Western Gear - neckerchiefs, scarfs, mascadas, bandanas.

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Actors with western credits.

1. Joe Phillips

Rio Bravo

Joe Phillips was born on May 12, 1913 in Montana, USA. He was an actor, known for Rio Bravo (1959), The Music Man (1962) and Angel and the Badman (1947). He died on October 19, 1972.

217 westerns, 1936-1972.

70 feature westerns.

Jack Slade (1955). 1955. Pony Express rider. Uncredited.

1913-1972, 59,

2. Doris Brook

Actress | The Phantom Cowboy

Doris Brook is an actress, known for The Phantom Cowboy (1935), The Beast of Borneo (1934) and Defying the Law (1935).

3. Michael Vandever

Actor | Batman

Michael Vandever was born on March 10, 1936 in Coatesville, Pennsylvania, USA. He is an actor, known for Batman (1966), Mackenzie's Raiders (1958) and The Twilight Zone (1959).

4. Lew Meehan

Actor | The Hunted Men

Lew Meehan (birthname James Llewellyn Meehan)was born September 7, 1890 in Red Lake Falls, Minnesota and died on August 10, 1951 in Los Angeles, California. His film career began in 1921 and ended in 1944, albeit he appears in a stock footage montage, as a police car driver (from "Waterfront Lady" ...

5. Arthur Rankin

Actor | The Great Adventure

Arthur Rankin was born on August 30, 1895 in New York City, New York, USA as Arthur Gibbs. He was an actor, known for The Great Adventure (1921), To Have and to Hold (1922) and The Truth About Husbands (1920). He was married to Marian Mansfield and Mignon Audrey Klemm. He died on March 23, 1947 in ...

7 westerns, 23-39.

Bud Collins, The Fighting Fool (1932). 1932,

1895 - 1947, 51.

6. Doye O'Dell

Actor | Heldorado

Doye O'Dell was born on November 22, 1912 in Gustine, Texas, USA as Allen Doye O'Dell. He was an actor, known for Heldorado (1946), Hit Parade of 1947 (1947) and Home in San Antone (1949). He died on January 3, 2001 in Northridge, California, USA.

30 westerns, 40-63.

15 feature westerns.

1912 - 2001, 88.

7. Lane Chandler

Actor | Samson and Delilah

American actor who had a brief flirtation with stardom before settling into character roles and bit parts. Born in rural South Dakota (according to government records, though some sources say Walsh County, North Dakota) as Robert C. Oakes, the son of a horse rancher, he moved with his family to ...

8. Douglas Kennedy

Actor | Dark Passage

A tall, powerfully built man, Douglas Kennedy entered films after graduating from Amherst. Making his debut in 1940, he appeared in many westerns and detective thrillers, often as a villain. World War II interrupted his career, and he spent the war years as a Signal Corps officer and an operative ...

9. Jack Hendricks

Stunts | Texas Justice

Jack Hendricks was born on July 9, 1903 in Pickens County, South Carolina, USA as John Talley Hendricks. He is known for his work on Texas Justice (1942), Caryl of the Mountains (1936) and Gun Grit (1936). He died on May 29, 1990 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

10. Jim Corey

Actor | Gold Mine in the Sky

Jim Corey was born on March 22, 1889 in Buffalo, New York, USA as Arthur Harrison Corey. He is known for his work on Gold Mine in the Sky (1938), The Border Legion (1924) and The Master Key (1914). He was married to Sylvia Frey. He died on March 26, 1950 in Burbank, California, USA.

11. Ken Mayer

Actor | Little Big Man

Ken Mayer was born on June 25, 1918 in San Francisco, California, USA as Kenneth Martin Mayer. He was an actor, known for Little Big Man (1970), Space Patrol (1950) and Dick Tracy (1967). He died on January 30, 1985 in North Hollywood, California.

