The Spaghetti West : THe GooD, THe BaD & THe uGLy

by Marcel Bordon | created - 26 Apr 2016 | updated - 11 months ago | Public

Gunslingers & Desperados in the Spaghetti West ... this is a list of all italian and european western of the 6o´s & 7o´s that i´ve seen up till now. The list order is by year and then alphabetically, except the cover movie of Django.

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1. The Taste of Violence (1961)

85 min | Western

"This European "western" by Robert Hossein (scripter, director, and lead) is set in an unnamed Latin American country suffering under a dictator. A revolution is underway, or at least there... See full summary »

Director: Robert Hossein | Stars: Robert Hossein, Giovanna Ralli, Mario Adorf, Hans H. Neubert

Votes: 96

2. Duello nella sila (1962)

85 min | Action, Adventure, Drama

Italian western set in the southern Italy before the unity. Antonio Franco's sister is been murdered by a gang of bandits. He swear vengeance and manage to infiltrate the gang to find the murders.

Director: Umberto Lenzi | Stars: Fernando Lamas, Liana Orfei, Armand Mestral, Enzo Cerusico

Votes: 21

3. Duel at the Rio Grande (1963)

90 min | Adventure, Western

General Gutierrez, the evil governor of Mexico, imposes taxes on the people and terrorizes them with his henchmen.

Director: Mario Caiano | Stars: Sean Flynn, Folco Lulli, Gaby André, Enrique Diosdado

Votes: 63

4. Zorro and the Three Musketeers (1963)

101 min | Action, Adventure, Comedy

A romantic adventure about royal kidnapping, friendship across the trenches and high treason.

Director: Luigi Capuano | Stars: Gordon Scott, José Greci, Giacomo Rossi Stuart, Livio Lorenzon

Votes: 78

5. The Last Gun (1964)

Unrated | 98 min | Western

A famous gunfighter gives up his evil ways, and settles in a quiet town. But, the town is being terrorized by a gang, drawing our hero back to gunslinging, but this time in the name of good.

Director: Sergio Bergonzelli | Stars: Cameron Mitchell, Carl Möhner, Célina Cély, Kitty Carver

Votes: 150

6. The Last Ride to Santa Cruz (1964)

99 min | Western

A former sheriff begins to persecute the gang led by Pedro Ortiz, after his wife is taken away.

Director: Rolf Olsen | Stars: Edmund Purdom, Mario Adorf, Marianne Koch, Thomas Fritsch

Votes: 92

7. Massacre at Grand Canyon (1964)

89 min | Western

(1965) James Mitchum George Ardisson, Giacomo Rossi-Stuart, Jill Powers, Eduardo Ciannelli. After a search for his father's killers, Mitchum returns home only to find himself involved in a ... See full summary »

Directors: Albert Band, Sergio Corbucci | Stars: James Mitchum, Milla Sannoner, George Ardisson, Burt Nelson

Votes: 179

8. Minnesota Clay (1964)

Not Rated | 90 min | Action, War, Western

Wrongfully imprisoned for a crime he didn't commit, Minnesota Clay seeks revenge on the man who withheld evidence at his trial. There is a problem however, he is going blind.

Director: Sergio Corbucci | Stars: Cameron Mitchell, Georges Rivière, Ethel Rojo, Diana Martín

Votes: 551

9. Per un dollaro a Tucson si muore (1964)

Comedy, Western

A gang of outlaws takes domination of Tucson Arizona to anticipate for the arrival of a shipment of gold, with only a coalition of volunteer soldiers trying to fight them and recover the town.

Director: Cesare Canevari | Stars: Ronny de Marc, Gisèle Sandré, Danilo Turk, Maria Grazia Marescalchi

Votes: 20

10. A Fistful of Dollars (1964)

R | 99 min | Drama, Western

65 Metascore

A wandering gunfighter plays two rival families against each other in a town torn apart by greed, pride, and revenge.

Director: Sergio Leone | Stars: Clint Eastwood, Gian Maria Volontè, Marianne Koch, Wolfgang Lukschy

Votes: 182,504 | Gross: $14.50M

11. Bullets Don't Argue (1964)

89 min | Western

On his own wedding day, sheriff Pat Garrett must leave and try to arrest two bank robbers.

