Noir Or Not ?

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List of films on the watchlist which maybe Noir , British Noir , French Noir etc , but want to see first before adding to lists . Some are listed as noir in various books and lists , some just sound as if they might have noir elements , or are based on work of noir writers . ( the list will change as films are eliminated from enquiries , or titles added when I see something interesting )

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1. Chéri-Bibi (1938)

110 min | Drama

An innocent young man ,burglar Cheri-Bibi and his gangsters are sent to a penal colony.

Director: Léon Mathot | Stars: Pierre Fresnay, Jean-Pierre Aumont, Marcel Dalio, Suzet Maïs

Votes: 18

2. The Unknown Guest (1943)

61 min | Mystery

Residents get suspicious when a shady character takes over the local hunting lodge right after the two old-timers who own it disappear.

Director: Kurt Neumann | Stars: Victor Jory, Pamela Blake, Veda Ann Borg, Harry Hayden

Votes: 31

3. Shadow of Suspicion (1944)

Approved | 68 min | Comedy, Crime, Mystery

Brash ladies' man James Dale and his partner, wisecracking Everett Northrup, are sent by Cartell & Co. jewelers to safeguard the arrival of the famous Stonehaven necklace at one of its ... See full summary »

Director: William Beaudine | Stars: Marjorie Weaver, Peter Cookson, Tim Ryan, Pierre Watkin

Votes: 99

4. Trouble Preferred (1948)

Approved | 63 min | Action, Adventure, Crime

A suicide attempt is investigated by a pair of female police rookies.

Director: James Tinling | Stars: Peggy Knudsen, Lynne Roberts, Charles Russell, Paul Langton

6. Cry Murder (1950)

Approved | 63 min | Crime, Drama, Mystery

A young actress has retired from films to marry the son of a prominent and rich politician in New York City. The father objects strongly to the marriage. The actress is being blackmailed by... See full summary »

Director: Jack Glenn | Stars: Carole Mathews, Jack Lord, Howard Smith, Hope Miller

Votes: 8

7. Champ for a Day (1953)

Approved | 90 min | Comedy, Crime, Drama

An up-and-coming heavyweight fighter, George Wilson, arrives in Vulcan City, a small mid-western town over-run by racketeers, to fight a heavily-favored Frankie Sebastian. George arrives ... See full summary »

Director: William A. Seiter | Stars: Alex Nicol, Audrey Totter, Charles Winninger, Hope Emerson

Votes: 13

8. Man Crazy (1953)

Approved | 79 min | Drama

Three women come to Hollywood to break into the movies.

Director: Irving Lerner | Stars: Neville Brand, Christine White, Irene Anders, Colleen Miller

Votes: 10

9. Tangier Incident (1953)

Passed | 77 min | Action, Adventure, Crime

Steve Gordon, an American agent posing as a black market operator, is in Tangier on a mission to stop the plans of three atomic-scientists who are there to pool their secrets and sell them in a package to the Communists.

Director: Lew Landers | Stars: George Brent, Mari Aldon, Dorothy Patrick, Bert Freed

Votes: 12

10. Undercover Agent (1953)

68 min | Drama

An auditor comes into possession of an envelope containing prints and drawings which the British government is anxious to obtain and also a great many other people, all of whom try to get ... See full summary »

Director: Vernon Sewell | Stars: Dermot Walsh, Hazel Court, Hermione Baddeley, Alexander Gauge

Votes: 69

11. Girls in Prison (1956)

88 min | Crime, Drama, Film-Noir

Anne Carson, meeting the seamy side of prison life, finds that everyone thinks she knows where un-recovered bank loot is.

Director: Edward L. Cahn | Stars: Richard Denning, Joan Taylor, Adele Jergens, Helen Gilbert

Votes: 170

12. Singing in the Dark (1956)

84 min | Drama, Crime, Music

Leo is a holocaust survivor who suffers from total amnesia; he comes to the U.S. and works as a hotel desk clerk. One night while a comedian, who owns a bar in the hotel, gives him a drink,... See full summary »

Director: Max Nosseck | Stars: Moyshe Oysher, Phyllis Hill, Joey Adams, Henry Sharp

Votes: 10

13. The Solitary Child (1958)

64 min | Mystery

A young woman's marriage to a gentleman farmer, acquitted of murdering his first wife, nearly leads to her own untimely end.

Director: Gerald Thomas | Stars: Philip Friend, Barbara Shelley, Sarah Lawson, Rona Anderson

Votes: 30

14. The Young Captives (1959)

Approved | 61 min | Crime, Drama

Gripping melodrama about newlyweds involved with a psychopathic killer who holds them captive.