12. Tom Seidel

Actor | 20,000 Men a Year

Tom Seidel was born on March 11, 1917 in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA as Emil Thomas Seidel. He was an actor, known for 20,000 Men a Year (1939), Dick Tracy Returns (1938) and Riding the Sunset Trail (1941). He was married to Jean Hagen. He died on December 7, 1992 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

13. Jack Perrin

Actor | Starlight, the Untamed

Jack Perrin was born in Three Rivers, MI, on July 25, 1896. His father, a real estate investor, had an eye on the burgeoning prospects in Los Angeles and moved his family there when Perrin was about four. Jack literally grew up witnessing the birth of the film industry, which exploded there in 1913...

14. Ken Curtis

Actor | Gunsmoke

Considering the kind of scruffy, backwoods, uneducated, Deep-South hillbilly types he played, many people would be surprised to hear that Ken Curtis wasn't actually born in the south but in the small town of Las Animas, Colorado, the son of the town sheriff. They would probably be even more ...

15. Joan Curtis

Actress | Where Trails End

Joan Curtis is an actress, known for Where Trails End (1942), Stranger from Santa Fe (1945) and Hot Rhythm (1944).

16. Eddie Acuff

Actor | The Case of the Velvet Claws

Eddie Acuff is one of those wonderful supporting actors who peopled the fascinating world of Hollywood's A, B or Z movies. In a career spanning eighteen years he appeared in an amazing almost 300 movies and one TV episode! His appearances could be invisible (when deleted), hardly visible (he ...

17. Yvonne Pelletier

Actress | The Crystal Cup

Yvonne Pelletier was born on November 6, 1915 in Port Haney, British Columbia, Canada as Yvonne Charlene Pelletier. She was an actress, known for The Crystal Cup (1927), Riders of the Purple Sage (1931) and Children of Divorce (1927). She was married to Robert Lincoln Springfels. She died on ...

18. Kenne Duncan

Actor | Night of the Ghouls

Kenne Duncan was born on February 17, 1902 in Chatham, Ontario, Canada as Kenneth Duncan MacLachlan. He was an actor and writer, known for Night of the Ghouls (1984), Manhunt of Mystery Island (1945) and The Astounding She-Monster (1957). He died on February 5, 1972 in Hollywood, California, USA.

19. Bruce Lane

Actor | Silver Spurs

Bruce Lane is an actor, known for Silver Spurs (1936), Two-Fisted Sheriff (1937) and The Hawk (1935).

Yuma Kid, Silver Spurs (1936). 1936.

20. Evelyn Finley

Stunts | Silverado

Definitely not your average 'prairie flower', brunette Evelyn Ruth Finley was known as the most accomplished stunt rider in the western genre. Famous director William A. Wellman was one of many who regarded her as the best in the business. She worked with horses from early childhood and grew up a ...

21. Frances Kavanaugh

Writer | Riding the Sunset Trail

In the 1970s, Kavanaugh enrolled at Cal State Northridge, eventually earning a bachelor's degree in art and a master's degree in psychology.

22. Eleanor Hansen

Actress | Flaming Frontiers

Eleanor Hansen was born on September 13, 1917 in Terre Haute, Indiana, USA. She is an actress, known for Flaming Frontiers (1938), The Mad Miss Manton (1938) and The Crime of Doctor Hallet (1938).

23. Russell Arms

Actor | The Man Who Came to Dinner

Russell Arms was born on February 3, 1920 in Berkeley, California, USA as Russell L. Arms. He was an actor, known for The Man Who Came to Dinner (1942), Your Hit Parade (1950) and Daredevils of the Clouds (1948). He was married to Mary Lynne, Barbara .J. McGinnis and Liza Palmer. He died on ...

24. Roy Stewart

Actor | The Lone Star Ranger

Tall in the saddle, and dark and handsome to boot, he may be little remembered today when compared to a William S. Hart, Tom Mix or Hoot Gibson, but cowboy hero Roy Stewart was arguably one of the best known of the silent screen back then. While touring with the famous Floradora Girls, Stewart ...

25. Pete Morrison

Actor | The Escape

American cowboy star of silent pictures. He studied science in school but dropped out to pursue a rodeo career. With some success, he was asked to appear in a number of film shorts, all before his eighteenth birthday. He worked for The American Film Manufacturing Company, but was soon signed by ...