Director: Mario Caiano | Stars: Rod Cameron, Ángel Aranda, Horst Frank, Mimmo Palmara

Votes: 143

12. Tres dólares de plomo (1964)

89 min | Western

Rudy returns home to revenge his father's death, fighting local bandits. Spaghetti Western.

Director: Pino Mercanti | Stars: Fred Beir, Evi Marandi, Francisco Nieto, Richard Saint-Bris

Votes: 20

13. Adiós gringo (1965)

100 min | Western

Tricked into buying stolen cattle, Brett Landers narrowly escapes being lynched. Still wanted, he hunts down the real cattle rustlers to clear his name.

Director: Giorgio Stegani | Stars: Giuliano Gemma, Evelyn Stewart, Roberto Camardiel, Jesús Puente

Votes: 365

14. In a Colt's Shadow (1965)

Not Rated | 79 min | Western

A story about two gunfighters, Duke and Steve. Steve is in love with Duke's daughter but Duke disapproves of the match, envisioning a life of hardship and danger for the girl if she marries Steve.

Director: Giovanni Grimaldi | Stars: Stephen Forsyth, Conrado San Martín, Franco Ressel, Franco Lantieri

Votes: 192

15. Lone and Angry Man (1965)

87 min | Western

Spaghetti Western icon Anthony Steffen stars as Shenandoah, a man of mystery who joins a vicious band of highwaymen after passing a near impossible and death defying initiation. When the ... See full summary »

Director: Mario Caiano | Stars: Anthony Steffen, Eduardo Fajardo, Arturo Dominici, Luciana Gilli

Votes: 201

16. Buffalo Bill (1965)

93 min | Western

Renegade Indians, led by Yellow Hand, are being sold guns by Donaldson. Buffalo Bill is sent to stop the arms trading and avert an Indian war

Director: Mario Costa | Stars: Gordon Scott, Ingeborg Schöner, Catherine Ribeiro, Jan Hendriks

Votes: 139

17. Blood for a Silver Dollar (1965)

Not Rated | 98 min | Action, Romance, Western

After the Civil War, ex-Confederate officer returns home where he gets embroiled in local feuds involving an unscrupulous strongman and his hired henchmen.

Director: Giorgio Ferroni | Stars: Giuliano Gemma, Evelyn Stewart, Pierre Cressoy, Giuseppe Addobbati

Votes: 872

18. The Tramplers (1965)

105 min | Western

Civil War soldier returns home to his father who can't accept the loss of the Confederates. Serious conflicts arouse which split the family.

Directors: Albert Band, Mario Sequi | Stars: Gordon Scott, Joseph Cotten, Muriel Franklin, James Mitchum

Votes: 156

19. Hands of a Gunfighter (1965)

88 min | Western

A reformed gunman returns to his earlier life seeking justice when the Castle brothers shoot his friends.

Director: Rafael Romero Marchent | Stars: Craig Hill, Gloria Milland, Conchita Núñez, Carlos Romero Marchent

Votes: 82

20. For a Few Dollars More (1965)

R | 132 min | Western

74 Metascore

Two bounty hunters with the same intentions team up to track down a Western outlaw.

Director: Sergio Leone | Stars: Clint Eastwood, Lee Van Cleef, Gian Maria Volontè, Mario Brega

Votes: 213,255 | Gross: $15.00M

21. A Pistol for Ringo (1965)

Not Rated | 98 min | Action, Drama, Western

An 'angel-faced' gunfighter is tasked with infiltrating a ranch overrun by Mexican bandits and saving their hostages, including the fiancée of the local sheriff.

Director: Duccio Tessari | Stars: Giuliano Gemma, Fernando Sancho, Lorella De Luca, Nieves Navarro

Votes: 1,350

23. The Return of Ringo (1965)

Not Rated | 95 min | Action, Drama, Romance

A returning Union Officer discovers that his home has been overrun by Mexican bandits, and infiltrates the gang to restore order and determine if his wife has been faithful to him.

Director: Duccio Tessari | Stars: Giuliano Gemma, Fernando Sancho, Lorella De Luca, Nieves Navarro

Votes: 1,218

24. Uno straniero a Sacramento (1965)

95 min | Western

Mike Jordan escapes from prison to vindicate his father and brother's death.

