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2. Adhémar Lampiot (1932)

70 min | Comedy

The notary Tremplin wants to give his daughter to the young rich farmer Adhemar. He goes with both of them to Paris where Henriette meets a sleazy car salesman who is precisely the rich heir sought by her father.

Director: Christian-Jaque | Stars: Fernand René, Rolla France, Gaston Dupray, Marc Dantzer

3. Ça colle (1933)


One man enlists his friend's help in wallpapering his dining room. The result is not quite what he had in mind.

Director: Christian-Jaque | Stars: Fernandel, Loulou Hégoburu, Gaston Ouvrard, Madeleine Suffel

4. L'article 382 (1934)

45 min | Comedy

While walking back home at night, an examining judge is robbed of his watch. Fortunately he offers resistance and, by roughing up the mugger, manages to recover his belonging. Imagine his ... See full summary »

Director: Christian-Jaque | Stars: Simone Bourday, François Carron, Micky Damremont, Jacques Derives

5. Le père Lampion (1934)

98 min | Comedy

In the fictitious republic of Carvolie, the Council President, Desnoyaux, although he has a nice wife and a daughter, lets himself be bossed around by his mistress, Lulu de Pompadour. In ... See full summary »

Director: Christian-Jaque | Stars: Tramel, Christiane Delyne, Germaine Charley, Jacqueline Daix

6. Compartiment de dames seules (1935)

66 min | Comedy

On his wedding day, Robert confesses his father-in-law that twenty years ago, he seduced a lady in a sleeping car of a train. His mother-in-law overhears the conversation and convinces ... See full summary »

Director: Christian-Jaque | Stars: Armand Bernard, Alice Tissot, Louis Baron fils, Janine Merrey

Votes: 32

7. La sonnette d'alarme (1935)

70 min

Middle-aged Parisian Bobby, following an attack of gout, is forced to give up his previous merry life. Above all this Bobby falls in love with his niece Genevieve, abandoned by her husband.

Director: Christian-Jaque | Stars: Jean Murat, Josette Day, Pierre Stéphen, Marguerite Pierry

8. La famille Pont-Biquet (1935)

90 min | Comedy, Drama

The family Pont-Biquet is composed as follows: father, the judge, afflicted by deafness; authoritarian and irascible mother; funny son-in-law; an ingenious son who has a mistress.

Director: Christian-Jaque | Stars: Paul Pauley, Armand Bernard, Robert Bossis, Myno Burney

9. Sous la griffe (1935)

95 min

The tamer Nikita marries the girl he had once recruited into the circus but she loves a trapeze artist.

Director: Christian-Jaque | Stars: Constant Rémy, Madeleine Ozeray, José Noguéro, Christiane Delyne

10. Voyage d'agrément (1935)

80 min

Jerome has made his wife to believe that he's in prison in order to spend a few days with his girlfriend. But the deal goes bad when he found himself arrested, but this time for real.

Director: Christian-Jaque | Stars: Tramel, Yvonne Garat, Jeanne Fusier-Gir, Maximilienne

11. Sacré Léonce (1936)

80 min

Léonce Vavin, an entomologist, marries Cecile Debienne, but the parents of the bride quickly realize that he's not just ugly but also a complete ignorant of all sexual matters.

Director: Christian-Jaque | Stars: Armand Bernard, Monique Rolland, Christiane Delyne, Paul Pauley

12. L'école des journalistes (1936)

87 min | Comedy

Fernand Dubreuil wants to be a journalist and agreed to do an interview with promising star Clara Sergy. He's accompanied by the jerk photographer, Alfred.