26. Buck Jones

Actor | For the Service

Buck Jones was one of the greatest of the "B" western stars. Although born in Indiana, Jones reportedly (but disputedly) grew up on a ranch near Red Rock in Indian Territory (now Oklahoma), and there learned the riding and shooting skills that would stand him in good stead as a hero of Westerns. He...

27. Hoot Gibson

Actor | Roaring Ranch

A pioneering cowboy star of silent and early talking Westerns, Hoot Gibson was one of the 1920s' most popular children's matinée heroes. In his real life, however, he had a rather painful rags-to-riches-and-back-to-rags career, a problem that seemed to plague a number of big stars who fell victim ...

28. Lem Sowards

Actor | Red Blood

Lem Sowards was born on October 17, 1892 in Missouri, USA as James Len Sowards. He is known for his work on Red Blood (1925). He died on August 20, 1962 in Sawtelle, California, USA.

29. Stanley Price

Actor | The Invisible Monster

Prolific western utility player, in Hollywood from 1932. Noticeable for his dusky looks, hypnotic stare and crocodilian smile, Price was perhaps one of the busier small-part actors of the period, as attested by the fact, that -- in 1939 alone -- he worked for 52 weeks and earned $2700. He served in...

30. Fred Hoose

Production_manager | Western Mail

Fred Hoose was born on March 4, 1868 in Burlington, Vermont, USA. He was an actor and production manager, known for Western Mail (1942), Outlaw Trail (1944) and Wild Horse Stampede (1943). He died on March 12, 1952 in Los Angeles County, California, USA.

31. Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams

Actor | Noah's Ark

The son of a rancher-turned-politician, Guinn Williams was given the nickname "Big Boy" (and he was, too - 6' 2" of mostly solid muscle from years of working on ranches and playing semi-pro and pro baseball) by Will Rogers, with whom he made one of his first films, in 1919. Although his father ...

32. I. Stanford Jolley

Actor | The Crimson Ghost

Perennial film western heavy I. Stanford Jolley could be spotted anywhere and everywhere in dusty "B" fare from 1935 on. Often mustachioed, this freelancing, wideset-eyed, black-hatted villain, who showed up in Hollywood following vaudeville and Broadway experience, could be counted on to give the ...

33. Bill Elliott

Actor | Old Los Angeles

Born Gordon Nance in 1904 on a farm in Pattonsburg, Missouri -- a small town about 60 miles northeast of Kansas City -- the future "Wild Bill Elliott" grew up around horses. His father was a commissioner at the Kansas City Stockyards. and at age 16 Elliott won a first-place ribbon in that city's ...

34. Bob Card

Soundtrack | Prairie Law

Bob Card was born on May 4, 1887 in Iowa, USA as Robert Austin Card. He was an actor, known for Prairie Law (1940), Terror of the Plains (1934) and The Singing Outlaw (1937). He was married to Hazel. He died on April 7, 1970 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

35. John James

Actor | Thundering Trails

John James was born on January 15, 1910 in the USA. He was an actor, known for Thundering Trails (1943), Saddle Serenade (1945) and Murder by Invitation (1941). He died on May 20, 1960 in New York City, New York, USA.

36. Boyd Stockman

Actor | The Adventures of Kit Carson

Stuntman and actor Boyd Stockman was born on February 12, 1916 in Grants, New Mexico. Boyd moved to California in the early 1940's where he and his brother worked for the Bakersfield Land and Cattle Company. Stockman began his film business career doing stunts at Monogram Pictures in the mid-1940's...

37. Joe McGuinn

Actor | Billy the Kid Outlawed

Joe McGuinn was born on January 21, 1904 in Brooklyn, New York, USA as Joseph Ford McGuinn. He is known for his work on Billy the Kid Outlawed (1940), Mysterious Doctor Satan (1940) and Ride, Tenderfoot, Ride (1940). He died on September 22, 1971 in Hollywood, California, USA.

38. Arthur Franz

Actor | Monster on the Campus

Arthur Sofield Franz was born in Perth Amboy, NJ, to Dorothy and Gustave Franz, German immigrants. He was a reliable character actor in many '40s and '50s "B" pictures, often cast as a friendly small-town businessman or professional (as in The Doctor and the Girl (1949)) or the lead's sympathetic ...