Director: Irvin Kershner | Stars: Steven Marlo, Luana Patten, Tom Selden, Joan Granville

Votes: 47

15. Secret of Deep Harbor (1961)

Approved | 70 min | Drama

A reporter learns that his girlfriend's father, an old sea captain, is being paid by the mob to transport gangsters out of the country.

Director: Edward L. Cahn | Stars: Ron Foster, Merry Anders, Barry Kelley, Norman Alden

Votes: 15

17. The Great Spy Chase (1964)

84 min | Comedy, Action, Thriller

A cold-war spy parody. After the death of an armaments manufacturer, an international group of spies is drawn into a high-stakes battle of wits to obtain the valuable military patents which... See full summary »

Director: Georges Lautner | Stars: Lino Ventura, Francis Blanche, Bernard Blier, Mireille Darc

Votes: 1,609

19. Shadow of Treason (1964)

90 min | Crime, Drama, Thriller

During the Cold War, a RN warrant officer stationed in the British Embassy in Warsaw leaks secrets to his Polish girlfriend who's a Soviet agent and after his transfer to a naval station in Britain he joins a Soviet spy ring.

Director: Robert Tronson | Stars: Bernard Lee, William Sylvester, Margaret Tyzack, David Kossoff

Votes: 175

20. Three Silent Men (1940)

72 min | Crime, Drama

Foreign scientist is selling a secret weapon to the British. He is badly injured in a car accident and is operated on by a surgeon, after the operation he dies mysteriously. An investigation follows.

Director: Thomas Bentley | Stars: Sebastian Shaw, Derrick De Marney, Patricia Roc, Arthur Hambling

Votes: 47

21. Chain Gang (1950)

Passed | 70 min | Action, Crime, Drama

Crusading newspaperman Cliff Roberts (Douglas Kennedy), masquerades as a prison guard and gets a job attached to the chain gang. Using a tiny camera in the shape of a cigarette lighter, he ... See full summary »

Director: Lew Landers | Stars: Douglas Kennedy, Marjorie Lord, Emory Parnell, William 'Bill' Phillips

Votes: 79

22. Companions in Crime (1954)

70 min | Crime, Drama

Two stories, in the Scotland Yard Series to show that crime does not pay.

Director: John Krish | Stars: Clifford Evans, George Woodbridge, Kenneth Haigh, Maurice Kaufmann

23. Cross Channel (1955)

Approved | 61 min | Drama

Charter-boat owner "Tex" Parker is framed on a murder rap by a gang of jewel-and-American currency smugglers operating from the coasts of England and France, with a mid-channel rendezvous. ... See full summary »

Director: R.G. Springsteen | Stars: Wayne Morris, Yvonne Furneaux, Arnold Marlé, Charles Laurence

Votes: 8

24. Harbor of Missing Men (1950)

Passed | 60 min | Action, Adventure, Crime

A fishing-boat owner, Jim "Brooklyn" Gannon, cuts a deal with a gangster syndicate to deliver a load of contraband firearms. The money for the transaction is stolen, and Gannon is trying to... See full summary »

Director: R.G. Springsteen | Stars: Richard Denning, Barbra Fuller, Steven Geray, Aline Towne

Votes: 32

25. Headline Hunters (1955)

Approved | 70 min | Action, Adventure, Crime

City Editor Ned Powers assigns student reporter David Flynn to veteran newsman Hugh Woodruff, primarily to get on Woodruff's nerves. David has long admired Woodruff, but is saddened to see ... See full summary »

Director: William Witney | Stars: Rod Cameron, Julie Bishop, Ben Cooper, Raymond Greenleaf

Votes: 130

26. Hot News (1953)

Passed | 61 min | Action, Crime, Drama

Ex-prize fighter Mark Miller, now a sports writer, sets out to expose a murderous gambling ring led by Dano Rizzo. He first learns about the ring when when a fighter dies as a result of ... See full summary »

Director: Edward Bernds | Stars: Stanley Clements, Gloria Henry, Ted de Corsia, Veda Ann Borg

Votes: 14

27. The Invisible Informer (1946)

Passed | 57 min | Action, Crime, Drama

An aristocratic but destitute southern family attempts to swindle an insurance company by faking the theft of a valuable emerald necklace. The company assigns operatives Eve Rogers and Mike... See full summary »

Director: Philip Ford | Stars: Linda Stirling, William Henry, Adele Mara, Peggy Stewart

Votes: 10

28. Johnny Gunman (1957)

Not Rated | 70 min | Drama

Vicious Allie and laid-back Johnny G. are a couple of rival New York City gangsters who have known each other since childhood. After mob capo Lou Caddy gets busted by the authorities for ... See full summary »

Director: Art Ford | Stars: Martin E. Brooks, Ann Donaldson, Johnny Seven, Woodrow Parfrey

Votes: 28

29. Lady Possessed (1952)

Approved | 87 min | Mystery, Romance, Thriller

In a London nursing home, Jean Wilson, a happily-married American woman, while in a state of self-consciousness, hears Jimmy Del Palma, angrily berate the hospital management for the ... See full summary »

Directors: Roy Kellino, William Spier | Stars: James Mason, June Havoc, Stephen Dunne, Fay Compton

Votes: 28

30. Juvenile Jungle (1958)

Passed | 69 min | Action, Adventure, Crime

A planned kidnapping goes awry when the gang leader falls for the victim.