Director: Christian-Jaque | Stars: Armand Bernard, Colette Darfeuil, Charles Lemontier, Marcelle Praince

13. Un de la légion (1936)

91 min | Adventure, Comedy

Fernand Espitalion is miserable as totally whipped husband of a dragon 'passed on' -like cloths- by his late cousin. She often leaves him waiting outside like a dog when she does business. ... See full summary »

Director: Christian-Jaque | Stars: Fernandel, Robert Le Vigan, Daniel Mendaille, Arthur Devère

Votes: 75

14. Rigolboche (1936)

90 min | Musical

Lina Bourget, a realist singer, is forced to leave Dakar because of a murder she believes she has committed. Taking refuge in Paris, she unexpectedly becomes a star in the capital.

Director: Christian-Jaque | Stars: Joe Alex, André Berley, Jules Berry, Mady Berry

Votes: 18

15. Monsieur Personne (1936)

90 min

For some time, the police have been on the trail of a mysterious burglar who has evaded capture whilst executing one daring robbery after another. No one has any clue as to the identity of ... See full summary »

Director: Christian-Jaque | Stars: Jules Berry, Josseline Gaël, André Berley, Jacques Vitry

Votes: 34

16. Josette (1937)

90 min

Albert Durandal is unable to keep a job for more than a few days. The reason: he hums while working, which invariably irritates his superiors. He is not hired as a singer for all that, as ... See full summary »

Director: Christian-Jaque | Stars: Fernandel, Josette Contandin, Lucien Rozenberg, Andrex

Votes: 34

17. The House Across the Street (1937)

95 min | Comedy

A man of integrity, Monsieur Pic is the accountant beyond reproach of the Banque Universelle. He would not dream of doing anything wrong and everybody knows it. He is therefore justly ... See full summary »

Director: Christian-Jaque | Stars: Elvire Popesco, André Lefaur, Pierre Stéphen, André Berley

Votes: 7

18. Francis the First (1937)

Approved | 90 min | Comedy

Honorin (Fernandel) is the simple and naive stage manager of a traveling theatre troupe, whose one ambition is to once play the role of the cavalier in the opera "Francis I, or the Loves of... See full summary »

Director: Christian-Jaque | Stars: Fernandel, Mona Goya, Alexandre Rignault, Henri Bosc

Votes: 199

19. Les dégourdis de la 11ème (1937)

91 min | Comedy

A colonel decided to be represented at the regiment festival of a tragedy in verse by the poem written by his sister.

Director: Christian-Jaque | Stars: Fernandel, André Lefaur, Saturnin Fabre, Ginette Leclerc

Votes: 36

20. À Venise, une nuit (1937)

86 min | Comedy

Mortal is ready to do anything to obtain a divorce from his wife Nadia. To compromise her, he needs to find her a lover. He thinks he has found the ideal candidate in the person of a manly ... See full summary »

Director: Christian-Jaque | Stars: Albert Préjean, Elvire Popesco, Marcel Mouloudji, Roger Karl

Votes: 7

21. Les pirates du rail (1938)

89 min | Drama

It's about 4 mercenary and they take ostages on a train in New york...

Director: Christian-Jaque | Stars: Charles Vanel, Suzy Prim, Erich von Stroheim, Marcel Dalio

Votes: 37

22. Boys' School (1938)

98 min | Drama, Mystery

In a college, three friends form a secret society. Their objective - going to America. A night, after one of their secret meetings, one of them see a man coming out from a wall. Then the ... See full summary »

Director: Christian-Jaque | Stars: Erich von Stroheim, Michel Simon, Armand Bernard, Aimé Clariond

Votes: 716

23. Ernest the Rebel (1938)

92 min | Comedy, Western

Adventures and misadventures of Ernest, the professional accordionist on a liner.

Director: Christian-Jaque | Stars: Fernandel, Pierre Alcover, Mona Goya, Arthur Devère

Votes: 70

25. They Met on Skis (1939)

75 min | Comedy, Romance

The owner of the place of Chamonix covets the inn, run by the Michel's uncle, whose business goes bad. Michel decides to participate in a ski competition to help uncle.