Director: Sergio Bergonzelli | Stars: Mickey Hargitay, Aldo Berti, Giulio Marchetti, Florencia Silvero

Votes: 17

25. Canadian Wilderness (1965)

89 min | Action, Adventure, Drama

Victor, chief of the fur hunters rebels, kidnaps Ann from the ruthless landowner as a bartering tool.

Director: Amando de Ossorio | Stars: George Martin, Diana Lorys, Giulia Rubini, Pamela Tudor

Votes: 38

26. Gold Train (1965)

95 min | Action, Romance, Western

Bandit leader El Diablo who controls the country with his gang plans to achieve gold destined for Mexico but he is not the only one.

Director: Gianfranco Baldanello | Stars: Carl Möhner, Alessandra Panaro, Ivano Staccioli, Antonio Garisa

Votes: 62

28. Viva Maria! (1965)

Not Rated | 119 min | Adventure, Comedy, Romance

Somewhere in Central America in 1907: Maria II is the daughter of an Irish terrorist. After her father's death, she meets Maria I, a singer in a circus. She decides to stay with the circus,... See full summary »

Director: Louis Malle | Stars: Brigitte Bardot, Jeanne Moreau, George Hamilton, Paulette Dubost

Votes: 3,048

29. Man from Nowhere (1966)

M/PG | 104 min | Western

Bandit Gordo frees a group of prisoners, forcing them to join his gang or die. Arizona Colt, declining to do either, heads for Blackstone City where Gordon is planning a robbery. When one ... See full summary »

Director: Michele Lupo | Stars: Giuliano Gemma, Fernando Sancho, Corinne Marchand, Nello Pazzafini

Votes: 430

30. 2 once di piombo (1966)

83 min | Western

everyone wants to know who the Mexican is. He always answer slowly, "my name is Pecos". Pecos Martinez ( Robert Woods) to be exact, and he's returned to his hometown of Houston to settle up... See full summary »

Director: Maurizio Lucidi | Stars: Robert Woods, Pier Paolo Capponi, Lucia Modugno, Peter Carsten

Votes: 121

31. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966)

R | 178 min | Western

90 Metascore

A bounty hunting scam joins two men in an uneasy alliance against a third in a race to find a fortune in gold buried in a remote cemetery.

Director: Sergio Leone | Stars: Clint Eastwood, Eli Wallach, Lee Van Cleef, Aldo Giuffrè

Votes: 641,172 | Gross: $6.10M

32. Five for Revenge (1966)

103 min | Western

A few Western-types seek out a friend's murderer.

Director: Aldo Florio | Stars: Guy Madison, Mónica Randall, Vassili Karis, José Manuel Martín

Votes: 81

33. The Brute and the Beast (1966)

M | 92 min | Western

A prospector and his drunkard half-brother must fight a rancher and his sadistic son after they seize control of his farm.

Director: Lucio Fulci | Stars: Franco Nero, George Hilton, Linda Sini, Giuseppe Addobbati

Votes: 1,463

34. Degueyo (1966)

86 min | Western

Danger City is attacked by Ramon's bandits searching for rumored treasure. Unable to find the money the bandits either kill or take as hostage all men, leaving only women and children to ... See full summary »

Director: Giuseppe Vari | Stars: Giacomo Rossi Stuart, Dan Vadis, Dana Ghia, Rosy Zichel

Votes: 42

35. Django (1966)

Not Rated | 91 min | Action, Western

75 Metascore

A coffin-dragging gunslinger and a half-breed prostitute become embroiled in a bitter feud between a Klan of Southern racists and a band of Mexican Revolutionaries.

Director: Sergio Corbucci | Stars: Franco Nero, José Canalejas, José Bódalo, Loredana Nusciak

Votes: 22,803 | Gross: $0.03M

36. Django Shoots First (1966)

95 min | Romance, Western

Django's father is framed by his business partner Clusker and shot by a bounty Killer. Django inherits his fathers part of the business and a score to settle with Clusker.

Director: Alberto De Martino | Stars: Glenn Saxson, Evelyn Stewart, Fernando Sancho, Nando Gazzolo

Votes: 311

37. Cisco (1966)

97 min | Western

El Cisco is a mysterious man accused of a crime he never committed. With the help of a doctor he pretends to be dead, but when the dishonest Vice-Sheriff and his accomplices find out the trick - El Cisco is arrested.

