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In no particular order whatsoever

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1. Sonic Adventure (1998 Video Game)

E | Action, Adventure, Family

Sonic and Tails must collect the Chaos Emeralds before Eggman can use them to power an angry water creature known as Chaos. Meanwhile Knuckles attempts to repair the shattered Master Emerald and Amy must evade capture from an Eggman robot

Directors: Takashi Iizuka, Manabu Kusunoki, Akinori Nishiyama | Stars: Jun'ichi Kanemaru, Kazuki Hayashi, Nobutoshi Canna, Taeko Kawata

Votes: 852

The first Sonic game I ever played (First normal one anyway...) Sonic Adventure is one heck of an adventure, Going across 6 characters, All with their own interlocking stories, Making one story all together and ending with one of my favorite final stories for a Sonic game.

2. Sonic Adventure 2 (2001 Video Game)

E | Action, Adventure, Family

Sonic is arrested after being falsely accused of crimes committed by another hedgehog named Shadow, meanwhile Eggman threatens the planet with a powerful weapon if they do not surrender to him.

Director: Takashi Iizuka | Stars: Ryan Drummond, Scott Dreier, David Humphrey, Connor Bringas

Votes: 906

The sequel to my first Sonic game, Sonic Adventure 2 amplifies everything, The gameplay, The story and the stakes. The whole world is in danger, Will you save it? Or destroy it? Choose between team heroes and team dark, And play through both their stories to get the whole picture, Ultimately ending with an epic climatic battle for the fate of the earth.

3. Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (1994 Video Game)

K-A | Action, Adventure, Family

On a routine trip to Angel Island, Sonic and Tails encounter a strange Echinda who steals the Chaos Emeralds under direct orders from the evil Dr. Eggman.

Director: Hirokazu Yasuhara

Votes: 1,253

One of, If not the greatest Sonic game of all time. 2 games worth of zones, A ton of Emeralds to chase, A bunch of bosses to beat, Sonic 3 & Knuckles has it all. Go play it.

4. Sonic Heroes (2003 Video Game)

E | Action, Adventure, Family

4 Separate Teams set off on an Adventure with different goals but the same Target; Dr. Eggman. Along the way, they slowly begin to realize that things aren't exactly what they seem.

Directors: Takashi Iizuka, Lani Minella | Stars: Jun'ichi Kanemaru, Ryô Hirohashi, Nobutoshi Canna, Kôji Yusa

Votes: 722

Not the greatest game ever, But it's got a lot of little things I enjoy. Sonic Heroes is Sonic Adventure 3 in my eyes, Since it pretty much expanded upon everything those games did, And trimmed what wasn't necessary and created a damn good experience in and of itself.

5. Sonic Rush (2005 Video Game)

E | Action, Adventure, Family

Sonic Rush is a Nintendo DS game starring the famous blue hedgehog and a female character called Blaze the Cat.

Director: Akinori Nishiyama | Stars: Jason Griffith, Erica Schroeder, Amy Palant, Rebecca Honig

Votes: 596

One of MY favorite Sonic games and my favorite of the Sonic Rush trilogy. Odd I know, But something about the original Sonic Rush stands out better in my mind then Rush Adventure or Colours DS. With a cool plot, An Awesome secondary character and a FREAKING AMAZING soundtrack, Sonic Rush is awesome and memorable experience

6. Sonic Mania (2017 Video Game)

E | Animation, Action, Adventure

Following the events of Sonic & Knuckles (1994), Sonic and Tails receive a energy reading from Angel Island and board their biplane to investigate. However, Doctor Eggman sends an elite group of EggRobos to reach the signal before Sonic and Tails.

Stars: Lynn Harris, Takenobu Mitsuyoshi

Votes: 673

EASILY one of the greatest games of the year. Sonic Mania takes everything Sonic 3 and Knuckles did right, Pumps it full of steroids, Makes love to it, All that good stuff, Resulting in this DRAGON of a game. Y'know you did something right when my biggest complaint with your game is that I wish I had more reasons to play it so often.

7. Sonic Colors (2010 Video Game)

E | Action, Adventure, Comedy

Sonic the Hedgehog must journey through an Interstellar Theme Park created by Dr. Eggman in order to rescue a race of aliens known as the Wisps.

Directors: Takashi Iizuka, Morio Kishimoto | Stars: Roger Craig Smith, Kate Higgins, Mike Pollock, Kirk Thornton

Votes: 372

8. Sonic Generations (I) (2011 Video Game)

E | Action, Adventure, Family

An unknown enemy causes the appearance of multiple "time holes", forcing Sonic and his friends back in time. As a result, Sonic must band together with his past self to defeat this enemy and fix the timestream.