Directors: Christian-Jaque, Harry R. Sokal | Stars: Max Dearly, Wissia Dina, Fernand Charpin, Mila Parély

26. L'enfer des anges (1941)

96 min | Drama

Abandoned children, left to their own devices and a life of danger, are adopted by a kind man.

Director: Christian-Jaque | Stars: Louise Carletti, Jean Claudio, Serge Grave, Marcel Mouloudji

Votes: 44

27. First Ball (1941)

100 min | Comedy, Romance

Two country sisters are rivals for the love of the doctor. He marries one, but regrets it and is rescued by the other.

Director: Christian-Jaque | Stars: Marie Déa, Fernand Ledoux, Raymond Rouleau, Gaby Sylvia

Votes: 17

28. Who Killed Santa Claus? (1941)

105 min | Comedy, Drama, Mystery

The story concerns an old globe-maker who is mysteriously killed while going through the town portraying Pere Noel ("Father Christmas" aka Santa Claus).

Director: Christian-Jaque | Stars: Harry Baur, Renée Faure, Marie-Hélène Dasté, Raymond Rouleau

Votes: 376

31. Carmen (1944)

100 min | Drama, Music

French-Italian version of the famous opera by Georges Bizet.

Director: Christian-Jaque | Stars: Viviane Romance, Jean Marais, Lucien Coëdel, Julien Bertheau

Votes: 36

32. Angel and Sinner (1945)

Approved | 85 min | Drama

Ten people fleeing Rouen invaded by the Prussians, Rousset nicknamed ball of tallow among them, give to a Prussian to save other passengers who still despise. However, on later nobody could underestimate her being how brave .

Director: Christian-Jaque | Stars: Micheline Presle, Berthe Bovy, Louise Conte, Mona Dol

Votes: 134

33. Sortilèges (1945)

85 min | Horror, Crime, Drama

The story begins with the murder of a horse trader, which sets free a black stallion that roams through the snow and the village terrifying the people as it gallops.

Director: Christian-Jaque | Stars: Fernand Ledoux, Renée Faure, Madeleine Robinson, Roger Pigaut

Votes: 58

34. Un revenant (1946)

100 min | Drama

A ballet producer returns to his native town and schemes to avenge himself on the family who tried to murder him 20 years before.

Director: Christian-Jaque | Stars: Louis Jouvet, Gaby Morlay, François Périer, Jean Brochard

Votes: 173

35. La Chartreuse de Parme (1948)

170 min | Drama, Romance

Fabrice del Dongo, a young archbishop, gives his all to romance rather than to the Church, creating complications for everyone around. The Countess of San Severina, is but one of the women ... See full summary »

Director: Christian-Jaque | Stars: Renée Faure, Lucien Coëdel, Louis Salou, María Casares

Votes: 341

36. Man to Men (1948)

96 min | Biography, Drama

The story of the Swiss soldier, Henri Dunant (Jean-Louis Barrault), who was responsible for the founding of the Red Cross, and who was offered the first Nobel Peace Prize.

Director: Christian-Jaque | Stars: Jean-Louis Barrault, Bernard Blier, Hélène Perdrière, Denis d'Inès

Votes: 49

37. The Wind Is My Lover (1949)

Approved | 63 min | Adventure, Drama, History

In 14th Century Sweden, when Lorld Erland Maneskold marries Singoalla, a gypsy, he abandons his worldly possessions. The gypsies, who meanwhile have stolen the Maneskold treasure, want the ... See full summary »

Director: Christian-Jaque | Stars: Viveca Lindfors, Alf Kjellin, Edvin Adolphson, Lauritz Falk

Votes: 61

38. Lost Souvenirs (1950)

135 min | Drama

Suppose lost and found objects could talk... But they can! At least four of them... : -A statuette of Osiris remembers how two ex-lovers, a model and a good for nothing who claimed to be an... See full summary »

Director: Christian-Jaque | Stars: Bernard Blier, Pierre Brasseur, Suzy Delair, Danièle Delorme

