new family move in at the haunted castle of Greveholm.

Stars: Saga Petersson, Axel Paulander, Sanna Persson, Rikard Ulvshammar

Votes: 242

25. Tjuvarnas jul (2011– )

15 min | Family

One evening the pickpocket Kurre gets an unexpected visit.

Stars: Stefan Roos, Tea Stjärne, Gustaf Hammarsten, Elisabet Carlsson

Votes: 226

26. Hotell Gyllene Knorren (2010– )

15 min | Family

The Rantanen family lives a hectic life in the big city. The dad Roger has had enough and buys a hotel in the countryside.

Stars: Linnéa Firsching, Buster Isitt, Maria Sid, Peter Engman

Votes: 119

27. Superhjältejul (2009– )

15 min | Family

The Swedish Christmas calendar series from 2004, that follows two retired super heroes on their quest to babysit their grandchildren.

Stars: Henrik Ståhl, Sara Edwardsson, Mathilda Thofte, Kajsa Halldén

Votes: 51

28. Skägget i brevlådan (2008– )

15 min | Comedy, Drama, Family

Instead of sending his wish list to Santa, Lage sends a shopping list.

Stars: Anders Johansson, Sandra Huldt, Måns Nilsson, Figge Norling

Votes: 51

29. En riktig jul (2007– )

20 min | Drama, Family, Fantasy

10-year-old Mila lives with her mother in a small town. Mom likes the neighbor Klas but that bothers Mila because she wants to celebrate Christmas alone with her mother.

Stars: Suzanne Ernrup, Olivia Nystedt, Vanna Rosenberg, Kalle Westerdahl

Votes: 85

30. En decemberdröm (2005– )

15 min | Family, Fantasy, Romance

A boy falls in a coma and discovers a society in his dreamscapes.

Stars: John Jangard, Frida Bergesén, Elisabet Carlsson, Robin Stegmar

Votes: 86

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