Director: Hiroshi Miyamoto | Stars: Roger Craig Smith, Kate Higgins, Mike Pollock, Kyle Hebert

Votes: 691

9. Banjo-Kazooie (1998 Video Game)

E | Adventure, Comedy, Family

The witch Gruntilda has captured Banjo's beloved sister, intending to leech the girl's youth and beauty through black magic and mad science. Banjo and Kazooie set out across nine worlds to get her back.

Director: Gregg Mayles | Stars: Chris Sutherland, Grant Kirkhope, Eveline Fischer, Lee Ray

Votes: 1,315

10. Super Mario World (1990 Video Game)

K-A | Action, Adventure, Family

While Mario and Luigi are vacationing in Dinosaur Land, Bowser kidnaps the Princess. Mario and his new dino friend Yoshi go on a mission to save her.

Director: Takashi Tezuka

Votes: 3,426

Mario jumps out into his fourth side scrolling adventure. It's a bit... A bit... A bit more exciting, A bit more challenging, A bit more colorful, A bit more realistic, A bit more levels, A bit more secrets, A bit more enemies, A bit more friends, A bit more sound, A bit hotter, A bit cooler, A bit weirder, A bit more revolutionary, A bit more Mario! A bit more of what you want, And it's all on the Super Nintendo!

11. Super Mario Galaxy (2007 Video Game)

E | Action, Adventure, Family

When Princess Peach is abducted as part of Bowser's galaxy creation scheme, stalwart plumber Mario must leap to her rescue, with the help of new celestial friends and powers.

Director: Yoshiaki Koizumi | Stars: Charles Martinet, Kenny James, Samantha Kelly, Mercedes Rose

Votes: 3,255

After playing 64 for years, It's great to have finally gotten to this game. It's better then 64 in every way, Including accessibility. It's easy but the game can challenge those who accept the challenge. As one who has 100% this game, I'm happy to say it has dethroned 64 as my favorite 3D Mario game.

12. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (2018 Video Game)

E10+ | Action, Family, Fantasy

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch brings back every fighter in the history of the series, adds newcomers and over 100 stages, and introduces a new adventure mode called "World of Light''.

Director: Masahiro Sakurai | Stars: Jaz Adams, Rikako Aikawa, Justin Anselmi, Takeshi Aono

Votes: 995

13. Super Smash Bros. for Wii U (2014 Video Game)

E10+ | Action, Adventure, Family

Duke it out in the fourth entry of the Super Smash Bros. series. New features are a eight player-mode, support for Nintendo's Amiibos, custom Miis as playable fighters, post-release DLC and more.

Director: Masahiro Sakurai | Stars: Jason Adkins, Isabella Arevalo, Laura Bailey, Frédéric Clou

Votes: 1,213

The latest entry in one of my most nostalgic and favorite game series of all time. Not only is it amazing seeing so many of my favorite video game characters pummel themselves senseless, But it's easily one of the most fun multiplayer experiences I could've asked for, Thank you Nintendo, Sakurai and a very special thank you to Saturo Iwata for making this series so special to me

14. New Super Mario Bros. (2006 Video Game)

E | Action, Adventure, Family

On a relaxing walk with Mario, Princess Peach gets kidnapped by Bowser Jr, and Mario must travel across 8 different themed worlds to save her.

Director: Shigeyuki Asuke | Stars: Charles Martinet, Nicole Mills, Dolores Rogers, Kazumi Totaka

Votes: 1,660

The Mario World sequel we've always wanted. It's a million times better then any of the NSMB games on the Wii, Go play it, It's awesome. Plus the ending theme is super underrated.

15. Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (2004 Video Game)

E | Adventure, Comedy, Family

Mario must find all the seven crystal stars to enter the Thousand-Year-Door and save Princess Peach.

Director: Ryota Kawade | Stars: Charles Martinet, Jen Taylor, Scott Burns, Sam Scavey

Votes: 634

It's supposed to say Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, Get yourself together IMDB, Jeesoos. Anyways, If I WERE to make a top ten favorite games, This would be WAAAAAY up there, Paper Mario was one of my favorite games, But this... This a whole other beast in and of itself. This game is a masterpiece, There's no other words for it, Go play it. Stop reading. Just go.

16. The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds (2013 Video Game)

E | Action, Adventure, Family

Link is yet again tasked with restoring peace to the kingdom of Hyrule after a malevolent sorcerer named Yuga captures Princess Zelda and escapes through a rift to the ruined world of Lorule.