Director: William Witney | Stars: Corey Allen, Rebecca Welles, Richard Bakalyan, Anne Whitfield

Votes: 51

32. Out of the Storm (1948)

Approved | 61 min | Action, Crime, Drama

A young man with financial problems works in the payroll office of a factory. One payday the payroll office is held up by an armed gang, but they miss a sizable amount of money, and only ... See full summary »

Director: R.G. Springsteen | Stars: Jimmy Lydon, Lois Collier, Marc Lawrence, Richard Travis

Votes: 13

33. Prisoners in Petticoats (1950)

Passed | 60 min | Action, Adventure, Crime

Joan Grey is a young pianist that falls for the good manners and nice clothes of a gang of mobsters. She is warned by Mark Hampton, an investigator, that she is associating with gangsters ... See full summary »

Director: Philip Ford | Stars: Valentine Perkins, Robert Rockwell, Danni Sue Nolan, Anthony Caruso

Votes: 15

34. Scandal Incorporated (1956)

Approved | 79 min | Crime, Drama, Film-Noir

Add a Plot

Director: Edward Mann | Stars: Robert Hutton, Patricia Wright, Paul Richards, Robert Knapp

Votes: 6

36. Secret Venture (1955)

Approved | 70 min | Drama, Mystery, Romance

An American is visiting Britain and finds himself in possession of a briefcase full of secret documents that the spies of many different countries seem determined to get.

Director: R.G. Springsteen | Stars: Kent Taylor, Jane Hylton, Kathleen Byron, Karel Stepanek

Votes: 8

37. Secrets of Monte Carlo (1951)

Passed | 60 min | Crime, Drama, Film-Noir

An Eastern potentate, the Rajah of Bandor (Charles Lung), and his American bride (Sue Casey), are robbed of a fortune in jewels on the Riviera, by a quartet of thieves led by Otto Von ... See full summary »

Director: George Blair | Stars: Warren Douglas, Lois Hall, June Vincent, Stephen Bekassy

Votes: 13

39. Streets of San Francisco (1949)

Approved | 60 min | Crime, Drama

A gangster's son sees his father rob and murder a man. The detective investigating the case, deciding that the boy will never tell what he knows if he's locked up in juvenile detention, ... See full summary »

Director: George Blair | Stars: Robert Armstrong, Mae Clarke, Gary Gray, Wally Cassell

Votes: 17

40. Sideshow (1950)

67 min | Crime, Drama, Mystery

A Treasury Department agent on the trail of an international jewel smuggling ring joins a carnival that he thinks the gang is using as a front. He finally locates the jewels hidden as the eyes of wax figures.

Director: Jean Yarbrough | Stars: Don McGuire, Tracey Roberts, John Abbott, Eddie Quillan

Votes: 10

41. Four Desperate Men (1959)

100 min | Action, Crime, Drama

An escaped prisoner is trying to clear his name.

Director: Harry Watt | Stars: Aldo Ray, Heather Sears, Neil McCallum, Victor Maddern

Votes: 160

43. The Undercover Woman (1946)

Approved | 56 min | Adventure, Comedy, Crime

A lady investigator from San Francisco,invited with her wisecracking friend to a society event on a Western ranch in the country,gets involved trying to get information on the husband of ... See full summary »

Director: Thomas Carr | Stars: Stephanie Bachelor, Robert Livingston, Isabel Withers, Helene Heigh

Votes: 17

44. Woman in the Dark (1952)

Approved | 60 min | Action, Crime, Drama

Following a news report that a fabulous jewel collection, called "Unclaimed Cargo", will be on display at the Waldorf Jewelry Company, a city alderman and secret underworld gang leader, ... See full summary »

Director: George Blair | Stars: Penny Edwards, Ross Elliott, Rick Vallin, Richard Benedict

Votes: 17

45. Young and Wild (1958)

Approved | 69 min | Crime, Drama, Film-Noir

Crime drama about juvenile delinquency, society's view of it and law enforcement's response to it in 1950s America.

Director: William Witney | Stars: Gene Evans, Scott Marlowe, Carolyn Kearney, Robert Arthur

Votes: 43

46. Escape in the Desert (1945)

79 min | Drama, Thriller, War