39. Clancy Cooper

Actor | Street of Chance

Clancy Cooper was born on July 23, 1906 in Boise, Idaho, USA as Stanton Brannin Clancy Cooper. He was an actor, known for Street of Chance (1942), A Man's World (1942) and Life of St. Paul Series (1949). He was married to Elizabeth Murray Keyser. He died on June 14, 1975 in Hollywood, California, ...

40. Gene Alsace

Actor | Gun Smoke

Gene Alsace was born on August 4, 1902 in Colorado, USA as Rockford Camron. He is known for his work on Gun Smoke (1935), Adventures of Red Ryder (1940) and Western Mail (1942). He was married to Vera T. Camron, Bonnie Brown Halvorsen, Dorothy Coburn, Marguerite Hazel Roberts and Jeanne. He died on...

41. Lynton Brent

Actor | Mysterious Doctor Satan

Lynton Brent was born on August 2, 1897 in Chicago, Illinois, USA as Lynton Wright Brent. He was an actor and writer, known for Mysterious Doctor Satan (1940), The Texas Kid (1943) and Adventures of Red Ryder (1940). He died on July 12, 1981 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

42. Jimmy Martin

Actor | Renegade Girl

Jimmy Martin was born on August 10, 1927 in Sneedville, Tennessee, USA. He was an actor, known for Renegade Girl (1946), Marshal of Heldorado (1950) and The Black Lash (1952). He died on May 14, 2005 in Nashville, Tennessee.

43. Frosty Royce

Producer | The Littlest Hobo

Frosty Royce was born on December 20, 1910 in Oklahoma, USA as Forest Lee Royse. He is known for his work on The Littlest Hobo (1958), The Stranger from Pecos (1943) and The Longhorn (1951). He died on May 16, 1965 in Studio City, California, USA.

44. Joel McCrea

Actor | Foreign Correspondent

One of the great stars of American Westerns, and a very popular leading man in non-Westerns as well. He was born and raised in the surroundings of Hollywood and as a boy became interested in the movies that were being made all around. He studied acting at Pomona College and got some stage ...

45. Jerry Brown

Actor | Rolling Thunder

Jerry Brown was born on February 13, 1915 in Texas, USA as Raymond Smith. He is known for his work on Rolling Thunder (1977), Oklahoma Crude (1973) and Temple Houston (1963). He died on July 9, 1979 in Los Angeles County, California, USA.

46. Mickey Finn

Actor | Earth vs the Spider

Mickey Finn was born on June 16, 1933 in Hugo, Oklahoma, USA. He is known for his work on Earth vs the Spider (1958), Incident at Phantom Hill (1966) and Pardners (1956). He died on April 24, 1989.

47. John Lupton

Actor | Private Parts

Genial, fair-haired and boyishly handsome, lanky actor John Lupton's biggest claim to fame was as the co-star of the western TV series Broken Arrow (1956). A reliable actor, if not particularly distinctive, he enjoyed a four-decade-long career on stage, film and TV. Born on August 22, 1928, in ...

48. Henry Wills

Stunts | The Beastmaster

Veteran stuntman and stunt coordinator Henry Wills was born on a cattle ranch in Arizona in 1921. After graduating high school he headed to Hollywood, and was soon working as an extra, mainly in westerns. He picked up some extra money doing stunt work, and soon began to concentrate on that field. ...

49. Al St. John

Actor | Billy the Kid Trapped

Al St. John was born on September 10, 1893 in Santa Ana, California, USA as Alfred St. John. He was an actor and director, known for Billy the Kid Trapped (1942), Outlaws of the Plains (1946) and Moonlight on the Range (1937). He was married to Flo-Bell Moore, Yvonne June Villon Price Pearce (...

50. Jack O'Shea

Actor | Outlaws of the Plains

Jack O'Shea was born on April 6, 1906 in San Francisco, California, USA as John Martin Rellaford. He was an actor, known for Outlaws of the Plains (1946), Rough Riders of Cheyenne (1945) and Sheriff of Wichita (1949). He was married to Patricia Elizabeth Garry and Peg Harrington. He died on October...