Director: Sergio Bergonzelli | Stars: William Berger, George Wang, Antonella Murgia, Tom Felleghy

Votes: 49

38. The Ugly Ones (1966)

Approved | 95 min | Western

Escaped outlaw Jose Gomez returns to his home town pursued by bounty killer Luke Chilson. The towns people protect Gomez, unaware, at first, that he is now a changed and dangerous man.

Director: Eugenio Martín | Stars: Richard Wyler, Tomas Milian, Halina Zalewska, Hugo Blanco

Votes: 453

39. Rojo (1966)

82 min | Western

The Sorenson family is massacred, apparently by Indians. On the site of the killing, a town, Gold Hill grows up, run by a group of businessmen. Years later, El Rojo, alias the last ... See full summary »

Director: Leopoldo Savona | Stars: Richard Harrison, Nieves Navarro, Piero Lulli, Mirko Ellis

Votes: 82

40. The Hills Run Red (1966)

Approved | 89 min | Action, Western

At the end of the Civil War, 2 Confederates holding stolen Union money and chased by Union troops separate, one escaping with the loot and the other getting a 5-year prison term.

Director: Carlo Lizzani | Stars: Thomas Hunter, Henry Silva, Dan Duryea, Nando Gazzolo

Votes: 609

41. Ringo and His Golden Pistol (1966)

87 min | Western

A Mexican bandit teams up with a band of renegade Native Americans to avenge his older brothers when they are killed by a prankster, gold-obsessed bounty hunter.

Director: Sergio Corbucci | Stars: Mark Damon, Valeria Fabrizi, Franco De Rosa, Giulia Rubini

Votes: 409

42. Johnny Yuma (1966)

Not Rated | 100 min | Western, Action, Drama

A greedy woman kills her land-owning husband with the aid of her brother. Since the husband's will leaves his land to his nephew, the woman and her brother hire a gunman to eliminate this ... See full summary »

Director: Romolo Guerrieri | Stars: Mark Damon, Lawrence Dobkin, Rosalba Neri, Luigi Vannucchi

Votes: 332

43. Navajo Joe (1966)

Not Rated | 93 min | Western

32 Metascore

A Native American warrior called Navajo Joe seeks revenge on a gang of sadistic outlaws who has massacred the people of his tribe.

Director: Sergio Corbucci | Stars: Burt Reynolds, Aldo Sambrell, Nicoletta Machiavelli, Fernando Rey

Votes: 3,259

44. $1,000 on the Black (1966)

102 min | Western

Twelve years ago, Sartana framed his brother Johnny for murder and stole his girlfriend. Now the town's undisputed boss and doted over by his possessive mother, Sartana seems safe - until, his sentence served, Johnny rides back into town.

Director: Alberto Cardone | Stars: Anthony Steffen, Gianni Garko, Erika Blanc, Carlo D'Angelo

Votes: 273

45. Taste of Killing (1966)

86 min | Western

Dubious Bounty Killer Hank Fellows tracks bank stage coaches to observe them being robbed. Only afterwards does he move in on the bandits to collect his reward. The manager of the Omaha ... See full summary »

Director: Tonino Valerii | Stars: Craig Hill, George Martin, Piero Lulli, Fernando Sancho

Votes: 210

46. For One Thousand Dollars Per Day (1966)

81 min | Action, Drama, Western

A man trains himself to become the best shot in the West in order to get rid of a gang of killers in his home town who murdered his parents.

Director: Silvio Amadio | Stars: Zachary Hatcher, Mimmo Palmara, Rubén Rojo, Mirko Ellis

Votes: 34

47. For a Few Extra Dollars (1966)

96 min | War, Western

Captured Confederate raider Gary Diamond agrees to work with the Yankees to prevent any further bloodshed by warning a Confederate regiment against attacking heavily defended Yankee Fort Yuma.

Director: Giorgio Ferroni | Stars: Giuliano Gemma, Dan Vadis, José Calvo, Ángel del Pozo

Votes: 282

48. A Few Dollars for Django (1966)

Not Rated | 85 min | Crime, Western