Director: Hiromasa Shikata | Stars: Mitsuki Saiga, Ayumi Fujimura, Seiro Ogino, Kei Hayami

Votes: 1,003

17. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (2017 Video Game)

E10+ | Action, Adventure, Family

After a century of hibernation, Link reawakens to once again save a ruined Hyrule from a great evil.

Directors: Hidemaro Fujibayashi, Hiroki Hirano | Stars: Kengo Takanashi, Yû Shimamura, Kôji Takeda, Noboru Yamaguchi

Votes: 3,228

One of the greatest games of all time, If I said anything else it would be redundant. Go play it

18. Metroid: Zero Mission (2004 Video Game)

E | Action, Adventure, Family

The full story of Samus Aran's first mission unfolds.

Director: Yoshio Sakamoto

Votes: 429

I'm not good at picking all time favorites, But if I did Metroid: Zero Mission would be one of them. This game is the perfect starting point to one of my favorite series of games ever, And I can't recommend more, It's fun, It's challenging, It's got a great soundtrack, And it's SUPER fun to speed-run

19. Pokémon Black Version (2010 Video Game)

E | Action, Adventure, Family

A young Pokémon Trainer sets out to explore the Unova region and become the Pokémon League champion. Along the way, they must battle the nefarious Team Plasma and a mysterious young man named N.

Director: Junichi Masuda

Votes: 421

Still the best Pokemon game I've ever played. (I haven't beaten Sun yet, But it's failed to impress me so far)

20. Mega Man 2 (1988 Video Game)

E | Action, Adventure, Family

Dr. Wily escapes from prison and plans revenge on Mega Man.

Director: Akira Kitamura

Votes: 896

My favorite of the classic Mega Man games. I really don't get how some people like 3 better... I like 4 more than I like 3! It's those damn Doc Robots that can bite me...

21. Mega Man X (1993 Video Game)

Not Rated | Action, Adventure, Family

In the year 21XX, a century-old capsule is unearthed containing the first Reploid: Mega Man X -- a robot able to think for himself. But after a new age of Reploids begins, the powerful Sigma goes Maverick and forms an army of evil Reploids.

Star: Stephen Chang

Votes: 626

If I made a top ten favorite games... This one would be WAAAAY up there. The original Mega Man X is a cult classic for a reason, It's great game with memorable stages, Bosses, Music, And one of the TENSEST final bosses I've ever fought leads to one epic experience (I really need to play X4 and X5 again...)

22. Mega Man X4 (1997 Video Game)

K-A | Action, Adventure, Mystery

A Reploid Army declares war on the human race after being labeled as Mavericks, so X and Zero fight their way to stop this uprising and discover who is behind this.

Stars: Kentarô Itô, Ryôtarô Okiayu, Ryûzaburô Ôtomo, Jin Yamanoi

Votes: 256

Got to playing the rest of the X series again, And DAMN was I surprised when it came to this one. All of the other games were "eh" but this... This is great game design. Excellent music, Awesome graphics, And amazing game-play. Both X and Zero are incredibly fun to play as, And the Final Boss is really difficult but fun.

23. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 (2009 Video Game)

T | Action, Adventure, Family

Ultimate Alliance 2 features characters from the Marvel universe and follows elements of the Secret War and Civil War story arcs from the comic.

Directors: Ali Donovan, Dan Tanguay | Stars: David Agranov, Lori Alan, Ogie Banks, Chopper Bernet

Votes: 904

The sequel to one of my favorite games as a kid. This sequel... Does a lot of things great. I love the new fusion system, The levels have a better sense of flow and are way more linear (Not always a good thing but in this case it's a compliment) and the game has a good flow to it. The cast of heroes is my biggest complaint, Because after the amazing heroes we had in the first game, We have a lot of sad omissions. I prefer this to the original as a game, But the original definitely brings on the better heroes.

24. Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 (2011 Video Game)

T | Action, Adventure, Family

Doctor Doom has assembled the greatest villains of the Marvel Universe and has joined forces with Albert Wesker in order to unite their respective universes in an effort to conquer both.

Directors: Hiroyuki Nara, Go Usuma, Toshiyuki Yamamoto, Bill Rosemann | Stars: Hiroki Takahashi, Fumiko Orikasa, Hiroki Touchi, Jôji Nakata

Votes: 173

The third and my favorite entry in an amazing series of games. The Marvel vs. Capcom series is one that's a match made in heaven sort of deal, One that someone would think up on the off chance and their bud would tell him "Naw that's crazy" And yet here we are.