51. William S. Hart

Actor | The Money Corral

A storybook hero, the original screen cowboy, ever forthright and honest, even when (as was often the case) he played a villain, William S. Hart lived for a while in the Dakota Territory, then worked as a postal clerk in New York City. In 1888 he began to study acting. In 1899 he created the role ...

52. Charles K. French

Actor | The Abysmal Brute

Charles K. French was born on January 17, 1860 in Columbus, Ohio, USA as Charles Edward Krauss. He was an actor and director, known for The Abysmal Brute (1923), The Last Warning (1928) and The Crimson Trail (1935). He was married to Doris Herbert, Isabelle Gurton and Helen French. He died on ...

53. Slim Whitaker

Actor | The Man from New Mexico

American cowboy and actor Slim Whitaker was working the rodeo circuit at age 17, eventually becoming a cowhand on the Chowchilla Ranch in central California. In 1912 he was hired as a riding extra and stunt man by Gilbert M. 'Broncho Billy' Anderson for westerns being filmed in Niles Canyon, CA. ...

54. Horace Murphy

Actor | Rollin' Plains

The son of a physician, Horace Murphy started his career as a child actor on showboats on the Mississippi. He later played the cornet in the band and eventually became half-owner of the showboat "Cottonblossom Floating Palace". After two seasons he sold his interest and organized a string of ...

55. Alfonso Bedoya

Actor | The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

Mexican character actor who achieved his greatest success in U.S. films. He was born in Mexico city, living in numerous places throughout the country. He received a private education in Houston, Texas as a teenager, but dropped out and roamed about doing an assortment of jobs. His family, however, ...

56. Bill Coontz

Actor | Plunderers of Painted Flats

Bill Coontz was born on August 28, 1917 in Johnson, Iowa, USA as Willard B. Koontz. He is known for his work on Plunderers of Painted Flats (1959), Frankenstein's Daughter (1958) and Convoy (1978). He died on April 7, 1978 in Van Buren, Arkansas, USA.

57. David Brian

Actor | Intruder in the Dust

David Brian was born Brian James David on August 5, 1914 in New York City. After graduating from City College, he found work as a doorman before entering show business with a song-and-dance routine in vaudeville and in nightclubs. He did a wartime stint with the United States Coast Guard and ...

58. Slim Andrews

Actor | Arizona Frontier

Slim Andrews was born on December 8, 1906 in Gravette, Arkansas, USA as Lloyd Andrews. He was an actor, known for Arizona Frontier (1940), Ridin' the Cherokee Trail (1941) and The Cyclone Kid (1942). He was married to Lucille. He died on April 3, 1992 in Gravette.

59. Chubby Johnson

Actor | Bend of the River

Chubby Johnson was born Charles Rutledge Johnson on August 13, 1903, in Terre Haute, Indiana. He made a living as a journalist and did not become a movie actor until he was in his 40s, making his debut in the Randolph Scott oater Abilene Town (1946) in support of Scott, Ann Dvorak and Edgar Buchanan...

60. Eddy Waller

Actor | Desperadoes of Dodge City

Eddy Waller worked in vaudeville and the theater before he entered movies in 1936. Within a few years he was being cast in character parts. In the 1940s he would be a mainstay in the westerns of Republic Pictures and would work with just about every cowboy actor from Tim Holt to Rocky Lane. With ...

61. Hank Worden

Actor | The Searchers

Raised on a cattle ranch in Montana. Educated at Stanford and the University of Nevada as an engineer. Washed out as an Army pilot. Toured the country in rodeos as a saddle bronc rider. Broke his neck in a horsefall in his 20s, but didn't know it until his 40s. Chosen along with Tex Ritter from a ...

62. Tom Santschi

Actor | King of the Wild

American leading man and character actor of the silent period. Born in Crystal City, Missouri(though a number of popular reference works list Switzerland and Kokomo, Indiana). He is listed in the 1880 census as living in Kokomo at the age of two years. This means his date of birth must have been ...

63. Al Hoxie

Actor | Red Blood

American leading man of silent Westerns whose career was much overshadowed by that of his more famous brother Jack Hoxie. He grew up in the backwoods and mountains of Idaho. His older brother had become a champion rodeo rider, a talent he parlayed into early success in cowboy movies. Following in ...

