The Worldwide Film Noir Tradition - Other Countries

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From Spencer Selby's book "The Worldwide Film Noir Tradition". Countries other than America, Britain and France.

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1. Alias Big Shot (1961)

90 min | Drama

A young man whose dream is to become the next Carlos Gardel turns to a life of crime.

Director: Lautaro Murúa | Stars: Alberto Argibay, Walter Vidarte, Tônia Carrero, Lautaro Murúa

Votes: 58


2. Hardly a Criminal (1949)

88 min | Crime, Drama

A bank employee utilizes a legal loophole to conduct the perfect crime, planning to reap the rewards of his embezzlement following a six-year prison sentence.

Director: Hugo Fregonese | Stars: Jorge Salcedo, Sebastián Chiola, Tito Alonso, Linda Lorena

Votes: 115

4. La bestia debe morir (1952)

95 min | Mystery, Thriller

When your child is hit by a car a writer of thrillers looking desperate to avenge his death and goes in search of the murderer.

Director: Román Viñoly Barreto | Stars: Narciso Ibáñez Menta, Laura Hidalgo, Guillermo Battaglia, Milagros de la Vega

Votes: 42

6. Camino del infierno (1946)

96 min | Drama

Laura Sinrok, a rich and despotic woman domains her husband Alberto, pretending to commit suicide to retain him with her. Her ending will be tragic.

Directors: Luis Saslavsky, Daniel Tinayre | Stars: Mecha Ortiz, Pedro López Lagar, Amelia Bence, Alberto Bello

Votes: 19

9. Dishonor (1952)

101 min | Crime, Drama

A nurse is framed for murder by negligence. She goes to prison pregnant by her rich boss.

Director: Daniel Tinayre | Stars: Fanny Navarro, Mecha Ortiz, Tita Merello, George Rigaud

Votes: 19

10. Days of Hate (1954)

70 min | Drama, Crime

A woman seeks revenge for the death of her father and plans a murder in which the alibi is her own rape.

Director: Leopoldo Torre Nilsson | Stars: Elisa Galvé, Nicolás Fregues, Virginia Romay, Duilio Marzio

Votes: 50

11. The Party Is Over (1960)

104 min | Drama

During the infamous decade, the grandson of a conservative leader of the Province of Buenos Aires will get into the affairs of his grandfather and discover a world of corruption.

Director: Leopoldo Torre Nilsson | Stars: Arturo García Buhr, Lautaro Murúa, Graciela Borges, Leonardo Favio

Votes: 53

14. The Boss (1958)

90 min | Crime, Drama

It is the story of a gang of juvenile petty criminals who find their "boss" to one capable of solving their problems and realize their wishes.

Director: Fernando Ayala | Stars: Alberto de Mendoza, Duilio Marzio, Orestes Caviglia, Leonardo Favio

Votes: 79

16. Beyond Oblivion (1956)

93 min | Crime, Drama, Romance

A man who deeply loves his wife, tears before his death by disease . After falling into despair, she embarks on a journey trying to forget but, in Paris, he meets a look-alike of his beloved.

Director: Hugo del Carril | Stars: Laura Hidalgo, Hugo del Carril, Pedro Laxalt, Eduardo Rudy

Votes: 146

17. Mãos Sangrentas (1955)

60 min | Drama

Prisoners of Ilha Anchieta penitentiary rise up, dominate the guards and run away. One of them, who dreams of seeing his mother again, meets a prostitute, and tells her his story.

Director: Carlos Hugo Christensen | Stars: Arturo de Córdova, Tônia Carrero, Carlos Cotrim, Jackson De Souza

Votes: 26

19. Native Son (1951)

91 min | Drama

In 1940s Chicago, a young black man takes a job as a chauffeur to a white family, which takes a turn for the worse when he accidentally kills the teenage daughter of the couple and then tries to cover it up.

Director: Pierre Chenal | Stars: Richard Wright, Jean Wallace, Nicholas Joy, Gloria Madison

Votes: 88

20. No abras nunca esa puerta (1952)

85 min | Mystery, Thriller

Two separate episodes that have in common the door which separates good from evil. In the first segment, "Alguien al teléfono", Ángel Magaña tries to avenge the death of his sister, a girl ... See full summary »

Director: Carlos Hugo Christensen | Stars: Ángel Magaña, Renée Dumas, Nicolás Fregues, Diana de Córdoba

Votes: 124

23. Las ratas (1963)

80 min | Drama

Returning from Switzerland, a young investigator meets María, his father's new wife. They immediately feel an irresistible attraction, which he tries to overcome by mixing it up with ... See full synopsis »

Director: Luis Saslavsky | Stars: Aurora Bautista, Alfredo Alcón, Bárbara Mújica, Juan José Miguez

Votes: 15

24. Rosaura a las 10 (1958)

100 min | Drama, Mystery

Out of the blue, a meek, old painter begins receiving love letters from Rosaura. This intrigues his fellow boarding house tenants, so they involve themselves into his relationship until one day the mysterious Rosaura appears.

Director: Mario Soffici | Stars: Juan Verdaguer, Susana Campos, María Luisa Robledo, Alberto Dalbés

Votes: 322

26. La secta del trébol (1947)

A writer wrapped in a brilliant police case belonging to a Chinese sect.

