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Children's Film Foundation (CFF) [gb]

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5. Five O'clock Finish (1954)

15 min | Short, Family

A lazy mechanic has to deliver a motor-cycle to its owner before five o'clock.

Director: John Irwin | Stars: Peter Butterworth, Humphrey Kent, Lloyd Pearson

6. Black in the Face (1954)

15 min | Short, Family

Battle of the sweeps, with plenty of opportunity for slapstick.

Director: John Irwin | Stars: Peter Butterworth, Humphrey Kent, Lloyd Pearson, Cecilia Cavendish

10. Supersonic Saucer (1956)

50 min | Adventure, Family, Sci-Fi

A group of schoolchildren come upon an alien from Venus, and help him against a gang of criminals who are trying to kidnap him.

Director: Guy Fergusson | Stars: Marcia Manolescue, Gillian Harrison, Fella Edmonds, Andrew Motte-Harrison

Votes: 130

11. Blow Your Own Trumpet (1958)

Family, Music

Set in the North of England, Jim Fenn and Tony Holroyd want to play the cornet in the local brass band. Jim comes from a poor family and has to work hard and save to buy a cornet from the ... See full summary »

Director: Cecil Musk | Stars: Michael Crawford, Peter Butterworth, Gillian Harrison, Martyn Shields

Votes: 11

12. Ali and the Camel (1960)

G | 135 min | Adventure, Family

Story of a boy and his "guardian angel," who just happens to be a talking camel. The magical beast will help the young Arab track down jewels stolen during a robbery.

Director: Henry Geddes | Stars: Robert Cawdron, Abdul Daabub, Gordon Henry Davies, Maurice Denham

13. The Flood (1963)

58 min | Family

Set during some East Anglian floods, the story revolves around how eight children trapped in a farmhouse manage to cope by themselves until rescued.

Director: Frederic Goode | Stars: Waveney Lee, Ian Ellis, Christopher Ellis, Leslie Hart

Votes: 45

14. The Christmas Tree (1966)

59 min | Family

Outpatient Gary determines to get a tree for the children who will be in hospital for Christmas. He enlists the aid of brother and sister and they set out to find one.

Director: Jim Clark | Stars: William Burleigh, Kate Nicholls, Anthony Honour, Doreen Keogh

Votes: 133

16. Operation Third Form (1966)

56 min | Family

School children save an old junk collector from being accused of a theft and try to prevent his partner from stealing a valuable painting.

Director: David Eady | Stars: Kevin Bennett, Sydney Bromley, Ronnie Caryl, Michael Crockett

Votes: 23

17. Flash the Sheepdog (1966)

58 min | Adventure, Family

Tom, a city boy, has a slow adjustment to life on a sheep farm. The companionship of the dog Flash helps him to enjoy life in the beautiful countryside along the Scottish border with England.

Director: Laurence Henson | Stars: Earl Younger, Ross Campbell, Alex Allan, Victor Carin

Votes: 5

18. The Troublesome Double (1972)

57 min

Egghead creates a robot double of his sister.

Director: Milo Lewis | Stars: Keith Chegwin, Julie Collins, Tracey Collins, Richard Wattis

Votes: 7

19. The Magnificent Six and ½: Ghosts and Ghoulies (1967)

20 min | Short, Comedy, Family

Whizz and Pee Wee would like to join the club , but first they must spend an hour in a haunted house.

Director: Harry Booth | Stars: Len Jones, Ian Ellis, Brinsley Forde, Suzanne Togni

Votes: 13

20. The Big Catch (1967)

55 min | Family

Some children try to capture a wild horse with the aim of selling it to mend an old boat. Then another child turns up and claims to be able to capture the wild horse all by himself.

Director: Laurence Henson | Stars: Andrew Byatt, James Copeland, Murray Forbes, David Gallacher

Votes: 7

22. Calamity the Cow (1967)

59 min | Comedy, Family

Farmer Grant's children get him to buy a cow from another farmer. The children work hard to make the cow fit and healthy enough for the show ring. But at the last minute the other farmer, ... See full summary »

Director: David Eastman | Stars: John Moulder-Brown, Elizabeth Dear, Stephen Brown, Phil Collins

Votes: 19

23. On the Run (1971)

56 min | Adventure, Family

On moving to a new flat in London Ben meets neighborhood kids Lil and Thomas. But when they uncover a plot to kidnap Thomas the three decide to run away instead.

Director: Pat Jackson | Stars: Dennis Conoley, Robert Kennedy, Tracey Collins, Gordon Jackson

Votes: 6

24. Lionheart (1968)

57 min | Family, Drama

A lion escapes from a circus but is rescued and protected by a young boy.

Director: Michael Forlong | Stars: James Forlong, Louise Rush, Ian Jessup, Robert Dean

Votes: 6

25. Escape from the Sea (1968)

57 min | Drama

While on a trip to Cornwall, a young boy named Chris goes sailing in a small boat but gets swept out to sea and into grave danger.