64. Bud Osborne

Actor | Without Orders

One of the finest teamsters in Hollywood screen history, Osborne handled the reins for horse-drawn coaches and wagons in countless westerns and historical photoplays from the early 20's through late 50's. And with his weathered, rumpled look, his Texas drawl and his nasal twang, he was often called...

65. Monte Hale

Actor | Giant

American B-Western star and singing cowboy Monte Hale was born Samuel Buren Ely in 1919 in Ada, Oklahoma, to Herod and Helen Ely. He learned to sing and play guitar at an early age. In Houston and later Galveston, Texas, he played for vaudeville shows and local rodeos. During World War II a job as ...

66. Gene Autry

Soundtrack | The Gene Autry Show

After high school Gene Autry worked as a laborer for the St. Louis and San Francisco Railroad in Oklahoma. Next he was a telegrapher. In 1928 he began singing on a local radio station, and three years later he had his own show and was making his first recordings. Three years after that he made his ...

67. Bee Ho Gray

Actor | Hey! Hey! Westerner

Emberry Cannon Gray was born on April 7, 1885 in Leon, Chickasaw Nation in present day Oklahoma. His family moved to Cache, Indian Territory within two years. The small town of Cache was near Fort Sill. Emberry's mother was 1/4 Chickasaw. His father had been a Texas Ranger in the Trinity Division ...

68. Kermit Maynard

Actor | Phantom Patrol

Kermit Maynard was born on September 20, 1897 in Vevay, Indiana, USA. He is known for his work on Phantom Patrol (1936), The Fighting Trooper (1934) and Valley of Terror (1937). He was married to Edith Jessen. He died on January 16, 1971 in North Hollywood, California, USA.

69. Bobby Larson

Actor | Riders of the Northland

Bobby Larson was born on March 27, 1930 in Los Angeles, California, USA as Robert Boyce Larson. He was an actor, known for Riders of the Northland (1942), Blondie's Holiday (1947) and Five Little Peppers in Trouble (1940). He died on May 1, 2002 in Logan, Utah, USA.

70. Greg McClure

Actor | Joe Palooka in The Squared Circle

He fit the "tall, dark and handsome" Hollywood prototype beautifully and while the solidly built Greg McClure made a robust dent in Hollywood films after a "Cinderella Man" breakthrough toward the end of WWII, his name would be quickly forgotten following his early retirement.

He was born Dale D'Orr...

71. J.P. McGowan

Director | Hills of Missing Men

J.P. McGowan was born on February 24, 1880 in Terowie, South Australia, Australia as John Paterson McGowan. He was a director and actor, known for Hills of Missing Men (1922), The Hurricane Express (1932) and The Lost Express (1917). He was married to Mrs. Kaye Swart Northrop, Helen Holmes and ...

72. Russell Hayden

Actor | The Last Horseman

Russell "Lucky" Hayden was born as Hayden Michael Lucid, the son of Francis Lucid and Minnie Harvey Lucid on June 12, 1912 in Chico, California. In his early Hollywood career, he worked primarily behind the scenes as a film cutter, assistant cameraman, and sound recorder. In 1937, he began his ...

73. Dale Van Sickel

Actor | Radar Patrol vs. Spy King

Dale Van Sickel was born on November 29, 1907 in Eatonton, Georgia, USA as Dale Harris Van Sickel. He is known for his work on Radar Patrol vs. Spy King (1949), Zombies of the Stratosphere (1952) and The Crimson Ghost (1946). He was married to Iris Van Sickel. He died on January 25, 1977 in Newport...

75. Leon Beaumon

Actor | Clancy of the Mounted

Leon Beaumon - also credited as Leon Beauman, Beaumont, and Leon Duval

  • was a minor stage and film actor during the 1920s and 1930s. He was
born Herman Bauman in 1898 on a farm near Youngstown, Ohio, to German immigrant parents. He worked in steel mills as a youth, and studied with his two brothers ...