Director: Mario Soffici | Stars: Martha Atoche, Mario Baroffio, Cayetano Biondo, Néstor Deval

Votes: 12

27. Section des disparus (1956)

85 min | Crime

The love affair of an ex-convict with a showgirl, unleashes the jealousy of his wife, a wealthy and unbalanced forty.

Director: Pierre Chenal | Stars: Nicole Maurey, Maurice Ronet, Inda Ledesma, Ubaldo Martínez

Votes: 25

28. If I Should Die Before I Wake (1952)

73 min | Thriller

The plot centers on Lucio Santana, a lovable prankster and class clown whose dad happens to be a detective working on the serial killings of local children. When Lucho makes friends with a ... See full summary »

Director: Carlos Hugo Christensen | Stars: Néstor Zavarce, Blanca del Prado, Floren Delbene, Homero Cárpena

Votes: 114

29. Los tallos amargos (1956)

Crime, Drama

The author of a perfect crime felt remorse. The protagonist, a journalist, make a business offer that will leave easy money scamming people by correspondence, at first everything seems to dream, but then begin suspicions.

Director: Fernando Ayala | Stars: Carlos Cores, Aída Luz, Julia Sandoval, Vassili Lambrinos

Votes: 140

32. Adventures in Vienna (1952)

89 min | Crime, Drama

A European Film Noir that takes place during 12 hours of a New Year's Eve in Vienna.

Director: Emil E. Reinert | Stars: Gustav Fröhlich, Cornell Borchers, Adrienne Gessner, Rosa Albach-Retty

Votes: 29


35. No Orchids for Lulu (1962)

100 min | Crime, Drama

A 14-year-old girl is caught while trying to pick a doctor's pocket. The doctor ends up taking her in and turning her into a sophisticated lady, whom he marries off to a wealthy man.

Director: Rolf Thiele | Stars: Nadja Tiller, O.E. Hasse, Hildegard Knef, Mario Adorf

Votes: 66

38. La maudite (1949)

76 min | Drama, Mystery

A beautiful and mysterious femme fatale arrives out of the blue in a small village spreading conflict and discontent throughout the community until the inhabitants harass her and provoke her tragic death.

Directors: Norbert Benoît, Marcel Jauniaux, E.G. de Meyst | Stars: Margueritte Dehousse, Omer Ducarme, Harry Dupray, Claudine Dupuis

39. Meeuwen sterven in de haven (1955)

94 min | Drama

A pessimistic urban drama, with a musical score by Jack Sels and Max Damasse, charts in strongly expressionistically lit black-and-white images the wanderings of a tormented man through the... See full summary »

Directors: Rik Kuypers, Ivo Michiels, Roland Verhavert | Stars: Tine Balder, Tone Brulin, Alice De Graef, Jenny Deheyder

Votes: 187

40. Amei um Bicheiro (1953)

90 min | Crime, Drama

Intent on offering his fiancée a better life, countryman heads for Rio de Janeiro in search of a place in the sun. With no contacts in the big city, he gets involved with the crime ... See full summary »

Directors: Jorge Ileli, Paulo Wanderley | Stars: Cyl Farney, Eliana, Grande Otelo, José Lewgoy

Votes: 61


41. Assault on the Pay Train (1962)

102 min | Crime, Drama

Film about the true events in Rio de Janeiro, in 1960, when a gang having the infamous outlaw Tião Medonho as a leader performed a sensational railroad hold-up on a train carrying a small fortune.

Director: Roberto Farias | Stars: Eliezer Gomes, Reginaldo Faria, Jorge Dória, Átila Iório

Votes: 550

42. The Golden Mouth (1963)

103 min | Drama

When powerful outlaw "Boca de Ouro" dies, a reporter interviews his former lover Guigui, to try to outline his personality. But the woman offers him three different versions of the facts, ... See full summary »

Director: Nelson Pereira dos Santos | Stars: Jece Valadão, Odete Lara, Daniel Filho, Maria Lúcia Monteiro

Votes: 150

43. Maior Que o Ódio (1951)

100 min | Drama

Two friends grow together in the same neighborhood but, as adults, take different paths in life. One becomes an honest worker, and the other gets strayed. But the good guy's sister has an ... See full summary »

Director: José Carlos Burle | Stars: Anselmo Duarte, Ilka Soares, José Lewgoy, Jane Grey

Votes: 8

46. Rio, Zona Norte (1957)

90 min | Drama, Music

A talented songwriter of sambas is forced to face the social injustices of the city around him.

Director: Nelson Pereira dos Santos | Stars: Grande Otelo, Jece Valadão, Malu Maia, Maria Petar

Votes: 223

47. Fugitive from Montreal (1950)

112 min | Drama

Pierre Chambrac, a French industrialist, and Canadian Paul Laforêt, two former brothers in arms, meet again by chance in Paris five years after the end of World War II. Pierre is engaged to... See full summary »

Director: Jean Devaivre | Stars: Paulette Andrieux, Cécilia Bert, René Dary, Louis de Funès


48. Whispering City (1947)

98 min | Crime, Drama

When a nagging wife commits suicide, her husband is threatened with a murder frame by his lawyer, unless he kills a certain female reporter for him.

Director: Fyodor Otsep | Stars: Helmut Dantine, Mary Anderson, Paul Lukas, John Pratt

Votes: 243

49. El ídolo (1952)

83 min | Thriller