25. Lego Marvel Super Heroes (2013 Video Game)

E10+ | Action, Adventure, Family

When the Silver Surfer and his surfboard are knocked out of the sky, shattering the board into bricks that are scattered throughout the Marvel Universe, Nick Fury calls in the heroes of the Marvel Universe to retrieve the "cosmic bricks", before villains, like Loki or Magneto, can take them.

Stars: Adrian Pasdar, Andrew Kishino, Clark Gregg, Danielle Nicolet

Votes: 2,193

My favorite Lego game based on my favorite comic book property, Who woulda guessed? This is also the first Lego game I 100% so that should give you an idea of how much I recommend this game. WAAAAY better then Lego Marvel Avengers. Get this game, It's good, Damn good.

26. Spider-Man (2018 Video Game)

T | Action, Adventure, Fantasy

When a new villain threatens New York City, Peter Parker and Spider-Man's worlds collide. To save the city and those he loves, he must rise up and be greater.

Director: Ryan Smith | Stars: Yuri Lowenthal, Tara Platt, Travis Willingham, William Salyers

Votes: 8,155

One of the greatest games of all time based on one of the greatest characters of all time. Spidey has always had a better track record than the other supers and this game is further proof of that. Insomniac outdid themselves.

27. Batman: Arkham City (2011 Video Game)

T | Action, Adventure, Crime

When part of Gotham is turned into a private reserve for criminals known as Arkham City, all hell is sure to break loose, and the Dark Knight is the only one who can stop it.

Director: Sefton Hill | Stars: Kevin Conroy, Mark Hamill, David Kaye, Carlos Alazraqui

Votes: 24,351

This game earned its game of the year award, 'Nuff said.

28. Jet Set Radio (2000 Video Game)

T | Action, Sport

A gang of teenagers with an affinity for underground music and graffiti artwork fight against a sinister corporation that has taken control of the city they call home.

Stars: Andria Batise, Kevin Blackton, Billy Brown, Ryan Everett Canfield

Votes: 195

Further proof the Dreamcast is way better then people give it credit for. Jet Set Radio is an amazing game, It's fun, Fast paced, Got a great rhythm and attitude and I swear it has one of the greatest game soundtracks I've ever heard.

29. Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master (1993 Video Game)

Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Third, and final, Shinobi game released on the Genesis featuring Joe Musashi once again taking on the evil Zeed empire.

Director: Takeshi Matsuhashi

Votes: 100

The 3rd and best entry in an awesome series of epic platformers where you play as a badass ninja who can summon fire, Wall-jump, Climb on ceilings, Summon shadow clones, Summon thunder... Did I mention you're a ninja?

30. Portal 2 (2011 Video Game)

E10+ | Action, Adventure, Comedy

Many years after "Portal," Chell reawakens at Aperture Science and tries to stop GLADoS once again with the help of Wheatley, who has his own plans for the historical facility.

Stars: Ellen McLain, Stephen Merchant, J.K. Simmons, Joe Micheals

Votes: 12,289

An absolutely mind blowing sequel to an already amazing game. Portal 2 takes everything the original did great and pumps it full of steroids, And then kisses and makes sweet love making this beast of a game. An amazing story, Ingenious puzzles, That's all this game needs to be the cult classic that it is.

31. No More Heroes (2007 Video Game)

M | Action, Comedy

When Travis Touchdown buys a beam katana from an Internet auction, he uses it to take down a contract killer named Helter Skelter. Suddenly, Touchdown finds himself ranked #11 by the UAA, a... See full summary »

Director: Suda 51 | Stars: Robin Atkin Downes, Paula Tiso, J. Grant Albrecht, Richard McGonagle

Votes: 429

Imagine... You're an otaku loser living in a cheap motel. When suddenly you get your hands a light saber katana and decide to become an assassin to make some dough. When suddenly a french blonde hottie shows up and tells you to kill every assassin in the UAA and become the greatest in the world. That's this game, It's bug nuts insane and damn is it a great time, Next to Brawl this is easily the best game on the Wii (I haven't played 2 yet :'(

32. Shovel Knight (2014 Video Game)

E | Animation, Action, Adventure

A heroic knight with a shovel takes on the many forces of the wicked Enchantress to save the world.

Director: Sean Velasco

Votes: 456

You like Mega Man? Mighty Number 9 make you hate the universe/Capcom/living? Go play this game, It's worth your time and money, Trust me, It's damn good.