76. Marshall Reed

Actor | Mysterious Island

Marshall Reed was born on May 28, 1917 in Englewood, Colorado, USA as Marshall Jewel Reed. He was an actor and producer, known for Mysterious Island (1951), The Madmen of Mandoras (1963) and Riding with Buffalo Bill (1954). He was married to Carlyn Miller. He died on April 15, 1980 in Los Angeles, ...

77. Buddy Roosevelt

Actor | Range Riders

Cowboy actor Buddy Roosevelt was born Kenneth Stanhope Sanderson in Meeker, Colorado, in 1898. His parents were emigrants from England, and at age 16 Kenneth got a job with the C.B. Irwin WIld West Show. When the show traveled to Southern California in 1914, the young Sanderson learned that stunt ...

78. John Beach

Actor | Texas Trail

John Beach was born in 1904 in New York City, New York, USA as John Alden Beach. He was an actor, known for Texas Trail (1937), Home on the Prairie (1939) and The Frontiersmen (1938). He was married to Constantine Johnston. He died on October 23, 1997 in Palm Beach, Florida, USA.

79. Eddie Dew

Actor | Trail to Gunsight

Eddie Dew was born on January 29, 1909 in Sumner, Washington, USA as Edward M. Dew. He was an actor and director, known for Trail to Gunsight (1944), The Old Texas Trail (1944) and Six Gun Gospel (1943). He was married to Mary Dew. He died on April 6, 1972 in Burbank, California, USA.

80. Don Diamond

Actor | F Troop

Brooklyn-born Don Diamond's most famous role is probably that of the scheming and ambitious, but inept and somewhat cowardly, underling Crazy Cat to Frank DeKova's Chief Wild Eagle in the cult western comedy series F Troop (1965). By the time he got that role he had been an actor for quite some ...

81. Jack Luden

Actor | Pioneer Trail

Jack Luden's story is one of the saddest in Hollywood. He was born as Jacob Benson Luden in Reading, Pennsylvania, with a silver spoon in his mouth; his uncle was the millionaire founder of Luden's Cough Drops and he attended the finest schools on the east coast. But he was restless, possessing an ...

82. Tim McCoy

Actor | The Western Code

One of the great stars of early American Westerns. McCoy was the son of an Irish soldier who later became police chief of Saginaw, Michigan, where McCoy was born. He attended St. Ignatius College in Chicago and after seeing a Wild West show there, left school and found work on a Wyoming ranch. He ...

85 westerns, 23-65.

Fighting Shadows (1935). 1935.

1891-1978, 86.

83. Michael Chapin

Actor | Buckaroo Sheriff of Texas

Michael Chapin was born on July 25, 1936 in Hollywood, California, USA as Michael Edward Chapin. He is an actor, known for Buckaroo Sheriff of Texas (1951), Strange Bargain (1949) and Arizona Manhunt (1951). He was previously married to Carolyn Joyce Martin.

84. Victoria Forde

Actress | Young Wild West's Mexican Mix-Up

Victoria Forde was born in New York City on April 21, 1896. The city in which she came into the world was the entertainment capital of the world at that time. Broadway and the fledgling film industry were located there. Victoria gravitated toward that entertainment field. She was just 16 years old ...

85. John Wayne

Actor | True Grit

John Wayne was born Marion Robert Morrison in Iowa, to Mary Alberta (Brown) and Clyde Leonard Morrison, a pharmacist. He was of English, Ulster-Scots, and Irish ancestry.

Clyde developed a lung condition that required him to move his family from Iowa to the warmer climate of southern California, ...

86. James Newill

Actor | Border Buckaroos

Newill, one of Hollywood's largely unsung singing cowboys, began his career as a tenor with the Los Angeles Light Opera company in the early 30's. By the middle of the decade, he fronted the microphone as a vocalist with various society orchestras, including those of Gus Arnheim, Phil Harris and ...

87. Allen Case

Actor | The Time Tunnel

Allen Case grew up in Dallas, Texas, and attended Southern Methodist University for two years. After performing for several months on a local TV variety program, he moved to New York and successfully tried out for a singing spot on Arthur Godfrey's morning show. This led to several nightclub ...