Director: Peter Seabourne | Stars: Lieutenant Baston, Nicky Brockway, C.P.O. Fairfield, Alison Glennie

28. Egghead's Robot (1970)

56 min | Family, Sci-Fi

A robot is used by children to carry out their chores.

Director: Milo Lewis | Stars: Keith Chegwin, Jeffrey Chegwin, Kathryn Dawe, Roy Kinnear

Votes: 34

29. Kadoyng (1972)

60 min | Fantasy, Family, Sci-Fi

An alien spaceship lands on earth, and its inhabitants decide to help a poor family.

Director: Ian Shand | Stars: Teresa Codling, Adrian Hall, David Williams, Stephen Bone

Votes: 39

31. The Boy Who Turned Yellow (1972)

55 min | Adventure, Family, Fantasy

John and his class go on a school trip to the Tower of London. While he is there he loses his pet mouse and vows to return and find her later. Back in school, he is not very attentive and ... See full summary »

Director: Michael Powell | Stars: Mark Dightam, Robert Eddison, Helen Weir, Brian Worth

Votes: 181

32. Wreck Raisers (1972)

56 min | Adventure, Drama

Four children save money to buy a boat but are accused of boat stealing. When the boat is wrecked, they have to raise the wreck to prove their innocence.

Director: Harold Orton | Stars: Paul Hennen, Sally Anne Marlowe, Oswald Lindsay, Martin Reynolds

33. Hide and Seek (1972)

61 min | Adventure, Crime, Family

A young boy runs away from an approved school to meet up with his father in the hope that he can persuade his dad to allow him to travel to Canada with him. He also meets up with two local ... See full summary »

Director: David Eady | Stars: Peter Newby, Gary Kemp, Eileen Fletcher, Robin Askwith

Votes: 46

34. The Sea Children (1973)

40 min | Short, Adventure, Family

Skindivers on holiday in Malta discover strange world beneath the sea.

Director: David Andrews | Stars: Simon Fisher-Turner, Perry Balfour, Lesley Dunlop, Stephen Garlick

35. Paganini Strikes Again (1973)

59 min | Family, Mystery

Made by the Children's Film Foundation, this is the story of a group of young musicians who are able to bust a gang of robbers.

Director: Gerry O'Hara | Stars: Philip Bliss, Andrew Bowen, Simon Thompson, Julie Dawn Cole

Votes: 8

36. What Next? (1974 TV Movie)

60 min | Crime, Drama, Family

A boy's uncanny ability to foretell the future leads him into trouble.

Director: Peter Smith | Stars: Peter Robinson, Perry Benson, Lynne White, James Cossins

Votes: 5

37. The Camerons (1974)

60 min | Adventure, Family

The Camerons

Director: Frederick Wilson | Stars: Jake D'Arcy, Bill Denniston, Michael Elder, Joan Fitzpatrick

Votes: 8

38. The Boy with Two Heads (1974– )

90 min | Comedy, Family

This was shown on a weekly basis at the Saturday Morning Pictures. Basically Chico was the shrunken head of a South American witch Doctor found by the main boy. They became good friends. ... See full summary »

Stars: Spencer Plumridge, Leslie Ash, Hilda Fenemore, Peter Halliday

Votes: 29

40. Professor Popper's Problem (1974)

91 min | Family

Professor Popper develops a shrinking formula which he and a group of school kids take by accident, ending up trapped in his laboratory. But that's not the only problem that faces the professor and his friends.

Director: Gerry O'Hara | Stars: Charlie Drake, Adam Richens, Debra Collins, Philip DaCosta

Votes: 20

42. The Man from Nowhere (1975)

59 min | Drama, Mystery

In 1860, a young orphaned girl is sent to live with her uncle, but she is troubled by a shadowy figure that appears and disappears.

Director: James Hill | Stars: Sarah Hollis Andrews, Ronald Adam, Anthony McCaffery, Shane Franklin

Votes: 62

43. The Firefighters (1975)

56 min | Drama, Family

Bob, along with his brother and sister, lives next to a fire station. They call themselves the 'Bramley Junior Fire Brigade' and follow the engines whenever they can. When Bob reports a ... See full summary »

Director: Jonathan Ingrams | Stars: Simon Gipps-Kent, Sharon Fussey, Vincent Hall, Glyn Owen

Votes: 6

44. Robin Hood Junior (1975)

60 min | Adventure, Family

Robin Hood Junior helps Maid Marion to escape from her wicked uncle.

Director: Matt McCarthy | Stars: Tony Aitken, Anthony Bailey, Sean Barrett, Rachel Brennock

Votes: 31

46. The Battle of Billy's Pond (1976)

56 min | Adventure, Family

A huge chemical company pays illegal dumpers for disposal of chemical waste dangerous to the environment.

Director: Harley Cokeliss | Stars: Ben Buckton, Andrew Ashby, Talfryn Thomas, Ann Beach

Votes: 36

47. One Hour to Zero (1976)

55 min | Adventure