33. Skullgirls (2012 Video Game)

T | Action

The Skullheart, an ancient relic that has the power to grant any wish so long as the wish was pure, has fallen into the hands of Marie, turning her into the Skullgirl. Eight other girls, ... See full summary »

Director: Alex Ahad | Stars: Christine Marie Cabanos, Patrick Seitz, Cristina Valenzuela, Sarah Anne Williams

Votes: 118

You like crazy ass fighting games with crazy characters and just something insanely deep? That's this game, Easily one of the most competitive games I've ever played, And I enjoy fighting games. My bros get a mile out of it, As do I. Damn good stuff.

34. Street Fighter V (2016 Video Game)

T | Action, Fantasy, Sci-Fi

Warriors from across the globe must join forces in order to stop Shadaloo from plunging the world into crisis.

Directors: Jonathan Klein, Toshio Ohashi, Teruaki Shiraishi | Stars: Hiroki Takahashi, Kyle Hebert, Fumiko Orikasa, Laura Bailey

Votes: 297

As a guy who's become kinda obsessed with fighting games, And doesn't really get any joy from Mortal Kombat or Tekken (Insanity I know) This game is everything I love and then some. The roster needs a LOT of work and there are a lot of characters I want in the game, But I feel they're on the right track to turn this into one helluva game. (I'd also add Street Fighter 3 to this list if IMDB HAD IT IN THE FIRST PLACE)

35. Resident Evil 4 (2005 Video Game)

M | Action, Adventure, Crime

Six years after the events in Raccoon City, Leon Kennedy, now a federal agent, is sent to a rural part of Spain to rescue the U.S. President's kidnapped daughter, Ashley Graham from a sinister cult.

Directors: Hidé Gondoh, Hiroyuki Kobayashi, Kuniomi Matsushita, Shinji Mikami, Kenichi Ueda | Stars: Paul Mercier, Carolyn Lawrence, Rino Romano, Salli Saffioti

Votes: 9,660

This game is freaking amazing. This game was the beginning of the RE franchise going down a more action-packed route, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. RE4 is an action packed gem of a game, With a fun gun upgrading system and proper hit boxes for enemies that allow you to stigmatize with your shots. At the end of the day, It's just loads of fun.

36. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard (2017 Video Game)

M | Action, Adventure, Horror

An ordinary man must embark on a search to find his missing wife that leads him to an abandoned house where a mysterious family lives who harbor an evil secret within the house and themselves.

Director: Koushi Nakanishi | Stars: Todd Soley, Katie O'Hagan, Jack Brand, Sara Coates

Votes: 3,441

RE7 is an attempt at bringing the series back it's horrific roots. And it succeed. RE7 is a first person shooter with item management and boat loads of enemies. This game isn't easy or for the faint of heart. It's a pretty scary ride from beginning to end, But an incredibly fun ride at the same time.

37. Castlevania: Rondo of Blood (1993 Video Game)

A descendant of the Belmont clan sets out on a quest to defeat the resurrected Dracula and save his girlfriend.

Director: Toru Hagihara | Stars: Atsuko Honda, Jin Horikawa, Hiroya Ishimaru, Hiromi Murata

Votes: 39

Easily the most enjoyable of the Classic-Vanias. Richter is super fun to play as and the short levels make sure that getting a game over isn't infuriating. Being able to play two characters, a fun selection of alternate levels and alternate pathways lead to the game having tons of replay-ability. Also the sound track is amazing.

38. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (1997 Video Game)

T | Fantasy, Horror

Richter Belmont has vanished just as Castlevania reemerged from the mists. Meanwhile, Alucard, the bastard son of Dracula, has awakened from his eternal slumber, intent on destroying his evil father once and for all.

Director: Toru Hagihara | Stars: Robert Belgrade, Ramsay Scott, Kimberly Forsythe, Michael Guinn

Votes: 1,083

My second and also my favorite of the Iga-Vanias. Not a fair comparison mind you (the first was Simon's Quest)The amount of thing to do in this game is astronomical. The little details, the beautiful sprite work, the map design, AND THE MUSIC, GOOD LORD. This game plays like a dream and you owe yourself to play it.

39. Cuphead (2017 Video Game)

E | Animation, Action, Adventure

An anthropomorphic cup embarks on a journey and fights a series of bosses to repay a debt to the devil.

Directors: Chad Moldenhauer, Jared Moldenhauer | Stars: Luke de Ayora, Denise Hatton, Alana Bridgewater, Luke Hatton

Votes: 891

This was heavily unexpected! But with the recent DLC reveal at E3, I decided it was finally about time I gave this game a shot. AND OH BOY, It was everything I could've hoped for and then some. I don't play a lot of games like this, But I clearly have a lot of fun with them! This game is a ball when you have the patience and reflexes for it.

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