88. José Luis Tortosa

Actor | De la sartén al fuego

José Luis Tortosa was born in 1896 in Spain as Jose Luis Gonzales Tortosa. He was an actor and writer, known for De la sartén al fuego (1935), El capitan Tormenta (1936) and El día que me quieras (1935). He died in 1963 in the USA.

89. Byron Foulger

Actor | The Man with Nine Lives

One of those wonderfully busy character actors whose face is familiar if not his name, mild-mannered actor Byron Foulger began performing with community theater, and stock and repertory companies after graduating from the University of Utah. He met his future wife, character actress Dorothy Adams, ...

90. Neal Hart

Actor | Butterfly Range

Neal Hart was born on April 7, 1879 in Staten Island, New York, USA as Cornelius Augustus Hart Jr. He was an actor and director, known for Butterfly Range (1922), Lure of Gold (1922) and South of Northern Lights (1922). He was married to Lula Gertrude Pielstick. He died on April 2, 1949 in Woodland...

91. Blackie Whiteford

Actor | The Man from New Mexico

Blackie Whiteford was born on April 27, 1889 in New York City, New York, USA as John Penman Whiteford. He is known for his work on The Man from New Mexico (1932), Mark of the Spur (1932) and The Fighting Coward (1935). He was married to Alma Bennett. He died on March 21, 1962 in Hollywood, Los ...

92. William Boyd

Actor | Call of the Prairie

The son of a day laborer, William Boyd moved with his family to Tulsa, Oklahoma, when he was seven. His parents died while he was in his early teens, forcing him to quit school and take such jobs as a grocery clerk, surveyor and oil field worker. He went to Hollywood in 1919, already gray-haired. ...

93. George Bancroft

Actor | Stagecoach

George Bancroft was raised in Philadelphia and attended high school at Tomes Institute (Philadelphia). He won an impressive appointment to the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis and graduated as a commissioned officer. He served in the Navy for the prescribed period of required service but no...

94. Brock Peters

Actor | Soylent Green

Born of African and West Indian ancestry on July 2, 1927 in New York City, Brock Peters set his sights on a show business career early on, at age ten. A product of NYC's famed Music and Arts High School, Peters initially fielded more odd jobs than acting jobs as he worked his way up from Harlem ...

95. Betty Miles

Actress | Sonora Stagecoach

Betty Miles was born on January 11, 1910 in Santa Monica, California, USA as Elizabeth Harriet Henninger. She is known for her work on Sonora Stagecoach (1944), Lone Star Law Men (1941) and Riding the Sunset Trail (1941). She died on June 9, 1992 in California.

13 westerns, 40-45.

3 stunts.

1910 - 1992, 82.

96. Bill Borzage

Actor | Way Down East

Bill Borzage was born on March 4, 1892 in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA as William Borzage. He was an actor, known for Way Down East (1935). He died on June 7, 1973 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

97. Cameron Mitchell

Actor | The High Chaparral

Cameron Mitchell was the son of a minister, but chose a different path from his father. Prior to World War II, in which he served as an Air Force bombardier, Mitchell appeared on Broadway, and, in 1940, an experimental television broadcast, "The Passing of the Third Floor Back". He made his film ...

98. Victor Lundin

Actor | Robinson Crusoe on Mars

Victor Lundin was born on June 15, 1930 in Chicago, Illinois, USA. He was an actor, known for Robinson Crusoe on Mars (1964), Ma Barker's Killer Brood (1960) and Batman (1966). He died on June 29, 2013 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

99. Don Collier

Actor | Tombstone

Don has made over 200 credited movie and television appearances. He has performed with John Wayne, Robert Mitchum, Anthony Quinn, Dean Martin, Tom Selleck, James Arness, and even Elvis Presley. His first role was as an extra in 1948 in the western Massacre River (1949). This was followed by two ...

100. Buzz Barton

Actor | Pals of the Prairie

Buzz Barton was born on September 3, 1913 in Gallatin, Missouri, USA as William Andrew Lamoreaux. He is known for his work on Pals of the Prairie (1929), The Bantam Cowboy (1928) and Cyclone Kid (1931). He was married to Thelma Doyle. He died on November 20, 1980 in Reseda, California, USA.

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