Votes: 102

39. Barbe-Bleue (1951)

Not Rated | 99 min | Comedy

What to do when you are nicknamed Bluebeard and you have lost your your sixth wife? Marry a seventh one of course! This time around, Count de Salfère has chosen young Aline, the innkeeper's... See full summary »

Director: Christian-Jaque | Stars: Cécile Aubry, Pierre Brasseur, Jean Debucourt, Robert Arnoux

Votes: 46

41. Fanfan la Tulipe (1952)

Not Rated | 102 min | Adventure, Comedy, Romance

69 Metascore

Swashbuckling adventures of young army recruit Fanfan la Tulipe during the reign of King Louis XV in 18th century France.

Director: Christian-Jaque | Stars: Gérard Philipe, Gina Lollobrigida, Marcel Herrand, Olivier Hussenot

Votes: 2,370

42. Adorable Creatures (1952)

110 min | Comedy, Romance

Andre Noblet, a 21-year-old French artist falls madly in love with Christine, the mother of two children. He tells Chistine he will tell all to her husband and demand her freedom. Christine... See full summary »

Director: Christian-Jaque | Stars: Daniel Gélin, Martine Carol, Edwige Feuillère, Antonella Lualdi

Votes: 95

43. Lucrèce Borgia (1953)

Not Rated | 120 min | Action, Drama, History

In the early 16th century, Italy is ruled by the powerful Borgia family, led by César Borgia and his sister Lucrètè. In a ruthless power play, César plots to have his sister's husband ... See full summary »

Director: Christian-Jaque | Stars: Martine Carol, Pedro Armendáriz, Valentine Tessier, Arnoldo Foà

Votes: 144

44. Madame du Barry (1954)

106 min | Drama, History

The daughter of a seamstress, Jeanne Bécu could hardly imagine she would later become one of the most influential women of the Kingdom of France. Nor could she anticipate her quick fall and... See full summary »

Director: Christian-Jaque | Stars: Martine Carol, Daniel Ivernel, Gianna Maria Canale, Jean Parédès

Votes: 63

45. Nana (1955)

120 min | Drama, Romance

The amorous career of a courtesan and how she met her death at the hands of a rejected lover.

Director: Christian-Jaque | Stars: Charles Boyer, Martine Carol, Walter Chiari, Paul Frankeur

Votes: 129

46. If All the Guys in the World... (1956)

95 min | Adventure, Drama

While fishing in the North Sea, eleven out of the twelve men of the Lutèce, a fishing-boat from Concarneau, get intoxicated after having eaten rotten ham. The only one unscathed is Mohammed... See full summary »

Director: Christian-Jaque | Stars: André Valmy, Jean Gaven, Marc Cassot, Georges Poujouly

Votes: 139

47. The Foxiest Girl in Paris (1957)

95 min | Comedy, Crime

Haute Couture mannequin in Paris becomes involved in the activities of two rival jewel thief gangs.

Director: Christian-Jaque | Stars: Martine Carol, Mischa Auer, Michel Piccoli, Louis Seigner

Votes: 51

48. The Law Is the Law (1958)

95 min | Comedy

Assola is an imaginary village on the border between Italy and France and the borderline crosses the village itself. The French customs agent Ferdinand is always trying to catch the Italian... See full summary »

Director: Christian-Jaque | Stars: Totò, Fernandel, Nino Besozzi, Noël Roquevert

Votes: 758

49. Babette Goes to War (1959)

106 min | Comedy, War

Comedy about a naive French country girl in London who helps the war effort by parachuting into German-occupied France to help kidnap an important German general. She bungles through to a heroic finish of plot and counter-plot.

Director: Christian-Jaque | Stars: Brigitte Bardot, Jacques Charrier, Ronald Howard, Michael Cramer

Votes: 301

50. Madame (1961)

98 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance